Our Omnipotent and Omniscient God
Bestows  traits to us humans
Not at random
Or at will – He wants or does not want
Nor on pick and choose basis
But gave us humans free choice
To be what we want to choose
In accord partly with our past karmic deeds
And partly with our present actions
Willful or intentional inactions.

A good human being is humane to the core
With integrity, most uncompromising and more
All the best traits are enmeshed
In small frame of his system!
Which strengthens the glow of his flame
Amongst these humility – so authentic
Self-awareness of highest order, so pragmatic
Puts others’ service ahead of self consideration
Personal excellence without any demonstration.

Selflessness and sincerity are his way of living

Every day is his day of learning
He is positively oriented at any situation he is placed
And does not brag about the things he has accomplished
He is easily accessible
And for his actions he is ever accountable
Never minces words whence needed
But never loses his charm, which is so magnetic
Even at the height of difficulty, we cannot predict
He is known for spreading smiles
Forgets and forgives even his sworn enemies
Humor is his armor at all occasions
Which keeps him insulated from all bad omens
Even in dire adversity
`Does extraordinary things just ordinarily
Defines goals and endevours to fructify these
With all the resources and faculties
Ego for intelligence, possessions, spirituality
Touches him not at all eventualities
He is open to suggestions
Adopts according to the need of the hour for further actions
Thus spreads the love’s fragrance for and wide
Trustworthy in his words and deeds
Bridging the gap without seam
Between different people of all hues
Thus acts as a problem solver
Refining even the problem creators
Equanimity in both success and failure
Leaving not the quality of head and heart
Being polite to the core is his art and craft
Interacting with conflicting people
With conflicting views
At conflicting circumstances

Bringing bitterly divisive conflicts to peaceful resolution

Resulting in balance between the God’s creations
His toughness is masked in civility
Aspires for no awards for his unflinching honesty
Being always a student, most earnest
He is the powerhouse of awareness
Yet his thirst for knowhow is insatiable
He is ever cool at any given state
Remains committed to the task
At all occasion with the grace of our Creator
Such persons are the true humans
To whom gentry remembers
Even after they are no more around.


Harbans Khajuria



While we shower praises on the good human being, but is it so easy to be a person of this nature; certainly not, it is not so easy! It has rightly been said: uneasy lies the head that wears the crown. Such a person has to learn everything hard way, face challenges with equanimity, stand tall despite failing, has to pass through different complex challenges with head held high, many a times has to undergo litmus test of being truthful because of skepticism prevalent at every step –suffer to survive in the initial stages. I opine, a good leader is the one who judiciously uses head and heart while deciding a thing.

A person to whom we want to emulate have to be uniquely consistent in his/her approach to a problem – makes sustained efforts, is resilient and enduring and provides dynamism to the efforts. With his presence there is a reconciliation and cooling affect on the surcharged environs. Creates enabling environment whatever he/she does. Mere exhaustive plans are not sufficient, the suitable environment and team spirits for execution of these plans are also required. Important of all, that person should command our respect and trust. That person is the one who draws out the suppressed / latent energies from the one who come into his/her contact. Such is the influence of this sort of a person.

A person is a true leader when he/she excels in leadership skills, is passionately involved with everything, very attached to work, being bold and forthright in whatever he/she is doing. Honoring the promises/commitments he/she makes and if not able to due to some inescapable change in situation tells the concerned persons in confidence and win trust rather than being distrustful. To win confidence of all is the hallmark of any organization or society at large.

A true leader or a true human being is self realized. We just hover around the purposeless domains of existence and think that our prime goal or aim is to get material prosperity and measure our happiness or otherwise based on comforts we possess. This way, really, we miss the true meaning of our existence and also the true meaning of eternal happiness. We’ve to know as to who is behind our life – the architect of our life. For this to happen, self analysis is most important and for a true leader it is of paramount important because people have to emulate him/her. He has to set example for others and charity begins from ‘home’ first.

Eating, drinking, sleeping and making merry are not the sole aims of our life. This type of existence is a mechanical one. We should know our weaknesses and strength and delve on the weak areas and bridge the gap to the extent possible. Not making self analysis means just ignoring our shortcomings. This amounts to remaining static hence leads to our self destruct. A true human being knows these aspects.

It has been proven beyond doubt that we inherit the traits of past lives. Every person is unique in some traits but with some biological hereditary resemblances. A person takes birth according to his / her past karma; has been known to us. We’re in fact the architect of our own destiny is a fact known to everybody.

For progress of soul, self analysis is a most important. The areas we require some change can be done with will and determination. It should never be forgotten whatever inappropriate traits are there in us could be undone with our sincere efforts. A true human being knows this too.

This is also a fact that our body and mind are interrelated. If we are having a sound health, then our mind too works fine and there is liveliness in our thoughts and actions thereof. In other words, we are harmoniously disposed towards others when we are in sound health. It has been observed that when we are not physically sound, our general behavior (both our thoughts and emotions) become unpleasant. Thus, in whatever state we want to be, we can make amands, with sincere and honest efforts and graces of our God. The true human being goes through this mill too.
Thoughts can make difference. Positive thoughts even in relatively inappropriate situation can deliver us from our present state of negative feeling and thus pave the way for better life ahead.

Change in mental attitude. The food we eat, the environment we live in and thoughts we entertain have enduring effect on our general behavior and wellbeing. Firstly, we should try to live and adjust in any environment we are placed then only we can have eternal peace and happiness and subsequently, if possible, we can change the adverse situation through our sincere efforts; in fact with the participation of the other members of the society.

It should never be forgotten that anger, fear, jealousy combined with greed make us still more unhappy and quarrelsome/cranky though there may be some satisfaction for a short span of time with these negativities yet this satisfaction is not enduring. It dissipates after sometime. A true human being tries to adjust as per the requirement of the environment he/she is put.

Love makes us happy and serene. Whatever nature we want to have, whatever behavior pattern we want to develop in us is possible could be developed with a magic potion called LOVE. Whatever ego we have; moral ego or material ego has to be seen as a challenge and efforts made to live a righteous life. Self-righteous people are the intolerant ones. A life lived uprightly with love is a life lived purposefully/meaningfully. True morality means compassion towards others. We should, therefore, not be the prisoners of our habits but come out of these and be lovable.

Then we have to have a healthy balance between three sorts of egos; intellectual ego, materialistic ego and spirituality ego. Any of three going out of control will put us in self-righteous category. Our conscience and intuition should decide what is suitable for us and the guiding light should be love. The wall created by evil in us have to be broken by our will power, the sooner it is done the better for us and the people around us. Our daily behavior should reflect our good intentions; and love is a universal remedy for all these. The true human being is lovable to the core.

A true leader or a true human being does not waste time. We’ve seen people boring, with time hanging large. This aimless life reflects on their behavior pattern and finally on our attitude towards others. If we have time, we should read Holy Scriptures, follow on the footsteps of our saints, philosophers, thinkers which could make difference. Their life should make us change our lives by our own karma.

One who takes responsibilities head on and does not tarry can accomplish anything. Hanumanji, while in the quest of taking ‘Akash fal’ (fruit in the sky), surmounted all the challenges on His way in order to take on the Sun which he misunderstood as a delicious red fruit. Although, Hanumanji was a mere tool in the hand of Ishwara to teach lesson to Surya Bhagwan (the Sun God) who was drunk with excessive pride yet it proves the point that pride never pays in the long run.

Conclusively, we can easily say that although humans with humane touch are rare yet they are the gifts of our God to this earth and influence whereinsoever they set their  feet on. God may increase their flock to spread the message of GOD.