All my writings in the form of poems or any other topics are part of my day to day experiences. I come across different types of people at different places, interact with them, know their well-being and get sufficient knowledge about their way of living. I feel joyful when my companions are happy and feel otherwise when somebody is unhappy. In day to day life, it is a continuous journey, with no end in sight. This philosophical way of life enriches my life immensely. I believe if I do good or bad it would be returned back to me in the same kind. If I sow thorns I cannot expect to get flowers. Good deeds are rewarded and bad ones are punished. This is also the law of Nature. If we nurture it; it will reward us. Otherwise, if we spoil it; we shall have to put up with its retribution(s). It never forgives our indiscretions. It has been seen many a time.

I request you to kindly appraise the write-ups and critically comment. These comments will surely help me in delving and peeping deep in the inner recesses of my heart and come out with something noble and useful one. I heartily thank you really for everything. You people are my source of inspiration/motivation really. Do pay visit again.

May our Lord be with us ever and ever and leave us never.

I shall also make an honest confession that I have gained immensely from the rich write-ups of different bloggers. May God grant them all the bounties.

One thing which disappoints me immensely when some people just are insistent that their religion is above others. As I’ve mentioned in my writings too religious scriptures are the sacred guides for us to connect with our Lord – the methods may be different by the ultimate result is the same. Bickering for these scriptures takes us nowhere except contradictions of our own creation, in the process, creating confusion rather than connecting with our Creator. For this, the scriptural texts like BIBLE, QURAN, SRI GRANTH SAHIB, BHAGWAD GITA and much more are the ENLIGHTENING LIGHTS for us all which remove the darkness in us and show us the path to the SUPER SPIRIT – THE ONE AND THE ONLY ONE.

I am a person who believes in the existence of the God. He is the embodiment of ETERNAL LOVE and bestows us His succor whenever there is the need. I am the one who does not ask for anything from Him since He knows everything which I or to that matter others want. He is Bhagwan meaning He is the Omnipotent & OMNISCIENT and LOVES those who love His CREATIONS. Also, first of all, we have to know our own SELF to know HIM because we construe that our SELF is part of the BIGGER SELF. We are the spirit and HE IS THE SUPER SPIRIT. One thing that pleases me immensely that the overall know-how which I gleaned over a period of time through interaction with different people have helped me in publishing a book titled INNER THOUGHTS which could be purchased online from HTTP://FLIPKART.COM. I am deeply thankful to all my readers and particularly of the WORDPRESS for their pro-readers-writers approach which makes a huge difference in shaping the relationship with all concerned.

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Finally, I would like to express my gratitude to GOOGLE for providing me the huge platform besides providing me an opportunity to enhance my knowledge in a variety of fields. 

May humanity flourish with our GOD’S grace.


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716 thoughts on “About”

  1. If you ever have the chance, your critique would be greatly appreciated at Gastradamus. Our latest stories the bald and the brestless and why servers with less makeup are more enjoyable to snuggle with are gaining steam and we would really like your input at Gastradamus.

  2. Hi there!
    I am glad I found your blog – rather, you found mine! 😀
    I completely agree with your views on religion; I feel the same way. In fact, if everybody the world over, and across the entire history of the world, thought the same, there would not have been the “Holy” Crusades, the disastrous world wars, the hateful cold war…
    Why, if everybody across the world and time thought the way you and I do, India would not have been partitioned at all!
    Ananya 🙂

    P.S. I am a lover of History and hence, you have to bear my manner of writing! No offense to anybody!! 😉 🙂

  3. Thank you for reading and following holdingforthhisword. May Christ Jesus bless you with His mercy, grace and love that you may come to know Him and have eternal life. Amen!

    1. Sure enough, Lord Jesus Christ’s kind graces flow in me and I thank Him every second of my life for His bounties. May He be with us all ever. Regards

    1. My sincere thanks from the core of my heart. A single work which can change somebody somewhere counts much in the eyes of our Lord. Regards

    1. Thanks sincerely for you appraisal of my blog and offer your most inspiring comments. It is also a huge encouragement for those who write from their own personal experience. Regards

  4. It’s true. You woke up and found yourself in Uncle Bardie Country. Now that you have followed Uncle Bardie, you may find yourself at that fork in the road that you have to take. With Uncle Bardie for a guide, you can be comforted that you may stub your toe on a pun, find you can’t resist laughing at those things you never thought funny, and wake up to wonder what Uncle Bardie is up to. It’s okay. That itch can be scratched. Simply tune in to the next Post, It could very well be a doozy or not. Either way it will be coming from the whacky mind of Uncle Bardie. So thanks for following Uncle Bardie’s Stories & Such. It beats bananas any day. Unless…but that’s a whole ‘nother thang. And one last thing. Have a great day (or night, depending on your perspective).

    And a very Merry Christmas.

    1. I really am thankful to you for your comments. It would be my privilege to educate myself and enjoy the writings – such things we rarely find in todays world. Regards

  5. Love your posts. Would like to invite you as contributor to publish your past posts to my site. Readers in my sites are mostly from Asia. Your posts can touch, move & inspired them.
    I unable to find any contact link in your site so I have to leave a comment here. Email me to workout on my invitation. Thank you

    Email: Absolutelifestyle.blog@gmail.com

    Jeremy Li

  6. Good evening, my dear spiritual friend across the oceans. Ever since I read your presentation in this article I had wanted to put a polite commentary. But “something”, or even “somebody”, was staying my hand in earnest. Truly. Many times I tried to write something and I couldn’t. Now I know what it was. I wasn’t ready to give you a proper surname to correspond the nice one you chose for me: Dr. Sahib. Finally the “ethereal powers that be” allowed me to discover the right one. Today there was no football in the TV as I usually gorge on matches from Italy, Spain, Argentina and Uruguay; there is a dearth for a month awaiting the world Cup in Russia in a month. So I was casually flipping the remote control when I settled for an unknown magazine in the RAI channel that was showing the Palazzo Corsini in Florence. They were a family of wealthy businessmen that eventually reached the upper echelons of Italian society and the Vatican ( Pope Clement XII, who made the Fontanna di Trevi, was one of them) through the unbeatable combination of coins and genes. One of them was accepted in the Italian Academy of Arts and took a special name befitting his hunger for learning, vast culture and unique intellectual insight. He was known as “Il Chiaro” (the clear one). Aha,,,That’s the name you deserve, my dear friend.
    Behold above the introductory article of the great Indian man of letters HARBANS, IL CHIARO.
    A big hug. Arrivederci!

    1. Dr. Sahib, Good morning

      Your long commentary is a revelation about the jest you have for football, your productive pursuits including the knowledge of the old history. Till that part it is all good but when it reache about myself, I really do not know about that which you have indicated. Really speaking, I am a simple man, with simple habits with no big opinion about myself – just a normal human who was brought up where we had to remain penny-wise for our needs including my schooling etc. Though, with the grace of God, presently, His bounties has made a difference yet my original values remain. I would like to walk where transport facility is available, I would like to have simple diets where all sorts of dietary facilities are available – in other words, I have remained glued to my roots.

      As far as giving a name, I do not know whether I am even 1% of what IL CHIARO actually was. Can a simple man with nothing but sufficing self esteem (but no ego) have a name which you have suggested? Call me anything or anybody, but remain writing. There is warmth in your words and phrases and APANAPAN.


  7. Dear Harbans,

    Thank you for sharing your words and thoughts. Indeed, we all can learn from each other, it is give and take. Similarly we find give and take in Karma: good and evil – like a mirror of our deeds, thoughts and words. “As you sow you will reap…” However, there is one important thing: When we do good for people, help them, support needa and poor people, we should leave out our own person as otherwise the fruit goes to our pride – then we are proud of what we have done and this is no longer then a selfless service. A holy person prayed to God: “Oh God, if I do something good for a persons or people, please, do not let me know…” In this prayer he asks not to have the attention himself that he has done something good – as this is a kind of demand for getting a reward… and easily we find us in the position of being proud what we have done…

    Thank you so much dear Harbans and heart-felt greetings to you

  8. The day I meet you remind me always of your personalty & touch. Suddenly I discover that I am following… you since. You have inspired me a lot. Thanks for your writing.

    1. Thank you so very much for appraising ‘about’ and offering your invaluable comments. Really inspirational indeed.

      Your blog giving information on historical buildings is really excellent.


  9. Harbans Sahib, this is to inform you that I have nominated you for the Liebster Award. Check this out-https://atuldepak.wordpress.com/2018/12/22/nominated-for-the-liebster-award-2nd/
    Best wishes and regards! 🙂

  10. Wonderful “About” page. Thank you so much for stopping my blog and for the follow. I too was like you believing that since God knows everything I needed that there was no need to ask Him for any thing, but then on my reading through the scriptures I came upon these ones:

    Until now you have asked nothing in My name. Ask, and you will receive, that your joy may be full. John 16:24

    And whatever you ask in My name, that I will do, that the Father may be glorified in the Son. John 14:13

    So I then realized that even though God knows what I want He still wants to communicate with me on personal issues….so now I not only pray for others, but I take some time out to cry out to God in regards to my own personal issues.

  11. “LOVES those who love His CREATIONS” – there is no condition to receive His love. He loves us already. There is no condition and nothing we can do to earn His love.
    “For this, the scriptural texts like BIBLE, QURAN, SRI GRANTH SAHIB, BHAGWAD GITA and much more are the ENLIGHTENING LIGHTS for us all which remove the darkness in us and show us the path to the SUPER SPIRIT – THE ONE AND THE ONLY ONE” – incorrect. Yahushua/Jesus says that He is THE Way, THE Truth, THE Light and that no-one can come to the Father except through Him. Therefore, you can’t be doing what the Quran and those other books say as well as the Bible as that is serving both light and darkness and, according to the Bible we can not serve two masters. Christianity and Islam cannot both be served to get closer to God.as they are two completely different religions. Check out this post: https://idoalotofreading.wordpress.com/2018/12/03/do-we-worship-the-same-god/

    1. Thank you so very much for your commentary on ABOUT.

      From the knowledge I have gained after going through the Holy Scriptures – almost all, I have enriched myself immensely. I consider Christ Consciousness and Krishna Consciousness are not different. Whatever I go through in different scriptures, I do not find any difference. Words and phrases may be different but the main gist of all remains the same.

      For instance, take the example ‘compassion’ or ‘righteousness’ and go through in different scriptures;; it is same. Also, it is not only the religious scriptures, all the good things which others teach me or preach me enlighten me and enrich my inner self.

      We humans are God’s creations and He is not different for each one of us. He is the same for every living beings.

      Religions and the scriptures thereto, I take them as the wherewithal or the pathways to the SAME SOURCE – like the different rivers which flow into a DEEP OCEAN.

      When I pray or meditate, I meditate on our CREATOR, LORD, BHAGWANJI, OR BY ANY NAME YOU MENTION, but the outcome is the same. I connect with Him and that is the purpose of my existence.

      I shall check out the post you have mentioned and I shall enlighten myself on this.



  12. Sorry to bother you, my friend. I just polished a posting about the inspiration behind my son’s film and I would like you to be the first person to put up some words as a commentary. Thank you very much.

  13. …I’m very pleased to read that out there are people who think about the religion, and especially on the “holy” texts like Bible, Qur’an, Vedas, Talmud, Buddhistic texts, Japanese Shinto and other philosophical texts like Tao-Te-Ching by Lao Tze, texts of Confucius, Krishnamurti etc., in the same way as I do, not only as a guides and stories, but as a different approaches to the same thing, and that is to unite humanity in different ways of thinking and to teach them the real values of life, nature, universe…

    1. Ma’am, all the religious texts contain the same truth about THE ABSOLUTE TRUTH and all the religions are the pathways to the this ABSOLUTE TRUTH. Here ways are different but the destination is the same.

      Your invaluable commentary is obviously touching.



    1. OM NAMON SHIVAYE: I thank you for appraising the write-ups and I am really inspired by your comments.

      Personal involvement with my job and other commitments do not allow me to travel but I interact with people of different hues and get inspired by your point of views and pen them down.

      I shall go through your write-up on KAILASH TRIP.


      1. Thanks Harbans.
        I would be happy if we both link our websites so that readers will get more interesting articles to read.
        Like, I would definitely like to link with articles on Lord Shiva. Similarly, you can pick my Kailash write-ups.

        Shruti Pradhan

      2. I have gone through the write-ups on KAILASH YATRAS, the treasure of information that you have provided is really [ar excellent.

  14. Thank you for following us. Your consistency in blogging is an inspiration I hope to attain eventually. I love your opening statement of purpose and your witness! Looking forward to reading your next blog! Barb

    1. Affirmative. This is a feeling which every writers wishes but for this, the writer has to seek the inner strength and pen down combining inner emotions with outer experiences. People will come forward and share your thoughts. And those writers who learn from personal experiences succeed.

      Have belief in God and yourself and write on.

      Thanks and regards.

    1. Thank you so very much for your invaluable comments.

      My write-ups are based either on my experiences or research on the topic which has historical leaning.

      I consider ‘dreams’ as part and parcel of our existence and are reflection of our day to day thoughts and deeds we transaction. Our dreams leave an indelible impression on our mind and help us gain insight about mystical past happenings or the ones to happen in future too. The dreams which we experience in the morning 4 – 6 AM remain fresh in our memory-slate and prove to be realistic in one way or other.


      1. Thank you for the interesting response

        I, too, doing some research about dreams, and as you said I noticed that the dreams have no time, neither space, but I wonder if there’s a “tool” or anyway tips which we can control better and better the endless dimension of the dream (Not lucid dreams, but more…) so then I think we can everybody feel better with ourselves communicating better with others too.

        Sorry for my bad English

        Thank you again

      2. Thanks a lot for sharing your understanding of dreams and its ramifications on our future. But we should always flow with the current and not be swayed by every dream which we experience.

        The use of words and phrases of yours is most appropriate and could convey your idea what you intend.

        With regards

  15. Thank you so much for visiting my blog and for your thoughtful comments. I’m very glad to have found your site and am looking forward to reading the thoughts that you are sharing here. My heart and faith belongs to my God but like you I have learnt so much through the philosophies of others and hope I will continue to do so always.

    1. My heartfelt gratitude for sharing the warmth in your words and phrases you have used. God in fact is our SOURCE for everything we are, everything we do or do not do. He is very accommodating, forgiving and above all our own CREATOR. Let anybody forsake us, He never. He is with us always. In our happy time, in our not so happy times or any other time and space. THANKS AND REGARDS.

  16. Good morning and Happy Earth Day, my dearest Brahminic teacher across the Oceans. I have not seen you lately in my page with your beautiful commentaries. Are you OK?

  17. my heartfelt congrats on your blog accomplishments! keep writing, my friend! you are an inspiration to those among us who continue to pound the keyboard. and happy new year to you and your fam!

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