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Whence your perceptions go awry
Doubt persists for every doubtless thing aplenty,
Your mathematics goes Topsy-turvy,
You add two plus two three,
Your rationality takes the backseat,
Your mind receptors get huge beating,
In a fit of anger sugar tastes vinegar like,
Vinegar itself loses its flavor,
Your taste-buds turn insipid,
When you lose everything dear to you,
You smell rat in every deal,
The bountiful fragrance gives,
Repulsive odour in rage.
Thy touch becomes even more repulsive,
Meda’s touch in you impedes,
Flawed emotions have a field day,
Soft feelings for others
Turn barbed and spiky.
Hearing becomes frigid,
Fascinating music loses its charm,
You think it will do more harm,
Factually, anger takes away the music of life,
From our midst, whilst in anger.
If they aspire to live a balanced life,
Shun the anger that robs you
From yourself indeed,
And puts you in somebody else’s clothing.



Anger in fact is a common negative emotion on which we experience on day to day basis. All of us must have gotten angry on one thing or other but realise about its adverse effects when it starts hurting our body and mind. It is also seen that anger is merely a transient human emotion. It is not a permanent malaise. Now we are angry but could be happy the other minute. Then it could be individualistic in nature. We may feel angry on a particular person or a group of people with regard to their negative thoughts and actions which we do not like. Its reason may be any but its negative emotions still persists.

What is the consequences of anger could be realised fully when we go through the example of the first consorot of Lord Shiva? Sati (the daughter of Daksha), as a child had the insatiable curisity for knowing about Lord Shiva. Her enquiries were assuated by Sage Narada due to which she became one of the best devotees of Shiva. When she grew up, Lord Brahma wanted her to be married to Lord Shiva. But her father Daksha did not like the idea of marrying her to him but ultimately had to relent. One day, a Yajna (Fire sacrifice)  was held wherein all other dieties were invited except Lord Shiva and daughter Sati (Shakti). But she anyhow came to attend the grand Yajna (Fire sacrifice). On reaching Daksha’s place, she was humilated by King Daksha in a fit of anger. She could not tolerate the insulting remarks/taunts of Daksha for her doting husband thus in a fit of rage and frustration resorted to self-immolution in the Yajna pit. On learning this, Lord Shiva got hugely disappointed and sent Virbhadra who decapitated Daksha’s head besides causing death and destruction in the venue of Yajana. This proves that anger can wreck mayhem and destruction. Though, Lord Shiva forgave Daksha and restored his decapitated head with the head of a goat besides restoring his kingdom etc. You can well imagine the tangentially different traits of Lord Shiva and King Daksha (The son of Lord Brahma – the Creator). Daksha a person full of anger and distrust and Lord Shiva a picture of serenity with forgiving and forgiving traits. The above occurrence and experience serves a great lesson for us humans that in s fit of fury, we are not in our emotional best and tend to do something worst which has ruinous repercussions. 

It is also a fact that we may get angry on small pretext and our anger subsides after our misgiving gets addressed but rage or fury is worst sort of outbursts of our emotions. These outbursts do not subside fast. It takes sometimes to go down. The huge outbursts of highest intensity could result in harming us physically and mentally. When in rage, we lose control of our senses, our understanding gets drubbing, our rationality takes backseat, etc. Worst of all, in excessive anger we may resort to be insulting, abusive, belligerent and finally turning violent thus hurting person concerned and others.

Even a small incident or episode could trigger anger and anger turning into huge rage thus losing control over our accepted insights. Thus our rage potential, in essence, could make or break our being. It could hugely impact our inner peace, composure and prosperity.

The over reactive response to our stimulus could go out of control if and when it is not alleviated within shortest timeframe. It should always be remembered that anger is individualistic in nature. A person could handle any situation and condition if he prevents himself from getting angry. Contrarily, a person who remains angry remains so for a considerably long period of time if he does not make an effort to control his temper on the spur.

Then the anger which remains smoldering in our being or the anger which is not expressed within shortest time causes physical and mental afflictions including stress related diseases.

We  must have observed that those parents who remain bickering with each other on small alleged reason, their offspring too imbibe those traits. In other words, rage or anger could be genetic in nature. In other words, we can refine the behavior of our children, if parents themselves exhibit restraint when it is hugely required. It should also be kept in mind that suppressing angry response may also impact our inner being.

If anger remains in our system then it could result in build-up of anger in our system impacting us hugely. For example, if the pot of our anger gets filled to the brim without being emptied from time to time then it will burst one day. This condition will certainly have negative effect on the person concerned. It means, the more we tackle our response to an anger situation or express our anger meaningfully the more we remain balanced in our behavior pattern.

Adding to our anger without expressing the same will undo whatever positive trait we try to imbibe. Our effort should be to keep on emptying the anger from our system as and when required then we shall not have much effect on our body system. Care ought to be exercised that a pot remaining full for a considerable period of time may produce negative reactive feeling, resulting in bursting suddenly in an uncontrolled way impacting us mentally and physically. It is similar to a overflowing dam whose inflows and outflows are not checked when it is hugely needed. It will burst anytime due to huge pressure of water inside the dam thus causing untold deaths and destruction.

From the above it is evident that we should make conscious effort and keep an iron curtain guard as to when to empty ourselves off our anger through self-expression or reprocessing and put a lid on the pot of our anger so that there is no build-up or accumulation of anger. The pressures of add-on anger or rage will rip-open our thinking resulting in enormous adverse implication on us.

Now coming to the question  as to how best to channel our positive energies in positive pursuits rather than to be taken in by any unpleasant events and losing ourselves in the bargain. This positive change has to spring from our life-force, it this has to be more enduring and lasting one. This aspect could be meaningfully done by imbibing positive traits, positive attitude, calmness despite provocation of any sort, nothing should come in our way which could breach our calm bearing etc. This should be done till such time we do not require any impregnable iron curtain to breach to stay cool despite pulls and pressures. This happens when we have inner-peace which could be possible when we adopt spiritually oriented life-style. With calmness inside our system, no adverse provocation or inapt frustrating moment can push us to go-off-the-handle.

Adverse affects of anger:-

  • We should never forget that the main reason of breaking of our families fabrics is anger, therefore, in anger we lose our mental moorings and self-awareness along with self-confidence. Losing mental balance results in cultivating good relationship.
  • When our own anger results in breach of relationship, then, a guilt-feeling comes in our mind which affects us physically and mentally. We consider ourselves responsible for any adverse consequence of not controlling our anger when it was hugely needed.
  • If we want to live a guilt-free feeling, it dawns when we weather all storms remaining calm and tackle anger on our own terms rather than somebody dictating terms and conditions.
  • When in anger, we are not able to put in our best at our workplace, thereby, losing respect amongst our colleagues and superiors besides it adversely impacts our further growth in our career progression.
  • It should never be forgotten that subjecting ourselves to anger or rage becomes a habit and a part of our behavior after we repeatedly go off the tangent then it is difficult to get rid of this bad habit since this rabid habit has made residency in our system.
  • We should never forget that for every bout of anger we give out to others freely never forget that we have to pay a heavy price for such indiscretion. The best course of action is to understand the ‘price paid’ and reason for it all and not to repeat. For this to happen, we have to learn how to forget and forgive the doer to stop the breakage of relationship and also the consequent price to be paid.

Conclusively, we should be mindful that anything which spurs us to anger, avoidance or to keep-on-hold rather than to be reactive is the panacea. This act of ours will save us of many a future blushes and adverse repercussions.



Every next moment demands from us all
That we become enlightened souls
With every passing moment
Come out of our false dilemmas
Till we reach to the still centre of our body
By traversing within our being
Since we’ve to change as time changes
Leaving some imprints
And some blemishes
Which do not part ways
Inevitably lasting ones
Despite our best efforts
To erase those indelible impressions
Which have seeped into our super-consciousness
These scars which time has given
Get erased only when we leave for good
This impermanent body and backdrop of our existence.

Experience teaches us that time is such a teacher
That it flies away turning moments into seconds
Seconds into minutes, minutes into hours
Hours into years together & century
And this process goes ceaselessly.

People who learn something good presently
Gain knowledge and familiarity
And when knowledge is used meaningfully
It turns into pearls of wisdom ultimately.

Those of us who lose this moment in daydreaming
Lose the most precious time
Without gaining anything substantial
That you can tell your own
Repent for the lost chances.

This awareness actually dawns
When we introspect and analyze our purpose of life
The pluses and minuses of our lives
This self-realization should dawn
Within shortest span of time
Otherwise it would be too late to mend.

Today on my birthday, I too realize
About the lost chances
Besides the frittered about opportunities deliberately
Or unknowingly
Based on suppressed evidence
Or false dilemmas or reaching false conclusions
Yet what I gained with the passage of time
Too remains indelibly into my psyche & mind
That, come what may
Change is a must – a positive change so to speak
Is to erase ignorance and imbibe knowledge-based lessons
And that change dawns on us
Only when we’re supra-mental awareness and God-consciousness
Away from mental traps and delusions but based on eternal truths.

The lasting impressions totally bereft of false biases & false alarms
In the realm of limitless; all pervading in Soul & Param-Atma
Of self-awareness and God-consciousness which dawns
Away from the bondage & attachments of senses and mind
This happens whence i traverse journey suffusing with spiritualism
With full awareness that I should not forget
The significance and very purpose of life on this beautiful planet
To seek connectivity with Omnipotent and Omniscient One
Till I travel untrodden path of God & make it tried and tested one
Till I realize the perpetual sway of Supreme God
After removal of perpetual fears haunting me
And realize self-existing God within me – totally fixed in Thee
Till the last breathe of my existence
After having understood the vast panorama of life
With the idea death is real in the unrealistic of life
Based on truth, I am merely a speck in the creation of our Creator
And attain ultimate Moksha – liberation based on my Karma.


My ultimate prayer to Thee my Almighty God
Is to rid me off the any shred of ego
If at all there in my being
Also rid me off the Attachments
With the fruits of my thoughts & actions
I bestow me with supreme contentment
Along with simplest lifestyle
With what I have or do not have with Thy Grace
Besides opportunities to get experiences
From the pros and cons of my existence.


(ON 13TH , 14TH & 15TH JANUARY 2021)


We’re aware that all the festivals are linked either with change in seasons
Or on certain National festivals well known
Or linked with religious faiths, beliefs and have regional overtones.

Lohri is a winter festivals of repute
Falls in the month of (13th Jan) Paush
Which brings about happiness on the faces of the populace.

This festival marks the end of winter season
With beginning of longer with a little hotter days ahead soon
For farmers, it is one of the happiest occasions.

The farmers start harvesting rabi crops
The crops harvested in winter season.
Rabi Crops include Wheat, Gram, Pea, Mustard, Linseed, Barley, Peas

Start of spring season is a Natural gift
Adds additional spice to our festivities
Besides bringing about smiles and festive moods on these occasions.

Customarily, on Lohri day a bonfire is elegantly lit
Devotees congregate brimming with huge reverence in their heart around it
And take rounds around the fire lit with absolute respect.

And with loving devotion offer, Jaggery (gur), sesame seeds (til)
Sesame coated sugar candy and popcorns into leaping bonfire
The fire lit too shows that it too is enjoying the sacred act more and more.

The skyward leaping fire flames purifies the atmosphere
It also showcases that the fire too is enjoying all acts of hers
In essence, there is hidden joy for devotees in this sacred bonfire.

Gathering partake the sacred parsadas offerings
With satiety writ large in faces of devotees
Offerings too is made to ‘panj tatavas’ five elements of mother nature
Fire, wind, water, ether and earth. Deference

Going around the bonfire with great a reverence
And singing traditional songs with dance with due deference makes a huge difference.
And that too in tune with beating of drums!

Tradition has it that there was a very brave person of repute
Named Dulla Bhatti, a muslim, from lineage of warrior race of the Rajputs
In the reign of Mughal king Akbar
He used to rescue poor girls from the clutches of robbers.

And then used to get them married to suitable boys of choice
People sing Lohri songs with gusto in his praise
To mark and commemorate and appreciate his good deeds. .

Thence other legend of the origin of Lohri
From the wife of Saint Kabir named ‘Loi’
Who was herself a lady so pious.


illustration of Makar Sankranti wallpaper with colorful kite for festival of India

Lohri has a sacred link with Makar Sakranti
Being another winter fiesta so legendary
Celebrated one day after Lohri
It is celebrated on a day so fixed
The 14th January – indeed very sacred.

It marks the beginning of solar maagha masa
Makar Sankranti Day is beginning of start of harvest season
And ushering in of pleasant Spring Season
With pan India celebrations.

Makar Sankranti has its origin to the movement of the Earth
Around the Sun and begins from (Sankranti) one zodiac sign
Into another – Capricorn zodiac (Makar) sign
Two movements are termed as Makar Sakranti.

This day marks the beginning of warmer days
As the sacred months start from this day onwards
Makar Sankranti is celebrated with great fervor
In western and northern India.

There is a mention of this day in Mahabharata
As, it is the festival of Sun God
Who gives us light and heat
To all living beings without bias
And bestows us divinity and wisdom
Thus holding an eternal meaning.

For me, this day has a special significance indeed
Since I saw the first dawn of the day in 1951, a day so sacred
With the grace of my Supreme Lord

Ever since I have been graced with a life so contended

For which I am really thankful to my God, so very benevolent.



Then there is festival called Pongal
Which is dedicated to Sun God
A huge source of energy indeed
Which is life giving
To living beings.


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One of the most significant festivals of Assam
Which is associate with harvesting season.

Its exclusivity also stems from the fact that it marks the start of Assamese New Year
Thus giving the entire community pride to celebrate this day with great yearning
Pride and a lot of pleasure from community feat.

Bihu dance is performed by the young men and women
With joyous abandon add-on with fast steps and hands with fast movement
With red colour attire signifying vigour and accompaniment with apt music.


Significantly, India is a home to multicultural, multilingual, multicultural and multi-religious society. We can pride ourselves in having different festivals too with relevance to religion, caste, culture and traditions. These festivals are seasonal, traditional, custom based, religion based or for that matter any other sacred considerations. Here every caste, religion and region has contributed its mite for enriching the cultural traditions of our land with variation in the cultural mores. Let the reason of the festival may be any but the common thread of all of these is the zest and enthusiasm with which these fairs and festivals are celebrated.

We Indians enjoy all the religious festivals. It may be it Eid or Prakash Divas/Gurpurab or as a Muslim enjoy Diwali or all of them enjoy Christmas Day together. That is the beauty of India. I do not dispute that hotheads are there in any strata of life, those who do not know about their own religious festivals or of others.  One thing which pleases us is the perceptible shine on the faces of every one of us while celebrating any festival!  That is the beauty of it all,  despite some differences notwithstanding.


Lohri festival is celebrated in Northern Indian states. It is celebrated on 13th January – in the month of Pauch or Magha, one day before Makkar Sankranti. We term this festival as a community based one where Bhangra (dance by men folks) and Gidha (dance by women folks) to the beats of drums which brings vitality and jollity to this celebration. Youngsters, by and large, take pleasure in kite flying and enjoy the occasion.

On this festival, seasonal dry fruits peanuts, coconuts are mixed with jiggery (Gur) and sesame seeds (til) to make the eatables. Besides, milk cakes are specially made and distributed amongst relatives and friends.

Following are some of the reasons for the celebration of Lohri festival:-


 It marks the end of winter season and beginning of sowing of some crops such as Wheat, Gram, Pea, Mustard, Linseed, Barley, Peas and others. It infuses vitality and special enthusiasm in the lives of people – especially the farmers. The Lohri festival symbolizes prayer to the fire (Agni puja) in the evening. The people take parikarma (rounds) around the bonfire and shower offerings to fire as a mark of respect. Fire ritual or Agnihotra (Specially lit fire – Havan) is the process of purifying the environment and people also consign to the fire a mix of rice, peanuts, walnuts, almonds besides sesame seeds (til) and jaggery to the fire before distributing and taking the same themselves.


It is believed that the fire ritual has a special significance and possesses healing power besides it helps in happiness of all along with its benefits to the farming community. Special prayers to the God Almighty God are done in order to get the graces of benevolent God for peace and prosperity of all.. Newly wedded couples and newly born babies receive special attention on this festival. People give charity/alms to the needy on this occasion.

Different Legends behind the Lohri festival:-

The legend of Dulla Bhatti (Rai Abdullah Khan) is very popular. It is a legend of a Rajput warrior who saved a damsel in distress belonging to the Hindu family from the clutches of lustful and greedy robbers. The brave Rajput adopted her as his own daughter without let or hindrance and married her off to a young and suitable Hindu boy. He also gave her presents – nine mounds of sugar along with other gifts etc on her marriage. This shows that there was a community feeling during those days.

Then question arise, if during those feeling for each others was rampant then why not now!? To appreciate his gesture, the people sing the following song describing the event and also mentioning about the beauty of the girl who was saved.

While I was young, I along with my friends  used to go to the houses in our neighbourhood and used to sing and get sweets made for this particular day. This song is sung by the youngsters even now on thispious  occasion :-

Sunder mundriye ho!
Tera kaun vicaharaa ho!
Dullah bhatti walla ho!
Dullhe di dhee vyayae ho!
Ser shakkar payee ho!
Kudi da laal pathaka ho!
Kudi da saalu paatta ho!
Salu kaun samete!
Chache choori kutti! zamidara lutti!
Zamindaar sudhaye!
bade bhole aaye!
Ek bhola reh gaya!
Sipahee far ke lai gaya!

There is also a legend of Sant Kabir and his wife names Loi. He used to love his wife immensely. So much so intense was his passion for his wife that one day, he reached his home in the middle of dark night, travelling from a far off place. The door was closed from inside. His wife was sleeping on the first floor. Finding that there was no ladder, he took the help of a rope hanging from the first floor of his house. When his wife saw him, she was very surprised and asked him as to how he had entered the first storey. Thereupon, she along with Kabir saw that the help with which he had reached the first storey was with the help of a hanging python.

Sant Kabir’s wife got upset and in desperation uttered: The passion with which he was nursing for her, if he had the same fervour  for the God, he could get anything from God as a reward?

Significantly, we know the life and the personage was Sant Kabir who was a mystical poet whose writings had a deep effect on Bhakti Movement and his verses find place in Sri Guru Granth Sahib too.

He was brought up in a Muslim family but was deeply influenced by his teacher Ramananda but he criticized both in his verses because of his close proximity with both and knew ins and outs of these religions. In his writings, he has emphatically mentioned that the God is only with those who follow righteous lifestyle and also one who follows a detached mode of life. His followers are known as Kabir Panthis.

It was due to the timely advise of his wife named Loi that Kabir had a huge transformation in his life and became a well known Sant who influenced millions with his writings. Lodi or Loi is also celebrated in his and his wife’s honour who was instrumental in molding him.



Makkar Sankranti is celebrated in the month of Paus (January) Makar Sankranti is the day when the Sun God enters the Northern Hemisphere. Hindus like Greeks worship Sun God – the giver of immense energy. Sun God is termed as the manifest God, having all the glorious divinity. It is worthwhile to mention here that mantra OM ADITYA AYE NOMON and many other mantras are recited in order to get the blessings of the Sun God.

The devout also chant Gyatri Mantra, taken from Rig Veda while making final offering to God. which is from Rig-Veda, as Makkar Sankranti is associated with cosmic event which affects the life of humans immensely.

Om Bhur Bhuva Swa
Tat-savitur Vareñya

Bhargo Devasya Dhīmahi
Dhiyo Yona

Which means: We meditate and adore thee the Supreme Lord, the Creator of everything, who’s Divine Light illuminates all spheres of activity (physical, mental and spiritual). We pray that this Divine Light may light-up our intellect forever.

This festival is celebrated with immense gaiety and enthusiasm in all  parts of India with different names at different places but the keenness remains the same. Devout get up early in the morning, take bath in holy rivers first take the blessings of their elders and then offer prayers in the temples. After having offered prayers, people give alms to the needy according to their capacity. In the afternoon people share a special Khichri (Hotchpotch – a mix of dall-urdh and channa dal).



The Pongal festival is celebrated in South India (Especially in Tamil Nadu, Puducherry and even in foreign lands such as Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Singapore etc.). This festival is celebrated for four days (14th to 17th January). This is a harvest festival dedicated to the SUN GOD. The Sun is a huge source of energy which helps in growing the crops from sowing to the harvesting season. It also includes boiling of the rice of season sanctified to the Sun which is termed as Surya Mangalyam.  Not only this, the natural energy in the form of solar energy is being utilized enormously presently.



Magh Bihu or Rongali Biihu Festival is celebrated in Assam in the month of January. This year, it is being celebrated on 15th January 2021. It is the prominent harvest festival by the farmers. On this occasion, tasty community feast is organized and all people enjoy this feast on this occasion.  This festival  is unique to Assamese people since Assamese New Year starts from this day. I offer my felicitations from the core of my heart to the entire Assamese community on this momentous occasion. Like any other festivals like Lohri, Baisakhi, etc. Magh Bihu festival too is associated with agriculture; mainly harvesting.

The people enjoy feasts, play melodious music with dancing. Bihu dance is one of the most important part of Assamese culture. It is a group dance performed by the young men and women with brisk movement of hands and other body parts with beating of drums as enchanting music. The olour theme of the dancers is red which signifies joy and vitality.

There are also local traditional and cultural activities which are organized and conducted. The children wear flower garlands. In fact there are three Bihu festivals each of which have unique feature and significance but common feature in all these Bihu festivals is the participation and celebration by all the Assamese.


Image may contain: outdoor, nature and water



Ironically speaking, we’ve the choice whether we want to remain happy or sad. Succeeding paragraphs will prove that despite hardships, we can be happy, provided we have willpower to be so. 


We can make our life happy or sad, heaven or hell according to our Karmic deeds. Good Karma gives us good results and bad Karma disappointment. There is a most relevant example on this score. While Lord Yama, the Lord of death, was taking the Atman (Spirit) of an old-man to the Lotus feet of God due to his exemplary Karma during his life on the earth, he expressed his desire to see both the hell and heaven to get first hand experience of both the worlds. The Lord of death agreed with good grace. First of all, he was conducted through the hell. People there were crying with pain and hunger. There was hue and cry and the surrounding was full of dirt and filth with foul smell emanating around. The old lady saw some delicacies and other eatables kept high above the ground – difficult to be procured easily. Thereafter, she was taken to another world of heaven. People there were doing their Karmic deeds properly; the complete area was neat and clean by the joint efforts of people themselves through shramdaan – voluntary contribution. They were also chanting the name of God and thanking Him for everything. He also saw a ladder made by the people themselves to take the eatables as per their requirements. In other words, peace and prosperity including opulence were writ large everywhere. The old person saw that the natives in Heaven followed the philosophy of Karma Yoga to the book therefore there was sufficiency of everything. After  witnessing the two places, the old-man reached to the conclusion that Hell and Heaven are of our own making  – we have to work for any of these. This is true of life on this earth too, heaven or hell could be created through our righteous Karma. It all depends on us which life we want to pursue. We have the freedom of choice; righteous Karma takes us to heavenly life but Koo-karma (Bad deeds) brings us hell on this beautiful earth too.


We tend to compare our possessions, power and status with those of others then we feel hugely disappointed when one finds even a small amount of difference in any of these parameters. This sad moment seeps into our system and generates sad tidings in our life.




We have to have a paradigm shift in our thoughts and action from Unnatural (Aaniti) bent of mind (Aniti) to Natural (Niti) and anything done in sync with Nature brings us wellness thus save ourselves from perpetual sway from Kukarma so that we possess the capacity to break through from the gridlock of negativity and follow positive course of karma within the confines of Niti which is self-existing Truth.


It has been observed that we have countless desires which we want acquiring through any means whatsoever through our bad karma even then we are in for worrying time ahead. There would be smut around. That smut we have to cleanse. We’ve to cleanse our mind as we clean our surroundings. Our ignorance (Agyan) is the chief reason responsible for downfall. This ignorance could be removed by light of life which is generated by virtuous deeds, simple living with insignificance in unwieldy stature and strength, compassionate traits, right conduct, right  attitude, performance of duty sincerely besides and most importantly spiritually orientation in our lives. By living spiritually, we transact everything rationally, reasonably thus our mind is cleansed off the dirt. This overall cleansing by the broom of inner cleanser and lock ourselves inwards helps us create a feeling of balance. This balance at all situation, good or bad, through Atamic Shringar for super-mental consciousness, produces inner peace and tranquility thus a feeling of joy at any given time and space. By so doing, we can live with the truth whatever is without is within too. In essence, we are the prisoners of our mind and senses, we are worst than dirt because our senses take us to the highs and lows of our emotions.  


When there is no balance in our mind, then, sure enough, we become sad. Every bad incident affects us immeasurably, we get disturbed and lose of moorings, we cannot think what is right or wrong for us. While we are not rational in our thoughts then our emotions get perturbed so much so that we get swallowed by its virulence limitlessness.


It has been observed that when we do not have control over our mind and its working, then, we tend to or when we become slave to our mind without its adverse consequences. By so doing, we become attached to the fruits of our thoughts and actions. When a person becomes prisoner of his senses and desires then we tend to become emotional wreck rather than becoming a true Karma Yogi and take ups and downs of our lives with equanimity and calmly.


The essence of life is to know the truth of life (Jeevan Satya). This truth of life is to know the purpose for which we are here on this beautiful earth.

Our purpose of life should be to spread smiles and love (which is basis for everything in life) on the faces of needy people, who due to their situations and conditions could not have what others could because of their Karma and environs in which they were placed. In addition, we’ve to thank God for what he has given us and seek Him above everything else in life.

The Lord will fulfill his purpose for me; your steadfast love, O Lord, endures forever. Do not forsake the work of your hands. BIBLE


We should never forget that attachment to the fruits of action creates fear and with fear lurking inside and outside ourselves leads to a situation of uncertainty and skepticism. This confused mental conditioning leads us nowhere except disappointment and ultimately a failure staring large at the faces. Then freedom from anger too enables us to work in an environment of positivity which is conductive for onward journey.

Having freed ourselves from attachment, fear, and anger, becoming fully absorbed in me, and taking refuge in me, many persons in the past became purified by knowledge of me, and thus they attained my divine love. Bhagwad Gita



Significantly, while in anger, all our creative and rational energy takes back-seat and we become emotional wreck under its spell.  It should also be kept in mind that while we are in anger, we cannot concentrate on the mission in hand thereby meeting disappointment till we become serene and composed in our thoughts and action thereof. Whenever there is hope bereft of any anger or negative emotions, then, sure enough, we can be triumphant.

One is said to be a sage (Saint) in wisdom when one’s mind is neither perturbed by sorrow nor does one yearns for joy – when one is not the prisoner of his desires, senses, freedom from fear and all pervasive lack of enthusiasm in an endeavour we are transacting. In any situation (appropriate or inappropriate) choice is with us, either to be happy or adopt sadness. Either way, what we choose depends on our will and wish. Nobody else is responsible for our state of affairs.

Everything that is useful for us is acquired through hard work even after drawing out our inner potentials which will happen only if we are aware about own self.  Try hard to remain happen despite hardship should be our motto. A rose flower which gives out sweet fragrance and changes our mood swings, its branches contain thorns too should never be forgotten.

From the above, it could be concluded that good and bad are intimated interrelated and coexist, if good time passes, bad time too will pass with time. In other words, nothing remains permanently. Perpetual fears, perpetual mood swings, perpetual negative emotions, nothing remain perpetually should never be forgotten. Verily, what remains perpetually is glory of God and  bountiful graces which dawns when we have enduring trust, conviction and assurance. Everything else is secondary in the vast panorama of life.


African deaf kid girl and her mother sitting on couch showing symbols with hands using visual-manual gestures enjoy communication at home. Hearing loss disability sign language learning school concept


We shall be spreading smiles so very enduring
Amongst all those born with some challenges
Physical and psychological afflictions
These may be hereditary infirmity
Persisting Intellectual disability
The special child has to be trained and honed-up systematically
By the trained teachers methodically and diligently
With basket full of love and affection
Imparting personal attention

We should provide these special children the special assistance
Commensurate with their physical and mental needs
To provide these hapless and helpless special ones the health protection
To shore-up their physio-psycho health conditions
By providing needful medical assistance
Along with meeting his needs from time to time
Thus enhance his motor skills as per his needs and environs
The Speech Therapist trains him correct pronunciation.

Then on significant recovery
Bestow the trained teacher gives him the right education, so necessary
Besides training him in art or craft, so suited in each case
So that challenged ones could stand on their legs
Then lead a life of self-assurance and self-confidence
With a paradigm shift from living on crutches of doles from others
Rather than living a life of self-reliance
In an eco-system of self-help realizing his self-worth
To stand-up and face life squarely with confidence
With self-esteem writ large on their faces
Thence instead of living on charities
Would like to contribute to spreading smiles
To all those deserving ones’ so that they also contribute in spreading smiles.

Disabilities in the old-age
Too is very disconcerting to say the least
Factors may be due to socio-economic factor
Or persistence in lack of attention in medical-care
Coupled with susceptibility due to ‘fair, wear and tare’
Those who accept the challenges of the hapless challenged
Are the chosen gifts of our Omnipotent and Omniscient God
Smiling smile by us all should be our mission
So that no challenged person gets ignored and is bestowed due attention.


It is a sad commentary that a vast percentage of people with disabilities are not able to avail the school facilities and those who are admitted in t around the world especially in under developed and least developed countries. Due to non-availability of education, their quality of life is impacted. If such children get education, then they can get meaningful employment since there are countries such as India and others wherein there is reservation of seats for people with different levels of disabilities. Here there is not only the requirement of educational pursuits but also awareness of their rights.

Evidently, those who contribute for multiplying happiness and dividing smiles (Muskaan) especially amongst those who are physically and psychologically challenged are obviously performing Yeoman’s service to persons concerned particularly and to the community in general. Spreading happiness to physically and mentally sound people is easiest since it is known what it entails to make them happy but when question is related to physiologically and psychologically challenged group of individuals then it requires ocean of expertise to gauge the problem of the person, reserve of patience, tenacity to resolve problem, congenial environment, understanding the psyche of the persons concerned to make difference and then bestowing appropriate training as and when required, so that such individuals could also feel pride in living a normal individuals as you and me do without any stigma attached.

In essence, the best thing that any civilized society can do for children with special needs is to impart them appropriate education by the special trained teaching faculty. These teachers can help such children for their growth and development. If these children are tackled and handled with love and affection such children can do wonders. For example, in one of the renowned schools in Delhi, due to the best education, methodology and special handling many of the special children are presently studying with normal children and even excelling in educational pursuits. The need, therefore, is the publicity campaign for publicizing about the accessibility or availability of education for the disabled children.

The following are some of the bottlenecks which become handicap for the growth and development of the special children:-


As the parents are the first ones who know the impairment(s) of their wards, therefore, they have to be careful for the requirements of their wards. The first and foremost is to seek the help of expert medical specialist for alleviating the situation. Timely help could make a world of difference. 


There is a requirement of trained teachers for imparting education for the special children since the individual needs of these children are different therefore they require different methodology, after psychologically understanding the need of different children for meaningful handling.


The special developmental needs of special children are to be taken care according to the needs of the individual child. Of all the things, the first thing which they require is sufficient of loving care, then psychological needs and subsequently physical needs according to the situation and condition. It should always be kept in mind that children with physical impairment require different handling, the children with psychological impairments need entirely divergently different handling. The elders in the family should take special care. With positive attitude and infusing positive attitude in the child are the need of hour.


Most productive toys and needful equipment could help the special children to not only keep themselves occupied in some productive venture along with drawing out their inner potentials slowly but surely. In this pursuit, the trained teachers functions not merely as a teacher or Guru but also a trainer who imparts love along with necessary dose of good advice on daily basis. Toys and equipment could help the special child physically but also help sharpening the mind and thinking processes.


Then Speech Therapist helps the special children not merely to imbibe proper speech and voice modulation but also how best to use gestures along with motor movement. This will have a telling positive effect on the special children, I have personally been witness to the change in lives of special children in one of the Special Children Centres. But one thing which has to be kept in mind while imparting such children education is the inflexible curriculum with freedom of thought and action but, of course, under the supervision of a competent trainer.


While giving formal education by a trained teacher, it should the endeavour of a teacher not only to impart formal education through trial and error but also train the child in singing, dancing besides participating in debates for sharpening his/her intellect. I have also witness the chorus songs and dances. This provides a golden chance for the special children to perform with the normal children infusing confidence in the children.


It should be endeavour of the teachers to teach special children computers, cooking, paper cutting, cutting and tailoring, along with making different articles out of the papers along with paining.


It has been observed in old-age, old people are vulnerable to disabilities due to physiological and psychological factors. It is also due to ‘fair, wear and tear’. In old-age people develop disabilities owing to restrictive movements of body parts, persisting ailments due to less medical attention due to socio-economic and environment factors. These infirmities may include prevalace of high Blood Pressure, muscular pains, indigestion problem, deterioration in internal organs like liver, heart, lungs, digestive system etc. Then there is also persistence of memory loss. The factors responsible for these may be social, economic, cultural and environments. There are also the old people who are not taken care by their grown up children. This factor is a key to not providing the old-aged people proper care and protection which they require. 


What transformational influence consistent supervision, grooming, and training can do was realized by us during a visit to Centre for Differently Abled and Gifted children located at Vasant Kunj, New Delhi. This visit afforded us an opportunity of interacting with the Centre Head a person who contributes immensely along with the team of motivated trained teachers in changing the lives of those who are having various types of disabilities like autism spectrum disorder connected with neuro-development disorder – difficulty in communication and interaction, slow in learning processes or in other words persons with intellectual disabilities, problems related with seeing and hearing or other challenges of mind and body etc.

The elegance and finesse with which this Centre is running (with community-based contributions) speaks volumes. What a total involvement and commitment cannot do can be seen to be believed. Here visionary zeal and enthusiasm, empathy and graces of our Omnipotent and Omniscient comes into play. Spreading MUSKAAN or SMILE should be the purpose of our life to say the least. Our salute to their unwavering resolve, perseverance besides pushiness despite hurdles in tacking the challenges of those who are challenged. At Muskaan, compassionate souls are making the lives of challenged children purposeful and inspirational in a way an expert sculptor chisels the uneven granite into a wonderful piece of the statue which immortalizes his work leaving everybody to appreciate his workmanship. My prayer to God is that such Muskaan (Smile) spreading Centres multiply to divide the smiles amongst those who need the same, the most.


There are so many differently personalities who though challenged made an indelible mark and even changed the destinies besides becoming inspiration for others. These examples should be showcased on audio visual for motivation. There are several personalities but some are given below:-

1.   Albert Einstein (Had learning disability in the early childhood).

2.   Helen Keller (Born blind and mute).

3.   Stephen Hawkin (Suffered motor neuron disease).

4.   Sudha Chandaran – excelled in classical dancing.

5.   Bharat Kumar – sportsperson.

There are really several examples who became torch-bearers for others and proved that with firm determination, persons with disabilities could make a mark, if they intend to.


Competition in the form of painting, singing and other skills by the challenged persons should be organized so as to send a message that the persons with different challenges could make a mark if given chance to do so.





Significantly, the adage stands good; ‘time and tide waits for none’ and should never be forgotten. We have control over our present but our future is unpredictable while the past is dead. Unpredictability of future gives a lesson for us that present is the only time which factors the most and is in our control, the happenings of which could be envisaged. Therefore, wisdom contained in Bible should never be forgotten: ‘I tell you, now is the time of God’s favor, now is the day of salvation.’

In the context of;Time Factor, it is most relevant to quote Bhagwad Gita: Among the Daily as (demons and giants), I am Prahlada; among measurers, I am time; among the animals, I am the king of beasts (the lion); and among birds, I am Garud (vehicle of Vishnu)’. Therefore, I am of the firm conviction that we should always we should avail every opportunity to fulfill the purpose for which we are on this beautiful earth and should not waste the ‘time’.

It would be right to forget the year 2020 since it was a testing one in every way.  What happens in 2021 is uncertain. The same are given in the succeeding paragraphs.


Importantly, at the start of 2020, we were not aware what will happen in the days and months to come. In India, the first case of Covid-19 (Wuhan virus) is reported to have caused on 30 January 2020. Presently, the total numbers of confirmed cases of infection has been second highest though the cases of recovery are more than 95% currently and the death rate is also lowest. Similar is the case globally. Although jab of vaccine is being administered yet the infection mutation is also happening more severely. The UK mutation/variant of infection is more virulent and fast spreading. Some cases of this variant have been detected. Let’s see what is stored for our country and globally.


Subsequently, voluntary curfew was imposed on 22nd March 2020. Even at the fag end of the year, uncertainty prevails in this context. Who would have imagined that the Coronavirus pandemic would create such disorder in public order and disproportional economic melt-down. It goes to show, we cannot predict anything. Anything may happen at any point of time without its inkling. The same thing could be inferred in the world sphere – unpredictable to say the least. I pray to the God for his succor in order to save the humanity.

The adverse economic effects of the economic slowdown due to lockdown conditions are too severe. Many industries have closed due to which job losses have happened. There has been significant reduction in income generation, rise in unemployment due to lockdown conditions, the divergent condition is more pronounced on public transportation, tourism industry, manufacturing industries, agro-industries too felt the pinch etc. The steps taken are the medical help for mitigation of the problem. Therefore, only course of action is the save lives around the world. Economic activity could start after we have good health and wellness. There has been colossal deaths and destruction around the world since the outbreak of the vicious infection and continues to haunt the humanity! If it is a natural phenomenon, nothing could be said, but if it is due to manmade then in the Lab then, sure enough, Karma will certainly catch up with the perpetrators. There is a silver lining though, the Vaccine jabs could stop this tide of deaths, let’s see what is store for the humanity.


In India, the farmers’ agitation against the three farm bills is also a matter of huge concern and needs to be solved. The sooner it is done the better for the country. Care should be exercised that this agitation should not spill over to 2021. Though, two of their demands have been met in the meeting between Govt. and the farmers representatives. If problems are there, these could be ironed out with mutual consultation but I am utterly disappointed that some lawbreakers and anti-social elements  are disrupting the communication by disconnecting the power supply and have damaged about 1500 mobile towers. What it has got with the demands of farmers?  By so doing, such anti-social elements are doing a great disservice to the people in general. This has adversely affected banking, online school and college education and internet connectivity for e-commerce etc.

Besides there are some pinpricks which is retarding the holistic growth and development which we have to look for solutions:-

  • Slowdown in real estate due to less capital in the market.
  • Transportation bottlenecks due to fear of Covid-19 pandemic.
  • Lockdown situations in some places due to fear of infection.
  • Increase of rate of unemployment due to slowdown in manufacturing industries.  

Following aspects need special emphasis:-


I want my country to be self-sufficient in every way possible. This self-sufficiency could happen if the manpower resources in variety of skills could be exploited to maximum extent. By so doing, we can be self-reliant  in a variety of materials which we used to import resulting in depletion of foreign exchange. Not only self-sufficiency in variety of things but also the skilled, semi-skilled and non-skilled manpower resources could be meaningful employed. This will facilitate n fulfilling the dream of VOCAL FOR LOCAL. Getting employment and utilizing of raw-materials for producing finished goods would facilitate not merely saving foreign exchange but also alleviate the condition of our work-force. Not merely this, the goods produced could then be exported to foreign countries thus earning extra foreign exchange. By this, we shall be fulfilling the dream of from LOCAL TO GLOBAL.


Till such time our country is rid of the Coronavirus pandemic, we cannot excel in any field, therefore, it is necessary that we adopt measures so that we do not contract infection. These measures are: use of face masks, observe social distancing, take balanced diet so as to enhance our immunity along with take regular exercises besides lead a spiritual orientation in our lives so as to remain physiologically and psychologically fit. Therefore, till such time we have proper vaccine, we have to observe the norms to keep ourselves safe from this vicious infection.


While a country is economically stable then that particular country will command respect globally. But the moot point is how to get economic growth? This could be made possible by the following steps:-


When we use the manpower resources available meaningfully this will not only give them employment avenues but also their goods and services producing capacities will multiply.


When the raw materials (agricultural and mineral) available in the country is used meaningfully then finished goods produced could partly be used within the country and partly exported.


When we are self-sufficient in food production, then, we are able to food items partly for our own use and partly for exporting the surplus goods. This can earn us foreign exchange too which could also be re-ploughed for further enhancing the farm produce. This could also be used for producing cash crops which has potential for export too. I want the farmers our country to get adequate training so that they understand how to enhance the produce by using right quantity manure and fertilizers, use of water, how best to use the new agricultural technology as also how to reduce the input cost etc. Furthermore, the ongoing farmers’ agitation should be handled properly to the satisfaction of all so that seamless agricultural production is ensured.



It is a fact that when we are self-reliant in defense production, then, we would be able to defend our borders at all times. This calls for not merely training our armed forces personnel in use of new weapons while taking care of the health and wellness of the defense personnel because they have to be acclimatized in the coldest and the hottest seasons.  This apart, we have to have answer for all the advancements in latest weapons along with the advancements in drones, robotics, missile technology, etc. In 2021, if we ensure defense preparedness then no country would dare to invade us due to the fear of retaliation.


My wish for 2021 is that there should be inclusive growth and development for all without any discrimination.  If there is peace and prosperity then, sure enough, a dawn of new beginning would be ensured.

On individual plane, I would  like the following:-


Essentially, it is not the total doom and gloom, life is the amalgamation of bitter and sweet memories. While 2020 is going to consigned to the pages in history, we recollect  some events and incidents which give us experiences how best to be adaptive in any situation and condition. It is through inappropriate situation from which we get unique and exemplary experiences

To everything there is a season, a time for every purpose under heaven. Bible

Eternal time is the primeval source of the interactions of the three modes of material nature. It is unchangeable and limitless, and it works as the instrument of the Supreme Personality of Godhead for His pastimes in the material creation – Srimad Bhagavatam.


At times, we tend to procrastinate and this procrastination becomes a part of our habit till such time it is too late. I know the case of a senior officer who did not have any problems related to finances, health-wise; had every comforts which a person aspires for but he had not married. When he reached at his late 50s he started feeling very lonely – which is not conducive for the wellness of an individual.


Fact remains; it is not always that we shall get positive results but need is to have optimism to turn negative results into positive ones simply with self-effort with sincerity along with belief on our God. There is always a silver lining in the dark clouds which matters. It is our common experience that when time is favourable, we consider ourselves on the seventh-heaven but when we experience some down-slide; we just plunge abysmally into the abbess of our own making, surprisingly sometimes without rhyme or reason.


Based on past experience, I have gleaned over a period under various situations and conditions, I resolved to make my life spiritually oriented, methodical, adaptable besides being positive in all situations and conditions.


While we are endowed with all we aspire for, we should not lose patience. We should put in sincere efforts. No problem, God willing, we shall get everything and if we are not able to get then also there is no problem. As far as I am concerned, I have not got unlimited needs as I do not compare myself with others. If I do not get anything which I aspire, I remember Gita Song. Arjuna is still confused about what is better: renunciation of work or work in devotion. Krishna explains that devotional service is better. Since everything belongs to Krishna, nothing is one’s own to renounce. Thus whatever one possesses one should use in Krishna’s service. A person working in such consciousness is renounced. This process, called karma yoga, helps one escape the result of furtive action – entanglement in rebirth.

One who works with utmost sincerity and singleness of purpose with mind and senses controlled, is in divine consciousness. Although his senses are engaged with sense objects, he is aloof, situated in peace and happiness. This wisdom filled statement keeps us contented in all what we have.


Our little kids are the ones who teach us lesson which even a grown-ups do not. You smile at them and they will reciprocate your smile as a return gift. I like their innocence and sincerity at any event and at all times. Though they are dependent on others for their daily needs, yet, their joyful chatter keeps us absorbed. I learn from these small kids; innocence, simplicity, tolerance, patience etc. In Bible it has been emphasized: God calls children a blessing and a gift! Their spirits are filled with innocence, joy and laughter. Jesus actually tells us to be like children and to come to Him full of faith and trust.


Patience always pays should never be forgotten. It has been seen that those who remain patient despite provocations are rewarded with good health and wellness. Here keeping self-control is a must. This calls for control of our mind lest it goes berserk. In life, we have to adopt patience as an important tool to deal with life’s vicissitudes. But time factor affords us the wherewithal to introspect and come out with plausible answer to practice patience. Patience gives us opportunity to choose objectively what we actually want or what we do not want. Progress would be slow but after practicing a number of times results would be to our liking. Bearing with one another and, if one has a complaint against another, forgiving each other; as the Lord has forgiven you, so you also must forgive – Bible. This wisdom should always be kept in mind.


We are aware, there are some things which we’ve to take seriously in life and there are also the ones which could be ignored. But there are events which we think insignificant for our lives can also impact our life hugely. Ignoring these could do irreparable damage to our life. Even a screw in the machine could make the working of that machine dysfunctional. Similar is the case with our life.


It is a fact that time waits for none, it just passes on leaving us high and dry. If we do not avail the present moment and remain procrastinating then we shall lose our grip and waste it therefore we have to keep a tight leash on time and realize the purpose of our life here on this earth.

Eternal time is the primeval source of the interactions of the three modes of material nature. It is unchangeable and limitless, and it works as the instrument of the Supreme Personality of Godhead for His pastimes in the material creation.—Srimad-Bhagavatam.


Whatever we are and whatever we have got is due to the blessings of our God. By doing so, we are opening a window of opportunity for new vistas in life which are owing to the grace of God. Our physical, mental and relationship with others too are subject to all-around wel-lbeing. These too are possible due to His blessings. Every moment given us to breathe and live in appropriate atmosphere is also due to HIS BOUNTIES. Therefore, we have to thank Him for everything. In Bible it has been mentioned ‘Enter his glory with thanksgiving and his courts with praise, give thank to him and praise his name.


Our relationship with others is important for us since we cannot transact all our functions in isolation. Therefore, whenever we experience any difference, it should not be allowed to deteriorate any further in the spirit of forgiving and forgetting. In this way, many of relations could be saved. According to Bhagwad Gita,

Forgiveness through spiritual transmission is a divine quality.


If we meet somebody’s need, it gives us satiety thereby making us happy. We cannot compensate this happiness with anything else under the sun. The gift which is given to one who does no service in return, with the feeling that it is one’s duty to give and which is given at the right place, in right time and to a worthy person is considered as “Saattvika Daana”. The donations that are given to the right person at the right place and time, and in the spirit that charity is a bounden duty done without any expectation, are said to be good.


We, as humans, tend to do commit some mistake unintentionally, thereby creating a misunderstanding between us and others. This results in animosity between even the fast friends. If we take recourse to say four-letters word SORRY, matters could be amiably be settled.

Don’t let guilt linger in your heart. Go apologize, say I’m sorry, and make things right – Bible.


It should always be remembered that everything that happens has a reason but we have to get experience from that happening. If the experience is bad, then we learn something out of that happening.



There are occasions when all our sincere and best efforts are not enough to acquire the intended results, in that case, the only option left with us is acceptance. Otherwise, we may fall into the web of our own creation leading to more unacceptable contradictions.


There are the people who are in the habit of putting off things thereby reaching a stage where retrieval is not possible. Therefore, the best course is to solve the contentious issue then and there. One who performs actions inconsistently, who is careless, who is vulgar, who insults others, who is pretentious and indolent, who procrastinates unable to timely accomplish what one boasted, who has an acute lack of discrimination. Such a one is unremittingly situated in tama guna the mode of ignorance – BHAGWAD GITA


Those who love themselves can love others too because that becomes a habit of such a person. Therefore, self-care is essential for taking care of others.


It has been observed that we tend to blame others for what is happening in our lives without going into the cause and effect of the same. It should be kept in mind that we are the responsible for our conduct and affects thereto. Blaming others for our state of affairs is too bad.


When in solitude, we can seek our God with sincerity to compensate our loneliness. His name could also be taken while amongst the people around. Naam is the great creative and controlling power of God.

Naam has no beginning and no end. It is unchanging, ancient and eternal and it is the life current which pervades the entire creation. The withdrawal of Naam from creation would lead to its decay and destruction – Guru Granth Sahib.


It should never be forgotten that nobody has ever won an argument or talking without mincing any words. Many of our differences in the families and friends could be solved when we tend to be silent/ tranquil when our point of view in words is not understood despite repeated try. Silent meditation has its own reward. Supreme bliss comes to a self-realized whose mind is tranquil, whose desires are under control and who is free from faults. When mind gets discipline by the practice of meditation becomes steady, one becomes content with absolute bliss, consciousness by beholding with purified intellect – Bhagwad Gita.


We should always be the student throughout our life. We can learn anything from anybody and anywhere. It should always be remembered that ignorance is synonymous with darkness and may pull us down anytime anywhere.

My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge because you have rejected knowledge, I also will reject you from being my priest since you have forgotten the law of your God, I also will forget your children – Bible.


We all want to have our intended job transacted immediately but in this sort of a hurry, we just forget our own security or anticipate impending danger(s) that may come anytime. Hence our approach should be to scrutinize all angles or parameters and take corrective steps or course correction. While traveling in a bus, I observed that people were hurriedly climbing and coming out of the bus without caring for their safety. Then, I saw a person hastily climbing down from the bus while it slowed a bit before the bus stop fully, was run over by a vehicle which was coming from the same direction at a speed. He had to be taken to the hospital.


Nature is anything or everything that is not man-made/ inartificial. Essentially, if we understand nature and its working then we shall understand more than from any formal or informal teachings. Here everything is natural – may be created by the intervention of Super Natural Power. Natural environment includes all living and non-living elements and their utilization in the day to day lives. The three elements of nature Sun (which gives energy), Air (which we breathe without which we cannot survive) and Water (used variously by humans besides drinking).

Besides, the entire ecology works as a natural system which includes all the flora and fauna, rocks, soil and what is contained in it. It also includes environment and all the natural phenomenon and material/physical phenomenon. Natural environment includes all living and non-living elements and their utilization in the day to day lives.


For any education to be of utility, it is necessary that we know the language(s) so as to understand the underlying meaning of the subjects we are delving on. When we know only one language, we may not be able to get what is contained in written texts in other language(s).  In this, it is important that we know fully our mother tongue, one regional language, the national language and a common language which is spoken globally.

Education is like a tree; root embedded into the ground and giving its nutrition to all the parts of the body. The more knowledge we attain through our self-efforts, the more informed we become.

In the year 2021, I shall try to sincerely follow the following:-

• Adopt patience and tolerance through experimentation and practice.
• Remaining calm in emergency contingencies.
• Leading a spiritually oriented life.
• Unlearning some bad habits and not care to cultivate any bad habit afresh.
• I shall experience and face life squarely rather than quitting.
• Self-belief and belief in God to be paramount.
• Evolving through practice.
• Becoming more self-aware and self-conscious.
• Become a witness to a change.

• Always remember that nobody has seen tomorrow.
• Try for self-actuation and self-realization.

• Giving more credence to truth, love, and enlightenment.

• Perfection is good enough, no doubt in that, but it should not be at the cost of our health and our wellbeing.

• If health is lost for the fructification of our ambition then we shall not be able to enjoy the fruits of that success.

• Learning from the mistakes and making these mistakes as stepping stone for success, of course without carrying the baggage.




Wishing you all Happy & Prosperous New Year; Twenty-Twenty-One
My sincerest prayers to Omnipotent & Omniscient
To grace us with God’s Speed, self-realization & God-realization
For the achievement of our mission.

In the year 2021, my sincerest prayers to Almighty God – so benevolent
The plentiful elegance for enlightenment
Which the man groping in darkness in essence needs
For removal of all pervading ignorance.

The way the economic condition has got drubbing in the year passed by
If not stabilized in the year 2021 by easing the contagion so dodgy
Thence the life around the world at large
Would get enveloped in uncertainty and worsened by every passing day..

Whatever transpired, good or bad in the panorama of our existence
Man-made or with nature’s interference
Will to excel in the face of hardship will bestow our inner potential
To come out of the hopeless and helpless situation.

I pray to God for creation of a feeling of contentment
Thus turning situation of utter resentment
Which may be due to somebody’s design or due to our unwieldy mind
Thereby turning negative thoughts into constructive ones for righteous living.


Woefully, Year – 2020 brought-about
Some sweet but more-sour episodes
Reminding us that there is truth in the motto
Man proposes but God disposes; to be true.

I pray for inculcation of a feeling of satiety along with measure of self-awareness
By delving deeper into the inner recesses of our own self
For holistic growth based on spiritually oriented life
With connectivity with our Creator for eternal bliss.

One thing we should never ever forget though
That the past thoughts and Karmic deeds we’ve transacted
Should never come in our path of our onward journey for living a purposeful life
While getting experiences hereafter for sublime living should be our goal in life.

We all are constrained to say farewell to the year gone by
As the year 2020 has become a part of history
But the memories of the past deeds or misdeeds we did remain indelibly
As a silent reminder, good deeds brings good results and bad ones sadness – truly.

One thing we’ve to keep in mind Is to exercise total control of our mind
And transcend the plane of senses and becoming slave of our mind
So that we remain within the confines of modicum of decorum
And do not get berserk like a heady steed and run in the wilderness of our own creation.

We should gleefully partake our happiness
So as to alleviate the others pains
While facing pains and sufferings
Thereby earning for ourselves brownie points in the form of Karmic credit.

We should always learn from a full fledged tree
Whose every part is useful for living beings
Shade to the tired traveler, shelter to the birds
Helps maintain the balance in Nature by converting carbon dioxide into oxygen.

Similar is the case with Mother Nature – the handiwork of God
For Him, it is one of his creations for sustaining life on this planet
With precious gifts in the form of air, water and source of energy the Sun.
In return, the man in general spoils its balance by resorting .to exploitation

Our efforts should be to cultivate good relationship with others
So that our relationship gets cemented with every passing day
The fellow-feelings and good-will get solidified still further and made sweeter
Even getting cues from the experiences of past and our well-wishers.

The experience gained in the year 2020 and the years preceding
Would be made applicable in the days, months and years proceeding
So that nothing is transacted that is derogatory
For future practical utility.

We also express our heartfelt condolences
For those who lost their lives with Covid-19 pandemic
Who were taken to their final burial or cremation
Without their near and dear to perform their last rites.

We tend to disapprove of others on silly pretexts
By being entirety judgmental and hypocritical
Thinking their own-selves to be ‘holier than thou’ and superior
While considering others inferiors.

We should trust others as much as possible and as much as required
Since trust deficit derails success of any task that we take in hand
So for success of any mission execution, use of inner strength is a must
Also, when we’ve faith and firm belief on our fellow beings we interact.

My sincerest prayer for our Omniscient and Omnipotent
To grace us all with His graces and bounties
A Peace and Prosperous One.





O Lord Jesus Christ
The most benevolent one
Thee who is the true savior and all Knowing Being
Thee know what is store for the creations globally
We sincerely pray on this pious occasion of Christmas Day
For the humanity which is enmeshed in horror
Owing to Covid-19, a pandemic contagion
Which is changing its virulence
A behavior pattern most unpredictable one
Putting the humankind in still more fear than days gone by
Due to this fear the people globally
Are confined to their hearths and homes
Observing lock-down conditions at homes
O Lord Jesus Christ
Pray rid us all of this dangerous virus
Sure enough, our joint prayers
Would be heard by Thee O Lord
And deliver us all from this condition
An unknowable reality – so uncertain
So that the people of all ages
May enjoy the holy Christmas season
With their relatives and friends
Along with giving our heartiest thanks to Santa Claus
For giving us gifts, so priceless and attractive
And enjoying the sparkling Christmas Trees
With smiles and laughter around every nook and corner
Besides the accompanying celebrations
O Lord Jesus Christ, Thee being our Savior
Will sure come to our succor
This is our sincerest prayer to Thee our Lord.



Our Heavenly Lord sends
His own Love overflowing Messengers
With Mastery in Spiritual-Vision
To spread His pious Message to us humans
Infuse huge transformation
And reforming His creations
So that world-weary practices
Which corrupt the society at large
Are weeded out fast
From our midst
And adopt the ones
Ordained by our Lord
With huge sprinkle of enchanting-bountiful Love.
Jesus Christ was sent to us by the Lord Sup0reme
For our wellbeing and effect transformation
So that the rust created by old & useless rituals
Could be erased by mystifying spray of pious ideals and ideas
Which the Super Soul doles out
For the gentry at large
Some may not take these holy ideals
Thinking these to be far-fetched
As many did,
When Lord Jesus was with us
In flesh and blood
He had to suffer pangs,
Fearless at the Cross/- crucification
And finally resurrection
To make us realize that
The True Son of Lord cannot just be forgotten
By anybody – however influential and powerful
Those individuals be there at the helm of affairs
His preaching will remain enlightening all and sundry
Through Christ Consciousness.
O Lord, bestow us Thy Invaluable CHRISTMAS DAY GIFT
The precious of all Thy Gifts
That Thee could only grant
The coveted gift of peaceful coexistence
In the whole world by Thy Grace
So that this world could be a better place to live
A place where there is a prevalence of Eternal Love
Without bias.

Born to the virgin Mary, the most revered one
The venerable mother of the God
Jesus of Nazareth was a religious preacher
Debated with his fellow brethren
The best way to follow God
And establish connectivity with Him
To change and make lives sublime
With their thoughts and actions.
Alleviated their pain and suffering
The reason why He is called love Messiah
The savior of the oppressed ones
The depressed due to adverse circumstances.
He had his own following
Which created jealousies
In the minds of Jewish authorities
Alas! He was arrested and then crucified
On the order of Pontius Pilate.
After his crucification
He rose from the dead – resurrected indeed
into the Heaven he ascended
Thus proved saver in real sense of term
Thence transformed the lives of common masses
Holy Messenger with his noble and eternal messages.
The loveliest son of Holiest Spirits of our Lord
At Bethlehem, the city of David
Came a savior of humankind
To spread the Message of God
Men of wisdom came from places afar
Mesmerized by this Shining Star
To witness a holiest event
Which rarely happens
Angels sang songs so melodious
Shepherds played with utmost reverence.
Old in years the two Simeon & Anna saw their ambition fructified
As they too had a glimpse of the Glorious One
Brought up in rural town of Nazareth
His adaptive father Joseph
Taught Him the art of using
Tools of a carpenter
A manual labour so arduous by any reckoning
Resulting in sweating
By the rays of sun so searing.
The revered God’s Son
Worked tirelessly in the hot Sun!
Thence as he cometh
From the waters of Jordan
A voice so stimulating,
Cometh from Heaven
‘This is my beloved Son
In whom I am very pleased’
Thereafter Jesus went to the backwoods
Surprise of surprises of all!
To allow Satan to temp Him
To break the back of Satan.
He fasted for days forty,
And vanquished the Satan
With eternal will of God in the heaven
Then brimming with the Holy Sprit
He lived with the commoners
For three long years.
John recorded Jesus as the Son of God
Who raised even the dead to live again
Made the blinds to see again
Lames to walk again
Demons not to appear again
Came to the succor of heartbroken.
During mighty storms, so severe
With a few loaves and fish
Made food sufficient for five thousands!
Believe – we have to, as it really happened!
Since He is sent by our dearest God
As a Saviour
As His Incarnate,
The All Knowing
The All Powerful Being.
Then on a Thursday Night,
He meets his followers
In the city of Jerusalem
On an occasion so solemn
He announced
It is ordained that He may die
For those He loved so dearly
And told them to remember his association with them
And also promised to come back
For their sake!
He spent time in the garden of Gethsemane
Prayed to the Divine Providence.
No case was found against Jesus
By those who tried Him for his faults so superficial
Even then he was crucified on Friday
He departed this life
For He loved us all
After when He was dead,
His power was proclaimed
By the happenings most unexplained.
On the morn of Sunday
He rose from the dead
Appeared to Mary
And apostles and a huge gathering,
He gave the message of love
Goes to prove without doubt
He remains invincible in both the states.



In essence, God sends the pious souls to spread the Divine Message on His behalf. This is necessitated in order to refine and purify the deluded souls who do not know that their life is impermanent here on this earth. One who is born has to leave the world one day. With this realization, one can live without attachment with the material world while realizing the purpose of life. This is also to foster brotherly feeling while following a life of compassion and rendering selfless service. Therefore, God be praised for bringing home His teachings to the humanity for application in daily lives and live a sublime existence.


We remember and celebrate this pious day, without forgetting that Lord Jesus Christ was crucified for us only so that God’s creations spread the message of love amongst themselves for peace and harmony while living a purposeful living.


When we have determined to perform something for others without any selfish motive, it means we have reached to the realm of Christ Consciousness.

When we perform our duties towards our family, it means we are performing our duty towards our close relatives which anyhow is our responsibility and cannot shun that in any way. But when we enhance our outreach to our neighbors and share their pains and sufferings then it means we are realizing the importance of Christ Consciousness. Subsequently, if it goes beyond neighbourhood to society and even in wider sphere then we are totally immersed in this noble cause.

Essentially, when we do think and act logically and are having the same noble idea for others then we are in that realm. This is possible if we expand our consciousness by being empathetic to all; with whom we are having relationship or do not have such relations. Both of these people should be dear to us. This expanded consciousness expands ourselves to higher horizons. Jesus Christ did not differentiate between his relatives and others. All in all He eyed everybody – differentiating nobody based on any consideration.

While we are having compassion for others, it means, we are beginning to expand our consciousness. His assertion: ‘Bless them that curse you’ stands good in this scheme of things. He even had good words for those who stood against Him. He said: Father, forgive them for they know not what they do. God forgives our faults, then, why we cannot have sympathy and cultivate helping nature for our brethren? Having done that, we can expand our consciousness to sub-consciousness and super-consciousness through our positive thoughts and actions and even manifest to Divine Consciousness. This state could be achieved by knowing the importance of Christ Consciousness.

Jesus was the one who had won victory against material consciousness. He exists in the hearts and minds of His followers. He said, ‘I do nothing of myself, but as my Father hath taught me.’ Christians including numberless others who have resolute belief in His preaching shun delusions and follow His ideals. His presence is felt through his teachings. Those who have self realization or self aware know that in every speck of cosmos Christ Consciousness exists but only those who have vision can experience this. Christ Consciousness is a part of Cosmic Consciousness should never be lost sight of by us humans. It is all inclusive and does not exclude anything.


His teachings are universal in nature and are more relevant now than ever since our world is in dire need of peace and prosperity to go hand in hand. There is a definitive imprint of His teachings on the psyche of people and that is why His influence remains centuries after centuries. Those sincere devotees who have attained certain level of spirituality can see the Divine Vision after their consciousness is more awakened.

His teachings are very exhaustive, if we care to follow the ones mentioned below, we can make our life more purposeful with love suffusing for our brethren:-

(a) We should never forget that God loves us immensely and we should always love our fellow beings. What is the meaning of word God – God is love?

(b) Changing ourselves by adopting righteousness approach.
Developing the traits of soul consciousness through meditation.

(c) All can learn to love God through the medium of our thoughts, deeds and other mediums.

(d) We can connect with God through the medium of love.

(e) Love is an emotion, a selfless feelings for others and totally dedicate yourself, your thoughts and actions to the object of your love.

(f) All should learn to love others and subsequently direct their love to God. To develop love is very essential for spiritual upward journey.

(g)Those who are having the love of God for all can comprehend the meaning of their lives and also the true meaning of God.
Life bereft of love all the knowledge has no meaning at all.

(h) We have to live according to His wishes through self-sacrificing, empathy and selfless attitude. In life.

(i) Divine Fire is the creative power of God and an individual should aspire for this Divine Spark.

(j) Jesus Christ preached the importance of having compassion for our fellow beings. He taught that kindhearted feeling should always be there even for all including our enemies.

May His teachings/messages, which are eternal indeed, remain etched in our memory and guide us to lead our lives with a lot of love, empathy and selflessness.




“Science knows no country because knowledge belongs to humanity and is the torch which illuminates the world” – Louis Pasteur

Significantly, when science and scientists make inroads into new horizons, it is beneficial for all the humanity as a whole without any discrimination. For example, Louis Pasteur was a prominent French chemist and microbiologist. His stellar contributions to science and medicine are unparalleled in the history of mankind. He pioneered the study of discovered micro-organism cause fermentation and disease, initiated the process of pasteurization along with developing vaccines against anthrax and rabies. All these discoveries helped the humanity in ridding from the diseases.

Besides, the noteworthy contribution of scientists like Marie Curie (worked on radiation), Isaac Newton, Charles Darwin (developed a theory of evolution of man), Galileo Pythagoras (Mathis’ Mystery man), Alva Edition (An inventor: electric power generator, mass communication and sound recording). Benjamin Franklin (Invented Bifocal spectacles, Franklin stove and ignition rod), A Volta (Electric battery), Charles Babbage (Computer) besides the invention of telephone, telegraphy, radio and computer facilitated the unparalleled integration of all these. All these also facilitated in communicating with each other as a medium of dissemination of information and collaboration. Then there are so many inventors and discoverers who changed the very outlook of the humanity and provided avenues for the growth and development of humanity.

Computer scientists Vinton Cerf and Bob Kahn are credited with inventing the internet connectivity protocols and this system is termed as internet. Science and technology is making huge leap forward in almost all fields beneficial for humanity. The advent of TV, computer, mobile, internet at the present age, are really a forward movement  in evolution of science and technology; facilitating  connectivity and communication  to any part of the world even with video photo. This has also helped the doctors to seek expert medical  assistance with live operation.

Presently, there is information revolution taking place ,around the world due to the advent of computers and mobiles. We can Google for information with a click on the computer or mobile. But this has information revolution too has some drawbacks; the young minds are influenced negatively being lured into viewing pornographic videos thus inculcating nonconstructive influence on them. All this and much more has been attained by the science for making the lives of the people happy and comfortable.

However, woefully there is crying need for caution;  in defense arena, especially in nuclear field,  it has made the existence of humanity at the mercy of the countries possessing nuclear bombs of huge intensities. These nuclear bombs are with more intensity than those used in Hiroshima and Nagasaki in World War II.  Then there is advancements in missile technology which can carry nuclear bombs at far off distances  with pin-point accuracy.  The use of drones has changed the battle scenarios dramatically. It can carry lethal weapons with pin-point accuracy which has been showcased during 08a.

Then, the humanity around the world is reeling under the spell of Covid-19 pandemic originated from Wuhan, the cause of which would either due to natural reasons or owing to over-ambition of a country, using their scientists  to create Covid-19 infection in the Lab and then spreading. The reason could be any, selfish motive or natural one but countries around the world are still suffering. If reason is natural outcome then nobody can say anything but if it is manmade then can Almighty God forgive such intransigent demeanor; a KU-KARMIC DEED (Bad Action) which will prove counter-productive dis proportionally!?? 


In essence, it is right to say that science had made big strides in different fields; it may be in medical, astronomy, meteorology in the ancient period especially so in Vedic Period. We pride hugely the progress made by India especially so in Ancient Indian period.


Then the Gift of Divine Vision is unique in itself. Sage Vyasa gives the divine vision to Sanjaya to apprise Kuru King Dhritarashtra about the battle scene. With this vision, he could see what he wants in person. It is different to seeing subtle sight. Even the sounds are heard with the physical ear and not like current of thought.


Bhagwad Gita oldest scripture which contains sea of  knowledge about existence and truth behind it, death and new birth, immortality of our Soul, culture and tradition, need to obliterate the wickedness cleanse the society, compassion and love including scientific know-how.  It clearly mentions about the relation between the living and non-living things.

In  Verse 4, it has been mentioned that earth, water, air, sky, mind, intellect and ego have material energies. There is a mention of relationship between mass and energy.

In Chapter 11, there I am powerful Time, the source that comes forth to destroy the worlds.
Lord Krishna mentions that without their participation the warriors who were opposing against each other will not be in existence i.e. they will die.

There is also a mention about ‘a thousand suns were to blaze forth together in the sky which tells us about the enormous illumination besides there is mention about eternal Soul many a times in Gita.

 In Chapter 2, there has been mention about the fact of removing worn-out clothes and putting on the new ones; the embodied Self leaves the old body and adopts the new one. But the Soul, being immoral, with permanent energy in the universe which neither generates nor destroys anything.

It is worth-mentioning that the iron pillar of Delhi measuring 7.2 metres in height was constructed by Chandragupta II (375-415 CE). This proved that India had made huge progress in metallurgy during the period.

VEDAS AND SCIENCE (c.1500 – c. 500 BCE).

Veda is a treasure trove of scientific knowledge. These scriptures were penned own with astonishingly distinctive scientific information.  

The Vedic Period

This period started from 1500 to 500 BCE. This period had seen Bronze Age after the collapse of Harappan Civilization and subsequently start of Iron Age. Iron was considered to be a useful metal representing purity besides iron could be used in various ways.

It is worthwhile to mention that Harappan Civilization had been one of the advanced urbanization period. But in the Vedic period people lived in smaller villages and were at the mercies of nature.

From 700 – 600 BCE, ceramic style of new culture and tradition came into being. This brought in its wake major changes in the ways of living in the sub-continent.


Mention has been made in  Rigveda period (about 50000 years ago) about the  transplant of head of elephant on Ganesha whose head was cut by Lord Shiva.

The ancient surgical science is known as Shalya Tantra the mention of which is found in Vedic scriptures. Sushruta Samhita (the oldest medical and surgical index) known to the mankind came into being. It contains 184 chapters with descriptions of 1120  illnesses, 700 medical plants, 57  preparations based on animal sources. Its author Sushruta is also considered to be the first one to perform medical surgeries. It also contains description on human anatomy, with instructions for  positioning of body. The oldest documented evidence (9000 years) for the drilling of human teeth of a living person is also found. In Rigveda, Ashwini Kumaras (also known as Dev Vaidya) was the  chief surgeon of Vedic period.

Others with surgical skills are Chavana, Dhanvantri Atereya Agnivesh and Shushruta. Even brain surgery and teeth plantations were done during this period. This laid the basis for principles of Ayurveda.  Then we have compendiums of medical science of India by Charak in Charak Samhita, Acharya Atreya and Agnivesh of 800 BC. It is significant to mention that Charak Samhita and Ashtanga Samhita mainly deal with medicine knowledge. Sushruta Samhita deals with surgical knowledge such as plastic surgery, urinary stones, cesarean, cataract, artificial limb, fractures including post operative treatment.

COPPER, BRONZE & IRON AGE (2700        BC – 1900 BC)

History of metallurgy in the Indian sub-continent is slated to have begun prior to third millennium BCE. The mention about metals  is there in Rig Vedic. The commercial dealings with the Near East and the Greece-Roman world enabled an exchange of metallurgic sciences.

The inception of Mughal Empire (21.04.1526 till 21.09.1657) further improved the use of metallurgy along with its application too.



INDIA was the first one to recognize the existence of the solar system. It was in Rig Veda that first noted the central placement of the sun and other planets orbiting in the solar system. The sun moved in its own orbit but holding Earth and other heavenly bodies with its force of attraction.


Ancient Indian sages had already figured out how gravity works. In Rig Veda, it is mentioned that all the objects over the earth also move with it. It moves around the sun. In Rig Veda the reason for eclipses has been mentioned. Saura estimates the length of year to be 365 days, 12 minutes and 30 seconds too is mentioned in Rig Veda,


Aryabhatta was the greatest astronomers and mathematician of repute of classical age. He was born in 476 AD in Ashmaka and lived in  Patilputra (Patna – Bihar). He gave  us the digit “0” (zero) for which he became immortal. This facilitated all the calculations hugely.

In addition it is to his credit that he gave the value of Pi (Irrationality of Pi with value of approx 3,1415 when he was only 23 years of age!  Also, it goes to his credit for estimating the circumference of earth to be approx 39736 goes to him.


It is the collection of 19 Architectural astronomical instruments built by the Rajput King Swai Jai Singh II. It features the world’s largest stone Sun Dial and is a UNESCO World Heritage Centre. This   instrument makes it possible to observe the astronomical  position of the solar system with naked eyes.


C. V. Raman, An Indian scientist and black hole physicist, specializing in Einstein’s General Relativity, He worked extensively on the theory of black holes and made major contribution in this field. Raman scattering or the Raman Effect is the inelastic scattering of photons by matter, meaning there is an exchange of energy and a change in the light’s direction.

Satyendra Nath Bose was an Indian mathematician and physicist specializing in Theoretical Physics. He worked on Quantum Mechanics in teamwork with Albert Einstein for developing  foundation for Bose–Einstein statistics and the theory of the Bose–Einstein condensate.

Conclusively, it is right to say that science and technology has changed the very outlook of life globally. But over-reliance on science and caring little for environmental related issues has put the lives of humanity in jeopardy. Progress and evolution should take place with self-imposed restrictions so that health of general masses is ensured. We see more violent storms and more forest fires increasing the environmental temperature and polluting the environs.

In Indian context, the glimpses of reality from Vedas is a revelation in itself, it is also relevant to mention that Indian science had progressed in so many fields during ancient period. We too are proud of our present day scientists in various fields such as  Scientists in HAL, ISRO, Nuclear Scientists, medicine, computers hardware and software etc. However, we cannot ignore the contribution of former President of India APJ Abdul Kalam Azad  in Missile technology in India and also presently the pool of our scientists in different fields who are enriching the lives of our countrymen.


Positive or Negative concept road sign isolated on dark background.


Literally, attitude (Ravaiya) includes means our behavior (Acharan),  formed through amalgamation of habits (Adatat) besides our conduct (Charitr) which are formed to make us a composite character (Kirdhar) and personality (Sakshyat).


Our attitude could be positive and negative too. While we direct our habits, behavior patterns, senses mind, an to transact our Karmic deeds with positive orientation. This happens when thoughts and actions are totally in sync.  An individual with positivity oriented attitude and behavior is a accommodating human-being.


Our negative emotions, in the form of anger, greed, lust, negative attributes, reactive to a stimulus, attitude when we become temperamental, resort to appeasement of our desires, become more touchy or emotional on small things which could otherwise could be ignored, become moody and unpredictable in behavior thus become prisoner of our senses and mind.  A person characterized with such attributes grows up to be a person with lop-sided or split personality.


Significantly, it is a matter of great significance that we can change our attitude from bad to exemplary one if we intend to. The case in point is that of heartless and ruthless Bandit, one named Ratnakra living in jungle, used to loot their belongings and kill the merchants who passed his way. The general masses, particularly the hapless travelers who their merchandise used to passed that way. One day, Narada Muni, a sage in his own right who had bestowed vast knowledge, in the guise of a simple person. When Ratnakra wanted to loot him, the sage in very suave and gentle demeanor asked the bandit to first of all understand why he was looting the general people. Ratnakra told that he was doing this atrocious sin to feed his family. The sage asked him to ask his family members whether they would be sharing the sin which he continue to commit.

In order to test the authenticity, he agreed and went to his house after tying the sage with a rope lest he escaped from the custody. The replies of family members including his wife and parents were baffling to say the least. Their curt reply was that it was the responsibility of Ratnakara to feed them, also they cannot share any sin committed by him.

He went to the sage in the jungle, untied him and asked him to forgive him for his lapses. Thereupon, the sage came to his original form.  Ratnakara requested the sage to apprise him about a Mantra so that he could chant to connect with God for his entire lifespan.

This shows the change of his attitude in its entirety whenever we have determination to do so. The sage advised him to chant MARAN which ultimately changed to RAMA RAMA when chanted repeatedly umpteen number of times. The intensity of this Bhakti was obviously very severe. He chanted this Mantra; season after season without even taking anything finally he turned into an ant hill but his chanting of Mantra did not stop.

Finally, Ratnatra was bestowed with knowledge and enlightenment by God Almighty; so much so that he penned down the great epic RAMAYANA with name SAGE VALMIKI RAMAYANA. This goes to prove that we can change our attitude and outlook on life if and when we have will to do so. Nothing can come in our way if we want to change our attitude from NEGATIVE to POSITIVE ONE.


Importantly, it depends solely on us whether to imbibe an attitude of gratitude (Kirtigya) or negative attitude of dissatisfaction filled with complaining mentality. At any given time, we all have something to be thankful for, and something to be unhappy or upset about. This depends on the nature of a particular person whether he/she wants to be thankful or to be indebted for a good thing done to us. There are also individuals who do not showcase any modicum of gratitude for a job well done for them. Though such people are rare yet there are cases of children who do not care for their parents at their old-age. This is an attitude of gravest moral turpitude which nobody in his senses should nurture.


Truly, a person with complaining mentality on anything and everything turns out to be unpopular. Fundamentally, such a person cannot adjust with the environs in which he/she is living. Such a person showcases the negative mental orientation, wherever, he/she puts his/her footprints. Most people can sense those negative energies and often choose to keep away from such individual. The individual concerned may or may not  fathom his/her attitude. And with repulsive attitude we can hardly develop any friend circle around us.

In the long run, it may leave such person confounded as to why people do not like him/her but fault is not far to seek. The fault lies in his/her attitude only. It should always be borne in mind that people do not have time and energy to waste for an individual who does not knows fully about his/her own attitude! A person with complaining mental approach may finally be forsaken by his own kith and kin. We must have observed how a person with positive mental attitude has got natural magnetism of his/her own and is liked by others.


One thing for which we have to be hugely concerned is to imbibe an attitude for being gratitude to Almighty God for bestowing us the gift of  Nature and all his creations (living and non-living) with all its bounties such as air, water, fire, sky, land, sea and other water bodies, change in seasons, etc.  We should also be thankful for His Divine Love. His Love should make us realize that we should pass on this love to our fellow beings. By so doing, His Love for us will multiply manifolds.


The discernible maxim: Fortune favors bold. Those who have belief in himself and God always weather all storms or misfortune. There is a case in point how a hapless family could adjust after they were thrown out of the family fold.  There were two sons both of whom were married. The elder son and daughter-in-law who were driven out of the house by her in-laws along with their child while giving everything to their younger son who earlier on did nothing to support the family. This was a big jolt for the couple. The contentious point was the monthly salary of the elder son was inadequate to meet the expenses which included house rent, groceries, tuition fees for the child. The couple was in huge quandary. The daughter-in-law tried her hand in tuition work as she was a trained teacher. The number of students increased thus the family income too increased. Presently, with the grace of God, the family is able to meet all family expenses and other obligations. This proves that misfortunes do visit us sometimes but those who are having positive attitude and belief on God can come out unscathed. This proves that   when we are with positive attitude, we can weather any storm which may befall any time.

Conclusively, it could be rightly construed that we can overcome any misfortune which may befall on us without any inkling provided we have positive attitude – even when we are in overwhelming circumstances. We can transform from hopeless situation to hopeful one by taking on adverse situation to attain  success and ultimately by showcasing gratitude to Omnipotent and Omniscient God, for fructifying our sincere effort. Turning liability or unlikelihood into viability or feasibility by our POSITIVE ATTITUDE indeed.