Axiomatically, it has been seen that ‘time’ plays a pre-dominant role in our life. It is the time which heals our wounds, it is the time, by passing of which we forget our deblitating incidents, it is by the passage of time that we think of starting of life afresh, it is through passage of time that everything including humans ages and dies its natural death barring some who meet their ends pre-maturally and time is a witness to all these. After the death also, time helps to resurect those who are eligible by dint of their past karmic deeds. In this world and beyond, time plays a crucial part. Animates and inanimates cannot escape its good or bad affects. I have made an attempt to write something about time and its affects, kindly go through it and comments. I love comments because these spur me to write on.


A charming index whence seed of an event was sown,

With its ageing, from one stage to a new one,

Enduring without demure,

Onslaughts of all seasons,

As time passes on,

A stage dawns when,

The small one becomes a full-sized tree yielding fruits by the tones,

Afterwards time tells upon it extensively,

The sturdy one becomes,

Fragile, its branches drooping,

And meets its poignant doom,

Time leaves an indelible imprint at every stage turning over.

Time is its own master,

It obeys none whosoever,

Surges ahead without punctuation,

Tolerates nothing in its functions,

Breaking all barriers on its path without caution,

No cage is made to preserve it.

With its passage many seeping wounds get healed too,

Just as enemies turn into chums so bosom,

With the soothing balm of time,

Water & air can be stocked for future use,

Time makes histories of eventful events for posterity,

What happened at what time period?

But time itself is neither an event nor an event of any kind,

In itself it can neither be measured nor travelled,

But still Time is unparalleled.

Harbans Khajuria



Light we feel when all our burdens are still made light,
When we persevere power-driven by,
Our Creator’s uninterrupted-power supply,
For our Lord’s Light is Light Infinite.

Light is revitalizing,
Infuses life in all living beings.
Thru a miracle called photosynthesis.

Our opaque-intelligence changes,
Into transparent-knowledge,
With sparkle of light enlightened.

Mother of creativity in art is made,
Possible by hidden treasure gleam of love,
Using light of our mind’s eye,
Picking raw words one by one,
And garland these into thoughts,
Giving meaning to everything around,
With the help of light created,
In inner recesses of our heart.

With light darkness takes beating harsh,
And is changed into light itself,
Thus changing dark character.

With light shadowy lurking doubts are cleared,
With the radiance of awareness in our beings,
With the Light created by our Supreme Being.

Harbans Khajuria




Marriage is not merely the twosome’s wedding,

But of two souls uniting,

Wedding also is meeting,

The social obligations by inviting,

The nears and dears for a formal gathering,

To put a solid stamp of the society certifying,

The sacred merging,

Of two individuals with differing,

Perceptions and traits.


Two hearts blending,

Their emotional linkages,

For a living,

Together and accordingly agreeing,

To provide space for an amiable living,

With each other and for each other – respecting,

And agreeing to disagree to unfamiliar, interfering,

In their internal affairs and solidifying their bonding,

Repulsing every attack on their privacy by unsolicited elements,

With reprehensible designs,

Trying breaking their sacred bonding,

For their selfish ends.


Thus the couple cements their faith,

In each other without any failing,

And throw out the trust deficit,

From their midst,

For a peaceful and congenial living,

 Under the same casing.


My sincere prayer to my Mother Divine,

Oh! The Holy Mother of all,

Bestow, till eternity, Thy bountiful blessings,

On the couple united in recent times,

So that there is none in the world to undo,

What My Mother Divine hath done,

By uniting these twosomes,

By a sacred and unbreakable thread,

A bond of trustworthy faith,

A bond of eternal friendship,

Between the two for a common cause.






















    There exist some happenings / events,

    Mysteries surround about their existence,

    How and what are more prominent,

    Even birth and death of beings are embed in mystery,

    Explanations abound,

    But no conclusive one yet found,

    And are thus shrouded in yawning mysteries,

    No scientific theory can fully ravel or unravel,

    The existence or their vanishing from our midst.


    This world of ours is a rock-solid mystery,

    Many events just come about,

    Without any explicit basis or reason,

    But doubt doubtlessly lingers on,

    This doubt gives birth to undisputed faith,

    No rational reason can unmake it.


    Medium exists between reasonable and unreasonable,

    Supernatural mysteries are blanketed in secrecies,

    Our mind is not powered to fully grasp their realities,

    The mysterious Truth can hardly be understood,

    If this Truth is dissected,

    Or, peeled like a onion,

    Peeling one layer after the another one,

    You’ll find another layer like the earlier one,

    Till end,

    The end result is a big nothing – niti-niti,

    Religion has influenced mankind since ages,

    And is rooted in Truth,

    Our dependents on Supernatural is certainly absolute,

    Understanding fully of which is based on mystery of faith,

    Its full revelation is impossible due to human flaws,

    Reason and revelation are always on war,

    No rationality can question the mysteries of faith,

    Which is factually individual’s forte,

    Depending on individual’s knowledge or otherwise,

    Our inclusive knowledge about things has limitation of its own,

    Nothing conclusive could be said about all the mysteries,

    Merely His name is Real One,

    This Real One is not mysterious indeed,

    Limited knowledge of ours serves the nobler cause of humans.


    All Truth is from Supreme Being,

    There can be no real warfare between reason,

    And revelation by any being,

    The mysterious but beautiful vision is possible,

    When thou, single mindedly, concentrate on the One – Supreme Being,

    Who mysteriously created thee and the mysterious Universe around,

    Elements like the ether, the water, the air, the fire,

    And the heavens above sustain our life,

    For survival of all and sundry,

    Yet all are imbued in mystery.

    A Sweet and Mysterious one indeed!!


    Harbans Khajuria





A worry for a work not expected to be finished,

As thee anticipated,

A worry for not reaching the destined place,

On time and losing thyself in the bargain,

Beginning something with a heavy heart,

For the end result,

Worries for not meeting targets,

Worry – consequence of excessive consciousness,

Brings in its wake less confidence,

A self created notion,

That whatever you’ll put your hand on,

Will go bust, though, that belief may be unfounded,

Too much concern for expressions,

In various ways, engendering self consciousness,

An exaggerated sense,

Of self importance,

Soursed and egged from excessive dose,

Of Ego  and its aggrandisement,

Self importance, others, beings just on the fringe,

A man on crucial mission,

An over-ambitious one,

Aspiring over-reach to the stars in the universe,

Every bump and turn in life,

Results into still more worry in turn,

Worry for riches and not meeting standards set for thyself,

Tension goes upstream,

Rationality takes back seat,

Confidence takes a downslide,

Here the harbinger of hope is,

The thought that thee is not the doer,

Belief that Creator’s presence will kill worries head on,

When end result is not thought of,

But action holds prominance,

Only action, with His Gentle Touch,

Will make huge differnce,

And infuse immense confidence,

A first step in success of any mission under the sun,

Knowing less about the limitations,

Of a being,

It is akin to worrying,

Of a hen for its eggs to be hatched,


If initially, results are not on expected lines,

Should be left to His wish,

Which will prove to be a game changer,

Seemingly, a solution to our vexing problem,

By axing the element of worry from our midst,

For a better present,

Aworriless course for a bumpless road,

For smooth sailing and healthy living,

An egoless trail,

Tailormade by His Grace.