Axiomatically, it can be said that our Creator’s acts are unpredictable. How this earth was created, how organism evolved into living being, which came first an egg or its sibling, the purpose behind our life, why difference between humans and animals is created, why humans are endowed with intelligence, and other mysterious things which are created? For these and other things we have different explanations but nobody has scientifically proven version.
It is also observed that births and deaths are controlled by Him only. Nobody can predict these; how, where and what exactly would be the time of our demise. Nature can bring about tsunami, earthquake, or other incidences whose predictions are just not possible.

Even the most invaluable gifts, without which our survival is not possible even for a moment, viz; water, air and sun light are provided for by Mother Nature free without any bias; humans, animals, plants, etc! Mother Nature granted us the gifts of seasons and bestows us the pleasure of enjoying the life with varieties of bounties like different crops, fruits, fragrance of different beautiful flowers, etc, in various seasons. Even plants are provided with sun light to covert energy for itself and for humans by the process of photosynthesis. All the organism are provided for adequately to live a life.

The universe and what it has, the galaxies, how these were created ? Void between sun, moon, earth, satellites, and other stars etc. Can we hazard a guess how these were created?

Even our body, which we nurture with every possible means at our disposal, cannot be fully understood. HOW COME, all the humans are having the same color of flesh blood, functions of our heart, lungs, lever, etc. Mind and senses its functions is really mysterious. Where we go after our death? Is it a mechanical living or do we take rebirths, do humans take births as humans or not? What is moksha? Is it possible really? Even we do not fathom how we fathom the dreams we dream while sleeping! How can we call ourselves knowing everything when we do not understand our own selves?

The above are my own perceptions, if knowledgeable ones could throw light it would be our pleasure enriching our knowledge.



In our day to day lives, we have been assigned a variety of functions. In the workplace, our charter of duties is well codified. We have no alternative but to work as per these assigned duties. If due to any reason, we are not able to live up to the expectations of our employers in transacting our enunciated duties, we are in for trouble. The result may be in the form of Warnings, Explanations, if that is also not agreed to / not accepted, Inquiry and final decision on our career. Losing career during these days of depression /deceleration / slump in business is not a rocket science to be understood!
Losing job means, losing means of livelihood, losing an opportunity to feed those dependent on you.
Similar is the case when we do not shoulder our responsibilities as a responsible member of the family. Be it elder of the family, offspring or any other relation(s) on whose shoulders the very existence of the family goes on. If one member acts with irresponsibility, that person is convinced or coerced to act as per the set cultural mores of the family. If that person just does not listen, then, result is anybody guess. It is similar to the fence eating away the crop itself!
Interestingly, just think, when a single member, the bread-winner exhibits inaction in his duties as a responsible member of the household? In this type of scenario, God is the protector of that household. The person concerned will be in troubled waters thus affecting the very fabric and survival of that family. This family is just standing on the termite eaten pillar with no life left. It can totter anytime under its own weight and in the process give pain to the entire household.
In the same way, inaction in our forward journey in spiritual aspects will lead us just nowhere here on this earth and even after death and subsequent rebirth, we will face a troubled future because of our karmas.
With this intention in view, I have written a poem titled,

“Inaction speaks more than action”

Certain duties towards the fellows of our own,

You certainly have to sweat for from morn till evening,

In the process withstanding anguish and pain,

Taunts and flaunts, et al

Act you must,

So that you stand to gain,

In your status as time passes on,

Inaction in performance of your duties assigned,

Is like a slow poison,

Which nobody wants taking,

Resulting in eating away your job you got so hard,

And with it all that is cherished.

Likewise inaction in the family of your own,

Will make you lethargy and,

Finally your own dear ones,

Will inwardly call you a person with guts,

But gutless in action.

Inaction in spiritual upward march,

Leads to directionless life on the soil here,

And after earth’s sojourn,

A troubled birth next.

O Creator of ours,

Make us action oriented,

So that we transact everything,

With utmost sincerity,

And with the best results for us,

And our dear ones around.


Why Happiness is elusive?

Why Happiness is elusive?

It would be in the fitness of thing to know as to what is ‘happiness’. It is different for different people. Many a people whose choice is a ‘maximizer’ one, that person’s eyes are set at a higher pedestal of wellbeing. He is not satisfied if he does not get what he wants and in order to get that level of satiety, he perforce does everything that is in his power to get the same. If his efforts are fructified, well he is satisfied and feels happy. But this satisfaction is only momentarily. In my view, that person is satisfied in relation to the previous set satisfaction level. As his first want is fulfilled, his satisfaction level just takes upward swing. He sets his eyes at another level; this may be that that person has started comparing his level with others in his neighborhood. Then he sets to get his new set level fulfilled. If he gets that through his internal resources it is alright but sometimes he uses other means, may be those means are illegitimate. It may be, he may be successful in duping others to get the resources for aggrandizing his need once but it cannot be for every time. The whirlpool or cesspool of his wants has not decreased even a bit; the greed has really taken over him. And with this new found status that person becomes heady. He may have indulged in all sort of bad habits like drinking heavily, smoking, gambling and may be the worst of worst taking drugs. This is the downfall of every status. That person is not of any use to his family, to his society and finally he is his own enemy number one. He is neither here nor there. Physically afflicted with many diseases like hypertension, blood-pressure, sugar, and what not associated with unethical lifestyle. He is not able to eat his meals even properly because the different diseases inhibit him from doing so. What is the use of new found status symbol when that person is not able to eat for his body what he has earned using all sorts of means all over his life? Can his life be a happy one and is not this situation created by him only?

What is required by us to live a peaceful life. We require simple of whatever one likes; morning breakfast, lunch and dinner for the night and a few snacks if need be and what we need to drap body, some good dresses and boots for the feet. The others requirements can be taken care of if we place a limit on them – with firm resolve this far and no further attitude. Adopting right attitude without much comparing with those you come across is the answer for a permanent happiness.

Just ask those in their privacy to those who are associated with you and have acquired status, whether with everything at their beck and call are they happy? If they are honest with you, you will get a right answer.

It has also been experienced that you’re sources of wealth and how you got also counts. If you earned that legitimately, that acquired money will yield high dividends to you because that is your hard earned wealth. That sort of money when used on your children education and on their upbringing will bring you highest return. Your children will also imbibe you and your ways of living and surely not adopt some other illegitimate ways to accommodate resources and they will not disappoint you in the long run.

Secondly, happiness is also elusive also because we fritter away our latent energy on unwanted and unwarranted pursuits during our life time. We do not know much about our own self. It should never be forgotten that we are having a vast reservoir of innate power which if tapped properly can bring you high dividends in the form of concentrated work that you perform in your day to day work and finally knowing ‘self’ means knowing much about soul. We remain, in our entire life, looking after our body and its need but have just forgotten that we are basically a spirits. Body will just be mixed into dust but our spirit has remained with us from one births to another along with the deeds (karmas) and misdeeds (nishkarmas) we do.

Knowing self will also make us happy because you will running your life as per ‘God ordained speed’ and not running a ‘rat race’. That spiritual life will make much difference not only for this life but for coming ones too. You can also change your bad karmas into good ones by following the right course.

Control your desires and you will see much difference in you and your lifestyle. Set you’re your satiety level and not on the influences of others because it is you only who is responsible for your deeds and misdeeds.


A desire for moon,
A wish simply wishful only,
A hope not in the realm of fulfilling,
A desire for happiness,
A futuristic hope,
Not certain to be fulfilled,
Meaning searching a small needle,
In a disheveled haystack.
May be located or no?
Remains to be seen,
Mere desire leads thee nowhere.

Desire to seek out thy Creator,
Is fraught with doubts of highest proportion,
For desire has future connotation,
A future, nobody is sure of,
And doubt leads thee neither here nor there.

Hunger for anything,
A fervent longing for something,
Being here and now,
Meaning living in the present moment,
A real one,
Quality receptivity opens its bosom,
Shutting the hostile thoughts of future,
Wishful thinking just evaporates,
Leads thee to an objective,
Thee set for thyself,
Thus longing takes thee,
To a pedestal of highest order,
For it is thy avowed friend,
Not a fair weather friend – a mere desire.



Greed, jealousy, deceit, conceitedness et al are the enemies of us humans. It is difficult to eradicate these evils from our system so easily. It has been seen that greed has virtually seeped into our system and eating the vitals of our society. We want to have everything so as to raise our status in the society. This may be by taking somebody legitimately earned possessions. We sometimes tend to adopt different stratagems to possess what is not ours. This may be by deceit, by fraudulent means and what not. Even in our families, different methods such as emotional blackmail, treachery etc. is being adopted by different members of the house-hold to lay hand on a share which is legitimately not theirs. This is a real tragedy.

Greed is a handicap in our way for spiritual forward journey and when so called awaked personage does this then God is our savior. With this intention in mind, I have penned down a poem titled: Greed. Please go through and offer your kind comments because I get fillip in my spirits through your comments.


Whatever is mine remains mine for ever,

Ask questions? Never!

Whatever is yours can certainly turn into mine,

Ask questions and face tune of life time.

Snatching by default or through treachery so hideous,

That the victim remains oblivious,

Of what happened at what time?

Where to and how a person is plundered,

Of his lifetime possessions earned.

Sometimes his bank account is siphoned slowly,

By the persons responsible for its safety,

Other times a relation so dear transfers house property in his name,

Not giving even slight inkling of this action so despicable,

And sometime through emotional blackmail of highest order,

Adopting ways that even a notorious conman may feel ashamed,

Alas! this has become a commonplace incident in almost every household,

Virtually throwing the hapless victim to elements outside,

Leaving him without even a safe shelter against sun and rain,

Greed of some has graduated to such a degree,

That for money’s sake some take others’ life,

As though their heart is bereft of any hurt.

O our Creator so dear to all,

Your succor is immensely needed by one and all,

Fill our people with abundant virtue in abundance,

So that natural tendencies of pity,

And goodwill prevails in all human beings.

And rid them of greed.



It has been seen that we are in the habit of making irrational and unethical comparisons with others without knowing our own self fully. We compare our material possessions, spiritual awakening, intelligence et al. By doing so, we neither do justice to yourself nor to others – consequently a life full of confusion results. With this intention in view, I have penned down a poem titled, Comparison, please comment because your comments guide me to write more on varied subjects.


Likening thy social status,

With the social standings of those,

Who earned it putting their everything at stake,

And resorting to create means,

By embracing ways most demeaning,

To meet the mirage of standards,

Leading to heartburns,

And sac-full of hurts,

To thee and the people most dear.

Comparing thy mental capabilities,

With those with more abilities,

Earned by burning mid night oil,

And losing self to gain infamy fame,

Adoption of shortcuts leading to vicious circle,

Resulting in falling into quagmire of thy own making.

Comparing thy spiritual reach out,

With the Spiritual Gurus of repute,

But themselves doing precious little to know,

Thy own self!

Delve deep into your own self,

And know thyself finally,

Knowing self means knowing everything else.

Thus ending the unending willingness for comparisons.