What type of person I want to be

Depends entirely on my Creator and me

If I want to remain static

In the midst of changing dynamics

Whilst opportunities abound

To pick and choose from amongst

Surely, I’ll have to awake from my slumber

Not a soul will coax me to get up

From a self imposed inactivity

It’s factually I and me only

Who’ll have to make an effort with sincerity

Nobody else will bell the cat for me, really

If I want to remain weakling with fragile aura for ever

Then nobody, my friends, cares

And why anybody ought to show even a shred of anxiety

When I don’t take the first step forward with and for dignity

For earning a place for my own self – with my own efforts diligently

Thus help remove the stigma of being a weak-link for good

And become a person with energy filled aura that counts, for sure


Every atom and part thereof in the universe and everything/everybody is composed of vibrations. Even our thoughts we conceive and put into practice are made up of vibrations – motion of energy. Besides our consciousness are made up of vibrations. Aura is defined as the electro-photonic vibration response to an external object or excitement thereof. An aura is the particular type of space or atmosphere or a vital force that surrounds every living and non-living things and give out energy; positive or negative depending on the matter it is made of and energy emitted by it. For example, light and soft shades indicate a positive condition and dark shade indicate a negative condition. If our aura is made up of vibration then a question arises from where this vibration is created? There may be some cause of this vibration – without doubt from our Creator.


An aura is the affect or influence or sphere of energy or lack of it we create on the space we occupy. How much of aura we possess depends on the factors:

  •   Morality and discipline followed by an individual;
  • Perfect balance in life to be maintained for enhancing our aura;
  • Our daily deeds and misdeeds which obstruct positive energy;
  • Life style we follow – upright and based on principles or care less about these aspects;
  • Whether we follow Spiritualistic life or otherwise;
  • Whether we possess mental strength or possess mental lethargy;
  • Enlightened Soul Or Total Ignorant and do not make any effort to enhance our know-how;
  • Possessing Magnetism to pull others towards us with our good traits;
  • Or repel others with our presence, with cold and negative behavior etc.
  • Sphere of influence differs from person to person according to the traits we imbibe;
  • When our aura is weak, our space is limited while in case of those who are steadfast in character and heartwarming, possess vast expanse of influence. It all depends on the positivity we possess;
  • The spread affect or sway of influence is lasting for some while in others it is fragile or limited or a little or ineffectual totally depending on the personality of the individual.


How best we react to a situation depends on our aura we are possessing presently. When we are down due to some sudden incident, if our aura is robust, we are unfaltering in our response to that incident – we face the situation squarely and take charge. Contrarily, when our aura is weak, it is ineffectual; it caves in / hides into our shell. Our aura affects us physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually and even intellectually and bestows us assistance when required.

It is also a fact that we should get our aura checked from some expert so that we devise ways and means to boost / improve it. A person with sound aura is full of joy, accommodative, have clarity both verbal and in action to be transacted and maintains equanimity both in happy and sad moments. Best things about our strong aura is that it also improves our intuitive power.

More energy means more patience to face coming stresses and strains of our lives. Not only this, it is surprising how our strong aura increases our immunity and protects us from diseases. It also protects us from pollutants of all kinds bedeviling our environs.



Christ Consciousness or Krishna Consciousness could come through our self effort. This is the result of righteousness we follow and positive behavior we follow in our daily lives. Those of us who are self aware through self realization are the ones who possess equanimity in weal and woe exhibit a fine-tuned aura. It also goes to show that we are ourselves responsible for building or improving our aura to be fully heightened one or cold or weak. With our improved aura, we feel energized, are joyous, healthy and every activity of ours brings better results. The good omen that comes from within us comes from our aura. Knowing the intensity of our aura, we can get ourselves healed from a wide range of diseases including physiological and psychological related diseases.


Aura around living things changes with time but differs from person to person according to our conscious intend (more our willpower more aura grows) but aura around non-living objects is changeless. Aura around humans is made up of electromagnetic radiation, depending upon our intuitive capacity, intense or limited intentions, emotional maturity, maturity and will to act or react to a situation.

It goes to show that we can afford to improve our aura through self introspection / self analysis / self effort and then acting in such a manner that it infuses confidence to transact our day – to – day activities with inherent enormous energy. We should never forget that when we are resilient, patient, not stressed, we are able to truly understand state of affairs around us, and with it we can devise ways and means to improve our aura, if self help does not work, then expert’s opinion could be sought so as to boost / enhance it for longevity and healthy life.


We’ve very limited knowledge about the universe we see and even about ourselves which we boast of knowing. A normal person can know the aura of another person if concerted effort is made. In the pictures of our Gods, we see a visible circle around their heads. How best we can make use of senses and also our consciousness to find our auras, depends on our sincerity of our effort.


There are varieties of auras which we cultivate due to our own Karmic deeds and misdeeds. Positive deeds results in positive auras and negative deeds brings in its wake negative auras. There is an urgent need to know about our aura, if need be, from the experts in the field so as to device ways and means to change it according to the need. Some of the auras are given below:-

BRIGHT OR WHITE AND CLEAN AURA. While is the colour of perfection. It is an indication of perfect harmony. It is the colour of Light connected with God. In other words it is the colour of GOD a DIVINE LIGHT.

YELLOW: It is the indication of mental growth, awareness and intelligence with analytical thoughts. But when yellow is aligned with grey or black it is indicative of negative mindset.

GREEN COLOURED AURA. It the colour of harmony, proper balance in life and also indicates the subject’s connectivity with the Creator and compassionate in nature. But when green is aligned with murky or dark or grey it shows the person concerned is jealous, selfish to the core and more possessiveness.

ORANGE SHADED AURA. It is the colour of sun (mixing of red and yellow). It reflects creativity and awareness which could be used for healing purposes whereas negative shade of orange colour connotes aggressiveness along with destructive behavior.

BLUE AURA. It is connected with the spiritualism and positivity. But when blue is aligned with grey and black it indicates negativity

GRAY AND DARK AURA. BLACK. This is the colour wherein the subject is negatively oriented in every aspect. He is blocking the Light of our Creator.

INDOGO AURA. One who is in the process of seeking spiritual truth very intensively.VIOLET

AURA. It connotes selfless love and spirituality besides being humane and considerate and compassionate.

BROWN AURA. It reflects negative inclinations

RED SHADED AURA . it may either positive side may signify love but when deep red signifies negative side may reflect anger.


When we know about our aura, we can simply gauge the thoughts of subject before he/she tells us something verbally. We can even know whether that person is telling truth or otherwise. When we see a bright and clean aura, we can expect something good from that person. That person cannot be untruth in his / her words and deeds. Furthermore, this sort of a person is spiritually forward moving where when we see a grey or dark aura; it is sure that such a person will have ill-intention or have intentions which are difficult to decipher. However, we cannot consider a person laudable mere at his face value; how best that person is dressed or how best he impresses you with his speech or good posture these are not the best indicators of good aura as it has been proven outer impressions are always deceptive.


While choosing a spiritual preacher or Guru, we’ ve to be very careful. We’ve experienced so called Gurus most recently who were found to have indulged in unethical and immoral acts and proved themselves to be ‘sheep in wolf’s clothings’ but outwordly they professed wisdom and acted saintly. These people, in place of enlightening us will do an irreparable damage/retard or put a stop to our own spiritual journey. Such people only have ulterior motive or would like to control the masses for meeting the nefarious designs. Gurus with Yellow –Golden aura around their heads are preferred ones.


When we are able to decipher the aura of a person, we are also able to find out the diseases the subject is afflicted with. By consciously controlling aura we can actually provide required heat to our body. Auras can help us develop our consciousness, spiritual development and affords us an opportunity to know about Mother Nature. Those people who cultivate negativities like anger, jealousy, greed, rancor, fear, and pursue all sort of ways and means to satisfy their material possession urge, etc ultimately suppress their true nature and by so doing these sorts of people just suppress their auras. Also, by observing the auras of others, we can improve our own through intensely following the principles involved. It has been observed that children up to the age of five can see the aura. We must have experienced infants while looking at some person show instant liking by smiling while they see a good aura or cry when they see a negative or dark aura. Children do have strong auras since they are not have negativity which the adults are prone to.


  1. SELF AWARENESS. Through self introspection/self analysis we have to know where we stand on ‘aura ladder’. If we are unable to know this individually then we can seek the help of experts in the field and then follow the regime of self correction so as to have self improvement in whatever way we lack.

  2. Removing Negativity. When our intension is merely to get material possessions and want to get in whatever way it is possible, then possibly we are lacking the characteristics which make us negatively inclined which makes us all the more weak in our aura. All the negativity like anger, jealousy, rancor, greed, etc have to be rid from our midst and transform into a positively oriented individual. Having positivity means having good aura.
  1. Spiritualism and aura. Having rid off the smut from our system, we can follow a life which has compassion for others, selfless life, feeling pain and others feel pain, help others when required, meet the needs of others, love others as we want others to love us, etc. Having acquired these traits in life, we can easily establish connectivity with our Creator because He too loves those who love his/her fellow being. Establishing connectivity means our aura has become robust.
  1. Positive Attitude and Sincerity. A life full of positive attitude besides righteous living makes our life purposeful and without encumbrance from the present birth to the other one and also decreasing our Karmic deficit from the previous births. This also helps in enhancing the AURA of ours.
  1. Infants and Auras. It has been said that a child upto the age of five can see the aura of other people. It is because of the fact that an infant is not affected by the ups and downs of the life which will follow after this age only. We must have observed a child smiling while looking at a person and also weeping while looking on the other. It is simply because the child is able to see the aura of a person and responses accordingly. With this point in view, we should always keep the children away from bad company, bad deeds and educate the child in such a manner that he/she develops a positive frame of mind and aura and is not enslaved by negativity.




                 Today I was immensely surprised on seeing the indomitable spirit of a small ant. It was carrying a piece of grain and trudging on relentlessly. The weight of grain seemingly was more than its own weight.  Every time the grain fell it picked it up and this continued for sometime till finally she was able to reach its destination. I was really surprised on seeing its determination. There were quite a number of grains collected at the destined place where it was collecting the grains for future use. May be it and its mates had kept for tiding over the coming winter.

           It gave me a very sweet  lesson. With strong will power / determination we can surmount any hurdle and transact even the most daunting  tasks imaginable.


            When we talk of self confidence; it is a balanced self confidence and not an exaggerated sense bordering on audaciousness. For infusion of self confidence our vision and mission and how these are to be attained is a must.Determination is byproduct of self confidence and for self confidence we have to have the following:-


  • Self Worth. When we have chosen our goal with care and caution – taking into consideration all the relevant but legitimate points that we have to surmount on our  onward journey to attain our mission / goal. We have also to carefully chalk out   pluses and minuses.  Make honest efforts how to enhance credit account of our pluses and reduce the shortfall in debit account of our minuses. Overdraft has to be avoided. These pluses may be in the form of augmentation of personal skills and be in sync with the advancement / strides made in managerial and technological fields. By being on the same page as technological advances and other fields of significance, one can confront any challenge that may come on our forward journey for reaching our goal. In this we have to take into cognizance the following:-


  • Solid Belief on our Lord. First and foremost thing that we have to have in sufficient measure is rock solid belief that we are working in 100% partnership with our Lord nothing less may be more. Possess forbearance like a tree and have inner peace weathering strong storms and sunny days. Never bending its head after weathering elements without subjecting itself into vanity!


  • Self Belief. On our forward march to our journey, we ought to have self-belief that what we are doing is the only course and should not tarry by the way by ‘what others’ say’ about you.


  • Staying Power. When goal is set / fixed, be ready to take calculated risks and sometimes just taking unexpected risks believing that He is there with us to bank on.


  • Challenge the Challenges. If challenges are on the path to the destined destination just challenge these taking into consideration that your path is righteous one hence no hurdle can stop our march ahead.


  • Hurry Results in worry Ultimately. It should never be forgotten that attaining goal set is a must. Having set the goal we should endeavour to make our strides with care and caution. Every stride should be a confident one that the step we take should not entangle us in quagmire of our own making. Hasty steps result in unpredictable results should never be forgotten.


  • Self-esteem. On our march ahead, we have to acknowledge the appreciations of concerned people and also thank our Lord for removing all the hurdles without giving air to our EGO. It should never be forgotten that there is a very thin border line between SELF ESTEEM and EGO.


  • Positive Attitude. While traversing our path to journey ahead, we have to adopt positive attitude only analyzing before hand everything and not groping in the dark. This positivity in attitude includes: kindness, pity, piety, righteousness, et al. If we are engulfed with negativity in any form like; corrupt practices, anger, covetousness et al we have to remove this dirt from our midst and move on with the notion that negativity leads to negative results. These are also enemies of our self belief and self confidence.




Child is born with a cleanest slate

Knows not where the fate will take

Tender love of mother

Who shows us the light

And caressing of our father with care

Gives us the inkling that we are dearly cared.


Thence our Guru’s wisest sermons

Make us realize our own self justly

Organizes our inner instincts decisively.


Thus starts our efforts to follow the right direction

For realization of our true intentions

Without falling into the trap of unreasonable temptations

Apathy at work place

Laziness at house

Be very revengeful to these

Remove these enemies with thy efforts

Before these put brakes on thy further march

And further obliterate the feel of success

If pressure gives thee the backward pull

Motivation bestows thee forward push

And enthuses thee for march ahead

Just start it now and do the right

Procratinate and it’ll be thy undoing

The ones who start earnestly

They only make marry

The goal they set for themselves

Remember the ones who start now

Will face certain hurdles on the way

And not defeatists

Who never ventured at all

When thee start forward movement

These movements are watched by our Lord

He will pull us out of hurdles

If any thee face.








Imagine a person who is enslaved by the habit of intoxicants; consequently becomes a huge drag on the resources and physical condition. An activity repeated a number of times becomes a habit and when this habit is drinking or drug abuse without which an individual cannot live being his obsession – it is indeed alarming.

It is observed that habits are easily formed / acquired but hard to be eradicated. It is like a unwanted guest (but anyhow not uninvited) which you want to dispense with but it will not just go away. One has to make concerted and determined efforts in getting rid of this disgusting guest. Unfortunately it has been a common experience that when one falls prey to these habits; one is really ensnared. A way out is a little difficult. Mere sight of these intoxicants is enough to distract us from our actual path and envelop us lock stock a barrel into it. Man falls from one abbess to another without any redemption in sight. Though redemption may be there for those who want to sincerely leave this obsession for that to happen determined effort is needed.

How this habit is formed? It starts with just for the sake of fun. It may be in some innocuous parties / get together that a person gets a feel of it. Or some fair weather friend may lure us into the trap by initially spending money and thenceforth becoming a continuous habit; so much so that the friend who initiated the person concerned may also take advantage of this addiction to the hilt.

The other causes of addiction are:-

• Frustration in resolving the intricacies with regard to love and relationship.
• Sudden failure or persistent losses incurred in business deals.
• Financial stringency.
• Not getting employment despite requisite qualifications.
• Offspring not able to come to the expectations despite best efforts.
• Incompatibility between the spouses.

A time comes when this prisoner of bad habits just is not having anything left – not merely monetarily but also physically. The result of this is body afflictions with disastrous consequences.

• Drug Use in Children / Adolescents. Drug abuse starts in the early stage itself. It starts on experimental basis and then becomes a solid habit. It is sad that the use of drug like heroin and amphetamine-type stimulants (ATS) is resorted by below the age group of 25! Even alcohol; tobacco consumption; amongst this age group is on the ascendancy. Then the high use of intravenous drugs and needle sharing is the result of debilitating diseases like HIV/AIDS. This age group is most impressionable. In this age group the child has to make a solid foundation / base for his future life – acquiring education; pursuing some vocation or avocation and finally having a life partner for a happy married life. But as the individual has got nothing to bank on; he resorts to crimes for quelling his habit.

• Withering of Family Fabric. Family is the sacred institution where husband and wife pool their personal resources and make concerted efforts that this institution runs and runs purposefully for the welfare of the whole family. While one member of the family sweats and the other one fritters away the hard earned resources in alcohol or drug abuse then there are fissures in the family unity. There may be constant bickering between spouses and family development as a unit is just shattered. How long this family fabric could work in unison?

• Suicidal Tendencies. The sad part of the consequence of drug abuse is that it acts as a depressant – divesting the person concerned of fighting spirit. A time comes when that person loses will to live and that is the sad end of the commentary of life for that individual.

• Enemy of Spirituality. Those who are afflicted with the abhorrent habit of drug abuse just are seen to be repulsed from the spiritual way of life.
• With this intention in mind, I have penned a poem entitled: ‘DRUG ABUSE & ITS CONSEQUENCES’ kindly give your comments so that more of these topics could be penned down for optimum benefit.


Bad habits form inroads
In us just easily
But hard to get out
Having made a dent.
Robs the innocence off
In the tender age itself
With its ill affects.

It is mother of bitterness
In the families
At times
Breaking the fabrics
Which binds them together.

Gives fillip to corrupt practices
Gives lip services
To best practices
Of happy living.
O Creator of ours
Be generous
In providing antidote
To intoxicants
So that those slave to these
Are freed off its influence
For making the society
A crime free in true sense.