A desire for moon,

A wish simply wishful only,

A hope not in the realm of fulfilling,

A desire for happiness,

A futuristic hope,

Not certain to be fulfilled,

Meaning searching a small needle,

In a disheveled haystack.

May be located or not,

Remains to be seen,

Mere desire leads thee nowhere.


Desire to seek out thy Creator,

Is fraught with doubts of highest proportion,

For desire has future connotation,

A future, nobody is sure of,

And doubt leads thee neither here nor there.


Hunger for anything,

A fervent longing for something,

Being here and now,

Meaning living in the present moment,

A real one,

Quality receptivity opens its bosom,

Shutting the hostile thoughts of future,

Wishful thinking just evaporates,

Leads thee to an objective,

Thee set for thyself,

Thus longing takes thee,

To a pedestal of highest order,

For it is thy sworn friend,

Not a fair weather friend – a mere desire.