Why should we not regret doing on daily basis but you have to do it anyway? (Question posed)

Why should we not regret doing on daily basis but you have to do it anyway? (Question posed)

Regrets are the expressions

Of our heart

Upsurge of emotions

Having done something

On purpose or design

Or just by quirk of luck.

While taking this question, first of all, I introspect whether to reply this question or not because it calls for an honest answer. We humans being prone to mistakes do commit these on daily basis. We should not forget that our actions are based on our thoughts only. If the action is flawed, it goes to prove that the thought which resulted in that action too is flawed. Both thoughts and actions are to be regretted – may be on daily basis or if and when committed. Therefore, telling that he/she does not commit any mistake is being dishonest in his/her reply because humans commit mistake.

Essentially, over a period of time, I have learned to minimize my mistakes; especially the ones which has got ethical and moralistic connotations. Contrarily, in the official capacity, I commit mistakes sometimes, since I am of the firm view that those who perform their jobs as assigned do commit mistakes as nobody is flawless in real sense of terms. These mistakes are really unintentional but this giving experience not to repeat them to the extent possible.

It should also be borne in mind that when we are at fault or commit a mistake, we should always ask for forgiveness or express regrets for having committed the same. If it on daily basis, then, why not?

But as far as ethical and immoral mistakes are concerned; the mistakes like:-

  1. Tellinglies. But I tell lies sometimes when it is forsaving some relationships or saving somebody else’s modesty or to save somebodyfrom being engulfed in controversies unnecessarily. Others may regret tellinglies but I do not since I am of the view that if my lies could save a situationturning from negative to positive then WHY NOT? Some people may term me liar, Isay to those fellows do excuse me.
  2. Beingfaithless to your partner. It is one of the gravest mistakes that a personcould ever commit.  
  3. Beingbroke because of one’s own faults. There are habits like gambling, havingdrugs, drinking etc. which are the sure tickets for bankruptcy. Here regrettinghardly suffices. Out rightly getting rid of these bad habits is need of hour.
  4. Aspirationto be rich by any means. Thereare the people who wish to be rich by adopting any means. This is a wrong wayto be rich and ought to be shunned, the sooner it  is done the better.
  5. Backbitingwhich I disliked themost – both the backbiter and the backbiting asa habit is very bad. A person having this habit should try leaving it for goodotherwise, it will bring about bad name if and when found out.
  6. Thereis difference between fiction and real life story are different. Iam of the firm opinion if we face the real life situations honestly, we neednot regret anything. On the other than if we think life to be a fiction thentelling lies, backbiting etc. will be resorted to – regrets or no regretshardly matter.
  7. Neverdisrespect others because it may be done to you too aftersometimes. Karma philosophy is relevant in this context.
  8. Regretnot been able to accident victim.  It should be our endeavour to help an accident victim, if you are not able to due to one excuse or other, it means due to you somebody may have died because of our fault of not rendering assistance when it was hugely required.
  9. Deceive somebody in love. When a person who just shows his/her love for other partner but deceives him/her ultimately. This sort of a behaviour calls for expression of regrets. It should always be remembered that love is not a one-time-expression but genuine all-time-expression. A person who deceives others as far as love is concerned, even the GOD who is an embodiment of love will not excuse such person.

Honestly, I try living within the confines of my boundaries as far as possible but sometimes if something goes off the tangent then I fully express my regrets for the same and try not to repeat  the same mistake.




First of all, it is important to know what is an attitude. It is the attribute that an entity possesses – a particular type of thought attached with a value. It may be positive – when it is favourable and negative whenever it is construed as contrary to the values.

Attitude could also be of extreme nature. Extreme positive or extreme negative but it has also been experienced that one may reflect positive attitude at a particular time on an object while being negative on other occasions. It means that we can have multiple attitude at different point of times on different time span. But it is always important that one should always exercise control over his body, mind and soul in order to control the his/her attitude.

Positive attitude.

If somebody’s action gives pain to us, we can revoke this pain by the balm of positive attitude. This positive attitude could be imbibed through meditation because the pain is not due to external influences but because our inner self is not attuned to withstand the onslaught of time. Inner self could be strengthened through sincere prayers to our Lord and the negativity in our attitude could be revoked and made positive.

Negative attitude:

Many a times, we feel a sense of bitterness, if somebody to whom we most trust belies our faith. Make a concerted effort in plugging that injury with the plaster of ‘time’ and see that the bitterness just disappears. This will also help in infusing positivity in attitude in that person.

Person with a particular type of attitude:

We come across people with a particular type of attitude. Anybody coming their way will have it instantly. Unfortunately, if somebody have to deal with such a unique personality, means, that person will have to have caliber to match that person’s capabilities, drive and confidence to come out unscathed. These people have independent thoughts without being influenced by any outer influences. Such persons too will have to face the music/consequences of their untoward attitude, today or any other day. People with aggressive attitude are actually self destructive, uncooperative, passive in their outlook with anger writ large on their faces, they may win here or there sometimes but they lose the battle of life ultimately.

Besides attitude is of following types too:-

• Introvert and extrovert attitude. There are people who do not come out of their shell. They keep their thoughts to themselves. On the other hand there are people, whose thoughts could be read with ease. Implicit and explicit attitudes can also be explained in this manner.

• Rational and irrational attitude. People with rational thinking act according to laws of nature or convention. They are strict in their thinking and behave as such. On the other hand people who just change their outlook suiting their own selfish ends are irrational in their disposition. They cannot be trusted.

• Individual and social attitude. Individual attitude may differ. A social attitude has to be followed taking into consideration social norms of behavior and act which is suiting the community as a whole.

• Sarcastic and cooperative attitude. Many a times we come across people who always exhibit sarcasm at any event in order to show off or demonstrate their knowledge. On the other hand people are there who are always ready to help and render their helping hand even to a stranger.

• Ego-centric, value expressive. We also come across people who demonstrate their importance act in a manner prejudicial to the interests of others and contrary to the normal of behavior. They do not care about the values attached to an act.

• Ego defensive attitude and selfless attitude. People who are always ready for defending their point of views and go to any length in advancing their agenda. On the other hand people who are all adjusting in any environs are accommodative in nature and change their attitude as suiting to the society in which he/she is living.

• Ego-expressive helps central values or belief.
In this context Bhagavad Gita has rightly said; “One should always try to manage oneself’.

Attitude Towards Work

Right attitude is also beneficial in the work at hand. We can make our presence felt in any office we are working if we exhibit visionary attitude towards our work culture. This attitude not only becomes productive for the organization besides being inspirational and motivational to the colleagues. Such people leave a mark on the landscape of history.

Bhagwad Gita tells us to develop the visionary perspective in the work we do. It tells us to develop a sense of larger vision in one’s work for the fructification of our task at hand.
Congenial atmosphere at home

It is a fact that if we want to make our home a heaven in true sense of term then we should always have right attitude, not only based on rationality and also away from ego-centric attitude. It ought to be adjusting and adaptive in nature.

Now there is a crucial question whether attitude could be formed with a freewill or it is just an innate trait (implicit) outside our awareness (explicit) or is it formed spontaneously, on spot, and changeable at that! Formed on purpose or forced by the environs in which a person lives. One reason may be associated with other or it may not be associated with each other.

Gandhiji has rightly said:

“Keep your thoughts positive because your thoughts become your words. Keep your words positive because your words become your behavior. Keep your behavior positive because your behavior becomes your habits. Keep your habits positive because your habits become your values. Keep your values positive because your values become your destiny.”

Attitude is one of the funniest things because of its changing nature at any place or time. Given the fact that it is in our hand to have positive attitude. Then why not capitalize on it by adopting right attitude for furthering our cause of assimilation in general milieu rather than being subservient to our moods and showcase our negative attitude. When it is within our control, it is our master, but when it becomes passive it can ruin us altogether. Environment, sometimes, plays its part in changing attitude but here too our disposition is responsible greatly in molding the attitude.

While Abraham Lincoln said:
“We can complain because rose bushes have thorns, or rejoice because thorn bushes have roses.”

Attitude is one of the most important dispositions/ characteristics that we have at any point of time. What thought comes at a particular point of time and how we make this thought practicable. It can give value to our thought. A thought which can influence our life immensely – or even make or break our life, put a coma where full stop is called for.

Attitude and the present moment.

Being nice, pliable, ease with which to adjust, cooperative and all the positive qualities which a person could possibly have make huge difference in our life. Positive thinkers are the ones who just think if there is exit, there is also an entrance from somewhere. Need is to explore it. Every coin has opposite sides. The person with a thought to excel, excels. It is rightly said what we think, we become. Key for success or failure is within us and in this attitude plays a stellar role. If we think, we can succeed despite hurdles, we can surmount any hurdle with will and determination. Even the elements will be coming to our succor if we are determined. Otherwise, if our attitude is negative, nothing in this world can change us. Everything has to spring from within.

If something negative is happening to us, we should not lose ourselves. It is not the end of the world. Our attitude should be to fight that odd thing out with an idea that something, at least, is happening in our life – that
destiny has not forsaken us altogether. Whatever has to happen is destined to happen, but I have a thing which could help me and that is my attitude to that change. It has rightly been said that 10% of the things are evitable / destined but 90% do happen due to our reaction to that evitable change.

Right Attitude and Spirituality

One gradually attains tranquility of mind by keeping the mind fully absorbed in the Self by
means of a well-trained intellect, and thinking of nothing else.

Our attitude depends on our present thoughts. We can transform our thoughts by a mix of traditional spirituality with subjective experience and psychological growth. It is through meaningful action which we perform flowing from heart resulting in blissful experiences.

Spirituality means emotional response inclusive of feeling important, joy which we experience, to accept a change, a feeling of unity, etc. Such emotional feelings help us in adjusting with the people and environment. Those also create positive emotional responses to any problem that we face and give us leeway to solve with positive attitude taking others’ unity of purpose in mind.
There are so many things for which we have got no control, like others’ attitude towards us, what our present attitude bring for us but at least we have the option of putting lid on our negative thoughts and keep our head clear, what is actually destined for us. The present is the one which can be controlled and lived as we want. The present is the moment to be lived, to be taken seriously and amuse ourselves with an idea of having satisfaction with what we have and not spoil of today due to past or coming days.

Today, now is within our control and reach we can live it nicely. It is also a fact that we ought to try for more but not at the cost of our present moment. Sometimes we show our concern for other people, but care ought to be exercised whether these people are receptive to your sensible suggestions.



Karma is our way of performing our task at hand
First by training and synergizing fully our mind
To acquire requisite expertise in the field of activity
Putting all the resources including all our faculties
For a predestined cause chosen with care and caution
Ridding off barriers like egotistic pride with full attention
Dissociating from the motion picture of the past experiences – if probable
Enjoying every act in an objective way
Enjoying the movie of our life of every day
Like an open book
With no doubt brooking.
Concentrating on the deed at hand with full sincerity
Overcoming ifs and buts with piety and purity
Putting ourselves physically; mentally and emotionally
Law of Karma : Action leads to a similar reaction
Good actions leads to good reactions
Bad ones push us to bad results imaginable
Today’s Karma (action) influences tomorrow’s life
Past good / bad karma cannot be wished away easily
For our Creator keeps its record very assiduously
Bhagwad Gita exhorts us to act justly
Caring not for the fruits of that act actually
Every deed ought to be taken as a sacred duty
With singleness and holiness of purpose that it entails
Our Karma ought to be transacted with full Dharma
Respecting all the Natural Laws that befall
Then our Karma becomes our Dharma
Our Karma becomes an active partnership with our Lord.



Karma philosophy stresses the importance of action without giving much credence to the fruits of that action. Karma is action or deed we transact by the use of all the faculties at his/her command. The action we put in depends on our expertise on the subject matter that we have gained over a period of time besides the mindset we establish for ourselves. But one thing cannot be disputed; if we sow thorns we shall get the crop of thorns only it will not yield the crop of fragrant flowers.

Law of karma can be summed up as : Action and reaction is equal and opposite. We are persistently doing our karmas physically, mentally and emotionally. Nothing happens without a set purpose. There is always some reason for every action or reaction that it entails. In other words; it is the law of karma / cause and effect. An individual is responsible for all his / her actions. One suffers or is rewarded according to one’s good or bad actions. Our Creator rewards us for good actions and punishes for the bad actions. Nobody has ever escaped from the karma of his/her action.

Yoga: The word yoga has been originated from the root word ‘yuj’ meaning joining or putting together in order to get something accomplished. Some may also say Yoga as a breath control in order to adopt body postures for discipling our body system as have been enunciated by Patanjali. In Bhagwad Gita Yoga has been used for getting some attainment or skill or to get some expertise for a cause et al. A Yogi is one who is a performer or does something with expert knowledge or skill.

“Yogah Karmasu Kausalam” (Gita 2.50). Kausalam means a special talent, expertise or skill in doing something. So doing things with expertise is Yoga with righteous mindset.

Thus a Karma Yoga is the task in hand which is to be accomplished with singleness of purpose/concentration with a special skill or experise taking into consideration the righteousness and religious finesse with no attachment to the fruits of the action.

In Bhagavad Gita Sri Krishna advises Arjuna to do his duty most sincerely and with expertise and skill he has attained but without expectation of any returns for that activity.

While performing our karma it is necessary that we remain positive in our approach. As karma is based on action and reaction we have to have compassion and should follow the philosophy of forget and forgive. Then there is the need of forgiveness if somebody has done something bad to us.

“Karmanye Vadhikaraste, Ma phaleshou kada chana. Ma Karma Phala Hetur Bhurmatey Sangostva Akarmani.”
In Bhagwad Gita it has rightly been said: You have a right to perform your prescribed duty, but you are not entitled to the fruits of actions. This principle should always be remembered by us.

It means: We should keep on performing our duties without expecting for any reward in return by leading a selfless life.
In Bhagwad Gita Lord Krishan exhorts us to perform our duties sincerely putting our efforts to the best of ability. It is generally accepted now that the main purpose of Bhagavad Gita is to induce people to action without caring for the result of our action. The emphasis is on Karma Yoga as the suitable path for advancement of mankind.

It is necessary that we should know what is Karma Yoga?

Karma has been driven from the root word ‘kru’ meaning to do a deed or to perform or to accomplish an action or perform a task at hand etc. There are two types of karmas viz:
” Nishkama Karma (Action without expectation of results). The first way is called nishkãm karma, when actions are performed without any expectation of material gain, ego, or material desires. Nishkam karmas are performed to fulfill our duties and please. An action to be done singleness of purpose without recourse to any negative trait in order to get that task fructified. Here two things are very relevant. Firstly the action should be performed without consideration to result of that action and also that action should be performed without any recourse to negative trait.

• Sakama Karma (Work done with expectation of results). All the tasks done with an intention for an end result(s). When actions are performed with an expectation of material desire or purpose. According to this proponents the action without a result is no action at all. It may be the work in the office or at home or any religious or irreligious task that has to be done. Even the service to society is for getting some ends/results.

• Karma Yogi. One who performs action without being attached to the fruits of action with pure mindset is a Karam Yogi. Without renouncing the desire for sense gratification or without renouncing the fruits of action one cannot be termed as a Karam Yogi.

Types of Karmas

• Kriyaman Karmas. Karmas which are being done by us every moment presently. The fruits of these karmas can be attained in this life, the next, or after many births.

• Sanchit karma. An accumulation of karmas from one or more past lives. We are either reaping the rewards of the past karmas of our past.

• Prarabdha Karma. It is the past karma that is being experienced by us in this birth. What we are in the form of our physical or mental attributes or what is being experienced now is due to our own past karmas.

Good action produce happiness and bad actions lead to suffering and misery in the present or next life. A person’s past actions determine our present, and our present actions have an effect on our future. It goes to show that everyone is responsible for his/her karma and the reaction thereof. In other words we are the maker of our own destiny.

A person is free to act according to his/her free will and if results too are in consonance with the karma then nobody is held responsible for it all – except the person concerned. It is also a fact that every action of ours is being assiduously screened by our Creator and hence one is responsible for good or bad karmas.

Dharma; The righteous course of action we follow for pursuing our destined goal. This goal may be religious or otherwise. If we perform that Karm by taking into consideration the code of conduct with all inclusive principles of ethical; moralistic; religious; empathy; besides keeping ourselves disciplined in following the commandments. Also; while being karma yogi work as per the natural rules because without following these we cannot be termed as karma yogis. et al lay; compassion; religious discipline; ethical and moral and all the positivities Principles we hold dear for reaching our destined goal. Dharma means ‘that which holds’ without which it is difficult to pull on in life. In other words the methods which we hold dear while doing our duties

Karma which is done with non-violence and without any selfish motive is a real dharma. It is also seen all action done with righteousness and without any shred of ego leads to good results ultimately. This dharma also is a source of eternal bliss and equanimity in our life. Karma which is done like a dharma graces us with  worldly joys and eternal bliss. Performing our karma is akin to dharma bestows us eternal happiness, strength, and tranquility for us and converts our Karmic debit into Karmic credit.




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• Harbans answered 2 years ago

Yes stress free life is possible. It is when you stop comparing with others, have some satisfaction level for anything that you have / or want to acquire, do not be zealous of others’ good fortune, do not create emergencies by your acts of omissions and commissions, do some welfare oriented work for others without expecting any return from them, you work for your own livelihood and are not dependent on others for your living.

You thank God for the bountiful natural resources like air, water etc which He has given you without
your asking. Meditate as much as you can with sincerity and dedication. All these added together will make you live a life of ‘God speed’ with no botherration at all whatsoever.

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ur answer helped me lots to lead stress free life thanks



salary raises don’t seem to keep up with the rate of inflation. My teachers told me there paychecks were a lot less 10 years ago but they were able to buy more things with the same amount of hours they work. Now they work the same amount of hours with bigger numbers on their paychecks but have lower purchasing power and must lower there standard of living compared to 10 years ago. I know business owners adjust their prices with inflation but what about lawyers and doctors? are their salaries inflation adjusted? I know the President actually makes less money than the President in the early 1800-1900s when comparing to inflation….show more

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• Harbans answered 2 years ago

Now a days no career is immune to inflation. We in the society are inter-dependent. If you provide one service or goods to other(s), you also need some other one for meeting your need. So, I am of the view that we cannot remain unaffected by the rampant inflation, in whatever profession or trade we are, it is not safe from inflation.

It is also a fact that your your satisfaction level also counts for being ‘safe’. Previously, our salary was not that much. Our propensity to buy was very limited because of limited pay in our hands. Now it has increased manifolds. If we spend judiciously then sure enough we can make do with the resources we are having. Also there are many ways of earning for a person having the knowledge of 3Rs.

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(14 FEBRUARY 2014)

Frugal and Fun Valentine's Day Gift & Date Ideas :: Southern Savers 

Valentine’s Day is celebrated on 14th February every year. There is a very popular account that a Christian saint was imprisoned and prosecuted under the Roman Law for solemnizing the marriage ceremony of soldiers who were not allowed to marry. Saint Valentinus performed the marriage of these soldiers and broke the Roman Law. There is also a legend that while being in the prison; he healed the daughter of the jailer named Asterius.

Legend have it that before he was to be executed he wrote a letter finally signing as: YOUR VALETINE to bid adieu.

May this day usher in indelible love to us all and removes doubts and differences from us all in fact without biases.



A love which dies not,
A love which sprouts without bias
A love which gives strength to all.

A love which cares not for caste, color or creed

A love which surpasses in every way we feel.

A love which paints everyone with humane brush

A love which gives a sublime love a gentle push

A love which is eternal and magical

A love which is not theatrical.

A love which asks nothing in return

A love which burns all suspicions in turn.

A love which knows only giving

A love which teaches all the true ways of living.

A love which cares not, even if the ultimate result is supreme sacrifice

A love which showers only fragrance.

Thus cleansing the polluted air around,
Spreading goodwill for all without doubt.

Which remains unchanged as time passes doubtlessly
Even slippery time puts its indelible stamp of its immortality.

Even slippery time puts its indelible stamp of its immortality.
Like the Love of Saint Valentine,
Who for love’s sake attained martyrdom,
For solemnizing marriage,
Of condemned soldiers,
For whom marriage was a bar
Under the Roman Empire law
And marrying those forbidden once to marry,
Attracted his imprisonment,
And earned ultimately martyrdom.

While in the condemned cell of a prison,
With his miraculous touch he cured the daughter of the warden,
Saint Valentine sent out a farewell letter,
With words eternal,
“From your Valentine”,
These words have become a brand,
Now for us all to express our love with a huge sprinkle of pride,
Lasting till eternity.

Harbans Khajuria





 Vasant Panchami – Basant Panjami 2012 SMS, text message, wishes ...

Our land is a land of festivals and fairs

We celebrate various events to get together

And mutually be a part of celebrations

With overwhelming brimming of emotions

To commemorate start of a season

Or in connection with a religious occasions.

Basant Panchami has religio-seasonal connotations.

A carpet of yellow mustard plants is one of the best attractions

People put on their yellow attires

And imbue themselves in natural colour

Even the food taken is coloured yellow

with saffron

Giving lively fragrance.

There is a legend attached to this festival

Brahma who is the Creator-in-Chief

Happened to see earthwards

He felt very sad on seeing the bare trees

Barren land bereft of greenery

He sprinkled some water from His enchanting jar

Lo and behold all

There appeared Goddess Sarswati

The giver of wisdom and learning

Music, art and craft and knowledge

Also termed as the goddess of Vasant Panchmi!

Lord Barahma too gifted greener to the plants in abundance

Bringing in its wake brilliance in natural sight

And verve and vigor in everybody’s life.


Yellow flowers are offered to Gods

Even our food items exhibit yellowness

With saffron strands giving yellow colour

Emitting fragrance everywhere.


People worship the musical instruments

Art, craft and all the learning mediums

For these are the gifts of Goddess Saraswati

Processions in the honour of the Goddess is taken

To implore Her to bestow us humans the wisdom

And power to find the difference between truth and falsehood

Her four hands symbolize ego, intellect, alertness and the mind

Her white dress is the symbol of purity

And loves truth of all forms

Her postures of sitting too has vast meaning.


Our humble prayers to Thee O Goddess Sarasvati

The embodiment of learning

We implore Thee to remove illiteracy

Remove ego as You are the giver of wisdom

And do imbue us all in Thy colour.









Love can make huge difference in our life

Whilst hate can make huge dent in our life.



Spouse seeing off her partner

Going to work in the morning hours

Gives a sweet departing smile

And receives back with a huge grin

With a cup of coffee steaming

Washes off all the grimness

Generated during day’s work

What it is – if not love?



At mid-night stroke

Disturbed my sleep due to noisy snores

Of my better-half

Pecked her neck with love

Resultantly earned noise free sleep

And a lovely filled hug to reminisce

Till next night for a lovely repeat

That is the love of a spouse

Even the disturbance is held high

What it is – if not love?



Whilst coming out of thy home for a morning stroll

Street dogs just come in horde and wag their tails

Dance and grunt with joy abound

Keep pace with thee till final walk is finished

Guard ye as though protecting thee

From imminent dangers lurking at the nook and corner

What it is – if not love!



In the morning hours while watering plants

The leaves just flutter – without any wind

As though giving thanks

For taking care

What it is – if not love!



Sitting in the chair

Seemingly bored and forlorn

Then the grand-child makes entry grand

Takes charge of mine just complete

A peaceful voice just emanates from within

Which washes off everything

As if it existed not ever

What it is – if not love?



While taking a bus ride

Everything was just nice

Till the driver puts sudden brakes

To save the dog that comes on the road

Fellow passenger being off guard

Receives injury in the forehead

A kerchief held tight holds the oozing blood

Then dressing and stitching of wound fellow  got healed

What it is – if not love?



Seeing the skidding of the two wheeler

Due to losing control so sudden

The lady at the pillion falls down

Receives head injury and resultant concussion

Taken to hospital and provided medical attention

Doctor proclaim the patient brought on time

Otherwise must have consequences worst

What it is – if not love?



Umpteen times thee render help

To thy fellows in distress

Or the ones who need your support

What makes difference is the timely assistance.

What is this if not love?


Finally Divine Love for all His creations

Without doubt is without any comparison

He meets our demands without asking

For He is All Knowing Being.

What it is – if not His love for us all?






Love of our Supreme Lord is for all His creations. It is seemingly more for humans because with the endowment of the special powers of differentiation, the power of discrimination between good and bad besides eternal (soul) and non-eternal (our physical body).


Humans should reciprocate His Love by showering  love to the ones who are less fortunate souls (due to one reason or the other) with a fond notion that whatever material potency we have here on this earth is due to His eternal love. We did not bring anything from our previous birth –  if there was any at all? The Lord is the rescuer of the fallen and descends into our material world through infinite manifestations in which He reveals Himself, out of His infinite love for us and to emancipate the conditioned souls. It is out of His Infinite Love and mercy for us humans that He descends in countless forms suited to annihilate the demoniac and deliver us of their evil designs besides establishing the commandments dear to Him. Supreme Lord  is love personified and He thus could be attained through unquestionable Love and not by challenges for He is unquestionable and unchallengeable Supreme Truth – brimming with Love. Recognize it and we can have His Love, question Him, He will not be understood by us.




This love of the Infinite Absolute Lord facilitates us humans to serve others in a manner suited to our faculties and capabilities. To attain the Infinite Love of the Infinite Supreme for our supreme bliss, we have to come out of our reveries and grasp the opportunity with both hands – now itself lest it may be too late. Let the love of the Supreme One rule our hearts.

Also, a showing pure love for His creations, in words and deeds,  makes it possible to get the answers of our pestering questions without asking Him for He is All Knowing Super Being. This love too helps in self emancipation, self realization and finally liberation (Moksh). Thus fact remains, He understands the language of LOVE the most.




Between Husband & Wife. As love is a strong positive emotional bond with its two components being regard and affection for each other. I shall not go into how the two souls were united in nuptial alliance (it may be through some inter-mediatory or a love marriage – love at first sight type!). But the marriage to be successful, it is a must that the edifice of a delightful relationship is only possible:


  • When we have a total belief in the dictum ‘love begets love’ and hate begets even more hate.


  • When love bond between the spouses is strong and withstands any upheaval.


  • While being in love and practicing it during the lifetime, it is also a must that spouses should pounder what the opposite of love (hate) could do to their lives! A total chaos / collapse of everything we have – indeed?


  • When ample mutual confidence and trust is there. This is possible when we share our high and low tidings with fortitude.


  • ·Respect each others’ privacy, if and when required but not at the cost of losing confidence on each other.


  • Just forget and forgive each others’ past mistakes – bury these where nobody is able to unravel.


  • Enjoy every moment (good or bad) fully. Bad moments can be enjoyed with each others’ participation – thinking that no problem is intractable with each others’ assistance. If the problem cannot be solved, just forget about the problem itself, time will solve it eventually.


  • Love each others’ drawbacks/weaknesses! But never make fun and belittle your partner for this petty thing. 


  • Never forget that we all are infallible in one way or the other. One who considers himself / herself flawless, amply shows there is something loose in that person’s system. That person cannot love others except self – can call that person conceited / eccentric.
  • If nothing works despite hard efforts, just turn to spirituality. It has mystic power of setting right any relationship.

·       Defending your spouse at all costs.


Love for the Offspring


It is commonly seen fact that parents who has a lasting love for each other, their children also grow in a positive frame of mind. Parents should imbibe the following characteristics:-

·       Received the initial love and affection in the early stages of childhood thus solidifying their base.


·       If possible, spiritual knowledge should also be taught. Children brought up in the lap of spirituality can never turn violent.


·       True meaning of love should be taught to them. Not the one which is connected with lust only.


  • Cultural and civic sense imbibed.


  • Strong sense of responsibility.


  • Value system taught to the children.


  • Power to distinguish between right and wrong.


  • Any other important point(s) which the parents would like to enlighten the young minds; suited to the family requirement.


Grand Parents.


Then there are some families in which the grant parents are also living as a family unit. We should shower special love and affection to these aged people who have seen the ups and downs in their lifetime.


  • Their lifetime experience should be taped properly for the benefit of the family as a whole.


·       They should have say in the family affairs as far as possible.


·       They should never think that they are being neglected in any manner.


  • Their blessings can make difference should never be forgotten.