Mother Nature works under varieties of Laws,

Which, we humans are constrained to follow,

If not in sync with Nature’s Rules,

Thence we have to face the music,

For its transgression,

No excuse of IGNORANCE can come to our rescue for our actions!


Ignorance of the rules of Laws of the Land,

If we break with impunity at our command,

Doubtlessly can land us in trouble,

And we’ve to be ready to pay a heavy price,

Here again, ignorance of Laws holds no defence,

No escape route accepted of not knowing rules,

Sundry excuses give no solace in execution of justice.


O our benevolent Creator,

We beg for your succour,

Help eradicate the darkness of ignorance from our midst,

With Your LIGHT – powerful the most,

So that we learn to respect Nature’s Laws,

And the Laws of the Land in which we live.





BIBLE: Then said Jesus about IGNORANCE to all those present : Father, forgive them; for they know not what they do. ..

Qur’an says “turn away from the ignorant.”

The ignorant work for their own profit, the wise work for the welfare of the world, without thought for themselves. BHAGWAD GITA



Ignorance is defined as want of information or lack of knowledge about a subject matter or a state of badly informed. This lack of information may be due to our own lack of effort or somebody may not have apprised conveyed the relevant information. For example in an organization, when due to some miscommunication, we remain oblivious / unaware about important information which otherwise have huge implications on the future of the organization, this ignorance although unintentional could spell doom for further growth of that organization. On its face value, although this sort of ignorance may seem innocuous yet the consequence which it entails is enormous. This intentional or unintentional keeping somebody in dark (ignorance) is due to somebody else. But we cannot always place our ignorance at others’ doorsteps – if due care and caution are exercised then we can always remain well-informed.


In our day to day discourse or interaction, we come across people who intentionally feign ignorance about a subject matter even though they are well aware. We’ve to remain cautious about such people.


We marvel at the state of present-age knowledge revolution which is making round around the world today. With the click of a button, we can enlighten / educate ourselves on the variety of subjects in comparison with what we used to have in not so distant past. How best we can use this knowledge revolution and remove our ignorance depends on an individual’s initiative and drive.


It has been observed that in our zeal to have easy connectivity with our God, we adopt some frivolous methods like wholesome offerings at the Altar or to the priest, chant our prayers just mechanically where there is disconnect between head and heart. This shows our utter ignorance that our Creator being Omniscient and Omnipotent wants nothing but our sincere love to answer our prayers.


We resort to all negative tendencies like smoking, drinking, greed for worldly possessions etc, thereby losing our true identity and adopting brute-like behavior without thinking about the disastrous long term implications. Also, in order to be rich overnight, we resort to gambling. All must have seen the pitiable plight of those who gamble away their everything including their dwellings which offer shelter to them! We all know the state of Pandavas (in Mahabharta) when they lost their everything, one after another including their lovely wife (Dropti) in gambling to deceptive Shakuni. Not that we are ignorant of the consequences of our ill-conceived Karma, but still we do it. All this could be termed as SELF DESTRUCTIVE IGNORANCE.


Then there are old beliefs, we continue following even ignoring about their consequences. There are beliefs in some communities there are rampant practice of throwing / dropping the babies from a height (in Maharashtra, India), ritual of running of bulls (in Spain and Africa), ritual killing (though banned now but being practiced in some parts of the world) etc. Ritualistic traditions, which on the face of all, seem bizarre yet these are prevalent. These traditional practices are followed, not that we are not knowing about their consequences – a height of ignorance indeed and funny side of it all is that these are repeated despite their ill-effects!


In Bhagwat Gita it has rightly been said: As the heat of a fire reduces wood to ashes, the fire of knowledge burns to ashes all karma. Including, of course our ignorance.

The Path of Knowledge can enlighten and dissipate darkness of ignorance.

We are aware that knowledge enhances our intellect besides enlightening and removing our ignorance. Age limit is no limiting factor for acquiring knowledge. Training of senses (hearing, seeing, touching, tasting and smell) is the main thrust of an individual. At every step of life, there is learning experience. We can take assimilate or not depends on our own free will – just negating what is not appropriate. Discarding what is immoralistic, unethical and contrary to Natural and Native Laws. During our life’s twists and turns, when we come across any negatively oriented phenomenon or an event where our honour is at stake, we can pull our steps back thinking that what adds to our negative Karma should be shunned out-rightly. Thus what we want to acquire and what not depends partly on our freewill and partly the situation in which we are placed. Not this – not this (Niti – niti) should be the true philosophy.


It should never be forgotten; we should not be deceived by Maya of what shines outwardly, like worldly possessions or mesmerized by external attractiveness by somebody or something being impermanent, can lead us astray. It should be kept in mind that knowledge which is positive and leaves a permanent imprint on us is eternal in nature, and could stand any test of ‘time’ thrown on us. Positive approach is a way forward for positive know-how to remove the ignorance from our midst.

Jnana yoga is termed as the yoga of knowledge where our efforts in getting self awareness and equip ourself with ways and means to know about how to connect with our Creator besides the knowhow about our Soul (Atman). Here too we’ve to know what is eternal and what is temporary. Leaving the momentary pleasure giving and taking in real ones. The sweetness of our relation with our Creator is realized when we remove all the slush from our midst, offer our prayers with utmost sincerity; but taking into account that duality is deceptive (in this snake and rope – both seem similar) while we’re pursuing the idea of removing the scourge of IGNORANCE.


Wherever the mind wanders, restless and diffuse in its search for satisfaction without, lead it within; train it to rest in the Self. Bgagwad Gita

Our senses are the via-media to develop our mind, intellect and body. Positive approach besides positive actions pave the way, we can ascertain what is real and what is unreal for us besides knowing our limitations of our body and mind besides our eternal soul. Not knowing the eternal nature of our soul, we continually remain living in delusion. By knowing the permanency of our soul (bring pure, perfect and free); which neither dies nor ever born. After having known the truth, we can easily live with the idea of; as you can think so we become. It can better be said, knowing the true nature of our soul, we can attain what we want and remove the INTRINSIC IGNORANCE FROM OUR MIDST.


From the above, we can conclude that ignorance is a dark spot in our life and we should make concerted efforts for removing the same for enlightenment and living a balanced and purposeful life.







God’s creations are really unique

Some are the powerhouses of knowledge

While others having the just ordinary origin

With their self critical & analytical mindset

And self introspection with sincerity

Know their weaknesses and strengths aplenty

Try getting rid of their weaknesses

With self will and inner prowess

They invented things

Thus changing the lives of humans

Amongst them is Newton

The celebrated master in physics

Chemistry and astronomy – so to say

But being the son of a simple farmer!

Graham Bell the inventor of telephone

Which changed the concept of connectivity

Which today we all flaunt with pride

While Konrad Zuse invented first computer

Which could be programmed

Thomas Savery invented the steam engine

Camera by celebrated Joseph Nicephse

Sewing machine by a French – simple tailor!

But those who fret and fume at criticism

Just fail to make perceptible mark in life

And end up incognito

Such is the name of the game called self criticism.



More often than not whenever somebody criticises us on something or points a finger at us; we itch for paying that individual back in the same coin or may be with more ferocity and try twist somebody’s arm of that individual. It goes to show that we tend to be very touchy and think ourselves holy cow as far as our criticism is concerned.

We are aware that humans are endowed with the unique trait of differentiation. But sometimes this characteristic is not used judiciously partly due to excessive ego or entrapped / enslaved by some psychological deformities or habits like intoxicants or lust which is not easy to be ridden easily. It is through self criticism /self introspection spelling out our weak and strength dispassionately that we can get rid of these weaknesses. Here inner power will make it possible to eradicate these evils.

Self Criticism and Self Realization

Mental and physical abnormalities could be cured through self realization through self appraisal/self analysis and then attack bad characteristics which are slowly but surely eating the vitals of our body and soul besides these defects are playing havoc with our happiness and further march in spiritual life. The psychological deformities could only be cured through inner strength which could be cultivated by leading a worthwhile life bereft of negative trait like greed; anger; covetousness; deceit; etc and that is meaningfully attained through self realization. Spirituality is the answer to all the drawbacks that an individual is having. Will power is the cosmic energizer in true sense of terms. This cosmic energy is not acquired from the physical body but from the invisible source (our God). The true nature of our ‘self’ is attained if there is coordination between body and spirit. And this all could be attained if we know SELF fully. This self could be made purified by taking in all the bitter pills of criticisms from ourselves; from others with an intention that those who ctiticise us are not our enemies but our well wishers. Also those who gloss over/ignore our weaknesses are our enemies.

It should always be kept in kind that we always learn from criticism and not from appreciation. Sometimes self confession too serves the purpose. This sincere confession of a fault-line / drawback at the Altar gives a spiritual twist.

A person afflicted with self destructive bad tendencies hallow us from within us consequently sapping our inner energy in the process. Now at this critical juncture what is the solution which offers us the way out. It is merely self criticism that is to point out things or single out things which are taking us to self destructive course every second. We have to attack our own beliefs; thoughts; behaviour; actions and deeds; actions and reactions thereof; etc.

All sorts of learning could be meaningful only if we use that learning in the day to day life. A knowledge which has no applicability is no knowledge at all. If somebody points out our fault; then we should take it as a healthy criticism. Criticism may seem unwholesome initially but it has wholesome results ultimately. Subjecting the gold into fire intensively results in removing the last shred of impurity from it. It could be termed as baptized by fire. It is just like taking a bitter pill for removing the dormant disease in our body. Following a percept at hand with critical thought makes it possible for us to chaff out the ill-conceived thoughts and fill the empty portion with healthy and wholesome thoughts; which are better both for individual concerned and the people around him.

An organisation which critically appraises the status of the project at hand and tightens up the nuts and bolts loosened during the interim period that are found out could improve the chances of its success. Similarly a Government which makes mid-term appraisal of plan at hand for its execution and sees what steps are required to improve upon the performance meets with success ultimately. Policy paralysis with no control results in complete breakdown of the country. Even now there are some countries who encourage self-criticism for giving overall health/fillip of the country concerned country.







What is the limit of the evil that humans can take recourse to. As things stand an evil doer just does not desist following this obnoxious course – just infinitum! The way the people are following this course now-a- days goes to prove that. Take for example the rape and murder cases of hapless girls in Badaun Village in UP state in the recent past and the response of the authorities that be – also not less criminal. And what about the criminal neglect on the part of the law enforcement agencies to hand out justice to the criminals? Just cruel – nothing else. Where has our conscience gone and whereto we are heading to?

Evil doer transforms and graduates to be a hardened criminal from petty crime. This chain of crimes just goes unhindered. That person gets a sinister satisfaction when he gives pains to others. His goal in life is to inflict pain to others by all means. In this he adopts any strategy that is possible to garner false satisfaction. His evil design goads him to go to any limit for he does not have total control over his senses and his evil acts just goes on. Such person(s) should actually be identified and punishment meted to him/them commensurate with the criminal act(s) perpetrated.

Inspite of being scorned the person concerned ought to be pitied and if possible should be coaxed and forced so that he adopts and follows correct path.

We have the example of Sant Valmiki – the writer of Ramayana who was a wicked robber – with no pity for pity for his victims. While robbing one of his victims; a man of wisdom himself; the person in question asked him two questions:

  1. For whom do you commit this henious crimes?
  2. Will your family members share the consequence part of the crime you commit or have committed till date?

He was very curious to know the answer from his wife. He immediately went to his home and asked his wife the two questions. She replied pointblank that to support her and his familial life was the responsibility of Valmiki as such he was himself liable to suffer the pangs of his unethical acts of omissions and commissions. If he commits thievery or robs from others to support the family it was his bad karma not their!

Hearing these answers he felt dismayed and went straight to the person concerned. Valmiki prayed him for redeeming him from the predicament/critical situation. The saint anyhow wanted to get rid of this man and told to chant maran maran….thinking that it will not be easy for criminal to concentrate on God. Straight away Valmiki started chanting these MARAN MARAN……and the mantra straightened into RAM..RAM…RAM after repeated chants and thus surrendered himself to LORD RAMA. By doing so he transformed himself to be the lovable Shri Rama’s Bhakata and then authored Ramayana which is his gift to us all! It goes to show how a wicked person could transform into pious one if intention springs from heart.

Demon King Ravana was one of the most popular Lord Shiva’s Bhakta besides being known for his mastery in Vedas. Despite all the good qualities he was possessing; Ravana had his dark side too which was amply made clear many a times. Firstly he antagonized Lord Shiva by asking for Golden Lanka (which He had got constructed for His family’s habitation) and had received boons for increasing his prowess. He wanted to be immortal and wanted to increase the powers of his demon race. He did everything to subjugate other kings and in the process his wickedness went from bad to worst so much so that he abducted Maan Sitajee! That was the saturation point of the wickedness. The battle that followed is known to us all. In this battle wicked king Ravana along with his brothers and others too lost their lives.

The wickedness of Dharyodana in Mahabharta is also a stark reality. To what limit/degree our wickedness and greed can go on is amply made clear in Mahabharta. When the evil reached its zenith there was a battle between the armies of Kauravas and Pandavas in which all the hundred sons of Dhrithrashtra met their end and also the evil with them. It also goes to show that when evil is heightened to its maximum limits God incarnates. Here Lord Krishna (incarnate of Lord Vishnu) sided with Pandavas and established truth.

Even now also there are the people who excel in evil and they take pride in following this path. In order to get their desires fructified these Adharmi perform inhuman act and could go to any length. Their evil designs do not end but take an upward movement and in the process many people get victimized for no fault of theirs.

Evils Design


Limitless are the acts of criminals

They graduate from petty crimes

It’s not merely their conscious mind

Their inner self is too coloured dark; we find

Their daily record of greed

Goes upwards

For name and fame

Status and attachment

Can go to any limit

God deliver us from criminal designs

From our midst so that Thy rule is held supreme.





There is a super rich woman who lives in a mansion and she drives a brand new Porsche 911, a Mercedes Benz convertible, owns lots of nice leather and latex coats, jackets, pants, skirts, boots, dresses, catsuits and gloves, she also gets to go on lots of nice vacations around the world and loves to get together with her super rich friends, she also owns a vacation house located on the beach

I really hope that her life in Heaven will be a trillion times better than what it is here on Earth cause that’s what I want Heaven to be, I’d love to live a life similar to this woman here on Earth and I hope I’ll get to live her earthly lifestyle in Heaven along with so much more…show more

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• Harbans Lal answered 2 years ago
Everyone reaps the harvest which he / she sows, You cannot get what you have not done for as a Karna (your action) in your previous life (if you believe in reincarnation and by extension karma philosophy). If she is enjoying her life style here, she must have done very good karma that is why she is having this lifestyle.

Heaven is a place where we are near to our Creator and that can hardly be compared with any place anywhere. Here on this earth, heaven or hell depends on you. You can set the satisfaction standard and enjoy the given fruits with that satisfaction. Contentment is a relative term. The lifestyle apart, there may be something lacking in her which you are having in abundance. It is because our Lord knows how to equate every individual.

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In many ways than one our home and body are inter-related. Both have to be tended; attended and looked after in their entirely for keeping these fine-tuned for optimum utility. If every shortcoming is not attended too on time these two will dysfunction and that will be a dooms day for us. Both are essential for our security; for upholding of moral values; for all development – physical and spiritual.


Home is a place where we get physical and emotional security. It is a place where our love ones live together and share our good and bad moments. Here even those who cannot contribute anything financially because of certain physical disability etc too get the same respect and accommodation in every respect. It means every members of the household gets security. Even our pets are given their due place in our homes.

Every time we go out for some errand or for meeting some commitment we would like to be in our home and hearth in the company of our nears and dears. If the period of absence is short it is bearable and if it is more then we sometimes feel ‘homesick’. But fact remains we are always attracted towards it. It hardly matters if it is spacious or a small one. Ones home is a sweet home for all intends and purposes.

We pool our resources earned over a period of time in order to construct our house. First of all we sanctify the place where we want to construct our house. Here we invoke God by praying Him for His association with everything – starting from its construction to bestowing the member of the household His bounties for bestowing harmony and prosperity to the members of household. The house is then transformed into a home when we shower our love and affection for our love ones. There is a profoundest prayer to Him to to shower his blessings in order to keep the relationships between members warm for a peaceful and cooperative living.


Our body provides protection to inner organs of our body. It has rightly been said: ‘Sound mind dwells in sound body’. It means if the body is healthy the mind can function smoothly. When all five senses are functioning in right earnest it can be a big asset. This cohesive working of five senses as a unit will make difference in the working of other parts of body.

• Brain. Our brain is the controller of our thinking; our intelligence or otherwise; depends on its development. A storehouse of information.

• Heart. It is one of the important constituents of our body. It pumps oxygen rich blood to other parts of our body and purifies the used blood. It is a treasure house of our soft feelings and an Abode of our Lord.

• Lungs . Breaths in O2 and breaths out CO2 from our system besides performing other functions. These control the breathing system of our body.

• Liver. It is largest glandular organ or our body that receives 1/4th % of the blood pumped by the heart in a single beat. It has other important functions also. It is imaging that even if its 75% part is dysfunctional it can still work!

Then there are other parts of the body like kidneys; stomach; intestines; digestive system; testicles; veins besides our skin which protects our internal system of our body etc.

It can rightly be said that our home and our body are essential for our day-to-day functioning but also are important for our spiritual forward march.

With this intention in mind; I have penned down a poem entitled:


Our home is our habitation
We’ve our own hand in its construction
Erected brick by brick put together
Emotions and toils admixture
With money earned honestly
Weathering every moment stormy
To make a home sweet home
It provides us security and comfort
Whilst emotions get frayed
With the onslaughts of our own
Who knows our soft vein.

Home is that holy place where we dwelt
Which is every inch closer to our heart
The most prized possession of our life time
It gives the feeling of belongingness
A pain healer for our tattered emotions.

Feels homesick when away from it
A man feels its necessity the most
Whence he possesses it not

Living entities are part of Lord’s potencies
Inferior potencies and superior ones
The superior potency is spiritual in nature
Connected with Atma or our real character
Inferior potencies are gross
Related with earth; water; fire; air & ether
And subtle constituents
Are mind; ego and intelligence.

Our body is made up of different organs
Each one performing different functions
If of these one malfunctions
The others feel its pangs.

Mind controls the five senses
If one sense goes astray
The other ones get disarray.

Heart pumps oxygenated blood
To other parts of body non-stop
And takes back deoxygenated blood
For purification and thence reuse.

Heart which is filled with soft feelings
It knows how to heal the hurt
Being centre of Divine Love
Get eternal peace
If we surrender ourselves unconditionally




Tree with roots

Roots support tree’s body
Provide necessary foods
That its body needs
For sustaining
Strength for standing
Dead body tissues replacing
Themselves deep earth entrenching
Its tentacles still deeper spreading
Even rocky beds piercing
Sometimes getting
Severe down under beating
Sometimes small stones curling
As mother cuddling
Her most dearest sibling
Season after season supporting
Helping in flower sprouting flowering
And even for giving fruits so mouth watering!
But roots beneath never wavering
Never forget if any parts gets pounding
The roots gives emotional feeling.

What happens when branches
With leaves
Flowers and fruits
Just forget roots!
Leave poor ones
Which have exhausted
After giving her everything
So that other parts may live
And stand erect and breathe freely
Look upward in prayer mode
Feel currents of air around.

Just like a mother tends its sibling
As teacher teaches his pupil
As living things are created by Creator
As representatives are chosen by voters
As oceans are sustained by river flows
As earth inhabitants are looked after by Mother Earth

Should we ever forget these roots?




For inviting the Goddess Lakshmi – the giver of wealth and prosperity people spruce up their houses; remove every bit of refuge/dirt. Though they may throw dirt from their houses outside the precincts of houses as such proving the point that filth lying inside their houses has to be cleaned but outside it is not their concern!
Do you think those who clean the outside their houses are appreciated? My experience tells otherwise. I got a rude shock one day. While I was cleaning the litter adjoining my home off lying there after having cleaned the inside of the house; my neighbor interjected; “why I was doing it” and continued: “Cleaning staff will come and clean it all up”! I felt dumbfounded to answer his query – somebody else will clean the smut outside our houses surprisingly spread by us? I too see people throwing their household filth in the streets as if the streets are the dumping grounds. Really thoughtless. We clean our inside of our houses but do not care to clean outside of homes! A house cannot be a home till such time it is clean from inside and outside.
Would not all knowing Maan Lakshmi observe the filth thrown outside our houses by us? Therefore it is imperative both inside and outside our houses should be kept clean for welcoming the Goddess of Wealth to our houses. Additionally it should not only be done on some festivals but ever day so as to keep the germs away from our midst; ensuring our good health and happiness. It would also be in keeping with the maxim: Cleanliness is next to godliness.

Similar is the case with keeping the cleanliness of our body – both inside and outside. Habitually we tend to clean the outside our body. We spend unlimited amount of money to keep outside of body in fine fettle; a demonstrative effect to – just to impress others. But does this outer outlook helps in establishing our credentials as a total individuality – the one who can influence others?
Bapu Gandhiji had a magnetic personality which not only influenced people nationally but also commanded utmost respect internationally with his simplest attire! His inside and outside were cleansed.
To remove the impurities from gold and make it 24 caret; it has to go through different processes. Similar is the case with our internal cleansing to remove:-
• Anger. When we are in angry mood we are not able to utilize our innate mental faculties to the hilt and many a times dehumanized tendencies are shown under its influence. Anger dissipates the energies which otherwise could have been used for body and spiritual upliftment. It is enemy number one of humanity. In anger we do things which disgraces us in the eyes of our love ones.
• Greed. Greed is one of the worst form of negative traits. Greed for more material possessions forces us resorting to ulterior means to acquire more in order to satiate our greed. Sometimes we follow immoral ways and means for appeasing our appetite for ‘Ye Dil Mange More’. There being no limit to it; it reduces our karmic credit. This negative trait taints our character black.
• Dishonesty / Insincerity. It should never be forgotten that the fruits of dishonesty / insincerity are sweet but ultimately its results are unimaginable.
• Ego. Care ought to be taken that we should never forget that ego is our enemy number one. Too much of its appeasement may lead to disproportionate repercussions. There is a border line that demarcates the ego and self esteem beyond we have to be cautious about.

• Worry. Worry about the result of our action or worry about the future which is unpredictable are the two impediments which come in our way in our lives. These become roadblocks in our further further development in any field of activity. Irrational worries are still more harmful. If we resort to worries on even small things in life then our further advancement in life is retarded. There are the people who are habitual worriers.

• Falsehood. One bogus step impels us to take more steps. It may be for getting easy money; or easy publicity. It should never be forgotten whatever is earned easily with falsehood just is dissipate just easily. It does not stay for long and leaves a black spot on our character.
• Ill-will. Even having ill-will is immoral. In our lives we tend to have ill intention. This ill intention pushes us further in the quagmire of darkness and taints of character. Mere have it is a sin keep aside implementing it in life.
• Dishonesty / Insincerity. It has been said that half the bread earned with the sweet of our brows is than a full one earned with dishonesty or insincerely. Shache ka bol bala joothe ka hoga mun kala (Truth wins in the end untruth tarnishes the image). Honesty and truthfulness coupled with sincerity are important constituents of our character and make us sublime.
• Falsehood. Anything earned with falsehood may boomerang on us finally. If we resort to falsehood in enhancing our status; it would be short-lived. It is lusterless.


We apply cleansing agents
Of varied varieties
To clean the dirt
Off our body
Sometimes we remove the dead skin
The part of being
Which stood by us
Through thick and thin.
But woefully we do not
Cleanse the stinking dirt

Like ego; anger; ill-will; greed; et al
Falsehood and other negatives
And cultivate kindness
Forgiveness & Compassion et al
With the cleansing agents
Of different varieties
Like prayer & meditation.

Not only inside of home
But outside of it
Ought be cleaned off dirt
To say good bye to germs
And prevent their entry
Into system of ours
And ruin our immunity
Giving us varieties of diseases.