What is Self Discipline……….?

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What is Self Discipline……….?

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There are some important aspects which are of paramount important in self discipline. But before delving on that it is important that we understand the meaning of discipline. Whatever we do transact, undertake to do, we do those without diverting our attention from the coveted path, remain committed to the chosen path, putting all our faculties at our command to action. But that action oriented path should not involve anything which is unlawful or which may infringe the others’ rights.

Self discipline is one which could be done with a single mindedness, without selfish motive, with all the principles of fair play involved into action. One following these principles should be done selflessly and devotedly. Secondly, it is important that one who follows the path of self discipline, knows his innate self. He should understand that everything starts with self and end with self. Nothing is without self. If you think you are doing something, in which others interests are also involved, just think, if the same thing is done by others, what would you think? What is not liked by you, you should not do the same thing for others too.

In sef discipline, we do not distance our self from moral principles, ethics, rationality, punctuality, take into account time and space.

In fact, self disciplined person is ego less, God loving, loved by others as he is selfless, disciplined to the core, and self realized. This quality makes him adjust with any environs in which he is thrown into.


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