My married lover always trying to contact me but I dont want to talk 2 him , he hurts me ,how shoud I avoid him?

My marred lover always trying to contact me but I dont want to talk 2 him , he hurts me ,how shud i avoid him?

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Harbans answered 3 years ago

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First of it is a grave mistake on your part by involving yourself who cannot be depended upon for being your ‘lover’. His hands are already full to shoulder the responsibility of looking after his own family. He, in other words, is cheating on his wife by resorting to this sort of gimmicks. He is tarnishing the institution of marriage and all other things which are accompanied with it all.

It is really not too late. Come out of it all. Why in the first place you should avoid him? He is not worth avoiding. Just face him squarely. If he can be unfaithful to his wife, he could be unfaithful to you as well when you continue this sordid relationship. Think him like a bad chapter in your life and eradicate / erase him from your memory disc. The sooner you do the better for you. Really.*

*We, in our lives, come across people perchance, with good and bad people. It is good to interact with good people who may come to your rescue when you are in trouble, but there are the ones who would like to extract a pound of flesh for every act done. Sagacity is to befriend with caution. To develop intimacy is no problem but it should remain within confines of limits as crossing limits would be at your own peril.
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