My Creator is everywhere,
Within me and without me – anywhere,
Whenever He wants,
He just goes out of me at will,
Yonder He flies with,
A speed more than mind’s eye,
Surprising, when I peep inside my person,
Behold thee! My dears,
My Creator is there!
Ensconced in warm recesses of my heart,
This hide & seek game goes on unabated,
That is the secret bond I’ve with Him established.

Other times, with the passion of my love supreme,
I just draw Him back in me,
No show offs needed but positive attitude – simple,
Hitherto faith and belief – purely ample.

At the middle of night whilst fast sleeping,
Saw the Threesomes from Heavens above just alighting ,
The expanse of sandy desert soil lighting,
With Twosomes robes shining,
Between the Twosomes, THE ONE space sailing,
Majestically, with overall attire whiter than snow shining,
An apparition with all Splendor abounding,
That is the Beauty of my Creator really.

Others may segregate,
My own ONE in genders,
He or She or whatever,
He seems to me neither He,
Nor She either.

My father & mother are Creator(s) of mine,
Cannot fathom them apart even in wildest of my dreams,
One is incomplete without other to complete me.

My own Mother Divine,
All Her Prowess at Her Command,
Gender of my Creator!
He or She makes difference naught,
Here faith or no faith,
Belief or no belief at all,
Makes difference absolutely not.

Whenever I pray to my Mother Divine,
Or Ardhnarishwara or Trinity,
The Creator, The Evolutor or The Destroyer,
The same Snow Shining Light is revealed,
As experienced in the dream dreamt the other day,
The same vibration of body,
Cells in front of all & sundry.

Even in front of Jesus Christ,
Or Virgin Mary,
Or at the my GURU’s GURDWARA,
Or at the Altar,
Or the Sacred Space of other faiths,
Same sparkle of LIGHT dear,
That I confess without fear,
That Thou is ONE the same ONE,
All combined in Single ONE.

Whenever anybody divides my Creator,
And calls Him some other,
Then my heart misses a beat,
For He has fathered me,
And all living and non-living.



Axiomatically, it has been seen that ‘time’ plays a pre-dominant role in our life. It is the time which heals our wounds, it is the time, by passing of which we forget our deblitating incidents, it is by the passage of time that we think of starting of life afresh, it is through passage of time that everything including humans ages and dies its natural death barring some who meet their ends pre-maturally and time is a witness to all these. After the death also, time helps to resurect those who are eligible by dint of their past karmic deeds. In this world and beyond, time plays a crucial part. Animates and inanimates cannot escape its good or bad affects. I have made an attempt to write something about time and its affects, kindly go through it and comments. I love comments because these spur me to write on.


A charming index whence seed of an event was sown,

With its ageing, from one stage to a new one,

Enduring without demure,

Onslaughts of all seasons,

As time passes on,

A stage dawns when,

The small one becomes a full-sized tree yielding fruits by the tones,

Afterwards time tells upon it extensively,

The sturdy one becomes,

Fragile, its branches drooping,

And meets its poignant doom,

Time leaves an indelible imprint at every stage turning over.

Time is its own master,

It obeys none whosoever,

Surges ahead without punctuation,

Tolerates nothing in its functions,

Breaking all barriers on its path without caution,

No cage is made to preserve it.

With its passage many seeping wounds get healed too,

Just as enemies turn into chums so bosom,

With the soothing balm of time,

Water & air can be stocked for future use,

Time makes histories of eventful events for posterity,

What happened at what time period?

But time itself is neither an event nor an event of any kind,

In itself it can neither be measured nor travelled,

But still Time is unparalleled.

Harbans Khajuria


Spoken words excessive than need be,
Carry with it less force and sagacity,
Than what we convey in silent medium,
A silent revolution is going on in us all,
In one form or other slowly but silently,
Bringing with it hope for hopeless.
Silent prayers grant us fruition slowly but surely,
Silence is the epitome of Inner Peace,
Inner Peace brings forth Implicit Serenity,
Serenity is the fountainhead of Peacefulness,
Peacefulness makes us Self Aware,
Thus expands heart of awareness limitless,
And makes us self-observing,
Thus a life full of life is crafted,
Making us free like air around.
Self Awareness brings us close to Final Reality,
A nothingness from which springs everything,
Everything comes with the Union with our Lord.
Harbans Khajuria

Christmas Day Gift

Christmas Day Gift

Our Creator sends,

The Super Souls,

With Mastery in Spiritual-Vision,

For transforming,

And reforming His creations,

So that world-weary practices,

Which corrupt the society at large,

Are weeded out,

From our midst,

And adopt the ones,

Woven by our Lord,

Wth sprinkle of enchanting-plentiful Love.


He was sent to us,

For our wellbeing,

So that the rust formed by time,

Could be erased by mystifying spray of pious ideals and ideas,

Which the Super Soul doles out,

For the gentry at large,

Many may shirk,

Thinking these ideas to be far-fetched,

As many did,

When Lord Jesus was with us,

In flesh and blood,

For which He had to suffer pangs,

For us all,

And finally resurrection,

To make us realize that,

The True Son of Lord cannot be done away,

By anybody – however powerful,

He is and His Ideas,

Will always remain enlightening us,

Through Christ Consciousness.


O Lord, bestow us Thy Invaluable CHRISTMAS DAY GIFT,

The precious of all Thy Gifts,

That Thou can only grant,

The coveted gift of peaceful coexistence,

So that this world could be a better place to live,

Where everybody remains unharmed.









Heart is the storehouse of emotions,

Emotions, which well up in our mind’s eyes,

generating a feeling of nearness,

In our midst,

So intense is that feeling that sometimes,

These emotions go out of control,

Or become brakeless,

Breaking us in the bargain,

And take us to the slippery road of our life,

Sometimes the attachment is so intense,

That we become ruthless,

And act animal like,


Over-indulgence for our body,

Caring more for it,

Like it were, be all and end all for us,

When we go over-board,

In our liking for our body,

It is like biting more than you can chew,

Giving little time for refining or cleaning the innate recesses of our mind,

For making it moralistic and humane,

Clean we make from outer side,

But inside its blackness peeps out, now and then,


Over attachment with our relations held dear –  than needed,

This attachment too becomes brakeless,

Bringing pain and misery,

When dears break the heart that cares more,


Too much attachment with the things we aspire for,

For show and false standings in the society,

As if it were the only purpose for which we are born,

Sometimes, closeness of our dears is woefully forgotten,

For acquiring wealth and pelf we want,

For its aggrandisement we maim our dears,

Because now we attach more importance,

To wealth and things than humans,

We pretend to hold dear,

Thus turning down the apple-cart of love previously held shakingly,

And had wishfully created for our selfish end,

But alas! deflated because of our love for innimates,


Then, attachment with pleasures in our life is without a limit,

And makes us prisoner of our own thinking,

Attachment is akin to being,

Obsessed with something,

Obsession, which seeps into our blood stream,


Too much of attachment is like a bad debit,

Which we pay everyday with interest accrued,

But principle remains in tack,

Stairing large in the eyes,

It is like carrying a cup full of water,

To the ocean full of water, already,


Let go the extra dose of attachment,

With anything or anybody,

It brings in its wake,

Suffering and pain,


Be attached with the earth,

Which holds you dearly,

Feeding us all,

Puffs fresh air in our body,

We pollute this Mother of ours without any pity,

Yet, Mother Earth gives everything,

Giving everything,

Expecting nothing,

From us humans.


Too much attachment is thus a curse,

Lest it becomes a cause of thy own failing,

Thus falling in the pit you have dug for thyself,

Be careful, in not playing nay overplaying the drama of attachment,

Otherwise it will result in writng an epitoph with words,

“Died because of over-indulgence,

to animates and inanimate in short the span of life”

Dears, thus, forget not the truth that,

We should hold dear only our ideals,

For removing the ill-will, illness,

That plagues us in our midst,

It will help us till posterity,

And not temporary things which are transactory.
















Still in fluid in the womb,

It gives pain to the mom, who cries,

Yet, she sets up a bond with what it is,

Bereft of any expectations for her labor,

Withstands labor pains of utmost decibel,

.With a firm belief that her offspring will,

Spring from the naught to the world’s top,

In position, with labor of his own,

And win name and fame,

For himself and for others who tended him,

Showered care that sprang from inner recesses of heart,

Used up their earnings earned with sweat of their brows,

Thinking, when that child grew,

He would be without equals with his heart at the right spot,

Will also take care of them,

When all their parts of body will fail them,

Failing would be legs,

Which carried them places,

Failing would be their eyes,

Which showed them the world at large,

Failing would be their cerebral thinking,

Which gave them the power to distinguish one from two,

Failing them would be their hands,

Which helped them to pick up the morsel of bread,

Empty of coffers, empty of their own system,

They pray for support from the ones they had lost everything,

Their cry melts them not,

No one listens to their woeful woes,

Hopeless,  they turn to the One most benevolent,

The One above who will not ask anything in return, if given,

Sure, help comes from Him without any attached strings.


Harbans Khajuria


Our Creator is too near to us

Our Creator is too near to us

Our Creator has created us in His own mold. We have only to call Him sincerely and He would be there amidst you. Any one of your near and dear can ditch you at any time but He will never do that. There is no particular place from where you can contact with him. It means His doors are fully open. The faith with which you call Him gives rise to a faith in your own capability. The faith in Him creates confidence in the individual concerned that he can bank on his Creator at any moment. Our contact with Him is unshakable.

In our life we face diverse situations. Diverse situations call for diverse solution to come out unscathed. Your faith in your Creator helps creating conviction and determination to handle emergencies that may come. Many a times we are faced with a critical situation where we experience helplessness in coming out of the present predicament. We are in dire need of a supernatural power to help come unscathed. Our mind is the power house of all the energies. The faith in Him helps tap latent energy. Belief in Him makes difference and that difference leads us to solve the problem at hand.

It is not through mechanically following the course of prayer that we are able to get His presence. It is not through following yogic techniques alone that we can get results. Right attitude is a must for reaching the desirable goal. Technique is only a medium, a pathway to reach to Him. Our dealings with others, positive attitude to do a thing, not to harm others or not to do anything which may have hidden ulterior motive prove to be dangerous. Spiritual progress cannot attained through forced practices. Too much emphasis on techniques will run counter to our progress. It may make us ego-centric. In this process, the true import of self seeking will become vague.

At the base of the spine, we have immeasurable power.  It is a power house of energy. Ultimate aim of a person should be to awake the kundalini.  Strong techniques for awakening kundalini may prove counter-productive. This may be by violent breathing, intricate postures etc without resort to spiritual awakening. Mental transformation is a must for spiritual transformation. A negative mental attitude may take one backward in spiritual goal. If right attitude is not adhered to, the consequent awakening of kundalani could generate immense energy resulting in destroying the nervous system itself.

Devotional inspirations and not egotistical suppositions can make difference. Always have pure love, think high thoughts, associate with devout people, help others who are in distress. By adopting right conduct, Kundalini moves upward to the brain. With negative thinking, we draw light from the brain. In this process, the mind becomes darker than before. Right attitude is a must. If one does not know much about yoga but has the right attitude even then that person could reach his goal. Lifetime of effort will not bring dividends without right attitude.

Meditate and forget. Do not expect result to come by instantly. The result would be there when you are least expecting it. Anything which is in the territory of your mental cycle is attainable.  Mind is the evil doer of anything happening.