The golden natural rule holds,

The one who is here born will age

And end in His folds.

On birth and death none has sway

But many owing to subjective follies dearly pay,

By ageing prematurely and decay.

Ageing in us is a ticking clock

That in all our bodies we lock,

Our DNA has ageing variables

Which makes one either livable or perishable.

Ageing clock ticks on and obeys its own

Timetable till end

Does not care the orders of improvished or crown.

Time of death is not determined at birth or by birth

One can defy ageing by building

Resistance to ward off  the bombardment of decaying molecules

Ageing could be slowed by planting hope for hopeless

And help for helpless

Will to fight odds will trigger

Our coping mechanism to fight stress

And thus ageing

Medication holds appeal to many

Engenders calmness and inner peace aplenty

Yoga infuses relaxation to fused self

Helps humans to back speed ageing molecules of oneself.


Harbans Lal Khajuria




Doubt your own abilities,

Find yourself over-shadowed with difficulties,

Work you must to earn your esteem,

By effacing the doubt from your being.

Lingering doubt on the spouse of your own,

Will make your life a bed filled with thorns,

The spikes of which will prick thee every moment,

It’ll also pierce thy conscience the most.

When thy employer doubts they sincerity,

Doubts robs thee of the parity,

In respect,  that you should have got otherwise,

Be not with doubtful sincerity,

It will give birth to vexing disparity.

Think of a man with doubtful integrity,

He lives but without a pure soul,

Right he has to breathe on the soil,

Of his birth, but in his heart of hearts he knows,

That he is living corpse worth nothing to his friends or foes,

He is nothing to the mother, who showed him the dawn of day,

Such a man dies umpteenth times before death favour him actually,

On his death people just utter,

Gone is the man who was burden not only to his own self,

But also on the soil which used to withstand his worthless being.


Harbans Lal Khajuria

Sharing Your Good Things

We should always share our good things with others. May it be good thoughts, good culture, wellness, education, knowledge and even the material things which we possess? It may be that your next neighbour may be in need of somthing which you have in plenty. When you have a bit, do not give chance to others that he / she will ask then only you will offer that thing. I have a true account; there was a poor lady who had injury while working in the field. She went to dispensary for her medication. The doctor dressed her wound but advised her to have TT injection. That poor lady could not afford to have that injunction and consequently the sore became septic and tetanus. She died a painful death, leaving her three children to fend for themselves. When the same doctor was told of this, he said, “I had told that lady to have TT injection.” Without even remotely realising that if only he had injected the hapless lady that injection a precious life would have been saved. Ifs and whats are not the words which will help ultimately. It is the practical application of the good things which are of any help.

We think that if something happens to others, it is not your problem, it is not due to you. You can at least try to enquire the others’ state of affairs. Really, it will give you a lot of solace and engender immeasurable goodwill. Our Creator will certainly compensate you one day. And you will be surprised. We, in our day to day lives, receive different bounties, sometimes, when you least expect them. These are blessed by Him may be due to your good Karma. Say it anything you please, but it is a fact it happens many a times with everyone.





We can Make God Our Daily Companion


We should offer prayer in the early hours of the morning for our Lord, thanking Him  for the privilege of affording an opportunity to offer prayer. Pray that Thy limitless strength may flow within us and around us.


Whenever and wherever you have little time use that to cultivate friendship with Him. Your thoughts may wander here and there because your mind is a greater wanderer. Constantly bring back your thoughts. Never let your thoughts go astray. A lot of time can be devoted to Him in this way. Even in the midst of constant activity you can have intimate relationship with our Lord. We are having idea that God is in the far away temple but I want my Lord my Creator near me right not, that is my yearning. And nobody can stop me from doing so.


In peace and calmness we must acquaint with Him. You are the one who could call Him. You should give yourself totally. Realization is only got through inner calmness. Meditation is the way out and nothing else. Be continuous in your prayer time without number. Seek for His attention. Be fervent. See that your free moments are utilized in meditation and to cultivate with God.


Perseverance is the key in meditation. You should meditate in all the periods in your life. Whenever you get any moment, do not waste that moment. See that He is always there to answer your call if you have determination. Drive all the unnecessary thoughts from your system. Say unto yourself. “I want to feel your presence, be with me always. I want an answer to my question. Please.” Mere chanting of mantra mechanically is not sufficient. Be involved in your prayer thoroughly. By continuously meditation you will feel His presence. It will bring you peace. Pray to Him to manifest in the form of peace, love, calmness. Engender the spark of love in your hear. Love of Lord will come and go. But be glued to the meditation. Stay determined. Your prayers will certainly be answered by my Lord. 

Swami Ramdev & His Fast


Swamiji have done a right in shunning his idea to continue his fast. No right thinking person would even remotely think of losing a person of his stature. He has a fair number of his followers not only in this country in foreign lands too. The contentious points have already been conveyed to the Government. We  are hopeful that those points would be looked into and a consensus reached – this is also a need of the hour.  It is also paramount that a committee of people of impeccable record should be constituted and work towards the meeting grounds from both the sides. If sincerity is shown surely nothing is possible. The Government has already shown its willingness, as has been said earlier on that 90% of the demands have already been met. Remaining could be taken up. Swamiji should also be practical and should not remain adamant about certain things. Merely agreeing on the controversial points is not a solution but it lies on the premise that a starting point has been made already and on the way if there are certain cobwebs these could be looked threadbare. Intractable things should be left out of the agenda and forward looking approach should be adopted. As this is beneficial for the country as a whole, it is honestly suggested that nobody aspire for earning brownies. Politics by any parties should not be tolerated when the questions of corruption  is the question. Care should also be exercised that it is not the Govt and the Congress party which is responsible for stashing away the money. Nothing should be done to tarnish the image of the Government which has shown its sincerity from the first day itself. It has started the ball rolling on the first day itself by sending its senior ministers for discussions. Let us not lose any more time and do something for the points at stake.













True love is selfless

 Gopies’ Love Towards Krishna

The true meaning of love as the Gopies showered on Kanhaji.

The epitome of love of Yashodha and Brij Gopies is truly a love of selfless sacrifice. They shower love towards young Krishna with immensity of emotional upsurge. They did not want anything in return. These gopies did not stop Kahnaji from leaving for Mathura in order to annihilate the cruel Kansa. Kansa was synonymous with hate, rebellion, anger, greed and all the adjectives attached with wickedness. He had not only killed the sadhus who opposed his principles but also imprisoned his father. He only loved his own life and nothing else. He made use of every resources at his command to kill little babies born in his fiefdom. He sent his demons to kill Krishna. One after the others they were annihilated. Ultimately, King Kansa sent Karurji – a person of good standing in the eyes of the common people. Karurji convinced Yashodha and Nandbaba to send both Krishna and Balram otherwise Kansa may air his ire against the common people and resort to further killing as a revenge. Karurji made it clear to both Nandbaba and  Yashodha that Krishana had come for a higher purpose in life. If his sphere of activity is confined to this locality only then He will not be able to perform His destined jobs for which He has taken birth on this earth for ridding this earth from the evils that bedevils this earth. Mother remained weeping along with Nandbaba. Nandbaba tells Yashodha that Krishna is not their son, he is the son of Devki. Krishana had suckled the milk of Yashodha only and not that of Devki.

There was no that the Gopies wanted in return for the love they shower on Kanahaji. They had nothing but the tears to give to Kanahaji. He was moved by this kind of love and not by the precious gifts. They mentioned that they could get the glimpse of their Krishna merely by shutting their eyes. They need not resort to any hard penance for it. In every element atom of their body Shamji was present. It can be thus deduced that the love needs no sacrifice, nothing in return, it is internal impulse for the other. It does not demand anything at all. Love is such a thing which enchants our body immensely. Jai Dwarka Dish.

Elated Heart


When our heart experiences elation,

With it, the speed of our life’s boat get acceleration.

Every omen augurs well for us,

Even dark dreadful shadows reflect a flicker of light for us

Uphill tasks get accomplished with ease,

We are free of malice and in perfect mental peace.

Harsh realities of life can be met with a broad smile,

If someone goes a furlong for us, we run for a mile

We venture to get our goal with our sweat and toil

We carve our path even in slipper soil

We want to share our joys with our brethren,

Pure of heart and with good intentions

O, Almighty God, make elation of heart a contagious one,

So that it spreads from one to ten.


Harbans Khajuria 

Daily Prayers and Us

Your morning should start with a short but sincere prayer to our Creator. It should be for the purpose of thanking Him for what He has created for us so that we could live a balanced life. It should never be forgotten that if something unwarranted happens in our life, faults lies not in the extraneous elements but in us only. Holding others responsible for your faults means passing on the buck. This has been the case with many of us. By so doing, neither we learn any lesson for the future to follow but also we fall prey to suspicions and unnecessary controversy which give birth to unhappiness in our day to day life. If we have the live peacefully, it is essential that we start pointing fingers on ourselves rather than on others. Prayers, if handled properly, give birth to confidence to face the facts in life. In that state, it is not you alone who handles daily life activities but in partnership with our Lord. Do everything honestly as if you are doing that act under His ablest guidance. Partnership with Him is watertight and above reproach. Here the ultimate outcome of everything that you transact, with His participation is cent percent success. Without doubt, by doing so, you will not face any daily stresses or strains because His presence and His name is associated with you and your deeds. You are doing anything and everything under His Umbrella. It should also be borne in mind that those activities are our stress busters and not stress creator for they are with active help of our Lord. Stress comes when an outcome or a result is not as you anticipated. Here, in this case, when you pray for His participation in what you want to do, if the results are negative, then you should rest assured that He does not want the results of your action otherwise. In other words these are good for you ultimately. Bear this in mind that He may have other thinking for you. God with you always.



Whilst the lot around is ominous and dark,

Trust one day, brightness will dawn.

Every unexciting autumn changes into enchanting spring

And every dark cloud has thin snow-white coating.


Wishy-washy life will give place to hope,

And blooming life, hopefully, will come hopping

Infusing verve and vitality in every being.


Change that brings misery in its wake ,

Tests our will power and what it takes,

To live to tell the tale.

And wait for better days for a change,


Change in the river course due to nature’s furry

Takes away the land with all its fertility

Changing the geographical limit of a place

And with it, the history attached with its virulent current

To bottomless confines of an ocean.


Spiritual knowledge brings one near to Almighty God

Negative mindset negates everything possessed

And may deprive a person of his sanity

Resulting in loss of face and self-purity

Ageing brings changes since egg in womb once gets fertile

Passing the added stages of life

Transiting through ups and downs of time

And to the end by leaving the body inert.


Harbans  Khajuria 


You are what you think of yourself What you think of yourself you become. It is because the universe too starts in helping you in the manner in your thought processes are going. You attract the means required to fulfill that end. Not that it is acquired without your conscious efforts. Your thoughts are the prime movers but your conscious efforts are the sequel to that end or goal being made to be a reality. Time and space are the important constituents in the fulfillment of the goal at hand. The responsibility of the individual is to avail every opportunity that is offered to an individual. Never fritter the opportunity that is offered to you on the platter. Or you will have to fend for everything which is lost. Time does not wait for anybody. It goes on and on. It is not that your duty and responsibility ends with getting your material prosperity. It is not a permanent possession because the wheel of prosperity has ebb and trough. It is though submitting yourself to spiritual goals that is a balance between the material prosperity and spiritual possession should be pursued in life. No material or other possessions will accompany you throughout. It is the possessions of spiritual richness that influences your innate self. That enrichment is of paramount importance. It will a permanent asset with you for helping you to take this possession with you even when you leave this body. Therefore, the material possession is no possession in real sense of terms. It is a temporary one. Permanence can only acquired through spiritual knowledge. Spiritually advancement can be acquired slowly but surely if an individual traverses the path. If you do everything as if you are doing anything or everything as a penance and not as a burden. Be enthused about what is being done keeping your Creator as your ablest guide. Your Supreme Guide will certainly guide you for your all round development – spiritual and worldly possessions acquired by your own hard work. A sort of self satisfaction will be generated. And that is what is hugely required now. Quest for Self Realization or Christ Consciousness should be the prime goal of an individual. This sort of consciousness is acquired when one takes the assistance of his / her Creator at every step in life. This assistance is provided to that individual always, if sufficient yearning and deep desire is there in that prayer. This will change the very landscape and thinking pattern of life of that individual. For this knowing yourself is of prime importance. Go deep in yourself and see that what a treasure you have got. Knowing yourself means you will acquire the quality of keeping yourself balanced in all circumstances. Peace and calm will prevail. These are the best components for positivity in life. This enrichment will be ultimate and of permanent. You change yourself, it is in your hand, with you and not without you.