Known as Krishnashtami or sometimes merely as Janmashtami, is the day for the celebration of the birth day of Lord Krishnana – the 8th incarnation of Lord Visnu.

It falls on 8th day of Ashtami of Krishna Paksha (dark fortnight) in the month of August-September. The Lila played in the life of Krishan, His youthful days etc, is enacted and prominently displayed. This day is celebrated special in Mathura and its surrounding areas with great enthusiasm.

Krishna was the eighth son of Devaki and Vasudeva. According to the record, the birthday of Krishna falls on 19th July 3228 BCE. He belonged to Jadavas of Mathura in Uttar Pradesh.

Kansa was feeling very happy after marrying Devki to Vasudeva. While he was taking his newly wed sister and Vasudev to their home, he heard a prophecy from the heaven above that the eighth son of Devki will kill Kansa.

Legend hasA it that Kansa the elder brother of Devaki imprisoned his father Ugrasena and usurped the thrown as he was afraid of the
prophecy that he would be killed by the eighth son of Devaki. King Kansa wanted to kill his sister Devaki then and there. But Vasudeva promised the mighty king that he will hand over all his sons/daughters born out of Devaki to him. Thus Kansa imprisoned the the couple. After Kansa killed the first six children, and Devaki’s apparent miscarriage of the seventh (which was actually a secret transfer of the infant to Rohini as Balram.

Before the birth of eighth child, all the demigods entered the Kansa’s prison cell and offered prayer to Devki thus: “With your womb is the Supreme one of Godhead.” Then on the birth of his eighth Lord Vishnu ordered Vasudev to take that child to Gokul (Nandgaon) surruptiously. The new born was taken to Gokul when all prison guards were fast sleep. Even swollen river Yamuna gave way to Vasudeva with Krishna. Vasudeva was sheltered by the hoods of Sesa Nag. The bright light from Krishna’s body dissipated the darkness.

After keeping the Krishna at Gokul, Vasudeva brought Yashoda’s daughter to the prison cell. King Kansa was informed about the birth of the eighth child – a daughter. He came to the prison cell without any wastage of time. He took hold of the girl and threw her on the stone. But suddenly, she rose into the air and thundered that actually the eighth child was being brought up at Gokul! She was actually Yogmaya, the Lord Vishnu’s confidant.

Nand Maharaja, the foster father of Lord Krishna celebrated the birth ceremony of his newborn son with great joy. Everyone celebrated this day with great pump and show. mother Yoshoda showered her love on Krishna immensely.

Thereafter, Kansa called demon named Kesi and ordered him to kill both Balram and Krishan. He met his death at the hands of Krishna. A demon named Trnavarta with mystic power was dispatched but he too met his end.

Krishna and Balaram were brought up in Gokul. There Krishna enacted many of His Lilas with his Gops and Gopikas.

Thence the complaints of the women of Vrindavana to mother Yasoda that Krishna and his gops were stealing butter and yogurt from their hoses. What a lila!


When sin is in excess,
When there is sharp decline in religious practices,
When irreligious people rule the roost,
Our Beloved Lord descends,
On the earth to deliver the pious ones,
And to annihilate the offenders,
As well as to reestablish the principles,
Of religion and fairplay all around.

Born in the midnight,
To mother Devki in the confinement,
Of Damon king Kansa,
On 8th Day of the dark half of the month of Sravana,
Took place the birth of Lord Krishna,
The holiest month of the year,
Of traditional Hindu calendar,
The ferocious guards remained in deep slumber,
Oblivious what transpired in the guarded dungeon just near,
Whilst heavy downpour made the Yamuna fully swollen,
With Sheshnag providing a shelter from rain,
Yamuna swelled still further,
Ready to touch the feet of the Supreme Lord,
Lord offered His Divine Feet for Her touch,
What a TOUCH this DIVINE TOUCH must have been!
Watched with curiosity by Gods & Demi-gods from Heavens,
Then Yamuna water receded to its minimal,
Making the passage of Vasudeva easier to Gokula,
Thence He did His Divine Leela in Vrindavana,
Nandagram, Mathura and finally Dwaraka,
He mesmerized Gopis with His flute musical best,
Attracting even the cows herds in hoards,
Gayatri Mantra was initiated to the Lord by Guru Gargamuni,
And Vedic arts and sciences by Guru Sandipanimuni,
At Mathura killed many a demonic kings,
To ward off the demons threats,
Thus stopping threat looming large,
Of many a ferocious demons.

During His life time,
He married many a queens,
Rukimni being the most beautiful ones,
Love of Radha & Krishna is etched in folklores,
Will ever remain in our memories,
As the pious Love` of Divines.

Acted as a Charioteer of Arjuna,
The greatest dhanushdhari of all times,
Was the role of His in the Kurukshtra war!
Where Lord Krishna displayed His stupendous Universal Form,
When Arjuna was in doubt to fight war,
Against kiths and kins of his own,
Then the Supreme Lord delivered His famed Bhagavad Gita,
“The Song of God”,
Containing essence of Jnana,
All encompassing knowledge – Gyana.