Akshaya means never decreasing in joy, expectation, hope and success along with prosperity; while Tritiya means third phase of the moon. It is called so after the lunar day of the spring month of Vaisakha. It is also termed as Akti or Akha Teej by Jains as well. This day is the most auspicious one for Jains since it commemorates the first Tirthankara ending of one year asceticism. This day is also termed as Varshi Tapa. On this day, Jains observe fast and other asceti austerities.


Akshaya Tritritiya is considered to be the most auspicious day to start any business ventures, solemnize marriages, to purchase any property; gold and silver ornaments including initiating any ventures. It is also a day when we remember our ancestors for getting their blessings for the wellness of members of the family.


On this auspicious day, charity to the needy is considered to be beneficial for the prosperity of whole of the family members.


This day is considered as auspicious since this day is also termed as Parasurama Jayanti. Lord Parasurama was the son of Jamadagni and Renuka. He worshipped Lord Shiva who gave him  an axe as a war weapon to exterminate the evil doers. Lord Shiva also taught him the warfare skills. He was very aggressive in his approach; having traits of Kashtriya and Brahmins. Worshipping him sincerely can bring us prosperity and happiness.


  • It is also believed that Rishi Ved Vyasa started reciting Epic Mahabharata to Lord Ganesha without any interruption on this day.
  • There is also a legend that sacred Ganges descended on earth on this auspicious day.
  • It is also considered as the most sacred day since the temples of Gangotri and Yamunotri (The parts of Char Dhams) are opened on this day after the same are closed owing to heavy snowfall.
  • This day too is considered as the auspicious one since Sudama (The childhood sakha) paid a visit to his childhood friend Krishna in Dwarka.
  • On this day, God appointed Lord Kubera as the God of wealth therefore people purchase gold, silver and precious stones on this day
  • This day is considered as one of the most auspicious days to start any business venture or to start anything which has ramification on the wellness of the family.
  • In other parts of India, the farmer start sowing Kharif crops.
  • This day too is considered auspicious one since the contruction of Lord Jagannatha Chariots starts on this day the Rath Yatra too.

As this day is of multifaceted and most auspicious since it is connected with so many deities: Lord Vishnu, Lord Shiva, Lord Krishna, Lord Shiva, and many rishis of repute therefore, my prayer to all is to bestow the humanity happiness, joy, peace and prosperity.



After our earthy final break in our sojourn,
We mortals traverse to a world unknown,
Where to – guesswork abounds,
Some think few are welcomed to enchanting Heaven,
And the others to burning cubicles of hell are thrown,
Depending solely on earthy deeds or misdeeds,
Records of which are assiduously maintained and screened.

Death is inevitable, then why gets afraid?
Death is a stark reality, then why get saddened?
When parting with our kin so dear, finally,
During life too, we experience death in small ways routinely,
The one who has seen the dawn of the day,
Will surely see the dusk of the day.

A mistaken sense of pride,
Egged on by mistaken sense of permanence of life,
Spurs us to cling to this life so tight,
That sometimes, we forget the imminence of our end.
Which is so near but seemingly so far away from sight.

Earthy inning is quite fascinating,
Parting with worldly possessions so paining,
Yet, in life, we ought to adopt righteous course,
Why fear, accept the change of garb with courage and without remorse,
A life filled with inner freedom is helpful,
Engrave this idea, eternal sleep is sacred and peaceful,
Welcome the eternal sleep when it comes naturally with
open hands.

For this end is not the end of cycle of life and earth,
But a continuity of a play played by earthlings,
And supervised from His Heavenly Abode by Supreme-Being;
The One and the only One by whatever name you call Him.


Where and when we would be born?
Where and when we ‘ill say final leave-taking?
Are the questions which are mystic in nature
For us humans
Sometimes we meet our end
Without any inkling
While walking
While talking
While waking
While driving
While praying
While having nervous breakdown
While in sleeping
While day dreaming
While chanting the name of our Creator even!
Thinking that He may provide succor
How it all happens is not known to us.



It should always be borne in mind that body is the carrier of the soul which is immortal. We should, therefore, make concerted efforts to keep our inner self morally and ethically pure by our righteous Karma. Though we can treat the ailments of our body with medicines so as to have body strength to transact our day to day function but while doing so, we should never forget our inner potentials. These could be harnessed through meditation for self realization.


It is a fact that the one who is born has to one day die. When and how is not in our hand. The reason for demise too is uncertain. It may be due to ageing, accidental death, due to some terminal illness, or self-inflicted death as suicide etc. But death leaves none. It may be mighty and powerful demon king Ravana or Alexander the great who had all the resources including medical help at his beck and call but could not escape death. Or it may be incarnates (Avtaras) of Gods such as Lord Rama or Lord Krishna. They also had to bid adieu to this planet when their time came. Ordinary humans and all the living things have to have their end one day, how, when and due to what reason is irrelevant.


It should always be borne in mind that we had not brought anything while we were born and will not be taking anything while we depart from this earth. Even the temporary body cage we acquired is also not ours forever. We would be leaving this body one day when we die. We shall leave everything that we had earned in material form. We shall only take our good Karma; nothing tangible (Vastvik). When ‘I’ as a body is consumable (upabhogiy) in nature then why should be unduly be worried about this which is not ours for good.


If all have to embrace death one day then question arises why we should fear death. Therefore, we should be prepared for death. It could happen anytime and anywhere. Therefore, no problem then, if the mightiest could not postpone death then how ordinary humans like can escape death?

We fear death or process of dying since we are deluded by the attraction of worldly possessions which we may have earned through our hard work or inherited from our parents or got through adopting corrupt means. This feeling takes birth in us after we consciously know the significance of worldly possessions in our life. We just forget that one day we have to die one day but the fear of which keeps haunting us. The time and reason of our death cannot be predicted before hand by anyone. In other words, the Damocles’ Sword of death always keeps haunting us.


In life, we encounter so many ups and downs. We lived our past, got good and bad experiences under the shadow of death anxiety just there for us. After experiencing all these, we depart from this earth after performing what is expected of us happily or grudgingly as circumstances permit. But in all these, we have not to forget God’s blessings. If we sincerely call Him, He will certainly come to our succour and we shall be delivered of the problems. After having fulfilled the purpose of our life, we should expect death without any fear of its happening since it has to happen one day. Truth of this has been mentioned in Bible. ‘for if we live, we live for the Lord, or if we die, we die for the Lord; therefore, whether we live or die, we are the Lord’s. When we keep this truth in mind then we do not nurture death anxiety or hanatophobia. In fact, death anxiety is a fear of our own death or the process of dying with or without any physical and mental ailments troubling us.


We are living our present but our future remains uncertain. The present is the only period which is under our control hence we should utilize this time ‘now’ meaningfully. Bhagwad Gita mentions about present time: Some come to the spiritual life because of suffering, some in order to understand life; some come through a desire to achieve life’s purpose, and some come who are men and women of wisdom. Unwavering in devotion, always united with me, the man or woman of wisdom surpasses all the others’. All these could be transacted with certainity at the present period of time which is with us since we are the master of present.


We should, therefore, not fear death since what we lose is our perishable body (which is the carrier) with us and what remains with the SELF is eternal or immortal soul. Hence death should not nurture any death anxiety. For this, knowing our conscious self and what remains to be known lying within us cure us in its totality. It could be termed as self healing or self repairing (outside and inside of our body). Meditation is needed for repairing the inside of our body (Soul), our own self effort can work wonders to train our mind to work according to our commands since: ‘Calmness, gentleness, silence, self-restraint, and purity: these are the disciplines of the mind’. (Bhagwad Gita). The medicines could heal our body. Having done these, we can acquire a balance in life. By so doing, we can fructify all the functions of body, mind and soul without trauma or anxiety of death.


When at death bed, we should remember God but bereft of any anxiety or fear of death stocking us. We should have soft feeling without any illwill or expectation or attachment whatsoever. Just clarity in everything is needed even at death bed or in the process of death. I have seen some deaths in my family; my parent’s death and two of my elder brothers. My father was calm and composed even at death bed (At 95 years!) since he was a disciplined soldier. My mother died due to old-age with calmness writ large. That is the death I want with the grace of Almighty God. This has been amply made clear in Bhagwad Gita: Remembering me at the time of death, close down the doors of the senses and place the mind in the heart. Then, while absorbed in meditation, focus all energy upwards to the head. Repeating in this state the divine name, the syllable Om that represents the changeless Brahman, you will go forth from the body and attain the supreme goal.


This life of ours has been a gift of our Creator, we should not even nurturing an idea of taking revenge but rather make an effort to refine such people so that they follow righteous path. For the ones with more power and more sinister like Demon King Ravana and Kamsa, Lord Vishnu had to take Avtars in Treta Yuga as Rama and Krishna in Duapar Yuga respectively to kill Kamsa. Besides Lord Vishnu took ten Avtars in other to exterminate the evil doers and establish the modicum of peace and tranquility in various Yugas.

God Almighty is the Creator of everything that exists here on this planet and beyond. He is the highest reality and beyond time and space; Supreme Being. God is omnipresent and omnipotent. God is greater than all great things put together. In other word, God is supreme entity in every sense of the word.

Living things perish after their journey ends on this earth and rebirth but His grace remains is enduring. Those who are free from attachment in this material world attain the Abode of God when they say bye to this world.

In Bhagwad Gita, it has been said: In all the worlds of this material creation, up to the highest abode of Brahma, you will be subject to rebirth, O Arjun. But on attaining My Abode, O son of Kunti, there is no further rebirth.


We do not have any choice of birth and death but after our birth, we start imbibing the traits of our family members, culture and tradition in which we are brought up. On receiving certain characteristics from our relatives and peer group, we may improve upon what we have gained from the society due to our self effort with the increase of our capacities. Here our self belief and belief on God count a lot.


In essence, sometimes, we are down and out physically and mentally due to some sudden incident at home like death of a sole earning member of family leaving the family high and dry with nobody to bank on for providing succor or social security. What then, who could bestow helping hand? Really, in such a critical scenario, only Higher Reality can be relied on for steering us through. Remembering Him with all the sincerity at our command will deliver us and take our boat from stormy water to the shore. Higher thinking on higher pedestal also leads to spiritual upliftment along with intellectual and holistic growth and development.


Then sometimes we may question so many things based on the empirical experiences we have gained over a period of time due our self effort or knowledge gained from relatives, friends, teachers, formal and informal institutions etc. But there are the ones whose life is cut short due to some accident or we may be snatched by the death before reaching old age due to death some sordid terminal disease. I have seen this specter of death in real life. In not so distant past, one of my closest relative died of heart attack and that too without any previous history of symptoms thus proving the dictum: Death keeps no calendar.


Death for those who are born is certain but passing away without any sign of sudden departure ultimately is hugely saddening since when such a thing happens, whole of the family fabric gets hugely disturbed. Then there is the problem of unfinished tasks by the departed soul. He may not have completed the necessary formalities of making a ‘Will’ or may not have performed all the family duties and responsibilities. Such a deceased person leaves everybody dependent up on him in the lurch to fend for themselves.

Leaving finally at the prime of life is not in anyone’s hands but difficulty arises when requisite documents and certificates such as Death Certificate, Surviving Member(s) Certificate, for Change of Name for Property and Bank are the most daunting jobs, PF & EPF payment formalities etc. Unfortunately, due to busy schedule, if the deceased has not made the necessary formalities of nominating ‘Nominee’ for his Bank and property deeds then the Banks and other concerned offices put a huge spanner and raise several questions which compounds the problem still further. The bereaved family members experience a lot of difficulties unheard o hitherto.

In essence, if any of the certificate is not attained by the bereaved family member(s) then there is a huge problem of getting deposited sum in the various Banks or get the name on the property documents etc! A person who has lost his only earning member and left without completion of requisite formalities or documents have to go from pillar to post in order to first of all collate the documents by standing in the long queues and sometimes without any tangible results! What a critical state of affair for the hapless family?

The Bible says this, and yet millions of people—from newborn babes to the very old and all ages in between, can and do, die. So what is God really saying? Physical life always ends in death. But is that God’s ultimate goal for His creation? No!


The material world or material possessions and immaterial world or spiritual world; which one we want to pursue in our life depends on us only. Material world means materials which enhances our outward status, power and could enhance our egocentric tendencies. Possessing these enhances our hunger for material possessions but leads us nowhere as far as eternal happiness is concerned. In the former case, we’ve material comforts which make our life easy and comfortable on immaterial plane we remain blank; Talking materially, we delve only of material possessions. On the contrary, on the spiritual plane or immaterial world, the higher path of intellectual growth and development takes place.


It has been observed that even in spiritual world, we need to have material possession(s) to sustain ourselves. In other word, with material world, we’ve to use these material possessions in a manner or to a limit which is needed to subsist but we should not become slave to these possessions; as though we cannot live without these. These should assist us in carving our path to spiritual growth and development. This path should bestow us inner peace besides giving a rich meaning to outer world.


High thinking means living in high ideals. When you set a goal above the material goods, you are living in high thinking. High thinking is the greatest achievement in this world. High thinking is the only wealth that cannot be looted or destroyed.


Air is a physical demonstration of high thinking. Air travels and moves around, but there is no clash or confrontation, so is the case of high thinking. A person who is a high thinker cannot waste his time in clashes and confrontation, he will set his journey beyond all these things. Nothing can stop the speed of air. So is the case of a high thinker. Nothing has the power to stop the journey of a high thinker. A high thinker is free of all kinds of negative thought. He is free of anger and lust; he is free of intolerance and confrontation, he is free of hatred, he is free of frustration and despair, he is free of tension and stress, he is free of complaint and protest.

A high thinker is free of all kinds of negativity and he is full of all kinds of positive thoughts. High thinking makes a man sublime. High thinking also develops the very important ability to act and not to react. Such a person is able to ignore all the problems and avail all the opportunities.





Good Friday is the most solemn day we reminisce

As Good Friday
A day of huge reckoning for the humanity
Whence our heart aches hugely
With sadness writ large on the faces of gentry
All those who hath knowledge about this Friday.

This solemn day is observed as an anniversary
Whence Jesus Christ – the most revered One
Left his corporal body from this earth
To the abode of the Supreme Spirit.

For those who’ve firm belief
In the teachings of Lord Jesus Christ
The preaching which enriches the humans of all hues
Thus making our life awe-inspiring.

It is the holiest of all days put together
A day which we recollect every year
When our beloved one offered himself on the cross
Without even a slightest emotional upsurge
To uphold truth bereft of any ill–will towards those responsible for their outrage.

Prayers with fasting is observed on this day
On this particular day we reminisce this Friday
While purity of this day remains etched in hearts
Of all those who know that he died for us all.

In His lifetime this Messenger of Holy Spirit
Was most virtuous and compassionate
And overly serene whilst meeting his own end in flesh and blood
At the hands of those who did not know what they were up to
Just ignorant lots
Underwent crucification and final surrender to the Lord
On this day – a solemn day indeed.

Even then he sought forgiveness for his executors – the heartless ones
The sinful ones at the helm of affair responsible for his crucification!

With final and eternal utterance, he forgave them for their ignorance
‘Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do’!

Such words surcharged with compassion are rarest of rare – ever heard
Which could only be from the heart of one who is the dearest son
Of the Omnipotent and Omniscient One – the most compassionate One.

A lesson to us humans, a most credible one at that
So merciful he was even to the irreligious ungodly lots
Drunk they were with power and pelf along with ego overflowing
A temporary phenomenon for us earthlings.

Such empathy is a key to Christ Consciousness
Suffering for us – relentless pain with a lot of humiliation
A death so holy – indeed for our redemption
Such supreme sacrifice is an instrument of compensation
Which strikes at the tender chords of our heart, so palpable realization
That the Messengers of God cannot remain in void for so long.

Hence end of that life span, followed resurrection
Thus stunning the general masses at large by his revivification
Methods may different in observation
Yet the sacredness of Good Friday for ever remains
The devout kneel with utmost reference
Before the Wooden Cross kept in Churches, so holy on this day.

Thence last words of Lord Christ are also repeated
‘Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do’.

So that those solemn words may remain imprinted in our recollection
Thence a symbolic burial of the Lord is undertaken
For which difference could be in method
But the inner most emotions are obviously very touching
For our beloved Jesus Christ
Who for Truth’s sake gave His own life form
So that we humans are absolved of our sins
Which a true son of God can only make it happen.

Factually dark spot on the anal of history is the crucification
Thence Easter is the bright spot in the form of resurrection
Whence the Star shined with a greater vigor in huge form and manifestation
Opening new pathways for our association
With Lord Jesus Christ in His resurrection.



Essentially, history is reveals us of several examples and witness to the fact that various incarnations of our Creator had to endure trials and tribulations in their real life time while living on this earth. People who opposed their ideas and ideals always opposed them tooth and nail because these God’s Incarnations were the messengers of peace and their mission was to spread the ETERNAL TRUTH and remove the specter of ignorance from our midst. The Messengers of  Almighty GOD also helped in removal of evil which prevailed in the society. They preached: ‘Bless those who curse you.’ They presented a living example for us humans to see how best they withstood onslaughts of those who opposed the very ideals which has divergent viewpoints – departure from their pseudo and outdated beliefs.

The Messengers of our God also helped in removal of evil that prevailed in the society at that time. They preached the dictum: ‘Bless them that curse you.’ They presented a living example for us humans to see how best they withstood onslaughts of those who opposed the very ideals which with divergent viewpoints – departure from their pseudo and outdated beliefs. They had to withstand the wraths of egocentric power hungry people.

While reforming the masses and showing them the true path, the messenger of our God Jesus Christ faced several hurdles from those who opposed his ideas. The other incarnations like Lord Krishna, Lord Rama, Prophet Mohammad faced similar hurdles at every step but with their foresight and fortitude these Apostles of Peace challenged the old and hackneyed mores of behavior and came out unscathed ultimately.

Surprisingly, after their earthy sojourns, they were accepted as the Messengers of God by the very people who opposed them in the first instance and remain giving their respectful place even now. This is the tragedy of humans that we do not recognize our God’s Messengers/Incarnations while they were on this planet like us humans but when they are no longer with us then we take them as their revered ones and worship them for their preaching! This is a travesty of fact with our humans. I term this as the weakness in the egoist mindset people.

Lord Jesus Christ is one such example amongst others. These Messengers of Peace fought for the common people and were able to rid the society of the evil doers and challenged the very philosophies of people at the helm of affairs during the periods on this earth. In that process these Sons of God had to face opposition. People who mattered suspected these God’s messengers because their ideals were counter to their (powerful opponents) own and in upholding these they (Sons of God) had to face umpteenth difficulties

During his life time Jesus Christ did everything to rid the then society of the evils prevalent and wanted to change the outlook of the people.

Although Jesus Christ suffered humiliation and immense pain at the hands of his tormentors yet he felt sympathy even for his tormentors while he agonized on the cross for us all. We should never forget that He suffered so that we are redeemed of our sins that we as humans do commit. There were disturbances and upheavals after he gave up his spirit.

Crucification of Jesus Christ gave a new meaning of life to us humans to follow. His ideals and preaching are held dear by us all and will remain so till eternity. May this Day remain etched in our memory as the day of redemption of humanity and He remains a beacon of light for all of us on this earth.


In essence,  it is said that there is always a light after the darkness. Jesus used to heal the physical ills of masses, He wanted their highest good while he was in flesh and blood like us. But the insensitive people just crucified him! This is also a fact that he had the power to escape being crucified but he did not do so. And even in agony he said: ‘Father, forgive them; for they know not what they do.’ That is why He had to come back again for our happiness and for our purification. This purification is attained only when we’ve conquered our weaknesses in the form of our ego etc.


If crufication was a dark blot on those who crucified Jesus, the Easter is commemorated as a symbol of resurrection. Easter celebration has a historic perspective. It also symbolizes rebirth; a pious day that is why devotees decorate their houses, rejoice, mass prayers are conducted in Churches. It is a celebration in connection with the rising of Christ – the Son of God. Easter also opens doors for a holy association with God through Jesus Christ.


While reforming the masses and showing them the true path, the messenger of our God Jesus Christ faced several hurdles from those who opposed his idea. The other incarnations like Lord Krishna, Lord Rama, Prophet Mohammad faced many hurdles at every step but with their foresight and fortitude these Apostles of Peace challenged the old and hackneyed mores of behavior and came out unscathed ultimately. Surprisingly, after their earthy sojourns they were accepted as the Messengers of God by the very people who opposed them in the first instance and remain giving their respectful place even now. This is the tragedy of humans that we do not recognize our God’s Messengers/Incarnations while they were on this planet but when they are no longer with us then we take them as their revered ones and worship them for their preaching! This is a travesty of fact with our humans.


Lord Jesus Christ is one such example amongst others like Prophet Mohammad, Lord Krishna, Lord Rama who gave new meaning and content to the philosophy of living. These Messengers of Peace fought for the common people and were able to rid the society of the evil doers and challenged the very philosophies of people at the helm of affairs during the periods on this earth. In that process these Sons of God had to face opposition. People who mattered suspected these God’s messengers because their ideals were counter to their (powerful opponents) own and in upholding these they (Sons of God) had to face trials and tribulations. During the life time Jesus Christ did everything to rid the then society of the evils prevalent and wanted to change the outlook of the people.

Although Jesus Christ suffered humiliation and immense pain at the hands of his tormentors yet he felt sympathy even for his tormentors while he agonized on the cross for us all. We should never forget that He suffered so that we are redeemed of our sins that we as humans do commit. There were disturbances and upheavals after he gave up his spirit.

Crucification of Jesus Christ gave a new meaning of life to us humans to follow. His ideals and preaching are held dear by us all and will remain so till eternity. May this Day remain etched in our memory as the day of redemption of humanity and He remains a beacon of light for all of us on this earth.

It is well said, there is always a light after the darkness. Jesus used to heal the physical ills of masses, he wanted their highest good while he was in flesh and blood like us. But the insensitive people just crucified him! This is also a fact that he had the power to escape being crucified but he did not do so. And even in agony he said: ‘Father, forgive them; for they know not what they do.’ That is why He had to come back again for our happiness and for our purification. This purification is attained only when we’ve conquered our weaknesses in the form of our ego etc.

If crufication was a dark blot on those who crucified Jesus, the Easter is commemorated as a symbol of resurrection. Easter celebration has a historic perspective. It also symbolizes rebirth; a pious day that is why devotees decorate their houses, rejoice, mass prayers are conducted in Churches. It is a celebration in connection with the rising of Christ – the Son of God. Easter also opens doors for a holy association with God through  Jesus Christ.



Born to mother Anjana
As a reward for her worship of Lord Shiva
Due to which Lord Hanumana
Is called as the incarnation of Lord Shiva.

My sincere prayers to Lord Hanumana
I entreat to thee the most ardent Bhakta of Lord Rama
The savior of all the creations
To rid the humanity off all the predicaments.

Hanuman Jyanti as a most auspicious day
Being the Chitra Purnima tithi
In Shakula Paksha following on Wednesday
He is the symbol of strength and amazing power
He is passionately revered by the devotees
Of Lord Rama particularly
The Maryada Prashotam
While we want the graces of Lord Ram
To whom we worship Lord Hanuman
For the success of our mission
Or any project we undertake.

Hanuman’s prayers at juncture so critical
When there is specter of hate
Raising its ugly head

With Hanuman Chalisa recitation
Or chanting of Mantra
Om Eh Reem Hanumante Shri Ram Doote Namon

We can get His blessings.

To seek and get answers to our problems, so intractable
The sincere worship of Lord Hanumanji could deliver us from sufferings
Thus removing the negative forces overpowering us
And the ones which have bedeviled our lives.

The devotees could offer prayers
With flowers like marigold, rose
With parsad as Ladu, halwa and banana
Which are very dear to Lord Hanumana.


Before delving on the significance of this day, I offer my sincere prayer to the one who can deliver the humanity from pains and adversities caused to the hapless people of Ukraine and also pains and sufferings being experienced at other places; it may be manmade or due to natural upheavals. I sincerely offer my prayers to Lord Hanumanji for delivering the sufferers.


Lord Hanuman was born to Anjana, the wife of Vanaraja Kesari (the King of Monkeys). It is believed that Anjana was cursed by Muni Vishwamitra for disturbing him. He cursed Anjana that she will give birth to a monkey. Anjana to get rid of the curse worshipped Lord Shiva and urged him to be a part of her son. Thus, it is believed that Lord Hanuman is an incarnation of Lord Shiva.


Lord Hanuman Ji is the son of mother Anjana (An Apsara who was cursed by Rishi Vivhsvamitra to take birth on earth in Vanara family) and father Kesari the King of Sumeru. The Wind God Vayu had also a role in his birth besides being the Guru of Hanuman Ji. Lord Hanuman Ji is a well-known devotee of Lord Rama who is one of the pivotal characters epic Ramayana. His name has been mentioned in Vedas, Puranas, besides in Jain, Buddhist and Sikh scriptures. He is also known as an incarnation of Lord Shiva. He is not only worshipped in India but also in Nepal, Myanmar, Cambodia, Malaysia and Indonesia.

 Hanuman Jyanti marks the birth of HANUMAN JI to father King Kesari and mother Anjani with the bounties of Wind King Pawan Dev Ji. The devotees who have strong influenceof Shani Dev Ji should worship Hanuman Ji. In this context, reciting of Hanuman Chalisa eight times is very effective to please Shani Dev Ji (Satron). He is hugely respected for His prowess and the one who bestows his graces on those KARMA YOGI are honest and sincere in their prayers.

Hanuman Jayanti is an important festival of the Hindus. Lord Hanuman is a passionate devotee of Lord Rama Ji. He is widely known for his undaunted loyalty to Lord Rama. Hanuman is the symbol of strength and energy besides known for devotion to Lord Rama. He is said to be able to assume any form at will, brandish the gada (including many other celestial weapons), and even move mountains which he exhibited when needed for bringing a medicinal plant to save the life of Lakshmana the brother of Lord Rama.

The devotees celebrate this day, worship Lord Hanuman Ji and also keep fast on this day and seek his blessings besides offer Ladoos to Him as these are liked by Him. They receive Parsad in the form of sweets, flowers, Tilak etc. The Param Bhakta of Lord Hanuman Ji also recite devotional songs praising Lord Hanuman Ji for his Shakti and Bhakti and also seek his blessings besides sing HANUMAN CHALISA in his praise for receiving his graces.


On this auspicious day, devotees of Lord Hanuman pray him and seek his protection and blessings. They flock to temples to worship him and present religious offerings. In return, The devotees receive parsada from the temple priests in the form of sweets, flowers, coconut etc. People also celebrate him on this day by reciting various devotional songs (especially Hanuman Chalisa). The devotees also recite Beej Mantra – OM EH REEM HANUMANTE SRI RAM DOOTE NAMON. In this Hanuman Ji is prayed for being a devout messenger of Lord Rama who is a symbol of strength and energy.


It has also been mentioned in Valmiki Ramayana that Hanuman’s father Kesari, the king of Sumeru was the son of Brihaspati. Due to the intense prayers of Anjana and Kesari to Lord Maheshwara, a son was born to them named Hanuman an incarnation of Lord Shiva. Vayu (The deity of Wind). He too had a role in the birth of Hanuman Ji and that is why we term him as the son of Vayu.


In Vishnu Purana, there is also a mention of the birth of Hanuman Ji. Narda Muni wanted to marry a beautiful princess for which he wanted to have Lord Vishnu like face. Instead, Lord Vishnu gave him the face of a monkey, thereupon Narda cursed Lord Vishnu that this ape-like face (Vanara) will assist him when he would be in dire need. This was also the reason of Hanuman Ji’s birth because, without his help, the task of defeating Demon King Ravana would have been very difficult.


Lord Hanuman Ji is Rudra Avtara, another name of Lord Shiva. He is also worshipped by various names by His devotees  such as Bala Ji (Child Hanuman),  Anjaneya (Son of Anjana), Mahavira (Full of bravery and courage bestowed upon him by Sun God), Balarka (Sadrushanana like the rising sun), Batnasiddhikara (Giver of Strength), Bajranghbali (With huge strength), Bhakta Vastsaka (Protector of devotees), Bhavishya (One who knows about future happenings), Chiranjevini (Immortal), Chaturbahave (Four armed), Danta (Peaceful), Dheera (Most courageous), Deenabandhave (Defender of the oppressed), Daithyakulantaka (Destroyer of the demons), Kesrisuta (Son of kesri), Hanumanta (One with Puffy cheeks), Intrajit (Remover of the effect of Indrajit’s Brahmastra), Jai Kapeesh (Hailing monkey), Kapishwara (Head of monkey army), Kabalikruta (One who swallowed the Sun),

LORD HANUMANJI IS A BACHELOR WITH YOUTHFUL STRENGTH : Kumarabrahmacharine (Bachelor with youthful strength)

The chief characteristics of Lord Hanuman ji are: He is bachelor with youthful strength, Panchavaktra (Five faced), Pratapavate (Known for his bravery), Yogini (Yogi par excellence), Rudraveerya (Born of Shiva), amongst so other names for showering of His graces and blessings. He is known for His ritualistic healing power and have the power to remove the evil spirits from the bodies of the devotees and Mehandipur, the Abode of Sri Bala Ji exerts its positive influence on His devotees.


From the various names that Lord Hanuman Ji is known, it is evident that he helps his devotees to cure their sufferings, comes to their rescue in tiding over their difficult situations, curing them of their ailments caused due to some ill-effects of magical powers, one who bestows us courage as He is known for his courageous acts which He exhibited while Hanuman Ji  was taken to Demon King Ravana’s palace in chains by his son Meghnatha while He was on the mission of locating Sita Maa in the custody of Demon King Ravana. He not only burnt the Golden Lanka of  Ravana but also exhibited very benign demeanour to Ravana’s brother Babishana, a Ram Bhakta himself – PROVING HIS MULTI-FACETED ROLE AMONGST THE DEVTAS.


Lord Hanuman Ji is known for his Bhakti and for Lord Rama besides his heroic initiatives and power are well known to us all. He is known for his martial arts – amongst which use of gadha, wrestling, acrobatics and also meditation. He is an epitome of celibacy/chaste and inner control including devotion to his duty. He performed the special role in helping Lord Rama in retrieving Sita Maa after Demon King Ravana abducted her from Panchbati in the disguise of a Sadhu by deception.  Hanumanji was sent to Lanka for getting information on Sita Maa. He surmounted several hurdles while crossing the ocean. When he reached in Lanka, Sita Maa felt very pleased but at the first instance, she was skeptical about him since she thought that he could be one of the deceptive stances of King Ravana. But on showing the golden ring of Lord Rama, she was convinced that he was actually the doot or Messenger sent by Lord Rama for locating her.


Subsequently, Hanuman Ji expressed his desire and asked for permission to allow him to have some fruits from the Vatika (garden) of Ravana as he felt very hungry due to his long and tiring sojourn. She allowed him but with reservation since she did not want that any harm should happen to the Ram’s doot. When allowed to have fruits, Hanuman Ji started not only taking fruits but also uprooting the trees. When the demon guards intervened, he killed them all. This news went to King Ravana, he sent his son Meghnath who with deception brought him in front of Ravana – that was the opportunity Hanuman Ji was waiting for; firstly to convince the king to return Sita Maa to Lord Rama with respect besides asking for his forgiveness for kidnapping her.

This was vehemently opposed by the king Ravana who was filled with the ego of his prowess along with he being one of the fondest Bhaktas (worshippers) of Lord Shiva. He flatly refused to do so. Instead, on the advice of his advisors,  he ordered that the tail of Hanuman Ji be burnt. Having lit the tail, Hanuman Ji showed to the Lankan what he could do. He burnt the entire Lanka by hopping from home to home. All this sent a shock wave to the entire Lankans – an indication of things to come for Ravana for his misdemeanor. During this, Hanuman Ji met Ravan’s brother Vabhishana who was Lord Rama’s Bhakta. During this period, Hanuman Ji liberated Lord Shani Dev Ji, the dispenser of Justice from the confinement of Ravana.


We immerse sindoor on the idol of Hanuman Ji which is liked by Hanuman Ji. We also apply some of the sindoor on our forehead from the foot of the idol of Hanuman Ji. There is a legend for this too. While Sita Maa was applying sindoor as a tika on her forehead, Hanuman Ji asked why she was putting vermilion on her forehead. She replied that it was t ensure the long life for her husband – Lord Rama. Hanuman Ji for ensuring the long life of Lord Rama applied sindoor to his entire body and that is why we smear his entire idol with it.


Hanuman Ji was the chief devotee of Lord Rama. This was proved by a legend. While Maa Sita Ji wanted to award Hanuman with gems’ garland, Hanuman simply broke the pieces of garland. Sita Maa felt very surprised and wanted to know about the reason for breaking the garland pieces. In reply to this, Hanuman Ji told that the image of Ram Ji resides in His heart and therefore he needed no gift of any kind. Then, Hanuman tore the part of his chest, and lo and behold, the image of Lord Rama and Maa Siya Ji was there etched. All this proved that in every atom of Hanuman Ji, Lord Rama remained stamped.


In Hanuman Chalisa, Hanuman has been described to be a reservoir of knowledge who ensures for the awakening of general people. He is the messenger of Lord Rama, the son of Anjana and Kesari. He helps in removal of ignorance and helps in enlightenment. He is the worshipper of Lord Ram and Maa Sita. The magnificence of his attire has been mentioned. He was sent was dispatched to Lanka as the messenger to know about the whereabouts of Maa Sita where he killed many demons. Even Vibhishan the brother of Lankesh knew everything about Lord Hanuman Ji. Despite his knowledge, energy (Shakti), empowered by boons by different God-heads in various aspects, his prayer, and love to Lord Rama excelled everything else. Those who pray Him are bestowed with all sorts of bounties and his graces remain with them.  He is the ultimate remover of bad luck from our midst if we sincerely pray Him.

We offer our sincere prayers to Lord Hanuman Ki since he personifies unlimited strength and limitless courage. Those who are berft of any wisdom should worship him and they will get knowledge, wisdom and get delverance from the difficulties in which they are engulfed.

For, Hanumanji is an ocean of knowledge and wisdom. He adores and worships the Lord Rama thus that is why He is being bestowed all the good traits of goodness. He performed the difficult tasks of Lord Rama and that is why we call Him the most beloved and adoreable of Lord Rama and Sita Maa.

He exterminated the most ferocious demons. For all the tasks assigned and fructified, Lord Rama expressed his gratitude for the tasks done for Lord Rama due to which Lord Rama was able to bring back Sita Maa from Lanka after killing evil minded Ravana. All the people sing praises for the laudable noble tasks done along with Sugreeva and his force of monkeys who did everything in order to fructify the task of fighting the battle with Demon King Ravana. Even Ravana’s brother Vibheesan adopted his Mantra in praise of Lord Rama. He gave the ring of Lord Rama to his consort at Ashok Vatika which in fact was a very difficult task.

Those who sincerely worship Him are not affected by any ghost or bad spirit. Such a person is relieved from even the deadily diseases. He also delivers us of all the negative Karmic deeds. Those who worship Hanuman Gosahim Ji’s praises are bestowed the blesssings and graces of Lord Rama and Sita Maa. The Sage Tulsi Dass opines that those who sincerely worship Hanuman Ji do get the bountiful graces of both the Lord Rama and Sita Maa.

The Valmiki Ramayana and Ramayana written by Goswami Tulsidas very compressively tell us the details of Ayodhya King Dashratha and all the description till the end. These amongst others are very popular amongst the people.

Hanuman Ramayana. There is the description of Hanumat Ramayana in old Hindu scriptures – Vedas and Sikandpurana etc. This was the description of Ramayana codified by Lord Hanuman Ji. This was codified by Hanumanji with his nails on the rocks. After reading this descriptive Ramayana, Maharishi Valmiki got very disappointed as his own written Ramayana was not as good as he had seen the one written by Hanuman Ji. Lord Hanuman Ji got moved by the concern of Valmiki Ji, therefore, he threw that portion of the rock into the sea so that nobody could read the Ramayana written by Him.

Thereupon, Maharishi Valmiki promised to take birth in next Yuga as Goswami Tulsidas and write comprehensive Ramayana which is read by all of us now.


Lord Shiva hence one who worships Lord Hanuman ji gets graces from Lord Shiva and vice versa too.



Lord Hanuman Ji while on the sojourn to Lanka to locate Sita Maa happened to meet Lord Shani Dev Ji (Saturn) (the son of Sun also and Chhaya Putra) in the prison of Demon King Ravana. Lord Hanuman Ji freed Lord Shani Devi Ji therefore there developed friendship between the two. Even Shani Dev Ji cast his spell (sight) on Lord Hanuman Ji which helped Him to speedily burn Golden Lanka of Ravana. If we pray lord hanuman ji, the graces of Lord Shani Devi Ji too remain with us.




The main teachings of Non-violence, Chastity through abstinence, Non attachment, Non-attachment besides being Truthful. Following these principles sincerely while loving everyone and hating none; we can ultimately get liberation (Moksha) and liberate ourselves from birth and death.

Lord Mahavira spread the message of
Lord Mahavira, also known as Vardhamana
Is regarded as the 24th Tirthankaras
A spiritual successor of 23rd Tirthankara Parshvanatha
Born in the early part of 5th century BC
Into a family of Kshtriya Gotra
In present day Bihar
His birth is celebrated as Mahavir Jayanti
And his Nirvana is observed by Jains as Diwali
It is recorded that he was born on 599 BC & died in 510 BC
Kalpa Sutra mentions his birthday between 1375 – 1400 CE
Vira Nirvana Samvat era began in 527 BC
With Nirvana of Mahavira at Pavapuri in Bihar
Is considered holiest place for Jains and others.
Opinions differ from person to person
But his preaching are second to none
In spiritual knowledge and awakening.
For 12 years long
He lived a life of total renunciation
And attained omniscience – Kevala Jnana
Or eternal knowledge
Which is universal in nature
Subsequently be got liberation
In 6th century BC

Mahavira teachings are based on principles of Jinism
Which are respected as those of Bhuddism.
Mahavira also known as Vardhamana
Was the 24th Tirthankara
Meaning a savior and a well known Spiritual Preacher
Who made significant efforts in reviving Jainism.
With his spiritual and ethical teachings of Tirthankaras
The base of which was laid in Pre-Vedic era.
He left his home while he was about 30 years
And became a true ascetic in true sense of terms
Followed severest Bhakti Marga (Path)
In the form of severest penance – Bhakti
For his spiritual awakening
And huge enlightening.


His earnest Bhakti earned for him Omniscience – Kevala Jnana
Finally, attained Nirvana or liberation – Moksha
At the age of seventy two
His teachings included non-violence – ahemsa
Truth, what is right and what is wrong – satya & Astya
The importance of non-attachment – Aparigraha
Taught about chastity – Brahmacharya
Thence numerous realities – Anekantavda
All his teachings are codified in – Jain Agamas
His earliest known historical signs at Mathura’
The birthplace of Lord Krishna.
Mahavira is known variously
Such as Samana, Nayaputta, Brahmham, Bhagwan and Muni
Mahavira’s childhood name was Vardhamana
As per text Digambara Uttarapuranna
Mahavira was born in Kundgrama.

In the Kingdom of the Videhas
The one who grows in stature and worth
And helps others too to grow all around.

In the Kalpasutras in Bihar
Lived as severest ascetic life for 12 years
Then preached Jain philosophy for 30 years
He is known as the great hero – Mahavira
The one who ups and downs of his life with unmatched willpower
In the traditions of Svetambara
In the early Buddhist Suttas
He is called as worthy one – Araha
In Vedas he is known as devoid of love and hate Sramana
But truth stands out that he preached Jainism philosophy
Tirthankara means savior or spiritual preacher
Svetambara texts mention his birth on 13th Day of 599 BC
At Kundagrama as his place of birth
In the month of Chaitra
In the Vira Nirvana Samvat calendar era
Which falls in the month of March-April
Lets adopt his noble teachings in our life
For making it sublime and purposeful
With love flowing for everybody.

And hate none
With non-use of force
While living a life suffusing with truthfulness
Not overly attached to the worldly possessions
Or not stealing what is not ours.



Lord Mahavira, the 24th Tirthankara was born on 599 BC and died in 510 BC. It is also mentioned in Kalpa Sutra that he was born between 1375 – 1400 CE in a family of a Kshtriya in present day Bihar.

I pray to Lord Mahavira who got his Omniscience – Kevala Jnana or eternal knowledge after undergoing extreme penance. May he bestow the humanity wellness, peace and prosperity and rid the humanity from the scourge. I wish to see happiness and joy on the faces of all along with self belief and belief on Almighty God.

While the world at large, passing through most trying situations created by war between Russia and Ukraine and uncertain conditions in other parts of the world, I pray for harmony and wellness by the grace of Lord Mahavira.

The hope now is partly on the bountiful blessings of Lord Mahavira. I offer my sincerest prayers to the Lord to protect the precious lives of humanity around the world. Wish that all are administered vaccines. In the interim, scare created by the scarcity of Oxygen should be made good as soon as possible by the active intervention of all concerned post haste otherwise death and destruction would be huge. All states should cooperate in this context so that no precious life is lost due to the non-availability of O2. I am sanguine, of course, blessings of our Lord Mahavira would anyhow be there and the scare created by Covid-19 gets evaporated.

If we act on the following five principles of Lord Mahavira preaching, we would make our lives sublime thereby lead a life of peace and prosperity.

The five vows (Vrtas) which Mahavira Preached are enumerated as under:-


Ahimsa (Non-violence). Mahavira preached to maintain sanctity and dignity of all in the spirit of Ahimsa – without force or intimidation. It should be in action, speech and thought. Satya (Truthfulness). He stressed about being truthful in thoughts and actions.

• Asteya (Non-stealing). Nobody should steal what is not ours.

• Brahmacharya (Chastity).He taught abstinence from sex and sensual pleasures for monks and faithfulness to one’s partner for householders.

• Aparigaha (Non-attachment). An attitude of non-attachment to property or worldly possessions should be given much credence.

• Truthfulness (Satya). It applied to individual and for others.


• Non-use of force (Ahimsa) while getting something done.

• Following truth (Satya).

• Opposing untruth (Asatya) in any event.

• Following a life of chastity (Brahmacharya).

• We should follow a life of non-attachment to the fruits of our action (Aparigraha).

• There are multi-dimensional realities (Anekatavada) to reach the truth.

• Remain fearless in hardships and in calamities that is why he is called as Tirthankara.

• Knowledge which is universal is based on truth should be followed.

• All humans undergo several reincarnations according to our karma therefore we should perform right karma.

• It is believed that soul exists an is eternal i.e. does not die as the body dies – a principle which is being followed in Hinduism.

• Karma includes actions and intent. The effects of good karma and bad karma.

• The goal of spiritual practice to liberate the jiva from the karmic accumulation and enter the realm of the Siddhas and finally liberation after one attains total detachment from the worldly possessions or for that matter anything after following a life of self-restraint.

• He taught about many sided realities and truth and reality are complex. Reality could be experienced. One can experience the truth of taste but cannot fully express that taste through language. Spiritual truths are also very complex. These could be experienced through self effort and right karma.

• Jainism believes in plurality of humans and freedom of belief.

• The significance of following the five principles is to achieve spiritual peace for better rebirth or reincarnation or liberation or Moksha after following highly spiritual life. The Mahavira also put emphasis on restraint and be compassionate to other creatures as well. In other words, the life of self-discipline is of paramount importance. The cleansing of soul leads to spiritual development based on supreme moral virtue.

• The teachings of Lord Mahavira are more relevant now than ever since the deaths and destruction which is happening presently is a cause of concern.



In essence, too much of attachment (Moh) in anything or anybody robs our sense of proportion and inculcates error of judgment of loss of consciousness. It clouds our value system or correct perspective. It also gives more credence to the mundane worldly possessions or attitude of personal concerned. This attachment may be towards our own life.


The realization about too much of attachment (Moh) to our own impermanent body even came about while I was on an operation theatre with a team of doctors, headed by Dr. Rupesh,  around me for heart angiography in Mata Chanan Devi Hospital in Delhi a few days back. Some questions popped up in my mind; such as what would happen if the level of blockage would be more than 90% or what if something uncertain happens during the operation? Then, suddenly an inner thought came about, with the grace of God, ‘accept whatever is destined. Then a warm and positive emotional upsurge from inner recesses of heart popped up and all the negative feelings of despondency evaporated in the thin air. Firstly, the hospitalization also gave me opportunity to know about the physicians, paramedics, supporting staff etc. All these make huge difference. While these most significant ones have humane touch and positive attitude then God’s grace seeps into them and have spread effect on the patients. Secondly, the most ambiance, updated technology for providing cure for the patients but of all these accessibility of doctors, assistance of supporting staff including nursing staff play a most significant role. But I opine that hospital staff with detached mindset,  humility, accessible attitude and above all humane attitude along with competence of the staff to operate the intricate technology etc. goes a long way in ameliorating the condition of the patients admitted.


While we are leading a spiritual oriented existence, we tend to think that we are living a detached existence. Following a spiritual path believing that we are living a life bereft of any responsibility, living aloof, away from friends, family members besides not feeling pain when others are having. This sort of  supposed detached  existence puts us in quandary. We neither understand about spiritual way of living nor detached existence!  Leading a spiritual path means not to be overly possessive about worldly possessions.  In actual practice, life is a mix of happiness and sadness. Sometime it manifests in sorrow and sometimes happiness.We may live with detached  existence or partly detached and partly attached, thus creating limitations of our own creation. Detachment hardly mmeans total withdrawal or remaining aloof from worldly affairs but remain performing our duties bereft of malice, jealousy, anger, withdrawal from mundane things in life.

In Sikhism, the term attachment (Moh)  is due to consciousness (delusion) s well as an attitude  of attachment for the mundane. Guru Nanak says: The whole world is engulfed by mundane values and attachment to it. In a way,  delusion is more general and exhaustive in meaning and may include the attachment born out of wrong views.

In Buddism, it has been mentioned that ignorance is the root cause of attachment (Moh) which is illusive and too much mundane fascination.

Importantly, all the problems which are being confronted by us humans are related to too much attachment (Moh) to worldly possessions, status, relations etc. Our desires for sense gratification go without interruption and goes on multiplying partly due to competition with others and partly due to fulfillment of our egocentric tendencies. Then when we have too much attachment either with our relatives, then, when we lose them due their parting ways either temporarily or permanently there is too much of despondency, Factually, there always would existential problem without our relatives and friends who are always there to assist us whenever we require their help. This overly attachment would make us off putting.


While we have total control over our mind, we can control our emotions and having total control over our emotions thereby we can prioritize our thought processes, emotions and desires. This could be accomplished through living with a philosophy of forgetting and forgiving, a policy of not sticking to anything or everything in life. In Bhagwad Gita it has been said that we should have the philosophy of ‘letting go’ without clinging on to the fruits of our actions.


It is a undisputed fact that if fixated about the outcome of rather than focusing on the job at hand then that job will not give us appropriate result While giving piece of advice to  Arjuna, Lord Krishnna tells him to perform duty without attachment to the fruits of his action. Further, we’ve to continue to engage in the pursuit of knowledge and use such knowledge for getting our  mission accomplished but being detached from the fruits of action. Here total renunciation is better than   meditation even. With renunciation, we can attain peace of mind, contentment and ultimately happiness besides attaining our result of our sincere action.


Lack of attachment or remaining total indifferent hardly means withdrawing from the job at hand or from worldly affairs. At best we can have total concentration on the mission accomplishment with factors involved to fructify such mission. It hardly means running away from duties from  the family or loved ones, society community or duty at hand and remaining aloof. In sacred Vedas it has been enunciated that we all are interconnected in one way or other. We are part and parcel of Supreme Being. Wife and husband are physically and emotionally connected and without their sincere connect and emotional involvement, reproduction in order to continue civilization is not possible. We cannot have mechanical way of our existence. Naturally, we have an immense capacity of giving and taking love. But this should be within a limit.


Factually, there cannot be any function in this world bereft of sincere desire or Iecha which is taken as greatest Shakti (power). Our desire is the first step for starting any mission. It may be any intractable job or any intricate operation. Without desire, we cannot have even a thought of starting any desire for fructification. It may be starting a project or business or any venture.

In Vedanta, there are three aspects of life. These are Iccha, Jnana and Kriya. To fructify these aspects, it is important that we have purified mind. Here Iecha Shakti or strong determination is of paramount importance in order to attain any goal in life. The main purpose of Lord Krishana’s teachings in Bhagwat Gita is to change the mindset of Arjuna so that he performs his primary duty of a Kashtriya is to fight. It can hardly be attained through renunciation or detachment.  Bereft  of desire, we cannot achieve anything in life.


Detachment is not about shunning away from our duties that come with some strings attached. It is about seeing and experiencing things as they truly are, without clinging on to anything  neither good nor bad, neither action or inaction, neither desires or desirelessness, neither emotions or emotionlessness – but seeing everything as wonderful, without gauging through our mental perceptions and judgments.


Truthfully, we cannot be desireless as we cannot remain emotionless in our life. As we know everything in the universe is interconnected therefore we cannot be totally detached. Icchia shakti is a must, without which nothing tangible happens.  ‘



Lord shiva  is the most affectionate, simplistic, pleasing in bestowing His graces with slightest of prayers, enigmatic, recluse, forgiving, artistic, greatest preachers, greatest scientist etc. Therefore, we should not only rejoice on their union in marriage but also their imbibe their compassionate NATURE.

Lord Shiva has Himself told the other deities that He had manifested in the form of ‘Pillar of Fire’ in the month of Phalguna and during the constellation of Ardra. Lord Shiva and Maa Parvati (Nature – Prakriti) are really difficult to be understood by a normal human being. Both love their creations; it may be normal humans or demons (Lord Shiva’s liking for Demon King Ravana as a renowned Bhakta of Shiva is well known), ghosts, spirits (which Lord Shiva took with him at the time of his marriage with Parvati), amongst all the creations.

On MAHASHIVRATRI day devotees observe the strict fast and keep themselves awake throughout the entire night. They immerse themselves in Shiva’s prayers for deriving bliss of connectivity with Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati.


It is pertinent to mention about the background as to how Shiva and Parvati had their first meeting. Parvati had seen Shiva (In meditative trance) while she was only eight years old. She determined that she will marry him only when she grows up. When she grew up, she told her father (Himavan) that she wanted to marry Shiva. She was also fully determined to make him realize her love for him. Then finding the suitable opportunity, her father made mention about the marriage of his daughter to Shiva.


Shiva means auspiciousness and lingam means a symbol and when to put together it means: ‘a symbol of the great God of the universe who is all-auspicious’. It also means ‘the One in whom the whole of creation sleeps after dissolution. The worship of Shiva in the form of Longa is most prominent. It represents as a symbol God Himself. Shiva lingam is to be bathed in water, milk, and honey. For purification of these, bel patra should also be added. Vermilion paste represents virtue, after bathing the Shiva Linga with water, honey, curd etc. with utmost devotion vermilion paste is applied on it.

Natural fruits like berries are very dear to the Lord, hence these are offered. Fruits are also the sign of fulfillment of our desires and hence should be offered.

Forgetting His grace and bounties offerings when dhoop (incense) is ritualistically burnt give maximum benefits. The lamp is lighted. The lamp symbolizes knowledge and wisdom and keeps away our ignorance. If this is lighted with devotion and offered to the Lord, we can derive maximum benefits. Finally, betel leaves are offered which symbioses the satiation of our worldly desires besides keeping our spiritual onward march intact.

The Trinity amongst Gods (Lord Bhrama, Lord Vishnu & Lord Shiva) are responsible variously:-

Lord Bhrama is in charge of creation.
Lord Vishnu is in charge of maintenance and evolution.
Lord Shiva is in charge of destruction (Sanghaarkarta) and subsequently for recreation.
The Trinity of Goddesses and their responsibilities are;-

Goddess Parvati is the Goddess of fertility, love, devotion, and power (Shakti).

Goddess Lakshmi is the Goddess of wealth and prosperity.
Goddess Saraswati is the Goddess of knowledge and learning.
Satyam means essence or truth or reality – whose results could be tested and attested at any time and anyplace with similar results. In other words, these results could be confirmed scientifically.

Shivam means giving. This may be in the form of Gyan (knowledge) or any other agent of change which may help an individual’s growth in various stages of growth from childhood onwards.

Sundaram means that one ensures to receive information required for growth and development and wellness of the child without any expectation. This function is performed by the family and the society at large.


At the time of the churning of the sea by the Godheads and the Demons (Rakshas) there surfaced a vessel full of poison amongst other enchanting objects like Kamdhenu (Wish-fulfilling cow, white horse, white elephant, Kalpavriksha (Wish-fulfilling tree), Lakshmi (Goddess of wealth), Dhanvantri (Divine Physician) and finally the vessel of Amrita (nectar). To save the world from the devastating effects of poison, Lord Shiva consumed the pot of poison and kept the same in his throat with his Yogic Powers and that is why He is also called NEELKANTHA or Blue Throated with immense reverence. He did not take the poison which came out of the sea but kept it in his throat. By doing so, LORD SHIVA saved the world from being annihilated due to the poison which came out of the sea.


It is comparable to the nothingness of vast cosmos/nothingness of space with galaxies, planets, etc. That which is pure, simple, gracious, benevolent and full of beauty. In Vedic scriptures/literature, Shiva also connotes liberation or emancipation. He is the auspicious deity who is creator, reproducer, and destroyer of the forces of negativism and darkness. Shaivism also represents beliefs and practices of Hinduism. Shiva is not affected by three Gunas (Sattva, Rajas, and Tamas). He is called Supreme Lord. He is a great Yogi. One who is beyond any limit of appreciation – nothingness which can absorb anything and everything.


Lord Shiva is a great Yogi who gave us Yoga and method of living – living as mystic Yogi but not oblivious of the family bonding. His contribution as a recluse and the householder is the phenomenon and cannot simply be ignored. The complexity of His traits as a deity cannot be comprehended if we do not delve deep into his life. In the earlier years, he used to wander in the Himalayan region and subsequently an ascetic who is always absorbed in Yogic meditation. This was proved right when the barat (marriage party) was received. Strange as it looked: Shiva as a groom, rode a bull, with matted hair, ash smeared all over the body, was a part of koupina or loincloth., a garland of bones and skulls, as usual, a trident in one hand and damru (drum) in the other hand.. There was the beating of drums nd the mixed sound of trumpets – a terrific sound indeed. Amongst the baratis Marriage party) were Gods and Demi-Gods Not to speak of this, his marriage barati’s consisted of the ganas, ghosts and other strange and fearful witches, vampires etc. The marriage receiving party


We always say him in meditative posture – completely immersed in contemplation. He is Yogi with a difference who could be termed as the deity who could be pleased with bel patra and fruits. Simple sincere prayer can earn His bounties – that is why He is called as Bhole Shankar.LEAVES AND FLOWERS ARE OFFERED TO LORD SHIVE AND GODDESS PARVATI


When Shiva is provoked beyond a limit, when He was in trance, as was done by Cupid or Kamadeva, He opened His third eye and reduced him to ashes in a fit of anger.

There are 12 Jyotirlingas (Lingas of Light) which are held sacred by the devotees. They offer prayers at these holy places.

Devout chant Mantra OM NAMON SHIVAYE and also Maha Mrityunjaya Mantra to get special benefits since this day falls in the most appropriate planetary positions in the Northern hemisphere; helps devotee raise his / her spiritual energy vigorously. The prayers are answered if these are done with sincerity. This day is also celebrated because on this night Shiva performed His cosmic dance (Tandava). This dance was enjoyed even by other Godheads.

Lord Shiva’s abode is mount Kailasha. He bearer of sacred river Ganga on his head besides a serpent named Vasuki. His devotee Nandi is the carrier of Lord Shiva. In Shiv Purana, it has been mentioned that Shiva prayers should be done in the following manner to get maximum benefit:-


It is important to know the attributes of Lord Shiva which are depicted variously as: benevolent, pious with huge reserves of compassion, easy to be pleased, honorable, delightful with brilliance, innocent, easy to be pleased, invincible, having huge prowess, fearful or ferocious when hugely provoked, Wrathful, violent and dangerous, destructive, autistic (Yogi Raj).


Shiv-shakti Shiv is called Kala (the eternal time) and Parvati the consort of Shiv is also called Kali meaning ‘Time’ or ‘death’ (two mixed together means the ‘time has come’). Various people worship Shakti or Kali represents the feminine force whereas Shiva is the masculine force along with the power of peace.


Lord Shiva has two aspects. Firstly as an ascetic (Yogi) shown meditating and also as a householder – having family performing the dual functions wonderfully well. He has a consort named Parvati (the daughter of King Himalaya). The family consisted of the following:-


She is the Consort of Shiva, variously described as, Shakti (Divine Energy), Devi, Divine Mother along with Goddess Tripura Sundari, Durga, Minakshi, Kamakshi etc. She is also identified with Nature, creative energy, Ardhanarishvara (dynamic extension of Shiva without whom Shiva is incomplete.



Ganesha is the deity in a human form but with the head of an elephant which represents the power of the Supreme Being that removes obstacles. .He was created out of the remains of smut from the body of Parvati and further infused life into it. He is worshipped with great devotion, before starting any prayer or starting any business or new job His name is taken. He is said to the remover of Lord of removal of obstacles (vegan Karta), Lord of beginning. No Yagna or any ritual is incomplete without beginning with prayers to Lord Ganesha.


He was assigned with the responsibility of protecting the Gods and Demi-Gods. He is worshiped in South India by various names such as Murugan, Subramanya, Shanmugan and in North India as Skanda and Kartikeya.


While Parvati felt very lonely, she created Ashok Sundari from a tree to remove her monotony and loneliness because Shiva remained in meditation most of the time.


She is considered kind to the devotees who worship her. Due to her bad temper and unhappy disposition, Mansa was rejected by Lord Shiva. She is termed as the goddess of snakes and worshipped in North India. She is also described as the destroyer of poison.


In the incarnation of Lord Vishnu as a woman named Mohini, Lord Shiva was charmed by her beauty and through the union of the two Ayyappan was born. He is specially worshipped in South India.

Then there are other children of Lord Shiva named Andaka and Jalandhar and Mangala.
Names of Lord Shiva. According to Shiva Purana, there are 1008 names of Lord Shiva. Some of these are given below:-


There is a description in the Puranic period that Lord Shiva is also termed as the Lord of Dance or Eternal Dancer. The two most renowned dances are Tandava (which is the powerful and masculine dance) and is associated with the destruction while Lasya which is very graceful and exhibits delicacy of emotions and is attributed to Parvati and associated with creation. Both destruction and creation are the important factors in the universe and the world at large.


Represents the form of Shiva Murti facing South. This represents aspects as a teacher of yoga, music, and wisdom.


It represents the combination of two; Shiva and Shakti (Parvati) depicting half male (Shiva) and half female (Parvati). It is due to the fact that Lord Shiva was hugely pleased by the austere traits of Parvati and granted her the boon of becoming part of his body.

Tripurantaka. In this Lord Shiva is depicted with four arms having bow and arrow in the at of destroying Demon named Tripura.

AVATARS  OF SHIVA. In the description, in Linga Purana there are 28 forms of Shiva. Hanuman is known as Rudra Avtar (Rudra is a name of Shiva) as eleventh Avatar.

Ashutosh – One who fulfills wills.
Akshayaguna – who is Lord of Earth
Mahadeva – Greatest With limitless attributes.
Anantadrishti – With an unrivaled vision.
Bholenath – One who is benevolent.
Bhooteshwara – one who is Lord of ghosts.
Bhudeva – One God
Devadeva – Lord of the Lords
Gurudeva – Lord of all
Ingaraja – Lord of Lingas
Vishveshwara – One who is the Lord of Universe.

There are 12 Jyotirlingas (Lingas of Light) which are held sacred by the devotee. They offer prayers at these holy places. These are mentioned below:

1.Somnath ( Lord of the Nectar of Knowledge)
2. Nageshwar or Nagnath (Lord of 5 headed snake):
3. Kedarnath ( Lord of Kedar):
4.Vishwanath ( Lord of the Universe), Banaras-UP:
5.Mahakaleswar ( The Lord of Death) Ujjain, MP:
6. Amaleshwar (Lord of Purity) : Lord Shiva the purifier of all sins.
7. Trayambkeshwar ( Lord of Third Eye ), Maharashtra:
8. Ghrishneshwar (Lord of Positive Energy obtained from Churning of divine Knowledge), Maharashtra:
9. Vaidyanathan (Lord of Vaidya/Ayurveda), Maharashtra:
10. Bheemashankar (Mighty & Powerful Lord), Maharashtra:
11. Mallikarjun ( Lord ), Andhra Pradesh:
12. Rameshwaram (Ram worshiping Lord Shiva), Tamil Nadu:


I am of the firm conviction that in Shiv Purana, mention has been made about the various aspects, about Karma philosophy, origin of Nature and the creation of the universe, the function of the Trinity, the practical aspect of segregation of professions, the meditation and the benefits derived from this, how best to perform various rituals including Shiva and Linga Sututi, the origin of Lord Shiva, function of Nature (Prakriti), et al.



In essence, Love has many forms and manifestations. When it is giving without any expectation, it becomes a priceless gift of our Creator. It multiplies as we divide it. Love, in essence, could be sacred, when we love our Creator. In Bible it has been said: . The love of God is so great that He sent His one and only son for each one of us! Take time to meditate on God’s sacrificial love today and let these Bible verses about love bring you peace and perspective.


 We warmly adore our parents and other relations but when our love is for even a rank stranger, then it become lasting. Then we love total stranger while we feel ‘empathetic pain’ for their pain and we would like to render helping to alleviate their pain. We express our love for our Gurus in the form of our devotion to them since they help us in our pursuit of seeking God. We care for our pets that also is a form of love.


What a warmth in our emotions emanates when one is immersed in love! While showering our love, we involve ourselves totally. A true lover does not care for his/her own comforts and well-being while immersed in this sacred emotion of loving. Love, I feel, is not a business transaction. It is giving and giving with no expectations in return.


While we take love as a God’s gift, love gifts us many things in return which cannot be exchanged for anything in life. This return gift is all encompassing – a saintly feeling for us all. It generates warmth in our heart and a nostalgic feel, a deep longing which we want to exchange with others so that it spreads from one to many.


Then, there is a special type of love – love for the country of our origin. So much so we are swayed by its love that we would like make supreme sacrifice for ensuring safety and security for protecting its integrity. There are umpteenth examples of the personages who immortalized themselves for protecting the independence of the land of his/her birth. That is also a form of love.


Valentine’s Day is celebrated on 14th February every year. There is a very popular account that a Christian saint was imprisoned and prosecuted under the Roman Law for solemnizing the marriage ceremony of soldiers who were not allowed to marry. Saint Valentinus performed the marriage of these soldiers and broke the Roman Law. There is also a legend that while being in the prison; he healed the daughter of the jailer named Asterius.

Legend have it that before he was to be executed he wrote a letter finally signing as: YOUR VALETINE to bid adieu.


A love with enriching experience
A love which surpasses all frontiers
A love which is eternal in nature
A love which takes us away from imaginary to a real one
A love whose fragrance spreads all around for others to emulate
A love which becomes an example and a model for change
A love which add to our knowledge about each other
A love which sets its own standards and agenda for others to follow
A love where losing or winning makes no difference
A love rooted in sublime and humane delicate touch
A love which broadens its base without an iota of bias
A love which spreads its heady scent for a wide
A love which is magical in nature
A love which is not theatrical in its character
A love which enlightens us and is not mechanical in nature
A love where we do not care for results
A love where every skepticism melts
A love which gives eternal peace
A love which takes our love to new heights
A love which erases all lingering riders.

 A love which is most enlightening
A love which is energy giving while sharing
A love which increases by every day passing
A love which kindles feeling of trust among all creatures living
A love where we do not care for caste, creed, colour or race while expressing

A love which is all all-embracing.

A love which has the Almighty God’s blessings
A love where we do not demand but would like giving
A love where suspicion has no place while giving
A love where we get extreme joy in sharing and caring
A love which solves more problems than creating
A love which teaches us values of living
A love is based on understanding
A love which flourishes with every passing day & have no chance of diminishing.

A love which has not got any limitation
A love which has its sweeping but sweet implication
A love where there is not even an iota of hesitation
A love for which any sacrifice could be given without much reservation
A love which does not care for any narrow consideration
A love which does not have a particular day for its commemoration
A love for which all days have the same connotation
A love which helps in natural progression
A love from which we get utmost satisfaction
A love which is full-blown like a beautiful flower on all occasions
A love which is broadest in its application
A love where there is no regression but enough progression
A love which does not have any expectation
A love nobody prefers even losing ourselves for its fruition.



A love which gives happiness in taking pain of others
It is similar to the  love of Saint Valentine
A Catholic Bishop of Terni
In Roman Empire
Who attained martyrdom for the sake of LOVE
For solemnizing a marriage secretly
Of condemned soldiers
For whom marriage was a bar
Under the Roman Empire’s law
And marrying those forbidden once to marry
Attracted the Saint’s imprisonment
And ultimately martyrdom
Which very year we commemorate.

While in the condemned cell of a prison
With his miraculous touch, he cured the daughter of the jail warden
Saint Valentine sent out a farewell letter
With words so eternal in nature
“From your Valentine”, These immortal words have become a grand brand
Presently for us all to express to our loved ones
With heart suffusing with delicate love
With a huge sprinkle of pride for such a love
Mixed with a huge smile write large on our faces
Lasting for good in our mind’s eye
And in real life too, we live with complete affirmation
That love binds us and bestows us God’s eternal satisfaction.


May this day usher in indelible love to us all and removes doubts and differences from us all in fact without biases.



In life we come across different sorts of people. There are the people with whom you can familiarize yourself instantly, can believe them, but there are the ones with whom we face some difficulty in communicating or understanding them. Then there are the people whom we can repose our trust and can share our opinions with an open mind. While there are the ones from whom it is difficult to part any information because of their skeptical nature. Then there are the, baffling lots, who get your information and use such information against you to deride you?! Such people take you for granted after getting needful information. We’ve to be wary about these sorts of people. They are treacherous lots and could stab you at your back any time they get a chance to do so.


On a hindsight, it is most significant to understand with whom you are having any sort of dealing since the people you interact or identify with determine your character too. For this, it is important to have good company in order to have right thoughts and Karmic deeds accordingly. Having any interaction  with unethical and immoral people taints our own character, therefore, it is a must that we should know with whom we are speaking, dealing or having business dealings.


The encouragement for writing about different sorts of characteristics of the different people instigated me to pen down about a person who proved to be partly cunning, partly crafty/schemer besides being unbelievably obsessive; the one whose thoughts, emotion and behaviour leading to faulty perception, inappropriate actions and feelings besides being a person having exaggerated sense of importance. I consider such a person as a schizophrenic.  If and when question of personal integrity comes to the fore, he considered himself uppermost. He has the knack for extracting information from a subject, use the information collated as a ladder to get his agenda addressed by molding opinions in his favour with dishonesty, nepotism and bias writ large. Too much of selfishness is a curse and should, therefore, be discouraged since this trait is a negative in its orientation. Therefore, need is to know the intent and object of a person concerned.

It is in the fitness of things to know about the characteristics of different persons which require modicum of change.


 A person who says something and acts just opposite is deceptive in its orientation. A person with deceptive trait cannot be trusted at any event as such a person misleads since deception is his forte. I have observed that there may be many amongst us who have this characteristic. Everyone of us must have experienced deception at one stage of life or other. Such a man can deceive you when you least except him, so we’ve to be wary of such a person.


Ego is a negative trait. A person with exaggerated sense of importance which may lead to enhancement of self image in the eyes of others. The inculcation of high opinion of himself is misleading. In Bhagwad Gita, the term ego (Aham) is identified with Self. The term Aham is Brahman himself (Aham Brahmasmi) or Atman (Soul).


An emotionally stable person perceives a problem and makes effort in solving such a problem in a more balanced way. He does not lose his cool while tackling any problem nor does he disturbs the peace of other while doing so. He does not ignore reality while facing a problem and evaluates pros and cons while solving the problem using his wit and experience while doing so.  


An extrovert is a person who is more open, go getter, more assertive, more self confident/self assured besides he does not hide any fact while discussing facts and figures.


A person who is known for his introversion. He remains quiet, remains reserved, does not showcase his inner potential in the public glare. He is insightful with modesty  as a necessary trait.


A person who feels the pains and sufferings of others while contributing his mite for alleviating others problems in a way he can. Such people are having humility, empathy and remain positively oriented.


A person who with a firm belief that he could live with high standard of behaviour and sincerity. He remain positive in all his dealings with others. A person with lofty ideas which sometimes may be unrealistic.


A person who is immature, inexperienced besides being inactive in words and deeds. Such a person cannot be relied completely in any dealings.


We must have come across people who would like to have what they want even disregarding others interests. They cannot be trusted in any deal. They are born pessimists and live in the world of their own making.


The person who showcases extreme views because of his fears or phobia. This is entirely a negative trait. Such a person cannot be trusted since he is a prisoner of his own inner contradictions.


The person who is too much intrusive in the affairs of others besides being compulsitve in his behaviour. His fixated viewpoint may be counter productive not only for himself but also for others around. behaviour may cause distress. This obsession or mania may lead to misplaced outcomes.


A person who cannot be easily pleased though you do anything for such a person. This is in fact a negative trait of a person but it has been experienced that such people are the best performers and are having the knack of getting work done according to their likings.


 A person who always takes optimistic view of anything and everything. Such people are the creams of any society since they respect others viewpoints and would like to listen others patiently and act rationally ultimately.


The trait of a person of being morally upright, ethically right, justified without being judgemental.  This is a positive trait that an individual could garner. But if we exceed this its limit then it may become showy; self righteousness which is a negative in its orientation since when a person thinks himself more righteous then his egocentric tendency emerges.                                                                                                                         



Today is the World Cancer Day

One of the significant features of of this day is to enhance our awareness what are the causes of cancer causing agents, the perceptible early symptoms of cancer and how best we get screening and detection of the same and then get medical assistance for cure. It should never be forgotten that early detection through screening and then curing is sure cure otherwise if the cancer cells spread throughout system, then, it may be too late.


World Cancer Day aims to spread awareness about cancer and how best to prevent its spread. First step in this is to know about the early symptoms, then, screen and detect these symptoms to seek the medical cure. Subsequently, involve governmental and public health expertise to provide medical cure for the concerned patients. Here early detection is a must for a cure.

In essence, cancer is an abnormal creation of cells in one particular part of the body and then spreading uncontrollably to other parts of body parts. In fact cancer is a generic term.




It has been observed that those people whose parents are prone to cancerous cell may have cancer at one stage of their lies.

Lifestyle changes

When we continue smoking or intake of tobacco or persistence in alcohol intake. Or there may be changes in take of our diet which is injurious to our health and wellness, we may be suspected case for cancer.


There are some perceptible symptoms which should not be ignored. If and when these are observed by any individual, professional help is a must so that remedial or cure is ensured before it is too late. It should never be forgotten that early detection could ensure medication as per the advice of the professionals.  For this, early screening and detection is, therefore a must for cure.

Infections related to breast, lung, colon, skin, prostate, changes in bowl movement and abnormality in urine infection, lump in breast for early detection of cancer and then seek medical help for cure.

Disproportional Weight Loss

 When there is a rapid weight loss in short span of time accompanied with other symptoms such as too much of exhaustion after some activity including body weakness.

Thickening of lump under the skin

Observation of lump, which may be thickening under the skin. Before it is too late, medical cure after necessary tests for detection of cancerous cells   should be sought immediately.

Persistent cough

When there is constant occurrence of cough. It may be due to smoking, pollution or any other reasons. Early medical help should be taken lest it is too late. There may be throat or lung related cancerous symptoms. Need is to live in the pollution free environments and avoid smoking.

Lump in the breast could be cancerous

It has been observed that women in the age group of 50 to 70 should get their breast screening done (mammography) for detection of breast cancer.

Choking and difficulty in breathing

When we have persistence in difficulty in breathing and choking along with difficulty in swallowing, medical help should be taken for cure.

Excessive alcohol drinking

It has been observed that excessive alcohol drinking than normal may result in liver cancer firstly by adversely affecting our immune system.

Change in the skin colour

On observation of changes in the skin; redness, darkening, yellowish or reddish or to that matter any other colour. Such colour changes remain  should be taken as a symptom of cancer and medical help sought. Then if there are changes in the colour of moles with or without pain.  

Clean environment free from infections

Living in the midst of infection, viruses, agents containing bacteria or parasites can also cause cancer. All these first of all adversely affect our immune system and then cause irreparable damage to our system.

Changes in the bowl and bladder habits

When there is abnormal change  in bowl movement or bladder habits then medical help and medical tests should be done  for early detection and cure undertaken.

Hoarseness or roughness in voice

When there is sudden change in the voice or hoarseness or croakiness in the voice then it calls for medical help. It should not be taken lightly.

Muscle and joint pain

When we are having persistent muscle and joint pain. In such a medical condition, professional assistance should be sought so as to ensure early treatment lest it is too late.

Persistence in indigestion

When we have persistent indigestive problem along with persistence in constipation resulting in difficulty in free movement of bowls. Medical cure should be sought with such cases.

Persistence of fever

When we feel have persistence in fever with or without too much of sweating at night. Early medical cure should be sought.

Bleeding and difficulty in cure

When there is more than normal bleeding along with bruising which takes time in curing. With this medical state, medical cure should be sought immediately.

Observation of abnormal systems

Whenever we observe anything abnormal in our body system, it may be a cause of concern. Early medical help should be taken so as to seek early medicare.

Care and caution should be exercised that screening with or without symptoms should be undertaken in order to find the presence of cancer causing agents


It has been observed that 30 to 50% of cancers could be cured after these are detected and proper medical cure sought. Therefore early detection through screening is a must.

  • No smoking or intake of tobacco products to avoid tongue and throat cancer.
  • Avoidance of  use of excessive alcoholic drinks.
  • Yoga or regular exercise for a healthy life.
  • Living in pollution free environs.
  •  Ensuring vaccination against HPV and hepatitis B.
  • Avoiding various radiation exposures (radioactive gas, uranium, exposure to ultraviolet rays etc.).
  • Intake of proper diet.
  • Periodic medical check ups for early screening and detection of any symptoms.
  • If and when abnormal symptoms are observed immediate medical help should be sought for early cure.
  • We should take clean drinking water to avoid liver infection and also other digestive infections.
  • Early detection or screening of any breast tumor (mammography) for detecting cancerous cells and seeking early cure.
  • Living a stress free lifestyle; with a balance in both hot and cold.
  • Medication and meditation should go hand in hand when some abnormality is detected. Mind control is a must.
  • Living in clean environment without infection, pollution free, bacteria and infection free for a healthy living.


The best remedy for early detection, diagnosis of the symptoms and then appropriate tests should be carried out for early cure for terminal disease like cancer. It is a fact that early detection is a sure cure  for seeking medical cure otherwise it may be too late.