Relationship plays an important role in our life. It means we are connected with one another for getting our things done. It is because one cannot do everything on his / her own. Connection is of paramount importance for us all. This relationship is with our Creator, with our parents, with our peer group / friends circle, with our close relations- wife / husband, brothers / sisters. with others who though are not related with us but play a role in our life in one way or another. This goes to show that to be successful and to do our do duties variously, we require the assistance of our different people at different times. Relationship is based on give-and-take. It is not in fact a single way traffic. Both parties have to show accommodation and compatibility in order that the relationship ticks. Only our relationship with GOD is one way traffic. You love Him or not still he loves us.


Our connection with our Creative Lord,

Indeed defies logic,

He showers His love,

Whether thee reciprocate it or not,

Makes difference naught,

Provides with His bounties to one and all,

And if thou reciprocate His love with prayer and good deeds,

He cleanses thy misdeeds (nishkarma),

And gives a permanent abode,

In His warmest Heart for all times to come (Moksha).

Relationship that we enjoy with our parents,

Too is too close to make mention in words,

Due to them we open our eyes & see this enchanting world,

Due to them we enjoy the bounties of Mother Nature.

Mother tends us in her womb till birth,

Suffering pangs without even a demur,

And after birth that you become worth,

She gives her everything she held dear,

So that you earn name and fame in future.

Relationship of husband and wife ought to be on rock solid base,

Bumps on the road in life are to be jumped over with ease,

Lest these bumps take a tardy turn for the worst,

A relation based on concrete connectivity has concrete life span,

And can hold-up any blitz from enemy within between the two,

Creeping differences ought to be nipped in the bud with mutual agreement.

With equal respect to each at stake,

Sliding other can slide the train of relationship,

And not kept simmering till becoming uncontrollable,

Attend the hair-line-crack from becoming a hole gaping,

A soft but firm hug can debug bugging relation,

And make serviceable the bad connection.

Then bad-mouthing by the duo,

And standing on formal ceremony by the two,

Can have an unkind end result,

And put a final peg on the casket,

Of relationship that exists.

Consider, nobody has ever won argument,

For a win-win situation keep your head clear,

And sometimes agree to disagree in a soft manner,

To iron out differences if those bedevil ever,

Here ‘Time’ will certainly be thy rescuer.

Forget not winking each other to make the life bit a silky route,

But not hoodwinking and make it a slippery road to nowhere.

Self conscious but not unconscious of the emotions of other,

Creeping problems not to be slept over,

Lest these spin out of control,

And embitter the sweet relation.



There are things in life which need not be kept alive in your memory – be it be your own ones to whom you held dear and ditched you. Even the friends, your own possessions, your own body, et al. If anybody or anything you hold to be indispensable part, just does not come to your assistance, you should not lament – just forget it all and start the life afresh. It is because our Creator is always there to provide and meet our demands if we want Him in our life. Yes he is more near to us than we are near to our own body. Just seek His help and it will be proved straightaway.

Who told forgetting is NOT BAD?

Forgetting the loved ones,
Ye tendered with utmost care once,
Sheltering him while withstanding more,
The sun’s glare of the summer noon without demure.

A friend who banked on you,
In thick and thin every now and then,
Thee met his needs when called for,
Whence ye need him the most,
He shows ye his back,
Just forget it.

A weapon which you oiled much,
For your safety from agents inimical,
Out of the blue it failed,
When ye needed it the most,
Just forget it.

Your earnings in the bank,
Bankrolled in the account book,
But when needed in crisis,
Failed thy want test.
Just forget it.

Thy own bodily reflexes,
On cues of which you prided the most,
Fail you,
When situation demanded the most,
Just forget it.

A bad dream coming true,
Badly impacts thy day’s routine,
Just forget it.

A stranger who shows ye,
The way amidst thy bad patch,
Just embrace him,
With all his baggage.
Do not forget it.




A love which dies naught,
A love which springs without bias,
A love concerns not for ‘I’, or ‘me’ but we,
A love which cares not for caste, color or creed,
A love which paints everyone with humane brush,
A love which is eternal and magical,
A love which asks nothing in return,
A love which knows only giving,
Cares not, if supreme sacrifice is the result of that benevolence.

A love showering fragrance,
Thus cleansing the polluted air around,
Spreading goodwill for all,
Which remain unchanged as time passes on,
Even slippery time puts its indelible stamp of its immortality.

Like Saint Valentine’s Love,
Who for love’s sake attained martyrdom,
For solemnizing marriage,
Of condemned soldiers,
For whom marriage was a bar,
Under the law of Roman Empire,
And marrying those forbidden once to marry,
Attracted his imprisonment,
And earned martyrdom.

A love showering of fragrance,
Thus cleansing the polluted air around,
Spreading goodwill for all,
Which remain unchanged as time passes on,
Even slippery time puts its indelible stamp of its immortality.
Like Saint Valentine’s Love,
Who for love’s sake attained martyrdom,
For solemnizing marriage,
Of condemned soldiers,
For whom marriage was a bar,
Under the law of Roman Empire,
And marrying those forbidden once to marry,
Attracted his imprisonment,
And earned martyrdom.

While in the condemned cell of a prison,
With his miraculous touch he cured the daughter of the warden,
Saint Valentine sent out a farewell letter,
With words eternal,
“From your Valentine”,
These words have become a brand,
Now for us all to express our love with a sprinkle of pride,
Lasting for ever and ending never.

Harbans Khajuria

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How Do You Socialize With People?

I’m not really good at socializing on a normal level. Can someone give me and idea of what that’s like?
1 day ago
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Harbans Lal

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The following things ought to be taken into account in order to become normal:socialized person:-

1/ just act normal.

2/ do not beat about the bush while introducing your status or position. If the other party understands it is better if not just think that that person is not fit for you.

3/ Your standing in the eyes of others depends upon your own credibility – your position, your knowledge, your own attitude and sincerity of purpose.

4/ Socializing is mostly dependent upon give-and-take. Sometime you hae to withstand slides and intimidation’s but take it with a pinch of salt and go on.

5/ Time is a great healer. It should never be forgotten that with time everything heals. Relationships change with time. But patients is the key.

6/ Socialisation is a two way traffic. If you want to make friendship with somebody and that person is not concerned and not serious, then it cannot go on. Just change tag and seek alternatives.

7/ be adaptive to the change. Never have ill-conceived ideas or ideals.

It should never be forgotten that eerything starts with you and ends with you. If nothings works despite your best efforts. Just be satisfied with your own company. You have your own internal source in yourself. Just exolore it and see the difference.


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1 day ago

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Wear a smile and just be a nice person. There is not one person on this planet that will sincerely say they hate nice people.
1 day ago
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Don’t try to be normal be yourself people like weird people more then they do normal people
1 day ago
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Destiny smiles on us,
When we mix smile with sweat of our brow,
Admixture of smile with sweat streamlines our work culture,
With oneness of purpose at our disposal,
Results in provision of resources,
To meet our needs in our life.
God smiles on us,
When we seek His attention,
Through sincere but passionate prayers,
He bestows us with everything,
That we need for our survival,
Resulting in contented but lasting smile,
And finally liberates us from the unending,
Cycle of birth and death,
And keeps us in His receptive bosom.
Smile on the face of a tiny tot,
Makes us reciprocate on the same spot.
Our reading of smile differs,
As our perceptions differ.
For some, it is a hallow expression,
For others, it is vital inner emotion,
Some just smile on all / odd occasions,
Proving some screws of his mind cap has gone amiss,
For some, smile is inner pain reflection,
Sometimes smile show suspicious behavior,
Other times, smile is hidden inside a smile,
Some smile with snarl, with teeth exposition,
Showing on the surface anger & confusion,
Smile emote fear and sometimes wit,
Then smile of a stranger is usually unfathomable,
Smile may be receptive or deceptive,
God knows for sure.
O God fix an indelible positive smile in all of us,
So that that smile could become contagious,
And spreads like wildfire everywhere.
Harbans Khajuria



A marriage to be successful, it is of paramount important that both the wife and husband consider themselves equals. It is just like wheels of a bike, if one wheel is shorter and the other one bigger, it cannot go for a shorter distance even. If one party considers himself / herself more than the other one then sure enough the alliance cannot go longer. The following points are a must for a successful marriage:-

1. A person should respect other partner’s sentiments – not to be abusive hurting her in the bargain.

2. If he is not able to be honest in relationship with his own wife, then, why he should expect that his other partners could be honest with him and not cheat on him in relationship.

3. In social gatherings, he should show respect for his spouse.

4. He must be cheating before marriage but after marriage he should not do so for the sake of his marriage.

5. In the parties, he should act in a manner which is socially acceptable. Not to stoop so low and swayed by the flashy looks of other ladies even in the company of his wife.

6. In the parties, he should not shun his wife for others. This will create ill-will and wedge in the relationship.

7. Social etiquette’s have to be maintained in all public appearances.

8. He should not think women only for satisfaction of his sex needs but should need her for his well-being for a happy living.

9. Marriage to be successful, it is a must that both the spouses sort out their differences in the privacy of their household and not to portray and publicise them for everyone to see and make a mockery of the marriage as an institution.

10. If one partner behaves and does not want to refine himself / herself then sure enough the that marriage cannot last long.