It has been observed that whenever we attend religious discourses or congregations, our intention evidently is to get spiritual benefits thereof. Many a times, some of us feel seemingly very disappointed when we are not able to understand the intricate discourses / sermons which are being given by learned preachers. This to say the least is a sorry state of affairs.

The objective of writing on this topic dawned on me, a few days before, when I liberty to ask, just casually, to one of the  ladies co-passengers as to where they had gone. He replied that they had gone to a Satsang on Bhagwat Gita (A discourse on Bhagwat Gita). When I asked what he actually learned from the said discourse/lecture, he mentioned that it was sermon on Karma. Subsequently, I again queried him as to what does Karma stand for? He was felt confused and could not reply clearly. The others too could not explain exactly what Karma meant in real sense of terms. I introspected, what was the purpose of the visit to the discourses when they could not get what they intended! Why waste time in such discourses when nothing tangible is attained?

Then a question popped in my mind, what was the purpose of attending sermons when we are not clear about what the preacher intended to preach.The preachers have, it is worthwhile to mention, they’ll have to be more thoughtful and should not take the audiences for granted or consider them as erudite / knowledgeable. Their (preachers’) main responsibility is to think the audiences/ seekers as the greenhorns who are to be imparted proper lessons for better results. It should always be noted that they (audiences) should feel a difference after they come out of the place of religious discourses and not go out with more confusion. The task of the preacher is bit  complicated but if put to practice in right earnest could make difference to the audiences enlightenment / insight.

Under such scenario, it is evident that till such time we are clear about the information being imparted through different lectures, the real import or purpose of the same will not be realized by us. Then question arises, should not the discourses given at the congregations be meaningful, concise being being simple so that it could be understood by every devotee irrespective of qualifications or experiences gained over a period of time.

Axiomatically, attend the congregations simply to garner knowledge so as to get spiritual awakening and every sermon should make difference and clear our path for our deliverance. But if instead of clearing cobwebs / contradictions it tends to make us more confused, then, sure enough, we would be where we started after covering so long a distance and wasting our precious time by attending each congregations but with no fruitful results!

A person who intends to increase his/her know-how about spiritualism but fails to get what that person wants then whole  the exercise of discourses gets defeated. I think preachers should keep the following points into consideration while giving the same:-

(a)One subject at a time should be covered. There are preachers, who while delivering lecture on a particular subject, just skip to another subject without clearly explaining the subject matter being dealt with, start discourse on other one and then another; which certainly confuses the audiences. They are neither here nor there – in total puzzled state of mind hence a wastage of time and effort.

(b Language used should be simple to comprehend. If intricate language  is used, as given in the scriptures, then the same should be clarified by using simple language, sentences and phrases, if possible, in the language the audiences could understand fully.

(c) Clarifications to be offered if and when required. If clarification is asked by audience, then, surely it should be given  voluntarily even during ongoing discourse, without reservation or without standing on ceremony.  Or alternatively, the same could be individually clarified to the individual concerned after the end of programme.

Importantly, no formal qualification is required for a seeker / devotee for connecting with God. It is also a fact that those giving discourses must have gone through different training sessions, intense penance over a period of to make themselves able to deliver lectures. It is because learning the discourses from religious scriptures requires a lot of effort should be  accurate and to be point. Otherwise the purpose of lecture gets defeated. They should keep in mind that they are delivering lecture(s) to the mixed lots – educated, semi-educated and ignorant ones etc. They should give their lectures in such a way which could be understood by all irrespective of their education attainments including standing in society etc. The audiences or the seekers should also have eagerness to learn.

It should be kept in mind that our Creator is omnipotent and omniscient and He knows our inner feelings/emotions. Therefore, no formal qualification or experience is required to establish connectivity with Him. He requires our love only in simple form. Even entering into a religious and registering in the religious place is sufficient.  It goes to show that God accepts all the prayers which are done with pure heart and for that qualification or no qualification is a must.

Conclusively, it could be said that learning anything is interplay of keen audiences and compassionate preachers besides understanding between them as learner and expert lecturer is a must. Here formal qualifications of the learner though bestow some benefits yet is not everything in order to establish connectivity with our Creator. The relationship of preachers (Gurus) and the audiences (devotees) are akin to teachers and their pupils and have the stamp of devoutness.










Whilst we see the light of the day when born

Oblivious of our environs
What is hereabouts or thereabouts around
Was totally unknown
Every need was met by the mother
Who brought us to this world of ours
Worriless most of the time

Merely a cry could attract attention

And child’s needs are met with sheer affection.
Then mother started teaching
Small-small things which added together
Culminating into huge base of know-how
Then the process of discrimination started
What to be followed or incorporated
And what to be left untouched.
Thereafter the meaning and purpose of our life starts
Seeping in our system slowly but surely
Impacting not merely our body and mind but also our eternal soul
Making us able to adjust with unpredictable world around
After sailing through varieties of experiences
Some good and others not so good ones.
If we perform our daily chores
With sincerity and integrity at our command
We earn goodwill from our fellow and God Supreme
Mentally – in total control of senses
Spiritually awakened to follow down-to-earth path
Facing the challenges of life with aplomb
Both individually and collectively with community
Adjusting with the environs in which individual is a part
But in all these principled stand ought to be only single one
To keep in mind that we’re not apart from the One
Who created everything around
And have realisation loud and clear without a shred of doubt
That without His will and wish nothing moves
He is our Master – the Supreme Lord
And we’re His children – the dearest ones
Whence we know this all
We become self conscious of the whole lot
Then we know the purpose of our life.


Most of us remain mystified on one pretext or other with regard to real purpose of our extentence or purpose of our life. For finding true answers to our problem we knock different doors for plausible answers. But question arises, do we find these answers? The purpose of finding solutions to our perstering problems we remain gropping in the dark – and try seeking the answers from various sources. The sources we seek help may have their own problems to tackle and put us in still more confused state about our problems rather than offer us any tangible solutions. Not finding any answers to satisfy us, many of us feel disallusioned, and may become too much fatalistic or out-and-out athiests. This happens most of the times; we agree about this or not is entirely different thing.

Life is a curious, an admixture of lows and highs. A man may have material prosperity but may not have a sound health to enjoy the materials in possession earned with or without following right course. Some who do not have much by way of wealth may still enjoy life to the hilt because of his/her inbuilt satiety with whatever God has given. That fellow does his/her duty with the best of his/her capability and leaves the fruits of Karma to God; no matter what result his action leads; he/she does not lose his/her inner calm. Only few are endowed with this type of attribute. In fact this quality comes when we’ve experienced all types of ups-and-downs in our lives and know how to appreciate or otherwise, a particular situation and accustom ourself accordingly.

Disregard God is perilous

There are some who think that this world and all creations are normal Natural phemenon and there is no hand of God in it. Experience reveals it otherwise. The tenure of our life on this earth is limited and uncertain. We plan for distant future and for this we tend to go overboard in doing so sometimes without realizing that our span of term here is tentative. Our life being impermanent, we’ve to remain steadfast in our conviction that the life given to us is a precious gift by our Lord and we’ve to fulfil the purpose for which we’re born – to always remember Him. Commonplace sundry busy schedules to pursue our worldly goals without realizing our true purpose in our life. When and from where unexpected natural calamity may visit and destroy us nobody knows for certain. He is the One who annihilates darkness amongst us and spreads light. The case of one of our soldiers buried deep under the tons of snow for several days in Siachen in J&K was found alive (though he died afterwards) but how he remained alive?

Besides performing our daily duties sincerely, it is a must that we become self aware by delving into the inner recesses of ourselves. By so doing, we shall find out that we’ve immense potential to be tapped and put to practice in real life; keeping in mind that life is not always a bed of roses; butter and honey does not flow always. Feeling exited when a good tiding comes and feeling down and out when something untoward happens is hardly a solution to the problem at hand.

Then what is the real purpose of our life besides doing our everyday jobs for our sustenance. It should never be forgotten that this life of ours is uncertain; being martals, brings in its wake some good and bad options. Firstly, we can opt for earning our honest living and satisfy with what we have. Secondly, being satisfied, gives us the option of utilizing our available time and space for pursing spiritual path. Keeping these in mind, we can act our part for which we are most suited without harboring astronomical personal desires and excessive expectations, interact with people we come across, get help when we are helpless, help others in whatever way we can with our resources available with us when and where needed, distribute smile and not disquiet, flow with the current in the best way we can thinking it the task assigned by our Creator, we should always remember that whatever we give others we shall be receiving the same in the same measure. Besides we should not be swayed by extraneous pump and show of anything alluring and finally and most importantly whilest transacting our routine functions we should always associate ourselves with our Creator. Teach this triple truth to all: A generous heart, kind speech, and a life of service and compassion are the things which renew humanity….Words have the power to both destroy and heal. When words are both true and kind, they can change our world. Gautama Buddha.


For realizing the purpose of our existence, it is important that we keep our mind clear of any negative agents which do not let us act freely in order to gain self awareness.

  • Man is mortal. We should never forget that we have taken birth and our death is certain – we’ve to leave this body of ours along with what worldly possessions we’ve amassed. And if we believe in the theory of incarnation then it is paramount that we do right karmic deeds which add to our Karmic credit and lessen and remove our Karmic debt.
  • Our Action (Karma) should not adversely affect others. To keep ourselves happy it is a must to think that our action (karma) is not in any way impeding others’ progress. How can we be happy if we disregard others’ adverse affects due to our misdemeanor (intentional or unintentional).
  • Fear factor. Some unfounded fear keeps pestering us. Fear is another agent which keeps our mind occupied most of the times. It is may the fear of our close relatives or others who come in contact with us. Then we are fearful of our death perennially so much so that we fail to conceive any tangible solution confronting us; without delving on the thinking that the one who is born has to die one day.
  • Emotions. Emotions are the blocks for heralding any new thought and our unfounded emotions perturbations prove counterproductive to our very adjustment in new environs. We’ve to control/check our emotions and not let them go berserk and ruin our chances of forward movement. True emotion of love should be liberating and not binding.
  • Expressing love. It is not mere possessing love but utilizing this positive attribute in daily life is the need of the time. Love brings in its wake reciprocity- be it from our God, humans, animals or birds or plants.
  • Purifying the mind and self. We have to purif our body, mind and soul; remembering that our body has to perish with all its desires but the soul bears the brunt of our actions.
  • Control over desires. To live a life in accordance with the Will of our Bhagwanji, we’ve to rein in unreasonable desires though we cannot bridle them all.
  • Ignoring God is not beneficial for us. We all are accountable for dereliction of our duties. We can hardly say that somebody else will have to suffer the pangs of our mistakes. We can hardly say that we’ve transacted somethhing out of sheer ignorance. Nothing is forgiven and forgotten in His domain. Only we can minimise the affect of our action by good deeds.
  • Meditation removes ignorance. We’ve may have taken in many ills from any source; our previous births (believe it or not it is our free will and wish), our peer groups, our relatives etc but nobody but us have to suffer the pangs of our actions. Through meditation we can, slowly but surely, remove these dross habits which are taking us backward spiritually and otherwise. Hence the Karma of ignorance could be removed through meditation.
  • We can ignore anybody in our life but ignoring God will not do any benefit.

Is it okay to give up on dating and relationships?

Is it okay to give up on dating and relationships?

  • Mike asked 1 month ago

I’m 20 and I just don’t feel like it’s worth it. I feel like it’s too much risk for too little a reward.



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It is important that we decide what sort of life you want to have. For a meaningful life one will have to face the situations arising in life with courage. For courage to happen in our life we have to first think about what do we want in our life. What sort of a life partner we would like to have. For establishing and cementing our relationship it is a must that we should know a person thoroughly; his / her background – including the person concerned and family. 

If you want that you do not want to date the fellow and establish relationship it is your freewill. Nobody can compel you in this. This is your life and you are free to decide which and what you want to get out of it. And why not?

And if you still want to date the fellow then for the dating and establishing relationship meaningfully following should be taken into account by the concerned person. 

1. The person concerned should be known to you. If not prior knowledge should be made known through different sources. 

2. Having known the fellow; it is a must that the fellow concerned is compatible with your educational background. You have to spend your life with the fellow not for a short spell and then uncertain future. 

3. It should be borne in mind that dating is for familiarization. It is not for the establishment of a body relationship. Why body relationship before marriage? May be after this happening the other party leaves. There are the people who want  this thing to happen and that is their purpose of dating! 

4. Dating means to know completely the concerned fellow and let him / her know about yourself. 

5. No show offs on dating. 

6. Be and act like a person you are. Never overact or exaggerate. This may boomerang on you. Ultimately it may lead to uncertainty. 

And finally it is person concerned decision. Nothing should be done which may lower the self respect of the person.


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? answered 1 month ago

Of course not!

Finwie answered 1 month ago

Do whatever you want with your life. Dating isn’t for everyone.

How Do You Socialize With People?

How Do You Socialize With People?

Was originally asked on Yahoo Answers United States

I’m not really good at socializing on a normal level. Can someone give me and idea of what that’s like?



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  • Harbans answered 1 year ago

The following things ought to be taken into account in order to become normal:socialized person:-

1.  Just act normal.
2.  Do not beat about the bush while introducing your status or position. If the other party understands it is better if not just think that that person is not fit for you.
3. Your standing in the eyes of others depends upon your own credibility – your position, your knowledge, your own attitude and sincerity of purpose.
4.  Socializing is mostly dependent upon give-and-take. Sometime you have to withstand slides and intimidation’s but take it with a pinch of salt and go on.
5.  Time is a great healer. It should never be forgotten that with time everything heals. Relationships change with time. But patients is the key.
6.  Socialisation is a two way traffic. If you want to make friendship with somebody and that person is not concerned and not serious, then it cannot go on. Just change tag and seek alternatives.
7. Be adaptive to the change. Never have ill-conceived ideas or ideals.

It should never be forgotten that everything starts with you and ends with you. If nothings works despite your best efforts. Just be satisfied with your own company. You have your own internal source in yourself. Just explore it and see the difference.


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reyna answered 1 year ago

Don’t try to be normal be yourself people like weird people more then they do normal people

Alex answered 1 year ago

Wear a smile and just be a nice person. There is not one person on this planet that will sincerely say they hate nice people.




      It is important to reflect as to where we stand while KEEPING OUR PROMISES. We also make promises on a throw of a hat and woefully forget the other day on flimsy pretext or no pretext at all. This leads us to think of the ancient, most virtuous King of Ayodhya named Harishchandra, who, for keeping promise lost his everything; his prosperous kingdom, his family (consisting of wife and son) and even himself ultimately. In our daily lives.  we come across following instances:-


·       Promises made by our Politicians. We are witness to the flurry of promises made by the political class to their electorates at the time of elections. They promise to make their lives comfortable by improving the law and order situation, improving the sanitary condition of their localities,  improving the economical conditions of the people by providing them meaningful employment, controlling the price rise by controlling inflation, et al. In other words, it could better be said that these people promise to bring moon on the earth for the people! But when these very people are elected as the  representatives; do they keep their promises? More often than not their viewpoint is: ‘Promises are made to be broken. Well people know the answer. Some become inaccessible after their election to say the least!


·       Promises made by the Parents to their Wards.  In some cases, parents make different promises to their children but when the time comes for the fulfillment of the same they just give excuses for non-fulfillment. Anyone can well imagine the plight and the mental state of the child concerned whose parents have failed keeping the promise and did not think necessary to explain to the hapless child the reasons for not keeping the promise? It should never be forgotten that our children follow us to the letter. If we, as parents fail to fulfill promise, the children in turn too will do the same in their daily lives – not to respect their promises. Ultimately, the concerned parents will feel the pinch. Hence the parents will have to introspect deeply while making promises in the first place.

·       Promises made by the Dharma Gurus. What we preach to the common people, we should promise to follow the same to the book.  In real life, we have woefully observed that many a times, our Dharma Guru breach without a second thought the very principle of morality which they loudly preach to others? This way, general people lose belief not only on their preachers but also the religion in general. This paradox is more relevant today than ever.


·       Promises by the Teacher. Teachers are held in high esteem in the society. They are termed as Gurus and can have a far reaching impression on the child. Whatever is taught by them has indelible impression on them. Hence the teachers should always respect the promises they make to their students / pupils. This way, they will not only earn the respect of the students but also goodwill of the general people.


·       Promise by Parties in Business Contract.  In business transactions, contracts are signed by the parties concerned in order to follow some commitments to the letter. Sometimes, it has legal implications. Any transgression or breaking the terms of the agreement / contract may lead to abrogation of agreement / promised deal.


·       Solemn Promise to the Creator. Then sometimes, we to make solemn promises to our Creator and vow not to commit sin, not to follow corruptive path, not to lie, not to resort toanger, not to hanker after worldly possessions, not to breach the trust of others, et al and adopt all the positive qualities in life.





In life we are bound by,

The limits of laws and bye-laws,

And some norms held dear by society at large,

And the principles sacrosanct for all,

Under which we have to keep confined,

And a pledge once made,

We are constrained,

To be fulfilled.


Promises made galore,

By the representatives of people –  and still more,

Too much of rhetoric,

For votes during election,

Woefully forgetting everything after their selection.


Some people do not respect the norms,

Set by the society in actual form,

Even vows made in the marriage,

Alas are not respected by some couples,

Adopt shortcuts to bye-pass,

The commitments made in right earnest.




Sincerity of purpose is one of the best positive qualities of an individual. Sincere dealings may be in our homes, in our workplace, in our day to day dealings with our peer groups, with formal and informal interactions, etc. If we are sincere in our actions then we need not care about the results of our actions. Sincere actions are self-rewarding and can be attested at all situations.

A sincere person always thinks the welfare of others over his own. The prime-movers for this fellow are uprightness and honesty attached. Temptations have no place in his / her scheme of things. In fact that person is flawless in his behaviour and is self-realized one. Similarly, that person gives more credence to others’ needs and aspirations rather than his / her own needs.

A person whose work ethics is cemented with sincerity as one of the main constituents will never aim for result of his actions. To act is his religion and then forget everything.

There are some people who have selfish motives as a prime -movers in getting jobs done through other means than legitimate. Much of the corruption that pervades in the society today is due to self-centred approach that we adopt in our lives. We attach too much emphasis on ‘I, my, me’ and less of ‘ours’.

A sincere person have the following characteristics that guide him / her in life:-

• Action Oriented Policy in life. A sincere person never confines himself to theory, he / she believes in action that too positive actions with good implications / bearings on the society in general.

• Sincerity Helps in Self Realization. By adopting sincere approach in life, that person never is misled and follows principles which purify his body off negativities thus paving the way to tap reservoir of latent energy dormant in the system.

• Honest and Sincere Approach. That person never puts off things because sincere one has his priorities fixed. His approach may be enmeshed with some unpredictable difficulties initially yet ultimately will always be vindicated.

• Ready for Action when Action is Really Needed. Honest and sincere person never procrastinates if there is a need of a help to be rendered.

• Sincere person never aspire for material possessions, rather, whatever he ekes through his present capabilities that person is satisfied.

• Greed, rancour, selfish motive does not touch such person in any way.

• Sincere person does not aspire for self-respect but respect follows the person due to positive approach in life.
• Quality of Equanimity. A sincere person always baths in peace both in bad and good situations.

With this intention in mind, I have penned down a poem titled SINCERITY, kindly go through and offer your comments. Your comments are the source of my inspiration to go further.


Truth  whilst properly clothed is sincerity,
Its ingredients are godliness, realism and purity,
Sincere person is married to piety,
Who, for truth’s sake, will sacrifice everything,
To keep a word he gives without misgiving,
Also, is the one who for truth’s sake,
Will never compromise on ideas he holds dear,
That is why he is held dear by others everywhere,
And by extension our Creator Loves Sincere the Most ever and ever.

Greed touches him not,
Swayed by any external influences naught,
Hot and cold, happiness and sadness has do not touch,
Maintains equanimity in situations all,
Showiness trembles where he ventures,
Spreads fragrance by his presence.

His actions and reactions exhibit harmony,
Rational are his emotions with no tinge of vanity,
Passionately he wins every being with his sugariness,
He gives words and sticks to these,
That is why his words are trusted by low and highs,
Consciously, he is his own master to the area he surveys,
Is not dictated by anyone crossing his ways,
Believes in the dictum, ‘charity begins at home’.

Cleanses his conscious daily like one brooms a room,
Sermons others not,
But follows high-quality principles without qualms,
His best deeds are the ones which are loved by others,
Divorced from inner conflicts,
His body and soul work in tandem,
For a cause held dear by his conscience,
Rich in integrity and abundant in intelligence,
Holds his head high in the comity of people,
With patience and tolerance plentiful,
His sincerity is an open book with little secrecy,
Easily to be read by anybody who tries,
Abundance in essential sincerity, physical sincerity and spiritual sincerity,
He is more near to ONE ABOVE than anyone could ever conjecture.

Harbans Khajuria