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  1. Describe your writing style?

In essence, there is no particular style of my writing. I pen down what comes on the surface of my mind on the spur. This could be verified from my Blog

2) Do you plan your blogs or is it more so have free style?

My write up topics, are based on the interaction with people I come across, incidents and events our society is facing besides the topics which has global implications.

3) What is it that you enjoy most about being a blogger?

The overwhelming response from my fellow bloggers besides some reorganizations here and there from fellow bloggers with bloggers’ awards generates inspiration for still more write-ups.

4) What is the best piece of advice you have ever received from someone?

In order that the readers get benefit, it is important that the language and style of writing should be as simple as possible.

5) Do you see yourself blogging in 5 years?

I have been blogging since June 2011. My Anniversary was on …..

6) What been the highlight of your year?

This has, from its very inception, has been an year of reckoning wherein our society as a whole has been impacted.

7) What do you miss about last year?

The year passed by was peaceful and  incident free unlike this year which has dawned with different sorts of incidents and problems.

8) If you could change one thing what would it be?

My philosophy in life is: Whatever has happened has happened for the best and what will happen in future will also be for the best.

9) Would you encourage your kids to become bloggers?

My kids are engrossed in different professions but

10) If you could snap your fingers right now and change one thing about the world what would that one thing be?

If only I could rewind the time and bring back SAT YUGA wherein there was happiness and prosperity for all.


  1. Would you enjoy life if there were only happiness?

2. How can we enhance the circle of our friends?

3. The best way to come out of the difficult situation?

4. Is not the specter of fear one of the main causes of our downfall?

5. Is there is a limit of trusting others?

6. How can we attain balance in our lives?

7. How can we remain cool in dire situation?

8. Your idea of a happy lie?

9. Is not failure the stepping-stone of success in our lives?

10. The best traits of a good household?

Is not right attitude and behavior patterns the best remedy for achieving higher goals in our lives and why?

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We are what our thoughts have made us so take care about what you think, words are secondary. Thoughts live, they travel far. Swami Vivekananda

What we think happens, if our thoughts are positive, then we can put those thoughts into practice but if we transact such an act without  much worries about the outcome then we can focus more on our action – since if our thoughts are positive then results will always be good. In any event, if results are not to our liking, then, there is always a second chance. But we should not fritter our energies in thinking about results only. We should always keep in mind that positive thoughts are precursor of positive outcome.

Pessimist complaints about the wind, the optimistic expects it to change, the realist adjusts the sails. William Arthur Ward

We term ourselves as positive ones when we believe that something will come out fine even when we are in dire straits. Only thing we can come out of the difficult situation is by remaining positive despite hardships. For instance, in the current situation of Novel Coronavirus Pandemic there are people who are hugely worried about the infection, though, in fact such  people may or may not come in contact with already infected person(s). This unreasonable worry about infection or any other incident may cause more problem than the actual infection itself since by turning us negative thereby impacting our internal defences mechanism.

Alternatively, a person with positive frame of mind, even though getting infection through somebody does not fear but does everything possible to come out of infection – remains sanitized and isolated with positive orientation will be cured quickly without much negative effect on his system. Therefore, it is in the fitness of things to remain positive despite negative situation.


It should never be forgotten that to overcome a difficult situation is to pass through that situation nonetheless. If we remain fearing about the coronavirus pandemic and keep totally away from our essential duties, then surely, we may escape from the virus but may ensnare os in still more calamitous situation. The idea should be to keep in mind, nothing remains permanent.

In life, we have ups and downs and life itself is a test. Sometimes we fail and sometimes we pass but it hardly means we should leave hope. Challenges are there to be faced and not feared. Fear to face challenges of life will bring us still more fears. This will also pass should be the buzz word.

On the other hand, if a person always gets jittery when placed in inappropriate situation and condition, it goes to show that such a person has accepted failure. A negative oriented person always has the negative thoughts. He is doubter or fishy and sees conspiracy in everything under the sun.

Wisdom, compassion and courage are the three universally recognized morally recognized qualities of a man. George S. Patton

In life, we want only good things and not otherwise then we are living in fools paradise. Good and bad are the opposite sides of the same coin. If we want only one-side and ignore the opposite one then, sure enough, we cannot live life purposefully. Though everybody wants to have happiness but for happiness to happen, we have to experience ups and downs of our lives as life is not always bed of roses.


  • Atam Bodh or self-awareness is important wherein we know our potentials and shortcomings. These shortcoming could be eliminated by our positive thoughts and attitudes.
  • Never gives up even in any situations and conditions with determination.
  • Such a person creates appropriate environment wherever he/she goes.
  • Sees hope in even hopeless situation and condition.
  • Faces challenges of life with positive orientation.
  • When such a person fails due to some reason, he/she does not feel let down but tries again. He/she failure as an experience.
  • Positive person is a KARMA YOGI. Such a person knows what to think and when to act without any fear of challenges.
  • Positive attitude provides us wherewithal’s or way out to come out of any difficult problem.
  • If we follow spiritual oriented existence, then surely, we can find out way out even in dire situation in which we fall ourselves.

A person who says that he wants a problem free life is living in fool’s paradise.

Swami Vivekananda has rightly said: In a day, when you do not come across any problem – you can be sure that you are travelling in a wrong path. Swami Vivekananda.


  • Has the attitude of ‘I cannot’  – have the unreasonable fears engulfing always.
  • Have no guts to try. Such a person is lost in his/her own negative thoughts and does not even try.
  • Such a person does not take any initiative to come out of the rut of negativity.
  • Such a person is weak in willpower and worse still does not even venture to think of a situation to come out of the self-created situation.
  • Never sees light at the end of a tunnel. Only sees the darkness at the nooks and corners.
  • Never face challenges of life. Challenges for such a person are brickbats – reason enough to keep away from action.
  • If he/she fails, he/she loses courage to try again. This brings about the downfall of the person concerned.
  • He is a not a KARMA YOGI but does not want to follow such traits. A person with negative oriented existence does not think and act positively.
  • Such a person is egocentric. If the individual concerned is able to do something out of the box, he/she feels as if everything is happening due to him/her.
  • Such a person does not believe in the dictum: ‘Pride hath a fall’ since such a person is bereft of self-belief.
  • Essentially, a negative oriented person’s mind drags him downward, away from truth thus cannot partake what exists inside of us.




A awful reputation
Whose solitary aim is to hoodwink
With an intention
To establish his unlawful influence
So treacherous and  insincere
By resorting to deception
At every stride
Remains hiding
His real intentions
Strikes with a vengeance
At his own time and space
Like a snake
Hidden in the grass, so thick
Akin to his own thick skin
Feels no remorse
While and after biting
At the time opportune
Does not give his opponent
Any escape chance
Or to recover from his assault so hidden
Because he has got mastery
In deceit and dishonesty
No mercy shown
For fructifying his ends
He can go to any limits
Or till the time
He succeeds in
Getting his selfish ends
Succeed with his fine
Art of deception.


First of all, it is in the fitness of things to understand who is a fake person. He is the person who creates an impression which is contrary to the real one. Such a person is false or phony or bogus but does not agree that he is the one. In other words, it is just to hide his real intention that he falsifies or misrepresent the facts in order to get what such a person wants. He is the person who is expert in pretense and the one who has attained mastery in deception through distortion of facts and figures. A person who possesses false-ego and his thoughts and actions are based on the same.

In life we come across people who resort to self-appreciation in order to influence others with their tall talk in order to influence others, use words and phrases in such a manner which make others believe him. Their real intention is to dupe others.

In these days of Coronavirus pandemic, we can understand who is deceptive and who is our friend. It could be an organization, family members, society or a country concerned. We all know from where the Covid-19 virus originated and also know who were the ones who informed the world at large late due to which the virus spread like a wildfire globally. The important world organization and the country  concerned are known to all of us. What adjective you would like to give is your understanding!? But I shall say in plane words, deception or faking the truth in order to hoodwink others is a negative trait and should be condemned. The intention is to hide the ulterior motive – a hidden agenda.

We can be made aware about a fake person if you find the following traits in the person:-

Such a person promises more but cannot fulfill any of his promises. We should test the trait of such a person. There may be a pattern to this than a a single incident.

  • A fake person neither has knowledge nor wisdom to substantiate his point of views but such a person beats about the bush whenever we want to know something of significance.
  • A person with fake credentials cannot stand his criticism, even though the same one is healthy one which may offer the person an occasion to improve his know-how and the ways of the world.
  • A fake person always shows off at every opportunity since such a person always gets  immense satiety by acting so in order to deceive others with his action.
  • A fake person always is expert in deception by proving ‘A lion in sheep’s clothing’ which only those could understand who are victim of such faking act.
  • A fake person hides his true intent by wrapping in platitudes and hollow ideals of little substance which could be proved if you go deep or analyze into such a poerson’s viewpoints thoroughly.
  • A fake person remains arguing about his side of the story and does not relent even after he has nothing to show or may be nailed fully by way of proof yet such a person remains adamant and does not agree his fault. Fact stands out who agrees that he is at fault?
  • A fake person is a loud-mouthed to the core who could impress othrs with their views on variety of subjects – seemingly, out and out persuasive, can go to any limit to show their presence felt.

Conclusively, it is felt that being fake is an inbuilt habit of a person, who has high opinion of himself and could lure others by his deceptive words and phrases. Therefore, we should be very careful while dealing with a fake person. A fake person may influence you with his unreliable attitude which has seeped into his system. The best course of action would be to find out the real intention of a person and then deal with him accordingly. Nobody should browbeat you with deception.




Today is the NIRJALA EKADASHI VRAT – a fast which has strict observance conditions i.e. without taking anything, not even a drop of water. In order to get benefits of purification of our body, mind and soul, we should not take anything solid or liquid (Not even water drop) for the complete day and night. Otherwise, we shall not be able to get any benefit of observance of this fast. This fast is being observed today itself. The devout observe fast with piety with prayer on their lips and purity in their heart and mind.

This fast is observed to make the God of Evolution, Lord Vishnu, happy and get his bountiful blessings. Lord Vishnu is the giver and provider of things. He is the upholder and preserver of dharma and part of Trinity; Lord Brahma (The Lord who creates the lives), Lord Vishnu (the preserver what has been produced) and Shiva (Destroyer to create again). He stands for higher consciousness, the destroyer of illusions, bestows knowledge, provides purity of body, mind and soul. Harmony and above all self-realization.

In order to uphold dharma, Lord Vishnu incarnated to remove evil from the world at large. He is the defender of law and giver of bounties when anybody offers sincere prayers on to him. He resides in Vaikuntha in the milky waters on a bed made of the coils of the Adishesha while Goddess Lakshmi attend upon him.

While evil gains ascendance, Lord incarnates to restore dharma. For this, he incarnated nine times and tenth would be in near future.


We are aware that in one month, there are two Ekadashis are observed. In these Ekadashis fruits, water etc. could be taken But for Nirjala Ekadashi, not to speak of food items not even a drop of water could be taken. Nirjala Ekadashi is also associated with Pandava’s one (Bhimsena) of the five brothers – Yudhishtra, Bhima, Arjuna, Nakul and Sehdev. It is also termed as the Bhimseni Ekadashi. It is known that those who observe this fast receive the graces and benevolence of Lord Vishnu with all the bounties.

Legend has it that once Bhima asked with immense reverence to saint Ved Vyasa that he could perform charity, perform meditation but he could not observe any fast since he feels very hungry to maintain his large body. The legendary Guru who has authored Mahabharata and Puranas besides some other important religious scriptures which had strong bearing on the Hindu traditions.

Giving response to the query of Bhima, Ved Vyasa replied that if he could observe fast on two Ekadashis every month then he would be graced with everything including the Moksha or liberation. But Bhima interjected that he could not observe so many fasts due to his disproportionate hunger and further asked the well-informed one to tell him one day in a year on which he could observe fast so that he could get Moksha. Thereupon, the most knowledge one advised him to observe a fast as NIRJALA EKADASHI –  a fast observed without taking anything including not even a drop of water for complete day and night. By doing so, a person could get the bounties of Lord Vishnu. If this fast is observed with all the sincerity while keeping our body, heart and mind pure, we can get all the benefits.

While observing the fast for complete day and night, we should pray Lord Vishnu with complete devotion and utmost sincerity. After having observed the fast, we should again offer prayers to Lord Vishnu for having his eternal graces for our happiness and prosperity.


9 Year Anniversary Achievement


To day is the date when I started the current WEBSITE, nine years before. It was really a learning journey and WORDPRESS has been one of the prime-mover for innumerable writers who have made their mark and excelled.

I take this opportunity of thanking WORDPRESS.COM in giving direction to the budding writers and channel their latent energies purposefully.

It is here in WORDPRESS family that I was able to author two books on INNER THOUGHTS; in which the WORDPRESS has its stellar role.

Thanks ever so much for guiding us and making the sojourn productive, enjoyable and knowledge giving.



Implications of remaining-at-home in lockdown situation

Implications of remaining-at-home in lockdown situation

Presently, all of us are experiencing hard times in the environment of Novel Coronavirus Pandemic. It may be remaining confined to our homes (home quarantine) or observing Lockdown or observance of social distance while going outside our homes to meet our requirements; we are in constant fear of infecting ourselves.  This lockdown or self-imposed isolation is due to fear of contracting Coronavirus infection which has not got any vaccine to cure. The only option left is to remain confined at home in lockdown condition.

Remaining at home has positive and negative implications which are mentioned below:-


  1. Living together, the members of family can render assistance to other members of the family and enhance cooperative endeavour for overall good of the family.
  2. After having acquired cooperation with the members of the family, it will facilitate consolidation of love and affection between the members of our family.
  3. Both the spouses can work together in taking care of their offspring along with taking care of their education and other aspects for their growth and development.
  4. The parents will get opportunity in transferring value system to their children for spiritual growth too for holistic growth – body, mind and soul.
  5. The family members can learn to live with the dictum: Union is strength thus fulfill the purpose of life.
  6. All the members of the family can contribute in every way to run the affairs of the family in the best possible way possible – economically and otherwise.


  1. As the lockdown conditions have impacted the economic health of all the economies globally, therefore, fear of job losses and lay-offs remain haunting us all. The businesses are down due to because the work-force has to confine at home because of fear psychosis of infection.
  2. If we lose all avenues of earning of livelihood due to job losses, the future of ours and that of our family members would be threatened.
  3. Downward spiral economically due to job losses means depletion in standard of living thus impacting adversely the life of vast majority of people.
  4. Confining at home means limiting our sphere of activities – both in thoughts and deeds thus retarding our holistic growth and development thus losing our moorings in real terms.
  5. It is axiomatic, Inactivity leads to boredom and boredom brings about monotony bringing in its wake physiological and psychological problems.
  6. Both physiological and psychological problems leads to mental health related ailments such as depression, attitude and behavioral disorders, enhancement of obsessive and compulsive tendencies, paranoia and getting suspicious and doubtful. Putting all these together leads to multiple psychological disorders which enhance negative tendencies in us.
  7. Enhancement of negative tendencies leads to loss of self-confidence to face the world at large which impedes our growth and development.



Guru Arjan Dev Ji
Was the embodiment of Godly devotion
Who rendered selfless service (Seva) of society
A saintly trait
Along with it all
He was an apostle of peace
Who stood firm and rock-solid on his principles
For which he made supreme sacrifice
And attained martyrdom – a painless one
‘Thine doings seem sweet unto me’
While remaining firm in his convictions/beliefs he held dear

Guru Arjan Dev Ji
Has immortalized himself
For his thoughts and noble deeds
He held dear
Which would be remembered
By all those who matter the most.
A Guru Ji who collated the Hymns
Of Sikh Gurus Jis’
As the cornerstone of present day Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji
Known with immense reverence as the Tenth Guru
Himself contributed a total of 2218 hymns
Of Guru Granth Sahib Ji
Along with Sukhmani Sahib Bani
Which bestows us joy and eternal peace
Which emphasizes meditation
As a pillar of strength
For removing worries and anguish from our being
While we remember our Creator
We dispel the fear of death
And our enemies are defeated
Remembering God,
We remain awake day and night
Remembering God we do not suffer with sorrow
Thence remembering God
In the company of saints so Sacred
We are graced
With all invaluable treasures – O Guru Nanak Dev Ji.
His major achievements are far too many
Became instrument in installation of Sikh Holy Book
Adi Granth
Became main instrument in the construction of Golden Temple
Then developed Amritsar as a Centre of excellence
Enhanced the role of Sikh Society
By Introduction of Masand System
His motto was to be compassionate
He advised all Sikhs  
To donate a tenth
Of their earnings in charity
A noble cause
For which Sikhs are known
The world over.




Fasting is a willful restraint
From intake of food material
Giving a needed break
To our digestive system
Regulating the body metabolism
In sync with our body’s requirements
Which helps us do our body functions
Thus ensuring sound health & wellbeing
And live life in association with Super Being.
Fact remains foodstuff taken
More than our body needs
Results in our digestive system
To function more than its ability
Leading it to go awry
Producing fatty contents in excess
Than our body actually requires
And bereft of any body exercise
We become obese
Leading to laziness
and related illnesses.


Eid-ul-fitr – after the month long observance of strict fast,
Based entirely on article of faith,
Purifies our body, mind and soul with fasting,
During the holy month of Ramzan / Ramadhan,
While offering prayers without break
To remain close to the benevolent One,
It is the anniversary on which Holy Quran,
Was revealed by most revered Prophet Mohammed,
Chaste in fasting while doing our duties,
For ourselves and for others around,
Dear to us – leaving none,
Or the ones who are forlorn,
Due to days so unfortunate,
We ought to meet their needs with utmost compassion,
Especially during the days of Coronavirus pandemic,
When many unfortunates,
Have lost the continuous flow of income,
Needed for body sustenance,
We ought to be filled with belief while performing donation,
And our heart feeling pain at others’ pain,
Thus bridging the gap that exists,
Between people of different hues in the society,
Awash with fervor thoroughly,
Overflowing with empathy,
Thus generating hope for the hopeless brethren,
Which will, in turn give us inner satiety,
Sufficient piety,
Of fond trust,
That there will dawn as a result,
Of being compassion towards our fellow beings,
A day which binds all humanity with a holy thread,
Of oneness, and brotherhood,
Prevailing in all humans.


Allah may bestow us wisdom and resilience, in ample measure, for bringing dawn of peace, cooperation, goodwill, compassion and brotherhood among peoples of world. As we all are the creations of a single CREATOR, we should cement our love with each other and help each other meet our needs and never have ill-will for our fellow brethren. It is more important now than ever since these are difficult times due to Covid-19 pandemic which has brought untold miseries due to loss of work and stoppage of continuous flow of money for our sustenance of our family.

During these trying days of Coronavirus pandemic, we should offer prayers to God observing all the Lockdown conditions, keeping distance, putting on face mask etc. It should be our endeavour to be careful lest we get infection and spread the same to our our dear ones.  

After regular observance of fast with devotion and piety for a period of one month during Ramadhan, devotees celebrate – Eid Day means a day of joy, a day of spreading love and affection, a day to spread fellow feeling besides a feeling of being pure after the observance of fast for one month.

Let this EID and coming EIDS be the torchbearer of our prosperity with Allaha’s Grace. Lets pray that the fervor and enthusiasm of EID remain etched in our hearts for ever and let this festival lasts for eternity with all its benefits.

The Muslims observe fasts in the month of Ramadan or Ramzan. It is a sacred month since Holy Quran was revealed in this month. The word Ramadan has been driven from the Arabic word ramaida meaning intense heat accompanied with dryness of ground. It is called so since it amounts to driving out sins with our good deeds like offering charity and keeping away or desisting from all body enjoyments etc along with intense penance by following the practice of fasting.

The word “fasting” (sawm) literally means ‘to refrain’ – means desisting from not only from food and drinks but also from unethical thoughts and actions which sully our thoughts and actions besides following all the guidance in letter and spirit enunciated in the Holy Quran. In other words, it is not merely restraint from food and drink but also our resolve as to how to control the urge of hunger and thirst besides devote ones energies on prayers thus gain spiritually. This way, the devout learn the traits of self discipline through self restraints too. The fast is broken at sunset before recitation from Holy Quran and thus being in connectivity with Allaha. The fast is broken with a sip of water and some dates.

Fasting is done as an exercise of keeping oneself away from certain activities which prevent devout from being spiritually aesthetical both physically and emotionally. Thus desisting from taking anything and keep oneself away from worldly pleasures i.e. humdrum of eating drinking or even being away from thinking about anything like lust etc and divert all the energies to prayers – five times. Having abstinence means devoting much of time and resources on charities besides prayers infuses self discipline and ushers in all round development in the individual.

Everybody may be aware about IFTAR party – a social event where fast is broken. Here meal is shared with friends and others. Free meals are also served for the general public too at this get-together.

Fasting or not eating food for a fixed or for a pre-determined period of time with for giving our digestive system some break or rest consequently keeping the body free of extra fats and toxins so as to focus on the job at hand without bodily interruptions besides offering prayers to our Lord with ease and peace.

In other words, fasting is intentional skipping of intake of food material, drinks or sometimes both for a fixed or sometimes for a prolonged period of time. It may be for a complete day (24 hours) from early morning to evening (dawn to dusk) or early morning on a particular day to the morning of next day. Then the fasting could be continuously or intermittent; depending on the body requirement or for the intended purpose of observance of fast as a religious tradition being followed in some religions.

While in intermittent fasting, we remain without food, for a fixed time-span and then eat at a set time but in continuous fasting we remain without food for a long period of time – say from morning to the following morning of the day or still more for more days at a stretch.

Fasting is both for regulating and energizing the body metabolism by pepping up / streamlining the digestive system so as to keep the body free of the extra fats and toxins besides keeping the body’s carbohydrates (sugar) synchronized with the need of our body. With slower and regulated metabolism, means our body organs can work for a longer period of time thus prolonging our age.

Then fasting too is undertaken as a religious observance.

Hindu fast on religious and sacred days or on the religious festivals like: Navratris, Puranmashi (Puranmashi is the full moon day in traditional Indian calendar), Ekadshi (Ekadashi is the eleventh day of both the dark and light fortnight of each month), Maha Shivratri (auspicious time for Maha Shivaratri puja activities like Fasting and prayers are performed), Ramnavmi (Fasting observed on the birthday of the Lord Ram) , Krishna Janamashthmi (fasting on the birthday of Lord Krishna) besides many other festivals connected with Demi Gods and fasts relevant to local populace of a particular locality.

The Christians skip their desire for food and instead devote time in seeking God. Meaning, the time spent on preparation of food etc could meaningfully be utilized for prayers and meditation on the Word. This fasting time could be per-determined and hunger for food could be compensated with hunger for the Lord. Jesus fasted from all food and drink. The Bible also describes some extreme times when people fasted.

Ramadan is more than fasting. The entire month is devoted to prayers, internal cleansing, charity etc.

  • The devout devote all his/her energies to focus on God.
  • No compromise on the practice self restraint – physical or mental.
  • Re-evaluate lives in the light of Islamic guidance.
  • Forget and forgive those who wronged.
  • Purify our lives physically and emotionally besides our thoughts and actions. A devotee thus adopts the qualities of head and heart.

Fasting helps self awareness / self enlightenment.

  • Saves a devout from distractions and create the traits associated with sincerity and simplicity.
  • Restraint helps us discipline ourselves besides a person turns inward with regular prayers.





Presently, all of us are experiencing hard times in the environment of Novel Coronavirus Pandemic. May it be remaining confined to our homes observing Lockdown or observance of social distance while going outside our homes to meet our requirements; we are in constant fear of infecting ourselves. We should try to remain balanced in happiness and sadness – never getting overly concerned thus impacting our growth and development.

 It should always be remembered that our unlimited desires are responsible for our sadness and disappointments. If we control our desires and remain satisfied with what we have then we shall be happy at all times.

The following points should be kept in mind for keeping a healthy balance in our life for keeping ourselves happy despite hardships:As the waters (of different rivers) enters the Great Ocean, which though full on all sides remains undisturbed, like wise a person who is not disturbed by the incessant flow of desires – can alone achieve peace, and not the man who runs after these desires & strives to satisfy such desires –  BHAGWARD GITA.


  • In our lives we cannot have good times always. There would be difficulties and persecutions as we cannot keep all the people happy at all times. Whenever we face difficulties, our resolve to be happy is tested by our self-belief and unflinching belief in our Lord.

That is why for Christ sake, delight in weaknesses in insults, in hardships, in persecutions,  in difficulties,. for when I am weak, then I am strong – BIBLE

  • We should always believe in God that He will come to our rescue whenever there is any difficulty. Only our belief in God would always come to our succor.

The day it comes, no soul shall speak except by His permission. Some of them will be wretched, and some happy.

And as for those who are happy, they will be in Paradise, abiding there so long as the heavens and the earth endure, unless your Lord wills, as uninterrupted giving. HOLY QURAN

  • We should endeavor to act in such a way which bestows us happiness (Sukh) and inner satiety besides finally gives us freedom from any unhappiness (Dukh), In other words, we should perform all actions which give us joy – joy of giving and should not do anything which give us sorrow. 

Apparently, as all human resources are aimed at seeking out happiness, it becomes imperative to convince ourselves as to exactly where this happiness is located. Is it located in the worldly objects, or, is it located somewhere else? SRI GRANTH SAHIB JI.

  • By leading a spiritual oriented life. To be aware of your own self – knowing your potentials and weaknesses then remove the weaknesses to live a humble and sublime life.
  • Be satisfied with what you have.
  • Take right decision at right time.
  • Giving gives us happiness. Be compassionate to the needs of others.
  • Happiness and sadness are the two sides of the same coin. Introspect why you are unhappy and try to solve the cause of that unhappiness rather than recycling the thought of unhappiness.
  • Understand your own self – WHO I AM?’ rather than comparing yourself with others.
  • Be your own master by reigning in the mind rather than being becoming its slave.
  • Never take anything negative to your sleep. If some conflicting incident(s) happens with anybody including the members of the family, these should be sorted out before going to sleep otherwise these incidents will remain haunting you since these will go to the sub-conscious mind thus impacting our life.
  • Multiply your happiness by dividing smiles.
  • Right thought and right Karmic deeds give happiness.
  • Forgive and forget somebody’s mistakes.
  • Always be positive in what you think and act.




A person with humbleness to the core
With all the traits goodness and much more
In his thinking
There is positivity prevailing
His Karmic deeds too are praiseworthy
Thoughts and actions are in sync literally
He lives for others
Toils tirelessly for the good of others
Bereft of even an iota of expectations from anybody
Since he is conscious fully
About the purpose of his life on this beautiful planet
To do good and forget to a maximum extent
A spiritually oriented one
Who seeks connectivity with the One
An all powerful – Omnipotent
And present everywhere – Omniscient
An all knowing Super-Soul – Parmatma
One who is compassionate of all
An egoless to the core
And stands out in the society due to his work culture
This is always for the wellness of others
While such a person lives on this planet
He gets immense satisfaction
When his fellow-beings get what they want.
And finally when he is no more
People remember him for the excellent work
He did for others while he lived.


In life, we come across different people with different temperaments, with different mindset, with different set of views but there are the ones who influence us immensely. These people are actually the cream of our society. Words of praise just come out for them. I shall call them as the gifts of our Creator.

A selfless person is the one who is compassionate in nature, empathetic and always fulfills others’ needs even putting his life in peril. I know a person who worked with us as an engineer. He left his service at a time when he could have made a grade for himself as an upright professional. As an individual, he would always come forward in rendering any sort of assistance to others without anything in return with no expectations whatsoever. Whenever anybody appreciated his work and conduct, he used to skip the subject and talk something else – more productive Karmic deeds than the former one. To say the least, he was a Karma Yogi, humble and humane to the core besides all the positive traits which are dear to our Creator.

In the evening, as usual, he used to teach the students from the weaker strata of society. Not to speak of this, whatever salary he used to get, half of it, he used to spend on the needy children, for their books, stationery, etc.

After leaving the service, he opened a school, with the money from his voluntary retirement from service, even employed some teachers besides some volunteer teachers too came forward in assisting him. This way, he not only changed the destinies of the hapless fellows but also made his own life a shining example for others to emulate.

He is no more now but his contributions to the society in changing the destinies of many youngmen in our locality still remain. I salute to him. May his soul rest in peace, and sure enough, it will be, because of his stellar role to the society. Many would like to emulate his positive traits and contributions for the society. Such people leave an indelible impression in the society and become a shining example. Such people attain Moksha or Liberation from births and deaths ultimately.