Living a pressure cooker existence,

Being boiled by things,

Far from thy control,

Due to thy work,

Or snooty relationship with others,

Unmet challenges or unsolved solution,

Staring in askance at thy face,

Circumstances spinning out of hand,

Internally thy system is hard to stomach,

In the process,

Thou experience stomach ulcers,

Or hurting pains to thy system,

Everything around thee pinches,

With the assault that external factors pump in,

Really fitness level going out of gear,

When thyself is stressfully pressed.


Solution to release from stress is the only way out,

By making the internal system corrosion free,

By your own made grease,

Internal mechanism made immune,

From the blitz that outer agents make,

These agents are to be kept under house arrest,

Lest these cause internal system wreck,

Offensive handling of these is the key,

To check onslaught of these bad agents,

Whenever thee feel down and out,

Energize thy mind,

It is the powerhouse which can come to your succor,

Keep it in your control,

Willfully and forcefully throw out passivity,

Embrace calmness –  despite stumbling blocks,

Make unflinching kinship with tolerance, patience,

And ample endurance,

Thence see how this enemy in you just vanishes,

And makes you a person with vigor,

To face the world at large,

And face the facts with much fervor.