Hanuman Jyanti is being celebrated today
The Chitra Purnima
In Shakula Paksha
He is the symbol of strength and amazing power
He is passionate devotee
Of Lord Rama
The Maryada Prashotam
While we want the blessings of Lord Ram
We can worship Lord Hanuman
Who is the Deity
To whom we can worship for successful fructification
Of any project we undertake in hand
His prayers at this juncture
When Novel Coronavirus virulence
Is taking toll all the world over
With Hanuman Chalisa recitation
Or chanting of Mantra
Om Eh Reem Hanumante Shri Ram Doote Namon.
To seek and get answers to our pressing problems
His worship could also assist us
For removing the negative forces
Which has bedeviled our lives.
The devotee could offer while performing worship 
& Wisdom
With flowers like marigold, rose
With parsad as Ladu, halwa and banana
Which are very dear to Lord Hanumana
Born to mother Anjana
Due to her worship of Lord Shiva
Due to which Lord Hanumana
Too is termed as the incarnation of Lord Shiva.
My sincere prayer to Lord Hanumana
I entreat thee the Bhakta of Lord Rama
The savior of all the creations
To rid the humanity off the Novel Coronavirus Pandemic
From the surface of this Planet.



Before relating the significance of this day, I offer my sincere prayer to the one who can deliver the humanity from the virulent virus which has engulfed whole of the humanity in its vicious entanglement and especially so in India where the Novel Covid-19 pandemic has crossed all records besides the shortage of Oxygen too is being felt in many hospital though the Government is making all out efforts in replenishing the same. Welcome assistance too is pouring in to alleviate the situation.

Sure enough, our sincere prayers can stop the novel coronavirus pandemic while observing all the norms of lockdown procedures. Remaining isolated in the comforts of our homes, keeping distance while going out when inescapable, washing hands as and when required while observing all norms to avoid personal contact with others since this virus spreads through contact with the infected person.

Lord Hanuman was born to Anjana, the wife of Vanaraja Kesari (the King of Monkeys). It is believed that Anjana was cursed by Muni Vishwamitra for disturbing him. He cursed Anjana that she will give birth to a monkey. Anjana to get rid of the curse worshipped Lord Shiva and urged him to be a part of her son. Thus, it is believed that Lord Hanuman is an incarnation of Lord Shiva.


Lord Hanuman Ji is the son of mother Anjana (An Apsara who was cursed by Rishi Vivhsvamitra to take birth on earth in Vanara family) and father Kesari the King of Sumeru. The Wind God Vayu had also a role in his birth besides being the Guru of Hanuman Ji. Lord Hanuman Ji is a well-known devotee of Lord Rama who is one of the pivotal characters epic Ramayana. His name has been mentioned in Vedas, Puranas, besides in Jain, Buddhist and Sikh scriptures. He is also known as an incarnation of Lord Shiva. He is not only worshipped in India but also in Nepal, Myanmar, Cambodia, Malaysia and Indonesia.

 Hanuman Jyanti marks the birth of HANUMAN JI to father King Kesari and mother Anjani with the bounties of Wind King Pawan Dev Ji. The devotees who have strong influenceof Shani Dev Ji should worship Hanuman Ji. In this context, reciting of Hanuman Chalisa eight times is very effective to please Shani Dev Ji (Satron). He is hugely respected for His prowess and the one who bestows his graces on those KARMA YOGI are honest and sincere in their prayers.

Hanuman Jayanti is an important festival of the Hindus. Lord Hanuman is a passionate devotee of Lord Rama Ji. He is widely known for his undaunted loyalty to Lord Rama. Hanuman is the symbol of strength and energy besides known for devotion to Lord Rama. He is said to be able to assume any form at will, brandish the gada (including many other celestial weapons), and even move mountains which he exhibited when needed for bringing a medicinal plant to save the life of Lakshmana the brother of Lord Rama.

The devotees celebrate this day, worship Lord Hanuman Ji and also keep fast on this day and seek his blessings besides offer Ladoos to Him as these are liked by Him. They receive Parsad in the form of sweets, flowers, Tilak etc. The Param Bhakta of Lord Hanuman Ji also recite devotional songs praising Lord Hanuman Ji for his Shakti and Bhakti and also seek his blessings besides sing HANUMAN CHALISA in his praise for receiving his graces.


On this auspicious day, devotees of Lord Hanuman pray him and seek his protection and blessings. They flock to temples to worship him and present religious offerings. In return, The devotees receive parsada from the temple priests in the form of sweets, flowers, coconut etc. People also celebrate him on this day by reciting various devotional songs (especially Hanuman Chalisa). The devotees also recite Beej Mantra – OM EH REEM HANUMANTE SRI RAM DOOTE NAMON. In this Hanuman Ji is prayed for being a devout messenger of Lord Rama who is a symbol of strength and energy.

It has also been mentioned in Valmiki Ramayana that Hanuman’s father Kesari, the king of Sumeru was the son of Brihaspati. Due to the intense prayers of Anjana and Kesari to Lord Maheshwara, a son was born to them named Hanuman an incarnation of Lord Shiva. Vayu (The deity of Wind). He too had a role in the birth of Hanuman Ji and that is why we term him as the son of Vayu.

In Vishnu Purana, there is also a mention of the birth of Hanuman Ji. Narda Muni wanted to marry a beautiful princess for which he wanted to have Lord Vishnu like face. Instead, Lord Vishnu gave him the face of a monkey, thereupon Narda cursed Lord Vishnu that this ape-like face (Vanara) will assist him when he would be in dire need. This was also the reason of Hanuman Ji’s birth because, without his help, the task of defeating Demon King Ravana would have been very difficult.


Lord Hanuman Ji is Rudra Avtara, another name of Lord Shiva. He is also worshipped by various names by His devotees  such as Bala Ji (Child Hanuman),  Anjaneya (Son of Anjana), Mahavira (Full of bravery and courage bestowed upon him by Sun God), Balarka (Sadrushanana like the rising sun), Batnasiddhikara (Giver of Strength), Bajranghbali (With huge strength), Bhakta Vastsaka (Protector of devotees), Bhavishya (One who knows about future happenings), Chiranjevini (Immortal), Chaturbahave (Four armed), Danta (Peaceful), Dheera (Most courageous), Deenabandhave (Defender of the oppressed), Daithyakulantaka (Destroyer of the demons), Kesrisuta (Son of kesri), Hanumanta (One with Puffy cheeks), Intrajit (Remover of the effect of Indrajit’s Brahmastra), Jai Kapeesh (Hailing monkey), Kapishwara (Head of monkey army), Kabalikruta (One who swallowed the Sun),

Kumarabrahmacharine (Bachelor with youthful strength), Panchavaktra (Five faced), Pratapavate (Known for his bravery), Yogini (Yogi par excellence), Rudraveerya (Born of Shiva), amongst so other names for showering of His graces and blessings. He is known for His ritualistic healing power and have the power to remove the evil spirits from the bodies of the devotees and Mehandipur, the Abode of Sri Bala Ji exerts its positive influence on His devotees.

From the various names that Lord Hanuman Ji is known, it is evident that he helps his devotees to cure their sufferings, comes to their rescue in tiding over their difficult situations, curing them of their ailments caused due to some ill-effects of magical powers, one who bestows us courage as He is known for his courageous acts which He exhibited while Hanuman Ji  was taken to Demon King Ravana’s palace in chains by his son Meghnatha while He was on the mission of locating Sita Maa in the custody of Demon King Ravana. He not only burnt the Golden Lanka of  Ravana but also exhibited very benign demeanour to Ravana’s brother Babishana, a Ram Bhakta himself – PROVING HIS MULTI-FACETED ROLE AMONGST THE DEVTAS.


Lord Hanuman Ji is known for his Bhakti and for Lord Rama besides his heroic initiatives and power are well known to us all. He is known for his martial arts – amongst which use of gadha, wrestling, acrobatics and also meditation. He is an epitome of celibacy/chaste and inner control including devotion to his duty. He performed the special role in helping Lord Rama in retrieving Sita Maa after Demon King Ravana abducted her from Panchbati in the disguise of a Sadhu by deception.  Hanumanji was sent to Lanka for getting information on Sita Maa. He surmounted several hurdles while crossing the ocean. When he reached in Lanka, Sita Maa felt very pleased but at the first instance, she was skeptical about him since she thought that he could be one of the deceptive stances of King Ravana. But on showing the golden ring of Lord Rama, she was convinced that he was actually the doot or Messenger sent by Lord Rama for locating her.


Subsequently, Hanuman Ji expressed his desire and asked for permission to allow him to have some fruits from the Vatika (garden) of Ravana as he felt very hungry due to his long and tiring sojourn. She allowed him but with reservation since she did not want that any harm should happen to the Ram’s doot. When allowed to have fruits, Hanuman Ji started not only taking fruits but also uprooting the trees. When the demon guards intervened, he killed them all. This news went to King Ravana, he sent his son Meghnath who with deception brought him in front of Ravana – that was the opportunity Hanuman Ji was waiting for; firstly to convince the king to return Sita Maa to Lord Rama with respect besides asking for his forgiveness for kidnapping her. This was vehemently opposed by the king Ravana who was filled with the ego of his prowess along with he being one of the fondest Bhaktas (worshippers) of Lord Shiva. He flatly refused to do so. Instead, on the advice of his advisors,  he ordered that the tail of Hanuman Ji be burnt. Having lit the tail, Hanuman Ji showed to the Lankan what he could do. He burnt the entire Lanka by hopping from home to home. All this sent a shock wave to the entire Lankans – an indication of things to come for Ravana for his misdemeanor. During this, Hanuman Ji met Ravan’s brother Vabhishana who was Lord Rama’s Bhakta. During this period, Hanuman Ji liberated Lord Shani Dev Ji, the dispenser of Justice from the confinement of Ravana.


We immerse sindoor on the idol of Hanuman Ji which is liked by Hanuman Ji. We also apply some of the sindoor on our forehead from the foot of the idol of Hanuman Ji. There is a legend for this too. While Sita Maa was applying sindoor as a tika on her forehead, Hanuman Ji asked why she was putting vermilion on her forehead. She replied that it was t ensure the long life for her husband – Lord Rama. Hanuman Ji for ensuring the long life of Lord Rama applied sindoor to his entire body and that is why we smear his entire idol with it.


Hanuman Ji was the chief devotee of Lord Rama. This was proved by a legend. While Maa Sita Ji wanted to award Hanuman with gems’ garland, Hanuman simply broke the pieces of garland. Sita Maa felt very surprised and wanted to know about the reason for breaking the garland pieces. In reply to this, Hanuman Ji told that the image of Ram Ji resides in His heart and therefore he needed no gift of any kind. Then, Hanuman tore the part of his chest, and lo and behold, the image of Lord Rama and Maa Siya Ji was there etched. All this proved that in every atom of Hanuman Ji, Lord Rama remained stamped.


In Hanuman Chalisa, Hanuman has been described to be a reservoir of knowledge who ensures for the awakening of general people. He is the messenger of Lord Rama, the son of Anjana and Kesari. He helps in removal of ignorance and helps in enlightenment. He is the worshipper of Lord Ram and Maa Sita. The magnificence of his attire has been mentioned. He was sent was dispatched to Lanka as the messenger to know about the whereabouts of Maa Sita where he killed many demons. Even Vibhishan the brother of Lankesh knew everything about Lord Hanuman Ji. Despite his knowledge, energy (Shakti), empowered by boons by different God-heads in various aspects, his prayer, and love to Lord Rama excelled everything else. Those who pray Him are bestowed with all sorts of bounties and his graces remain with them.  He is the ultimate remover of bad luck from our midst if we sincerely pray Him.

The Valmiki Ramayana and Ramayana written by Goswami Tulsidas very compressively tell us the details of Ayodhya King Dashratha and all the description till the end. These amongst others are very popular amongst the people.  

Hanuman Ramayana. There is the description of Hanumat Ramayana in old Hindu scriptures – Vedas and Sikandpurana etc. This was the description of Ramayana codified by Lord Hanuman Ji. This was codified by Hanumanji with his nails on the rocks. After reading this descriptive Ramayana, Maharishi Valmiki got very disappointed as his own written Ramayana was not as good as he had seen the one written by Hanuman Ji. Lord Hanuman Ji got moved by the concern of Valmiki Ji, therefore, he threw that portion of the rock into the sea so that nobody could read the Ramayana written by Him.

Thereupon, Maharishi Valmiki promised to take birth in next Yuga as Goswami Tulsidas and write comprehensive Ramayana which is read by all of us now.


Lord Shiva hence one who worships Lord Hanuman ji gets graces from Lord Shiva and vice versa too.



Lord Hanuman Ji while on the sojourn to Lanka to locate Sita Maa happened to meet Lord Shani Dev Ji (Saturn) (the son of Sun also and Chhaya Putra) in the prison of Demon King Ravana. Lord Hanuman Ji freed Lord Shani Devi Ji therefore there developed friendship between the two. Even Shani Dev Ji cast his spell (sight) on Lord Hanuman Ji which helped Him to speedily burn Golden Lanka of Ravana. If we pray lord hanuman ji, the graces of Lord Shani Devi Ji too remain with us.





Amay, may Heaven’ s choicest
Plentiful blessings be showered
On to you our most loved
And remain ever blessed
With the Almighty God
The One who can make huge difference to one and all.

Since your birthday
Coincides with the most auspicious day
Of Lord Hanuman’s Jyanti
The source of power and knowledge
We all specially pray to Him
To bestow you bountiful know-how and perception
And resilience to face life with confidence.

Really a shining star of our eye
Who is learning and experiencing new things
And adding his savoir-faire everyday of his life
Along with rich value system
Transferred by parents with warmth in love
Which comes out of the inner recesses of heart
Generating in its wake a feeling of pride
That you’re not apart from us all
A blood relation producing warmth in our emotions.

When you smile
We smile with you
When you laugh
We laugh with you.

Your chatter captivates us
When you are in pain it pains us.

A feeling of pleasure comes on the surface of our mind
That you’re one amongst us
Whose birthday falls today.

You will represent us in the days to come
We pray to God for your happiness
Insightful knowledge
Good health and wellness
So as to cultivate sound habits, behavior and attitude.

Named variously with paramount love and affection
By different people closely connected
But the intention of each one remains the same
To showcase and transfer basketful of love onto you.

I further pray to God that your tomorrow
May be better than today
For healthy and joyful living.




Lord Mahavira, the 24th Tirthankara was born on 599 BC and died in 510 BC. It is also mentioned in Kalpa Sutra that he was born between 1375 – 1400 CE in a family of a Kshtriya in present day Bihar. .

I pray to Lord Mahavira who got his Omniscience – Kevala Jnana or eternal knowledge after undergoing extreme penance may bestow the humanity wellness, peace and prosperity and rid the humanity from the scourge. I want to see happiness and joy on the faces of all along with self belief and belief on God.

While the world at large, and particularly so, India, are passing through most trying situations and condition created by double mutant Novel Coronavirus Pandemic.

The hope now is partly on the bountiful blessings of Lord Mahavira. I offer my sincerest prayers to the Lord to protect the precious lives of humanity around the world. Wish that all are administered vaccines. In the interim, scare created by the scarcity of Oxygen should be made good as soon as possible by the active intervention of all concerned post haste otherwise death and destruction would be huge. All states should cooperate in this context so that no precious life is lost due to the non-availability of O2. I am sanguine, of course, blessings of our Lord Mahavira would anyhow be there and the scare created by Covid-19 gets evaporated.

If we act on the following five principles of Lord Mahavira preaching, we would make our lives sublime thereby lead a life of peace and prosperity.

The five vows (Vrtas) which Mahavira Preached are enumerated as under:-PPRINCFIVE VOWS OF LORD MAHAVIRA

Ahimsa (Non-violence). Mahavira preached to maintain sanctity and dignity of all in the spirit of Ahimsa – without force or intimidation. It should be in action, speech and thought. Satya (Truthfulness). He stressed about being truthful in thoughts and actions.

  • Asteya (Non-stealing). Nobody should steal what is not ours.
  • Brahmacharya (Chastity).He taught abstinence from sex and sensual pleasures for monks and faithfulness to one’s partner for householders.
  • Aparigaha (Non-attachment). An attitude of non-attachment to property or worldly possessions should be given much credence..
  • Truthfulness (Satya). It applied to individual and for others.


  • Non-use of force (Ahimsa) while getting something done.
  • Following truth (Satya).
  • Opposing untruth (Asatya) in any event.
  • Following a life of chastity (Brahmacharya).
  • We should follow a life of non-attachment to the fruits of our action (Aparigraha).
  • There are multi-dimensional realities (Anekatavada) to reach the truth.
  • Remain fearless in hardships and in calamities that is why he is called as Tirthankara.
  • Knowledge which is universal is based on truth should be followed.
  • All humans undergo several reincarnations according to our karma therefore we should perform right karma.
  • It is believed that soul exists an is eternal i.e. does not die as the body dies – a principle which is being followed in Hinduism.
  • Karma includes actions and intent. The effects of good karma and bad karma.
  • The goal of spiritual practice to liberate the jiva from the karmic accumulation and enter the realm of the Siddhas and finally liberation after one attains total detachment from the worldly possessions or for that matter anything after following a life of self-restraint.
  • He taught about many sided realities and truth and reality are complex. Reality could be experienced. Onne can experience the truth of taste but cannot fully express that taste through language. Spiritual truths are also very complex. These could be experienced through self effort and right karma.
  • Jainism believes in plurality of humans and freedom of belief.
  • The significance of following the five principles is to achieve spiritual peace for better rebirth or reincarnation or liberation after following highly spiritual life. The Mahavira also put emphasis on restraint and be compassionate to other creatures as well. In other words, the life of self-discipline is of paramount importance. The cleansing of soul leads to spiritual development based on supreme moral virtue.



Lord Mahavira, known as Vardhamana
Is regarded as the 24th Tirthankaras
A spiritual successor of 23rd Tirthankara Parshvanatha
Born in the early part of 5th century BC
Into a family of Kshtriya Gotra
In present day Bihar
His birth is celebrated as Mahavir Jayanti
And his Nirvana is observed by Jains as Diwali
It is recorded that he was born on 599 BC & died in 510 BC
Kalpa Sutra mention his birthday between 1375 – 1400 CE
Vira Nirvana Samvat era began in 527 BC
With Nirvana of Mahavira at Pavapuri in Bihar
Is considered holiest place for Jains and others.

Opinions may differ from person to person
But his preaching are second to none
In spiritual knowledge and awakening.

For 12 years long
He lived a life of total renunciation
And attained omniscience – Kevala Jnana
Or eternal knowledge
Knowhow which could be universal in nature
Subsequently be got moksha
In 6th century BC.
Mahavira taught based on Jainism principles
Which are respected as those of Lord Buddha.

Mahavira also known as Vardhamana
Was the 24th Tirthankara
Meaning a savior and a well known Spiritual Preacher
Who made significant efforts in reviving Jainism.

With his spiritual and ethical teachings of tirthankaras
The base of which was laid in Pre-Vedic era.

He left his home while he was about 30 years
And became a true ascetic in true sense of terms
Followed severest Bhakti Marga (Path)
In the form of severest penance – Bhakti
For his spiritual awakening
And enlightenment.

His earnest Bhakti earned for him Omniscience – Kevala Jnana
Finally attained Nirvana or liberation – Moksha
At the age of seventy two.

His teachings included non-violence – ahemsa
Truth, what is right and what is wrong – satya & Astya
The importance of non-attachment – Aparigraha
Taught about chastity – Brahmacharya
Thence numerous realities – Anekantavda
All his teachings are codified in – Jain Agamas
His earliest known historical signs at Mathura’

Mahavira is known variously
Such as Samana, Nayaputta, Brahmham, Bhagwan and Muni
Mahavira’s childhood name was Vardhamana
As per text Digambara Uttarapuranna
Mahavira was born in Kundgrama.

In the Kingdom of the Videhas
The one who grows in stature and worth
And helps others too to grow all around.
In the Kalpasutras in Bihar
Lived as severest ascetic life for 12 years
Then preached Jain philosophy for 30 years
He is termed as the great hero – Mahavira
He faced all the ups and downs of his life with unmatched stamina
In the traditions of Svetambara
In the early Budhist Suttas
He is called as worthy one – Araha
In Vedas he is known as devoid of love and hate Sramana
But truth stands out that he preached Jainism philosophy
Tirthankara means savior or spiritual preacher
Svetambara texts mention his birth on 13th Day of 599 BC
At Kundagrama as his place of birth
In the month of Chaitra
In the Vira Nirvana Samvat calendar era
Which falls in the month of March-April
Lets adopt his noble teachings in our life
For making it sublime and purposeful
With love flowing for everybody
And hate none
With non-use of force
While living a life suffusing with truthfulness
Not overly attached to the worldly possessions
Or not stealing what is not ours.




While Novel Coronavirus pandemic is spreading its tentacles immeasurably
In the absence of immunity in our body
Causing deaths, destruction and untold misery
Along with it; Alas! all gloom, doom and mortality
People perforce are locking themselves at homes
Looking with fond hope to the medical community
That they’ll render needful medical assistance to the suffering humanity
Who, due to the virulence and grim spike of the Covid-19 pandemic are losing precious lives
Partly due to shortage of oxygen and partly due to shortage of medicines
While there is also shortage of space left in the hospitals
Keep in mind that these shortages are due to lack of anticipation
Or, most likely, due to mismanagement
Rather than pass on the buck for their own error of judgment
Crying need is judicious resource management.

Need is to observe Covid-19 norms since 2nd wave is more dangerous than the 1st one
Put on the masks, keep safe distance
And personal sanitization and that of the surroundings
So that the infection does not attack and take more lives
As this time over, the double mutant Covid-19 infection
Being more contagious than the one found earlier on
Therefore, more care and caution is needed
For finding a most suitable vaccine for stopping of vicious circle
Of the spread of this dangerous virus
which spread without any bias
Leaving none which comes its way
Loves to attack people with obesity or hypertension or any other affliction
Especially people with low immune system prevalent
Double mutant infection, so very virulent
Attracts small kids, young and grown ones
All this is creating a necessary poser in our mind
Is there herd immunity to the spread?
Which is so widespread
And also creating a dread
As to when this virus will end.

The infection mutates faster
When our immune system is weaker
Damaging the functioning of our body
Especially the lung tissues
Therefore the need of Oxygen for having a breathing space.

While our immune system acts robustly
It can withstand anything and put together our response sturdily
By bringing about a healthy balance to our body
Firstly on physical plane is keeping healthy
By taking proper exercises and also Yogic exercises
Also, by strict isolation, social distancing
Besides quarantine measures needed when needed
Taking sufficient water quantity
And diet rich in necessary vitamins
With sufficiency of sunlight where we live
With fresh air and well ventilated place for living
All these provides healthy balance in our life
And with it, it makes our system resistant to any virus.

While our mind is hugely stressed
With too much thought of contracting infection
Along with financial stringency looming large
Resulting from loss of job opportunity
Which throws our internal defenses awry
With this, our immune system gets imbalanced
Keeping a healthy balance
Both in ups and downs in our lives is the only answer
To the mental sturdiness which helps to fight virus.

We should not go overdrive with our situations and conditions
In expression of our emotions
Through reactions
In the form of frustration
Fear, anger boredom, disharmony and depression
We ought to stop acting as victim in any situation
But rather should have a balanced approach
In seeing an opportunity in virus conditions too
And feel joy in the company of our love ones
Thereby consolidating our bonds in relations
By being in lockdown situations.

Bereft of any faith, self-belief and belief on God
Our immune system gets ruined
Thereby picking all sorts of viruses which comes our path
With belief in our system and our Almighty God
Makes a huge difference to our system
Thus rather than losing hope in any condition
We ought to have hope even in hopeless situation
And seek connect with Omnipotent and Omniscient One
With whose graces we can weather any storm
Thereby lead a life so happier
With a lot of immunity to fight any virus
Which may attack us.



Presently India has become in the forefront where Covid-19 infection is swelling to a record high due to double mutant variant. In fact nobody expected or anticipated that the second wave would be as dangerous as has turned out to be actually. This is worrisome since more the surge in the infection (More than thee Lacs infections in a single day as on today – 24 April 21), more the medicare and other requirements needed in order to come out this piquant situation. Due to the spread of double mutant dangerous infection, the death rate too is increasing. This infection is directly lungs necessitating requirement of life-saving Oxygen, medical infrastructure, life saving medicines, doctors and para-medical staff (who are rendering Yeoman’s service for the patients) and cap it all, ensuring that needed vaccination is done to all without discrimination. Although the Government is doing its best in this direction yet the task is gigantic yet it is not impossible if all governmental and non-governmental agencies make together make concerted and sincere efforts in mitigating and coming out of the present scenario. Here jointmanship and integrated approach from all quarters is the need of the hour.   

In essence, pragmatic approach along with participation and involvement of all (private and public sectors) would help in coming out of the difficult situation and condition in which our country is in by this double mutant most virulent virus which attacks our lungs and other critical organs of our body. So much so is its adverse effects on lungs that it has put our entire system of functionality (financial, education sector, Infra sector, farm sector, industrial sector, judiciary et al) and more so our medical system under intense pressure.  


Literally, immunity means to offer resistance from the germs of a disease or to create protection from ill-effects of some bad influences or to confront or fight bad influences created by a virus. This is a positive influence on our system which keeps us away from divergent or contradictory situations and conditions. Immunity, in case of double  mutant most virulent virus could be ensured by observing proper diet intake, strictly observe Covid-19 behaviour  pattern such as keeping adequate social distance, maintaining personal hygiene through periodical and proper sanitizing, besides taking Yogic exercises to keep the body system fit and fine. Last but not the least, lead a spiritually orientated lifestyle in our day-to-day life.

While we relate immunity with our body system, we consider it a inbuilt defence mechanism which our body offers to keep us healthy. The body immunity could be inbuilt in our body due to our DNA and also acquired too through our lifestyle and our propensity to adjust with the environs in which we are living. This could be ensured by observing the following.


A healthy diet starts from our childhood itself. Breastfeeding brings in its wake better growth of our body and have positive influence on our growth.

It is found that eating sufficient vegetable, fresh fruits and dry fruits along with milk products provides us vitamins, minerals, dietary fibre and also provides antioxidants. Also, those who take diets rich in vegetables and fruits have lower rate of obesity, heart disease, diabetes. Besides, these also keep us away from viruses. Eating vegetable unsaturated oils help in building immunity. We should take less sugar and fat contents since these are responsible for creating obesity and hypertension.


Our emotions are caused due to our thoughts. It goes to show that two individuals can exhibit different reaction in the similar situation. One person may feel angry on a small pretext whereas other could have control over his emotions and have the traits of letting go. Therefore, those who have control over the senses and mind exhibit positive emotions. Then there are emotions such as frustration, boredom, depression, anxiety and disgust etc. Those who have control over the mind weather all storm and stay cool in any situation and condition. A resolute and determined mindset give out positivity at all times and hence possess rock-solid immunity. Therefore, those who have control over the mind, possess better immunity. The anxieties related with Coronavirus could affect a person with weaker resolve.


Those people who are spiritually inclined, possess self-belief and belief in Almighty God. Such people have indomitable faith in God and seek connectivity with Him and perform all their Karmic deeds with positive disposition. They do not give too much credence to outcome but perform the action with complete focus. It has been observed that spiritual oriented people are self-determined and face the situations and conditions resolutely. Thus with meditations and prayers, we can enhance our immunity.

The following steps need proper handling:-


Ramping up the availability of critical medicines, medical equipment, augmentation and ramping up medical oxygen supply as per present need to meet medical emergency/crisis, need of gigantic medical infra (beds for patients) to be improved and if possible construct structures to cater for the need of the huge number of patients etc.


In the present critical juncture, it is necessary that all countrymen are vaccinated as soon as possible. This will help in ensuring immunity to our countrymen.


In order to assist the poor citizenry, especially those who are living below the poverty line have to be rendered helping hand by way of provision of ration. The Government has come forward to provide free food for two months.


All out help should be rendered to the labourers to transport them to their residences in various parts of the country so that they do not suffer as they had in the first wave of Covid-19 pandemic situation.


The Government should ensure that enough doctors and para-medical staff are available in sufficient numbers to provide medical care to the coronavirus infected patients besides providing medical attention to the other patients suffering from other critical diseases. Every life is precious should never be lost sight of.


As has been observed, various political parties are pulling others down while the need is to chip in how best to reach out for rendering assistance where it is required. Passing on the buck does not solve problem anyhow only but being tangible action would.


  • We should not do anything like not putting on facemasks or not observing social distancing or by spoiling the environs around and be the cause of spreading Covid-19 but the ambassador of hope and wellness to alleviate the situation created by this virulent virus.
  • Do not become cause of spreading lies and disinformation about the Covid-19 virus Vaccines. Rather encourage the masses to have injunctions in the way you can rather than spreading lies. I and my wife have very good experience of both the doses and we have not got any adverse effects after administration of vaccination.
  • Kindly don’t be the cause of disruption of vehicles transporting lifesaving Oxygen to the hospitals where it is mostly needed. The so called farmers sitting at the Delhi borders should take note. Be facilitators rather than interrupters to save life.
  • Please do not create scenes at the hospitals where the doctors and their staff are performing the most difficult tasks. They are also human beings, they too have their families yet they are serving the society by putting their own life at stake.




The crying need for Earth Day was felt immensely
After knowing the over-exploitation of Earth by the humans with cruelty
To meet his ends so selfishly
Thus abusing it enormously
Thereby spoiling its balance hugely.

Thus with effect from 21st April 1970 sharp
A day was fixed to honour the Mother Earth
And the concept of peace
Prosperity and of humans for their very survival
Is dovetailed with it all.

This planet of ours provides us all the resources required
Air, water, soil & fire which are most needed
Besides, the living things such as animals and plants
Which provide us food to eat –  giving us energy, most needed
Without which we cannot sustain and enhance our existence
Even for a limited period of time.

Spoiling the purity of any or many or all the natural bounties
Will spoil the balance of the Mother NatureThereby impacting the Mother Earth.

The bosom of Mother Earth contains fossil fuel
And wood from the over-ground too
Which are used for furniture and building materials
And could ultimately be used for cremation too.

Minerals and metal ores are contained below the earth’s crust

Which are used for making products most useful for us humans
As raw materials in industries
For finished products finally.
Besides, providing meaningful employment too
Which enhance our comforts in our daily lives
Thus developing, modernizing and facilitating us
To provide ease which shapes our lives.

The quality of air, water and other bounties of nature
Are pure when taken out from earth
But the way we harness these bounties
And extract them impact the entire ecosystem
And thus the quality of these extracts
Thus spoiling the sources of these natural resources
Indirectly Impacting our existence.

The way the Covid-19 pandemic has impacted globally
Tells the humanity a different sordid story
This hideous infection has not merely
Has taken human toll with its ill-effects but also impacted countries economically
And in all likelihood it is a handiwork of one Country
From where this most dangerous infection has originated
The Mother Earth is helping in absorbing the dead bodies
Either thru burial or through cremation
Without any sort of discrimination
Like any other mother on this earth
Who brings up her children with full care and caution.

Due to humans’ negative attitude
Our own dearest Mother Earth
What we do to the Mother Earth so dear
It has been revealed without doubt
Whence the humans disturb the balance of Nature
By playing with the laws of Nature
It gives birth to invisible enemies
Most hideous ones
It may be due to polluting the environs
By fires of forests and deforestation
Thus denuding the Earth CrustAnd spoiling the Eco-systemOr polluting the Water bodies
By the pollutants from the households and industries
Or through sound pollutionCreated by us so thoughtless humans
Or worst still, Alas!
May be imbalance in our eating habitsThereby deciding what to put on our plates and eat
And what we as humans should desistLeave for the elements to take care
That bats may be the possible origin
Of diseases like Ebola
And now Novel Coronavirus Pandemic
Which is having free run
Infecting the populace around
Thus having dangerous death dance globally.

The Mother Earth which bestows us with all sorts of gifts
That sustains us from time we become flesh & blood
Till time this body sustains us not.

With no expectations in return gift from us selfish humans

 Some of us use Nature’s creations
Which are harmful for our body.

We leave litters aroundAfter, partying & feasting at the mountain sites so enchanting
With fragrance of natural flowers just intoxicating
Making the environment so fascinating
Adding splendour to the scenic beauty are the flora and fauna.

But the left over litters just spoil the virginity of mountain spots
With spread of odour of leftovers of the people partaking foodstuff
Stench also leaves a scar on the act of these people
Who spoiled the place with their profane acts.

Left out road side old vehicle parts
Wait till eternity for the people to pick these up
Nobody ever comes to do this solemn actTill elements like winds and rains mix these in the Mother Earth itself – alas!


Vehicle repair workshop
just line up the roadsides
Blackening the area
with grease and what not
Generating a shabby look around
Green cover is being denuded
For habitats for increased numbers
And cultivation of food for multitudes
Thus multiplying the adverse implications
To the Eco-system

Causing blizzards and change of climates.
Plundering the earth of the mineral wealth
In the form of crude oilPrecious metals, stones and coal
Leaving the earth bereft of natural resources
Thus producing an imbalance to the internal fabric of the earth
Which too comes out & reacts most violently
Causing earthquakes of huge intensity
Spreading deaths and destruction all around hugely.

Spewing of gases so poisonous
To the sky above with impunity
Enlarging the black-hole and creating wide-black-hole in our health
Impacting us by most harmful sun rays.

My humble payer to all
Have some pity onto the Mother Earth
Not for us presently but AT LEAST for our coming generations,



Bhagwad Gita, too much credence is given to mother earth. It is here that water, fire, air, living beings of every kind including humans reside (of course with body, mind and intelligence. All these are originated from God Almighty.

Earth, water, fire, air, ether, mind, intelligence and false ego—altogether these eight comprise My separated material energies. Bhagwad Gita.

Essentially, as far as our Earth is concerned, it has physical matter, solid substance along with gross objects. These are grouped in the category of the five elements (Mahabhutas) which could be termed as the cosmic substances. These are earth, air, water, fire and ether. Each one of these elements are inter-linked or associated with each other besides the space or ether or acts like a container or basket to sustain all these elements.

If these elements are spoiled by our acts of omissions and commissions as diminution of forest cover by cutting trees without planting the new ones, emission of poisonous gases in the atmosphere from the industrial units, pollution of water bodies with the affluence/wastes of industries.

Here Mahatma Gandhi’s quote is most relevant: ‘Earth provides enough to satisfy every man’s needs, but not every man’s greed.’


It has been observed that when we do not observe the Laws of Nature and play with the Mother Nature irrationally– in our eating habits including our attitudes towards other creations (birds and animals). This Earth Day is coming at a time when globally the humanity has been facing the challenges posed by Novel Coronavirus Pandemic. The virus, Covid-19 virus, is the creation of humans due to their omissions and commissions by spoiling the eco-system of the Mother Earth by their eating habits. This most dangerous virus infection is transmitted through minutest droplet particles through respiratory droplets. The virus is also transmitted through contacts with the infected person through the medium of sneezing and coughing.

For fulfillment of our ulterior and selfish motives, we are spoiling the eco-system without even a slightest thought about the consequences of our acts. Therefore need of the hour is to save the Mother Earth from the pollution which is impacting the lives of all the living beings globally.

Our benevolent God has created Earth and everything which it contains, including various seasons suiting the living world. The humans should maintain the balance of Nature by not spoiling the natural setting. All the elements of Mother Nature are beneficial for the living beings for their sustenance.


In Bible it has been mentioned: For behold, He who forms mountains and creates the wind. And declares to man what ae the thoughts, He who makes dawn into darkness, and treads on the high places of the earth. The Lord God of hosts I His name.

We know that the most essential forms of Nature without which we cannot have our existence at all are Earth, Water, Fire, Ether and Air. We know that life on this earth would not be possible if any one of these forms of Nature are not available at all.

All the creations live on the earth and use air and water by our body for chemical reaction which occur in the cells of all living beings in order to sustain life. This chemical reaction is termed as metabolism. This activity ensures growth of our body and also help in reproduction. The activity of growth and development along with reproduction cannot happen without a solid earth for living beings. Then there are the living beings which live and sustain themselves in water. These are called aquatic beings.


Mother Earth has been very kind to us in providing us everything from birth till death. It has on its crust trees, birds, forest cover and everything; lofty and majestic mountains, vast sea, water reservoirs, mesmerizing scenic beauties, flora and fauna, animal world and what not. All these add to our sustenance in our daily lives.

Mother Earth contains all sorts of mineral wealth which is helpful for further growth and development of the countries. But exploitation of the mineral wealth has also got a limit. We are cutting trees indiscriminately affecting the eco system. Industrial wastes are being thrown in the rivers polluting the water. We spew dangerous gases to the atmosphere affecting the atmospheric balance. Not only this even teh Antarctic Continent is being adversely affected by the acts of us humans.

Then we have ether (the atmosphere over the earth) which is essential for the survival of the living beings. The upper air of the atmosphere has to be kept pollution-free for breathing. It has been seen that we spoil the balance of Nature by polluting the air by our own omissions and commissions.

Our earth contains flora and fauna – flora means trees and fauna means animal world. The trees are essential for us since the trees convert Carbon Dioxide (CO2) into Oxygen (O2). Without trees and green cover, on earth, we cannot have good health and wellness. The more trees we plant, the more greenery we would be having thereby a pollution-free environs for breathing.

The fragrance of flowers on the earth crust, the fruit trees, the crops we grow on the earth give us food to eat which sustains our lives.

If air is polluted by emission of harmful gases, we will be breathing in impure air resulting in lung related diseases, if water is impure, we are constrained to take in polluted water resulting in impacting our health, if earth’s eco-system is polluted by a mix of our activities then we can imagine the health hazards besides when the whole atmosphere is polluted, it can bring about severest harms to our climate, cause lung and respiratory related diseases, exposure to polluted air can cause cancer and could in many cases impair reproductive system etc. These affected severely are children and the old people including those who are constantly exposed to pollutants.

By our acts of omission and commission, we are doing everything to spoil the balance of the nature which is causing negative results implications to our next generations.
In Bhagwad Git has rightly been said: As the earth thus becomes crowded with a corrupt population, whoever among any of the social classes shows himself to be the strongest will gain political power.

The citizens will suffer greatly from cold, wind, heat, rain and snow. They will be further tormented by quarrels, hunger, thirst, disease, and severe anxiety.

Both Nature and Spirit (Purusha) are without beginning and end. Nature is the source of all material things whereas spirit is the source of consciousness which experiences pains and pleasure. Then we have Spirit Supreme or Lord Supreme or Supreme which directs our lives and graces us wellness.




RAM NAVAMI is the birthday of Lord RAMA the seventh Avatar (Incarnation) of God Vishnu (The Lord responsible for evolution of the creation). He was born to King Dashath and queen Kaushalya in Ayodhya. On this day, people recite Ram Katha in praise of Lord Rama besides listening the discourrses from Epic Ramayana which is considered sacrosanct for the devotees. The devotees worship Sun God tii for his blessings on this day.

The devout usually visit Shri Ram temples and pray there. They also participate in Ram Bhajan congregations.   But due to uncertain situations and conditions created by novel Covid-19 pandemic, the devotees are advised to remain at the confines of their homes and pray for the safety of self and their well-wishers. Charities too are done on this auspicious day and others keep fast on this day.

The celebrations at Ayodhya are worth mentioning. The devotees also pray Sita Maa and Lakshman besides Lord Hanuman Ji who stood by Lord Rama through thick and thin. The people also take a dip in Saryu river in Ayodhya (UP).

From the life of Lord, as has been mentioned in Epic Ramayana, from the very childhood, he is the personification of goodness as a child, disciplined and most obedient disciple at the Gurukul where he underwent spiritual orientation as well as training in use of weapons (which he proved during his marriage with Sita Ji, the daughter of King Janaka, king of Videha), he proved his prowess by breaking the Shiva’s melted bow which other kings including Demon King Ravana could not break it.  His exchange of hot-words with Rishi Parushrama (also an incarnation of Lord Vishnu) too are very motivating and worth taking note by us humans.

Here Rishi Parshurama learnt a lesson from this discussion – that we should not be offensive with anybody or everybody without realizing its final implications. Here self-estrait and introspection (Atamchintan) is a must before taking any decision having far reaching implications.

Lord Rama being the elder son of King Dhashratha was to be anointed as the King of Ayodhya but due to the fulfillment of pending two promises of Queen Kakeyi it could not happen. The two promises to be fulfilled by the King were: anointing Bharata the King of Ayodhya and second one was exile to Rama for 14 years to jungles. After coming to know about the promises Lord Rama, as an obedient son agreed to go to the forests for 14 long years without even a single demur. We the youth should learn from this.



 Lord Rama acted on the percept of his family: Ragukul reet chali aayi paran jaye par bachan na jaye.

And also, we should always obey the orders of our elders come what may.

As destined, Lord Rama, Sita Ji along with brother Lakshmana  went to the jungles for 14 years exile. There they came face to face with various difficulties since during those days the jungles were infested with ferocious demons. They ate fruits and herbs that was available in forests. But one day Shrupnaka, the sister of Demon King Ravana came to the place they were residing. She created an ugly situation due to which in a fit of rage, Lakshmana cut her nose. She reported this matter to his brother Ravana who abducted Sita Ji with deception. Ravana’s brother Bibishana exhorted his brother to not to commit such a sin and return the consort of Lord Rama with respect which the demon king did not agree and as a reprisal expelled him from his kingdom.

Lesson: Result of deception and committing sin sully our character beyond repair.

Thereafter, there Lord Hanuman and Sugriva along with their entire force of monkeys invaded Lanka.  Then Ravana’s brother Bibshana too joined Lord Rama in his fight which he considered as a fight against evil. Lesson: Conniving with the evil is equivalent to committing evil.

Lesson: We should cultivate friendship rather than enemity.

Subsequently, a furious fight ensued between the two forces wherein King Ravana lost all his forces along with his brother mighty Kumbkarana along with his son Meghnath were lost. Finally King Ravana too lost and met his end.



First: Evil may flourish for sometime but finally it will be vanquished one day. Second: Those who do not use their knowledge wisely meet their end thus leaving a scar on their character.

Ravana was a knowledgeable one being one of the greatest Bhakta of Lord Shiv but he did not use his acquired knowledge meaningfully therefore met his disgracefully end.

After returning to Ayodhya, Lord Rama ruled his kingdom with empathy, evenhandedness and treated all his subjects equally. After listening the whispers going on about his consort Sita, he decided to send her to the forests. She remained at the Asharam of Rishi Valmiki (The original author of Ramyana). She gave birth to two sons named Luv and Kush who were equally brave like Lord Rama.


Lord Rama ruled his kingdom and loved his subjects equally. He without any hesitation sent his own wife (Sita Ji) to the jungles while a whispering was going on in Ayodhya.  

Following are the lessons from the life of Lord Rama:-


He obeyed the order of his father and went to the forests on 14 year exile without any sort of reservation or even demur. Our generation should learn lesson from this.


He took half-tasted berries of Vilini – an old lady who was a Ram Bhakta. He relished the berries with love showing his modesty/humility and broad-heartedness.


Despite the fact that Demon King Ravana had abducted his consort, he kept his cool and kept searching his wife. Only once he lost his cool when the Ocean was not listening him to give way, he felt using his weapon to dry the ocean with is arrow. Thereupon, Ocean asked for forgiveness and showed him the proper way. Even he wanted to forgive Ravana if he returned Sita Ji with dignity but he did not do so therefore met his end.


When his brother Lakshmana lost his consciousness due to the use of mystic weapon by Meghnatha, he sent Lord Hanuman Ji to bring herbal which could restore his consciousness. When Hanuman Ji was a bit late Lord Rama did not lose his composure and hope.


Lord Rama developed friendship with Hanuman Ji, King Sugriv and others who, put together made the fight with Demon King Ravana possible and ultimately defeated and killed Ravana who was the personification of evil. 


When the question of serving justice was concerned, Lord Rama treated all subjects equally. When the question of providing justice in case of Sita Ji came, he sent her to forests. He also fire-tested her chastity because she had stayed in the kingdom of Demon King Ravana.


When Coronavirus is playing its death dance
Attacking the vulnerable ones with vengeance
Who come in contact with each other without any protection
When people are observing lockdown condition
Observing distance from each other while outside the residences
If and when it is inescapable to go out in emergent contingencies
When we’ve to celebrate Ram Navami after fasts’ observing
Despite situation created by Covid-19 – so very trying
Yet we’ve to think more about life and living
Rather than getting swayed by the current of coronavirus
Defeat the mindset so negative
And create conditions appropriate all around by helping the needy
Thus learning from the life of Lord Ram
Who was the embodiment of righteousness & virtuosity – Maryada Purshotam
With most adorable traits with immense prowess, full of idealism
The Avtara (Incarnate) of Lord Vishnu – the one who stood for Truth
A reservoir of humility with simplicity in abundance
Tolerance, harmony and elderly reverence
That every offspring should possess in profusion
Along with the respect for the elderly and parents
The traits which Lord Rama had in sufficiency
He left for 14 years exile, leaving everything and everybody
Most dear ones too in Ayodhya
When his father King Dashratha of Ayodhya
Was constrained to act on the promises made in the past
To his wife Kakai – mother of Shri Bharata
And step-mother of Lord Shri Rama
Who had saved Shri Dashratha’s life once
By putting her own life in danger
Consequently, extracting two promises for fulfilling
At a time and occasion of her own choosing,
Manthra – the courtier of Kakai too showed her true color,
In making Queen Kakai realize the promises
First promise being crown for her son Shri Bharata
And 14 years in exile for Shri Rama.
Shri Ramji, as expected, accepted exile for fourteen long years
And that too without slightest demur
He embraced the life simplest in the forest
Accompanied with Sitaji – the consort of Lord Shri Rama
With brother Lakshmana too accompanied Shri Rama
Living on the fruits and herbs that existed there in forests.

Truly speaking, the crux of a lesson for today’s younger generation
Is to respect and obey the orders of the parents
Who want our wellness in all situations and conditions.

Lord Rama had the knowledge of Vedas
And being the fondest Bhaktas of Lord Shiva
The knowledge he had had thus attained from his Gurus and parents.

Ram Navami should establish a kingdom of love for all of us in abundance
Overflowing with peace, full of tolerance, a feeling of goodwill for all
A kingdom of love for everyone
Factually leaving none
For it is a celebration for destruction of virus
In the form of Novel Coronavirus
Which could only be done
With self-discipline
By keeping distance
Along with observance of home quarantine
Then we should be able to defeat the virus from spreading
Pray do not be super-spreader of virus so virulent
But be super-spreader of message as to how to contain the virus
Our true celebration of Ram Ravami
Would be to spread positive messages
For containing the virus and destroying it altogether.


The banyan trees which seemingly are as old as the installation of sacred Stone Shila. The off-shoots of these trees have come down to the ground and replaced the old trees many a times.

The devotees wrap pieces of handkerchief with a prayer to Mata Ji for grant of their wishes. The wrapped piece of handkerchief is then unwrapped after their wishes are fructified finally.

Rising of Sun God on the Eastern side of the Chintapurni Temple.

Setting of Sun God on the Westen hoizon of the Chintapurni Temple;


We all are aware about the betrothal of Shiva and King Daksha’s daughter named Sati whose marriage with Lord Shiva was held despite opposition of Daksha. King  Daksha wanted to hold a Yajna in order to insult Lord Shive. For this purpose, he did not call either Lord Shiva or his daughter Sati. But Sati, anyhow wanted to participate the ceremonies in connection with the Yajna wheein all the Gods and Demi-Gods were invited, though Lord Shiva showed his reservations.  He wanted that she should not be an uninvited guest even even at the residence of her parents. Despite Lord Shiva’s instructions, she went to her parents’ house to participate in the Yajna celebrations.

While she reached her parental house, she was not given any sort of welcome or reception by her father. Like an uninvited guest she was treated very rudely besides there was no mention of Lord Shiva where Lord Baramha and Lord Vishnu too attended. Meaning the Trinity was not not given whole representation since the absence of Lord Shiva was felt by the Sapat Rishis and other Demi-Gods present there in the Yajna.

After receiving cool response from her father, bordering on disespect from her father, Sati felt hugely slighted and this insulting behaviour of his father Daksha towards Lord Shiva made her lose her patience and tolerance. There were two ways open for her, either to leave her father’s place pocketing insults and insinuations or take her life by plunging in the huge Yajna sacrificial fire pit. She took the second step in a fit of rage without thinking about the unsavoury consequences/repercussions finished her life altogether. It is mentioned that Satikund is situated in Kankhal (Haidwar in Uttrakhand) which was fully desecrated when Sati jumped into the Sacrificial Fire Pit (Havan Kund) and died.

Subsequently, when Lord Shiva came to know about what had happened to his beloved consort, he took out two locks of hair from his head and thrashed it on the ground. Veerabhadra and Bhadrakali were born out of these strands of hairs. He bore a garland of skulls and other weapons with which he looked very ferocious besides Bhadrakali is a fearful incarnation of Devi. They killed everybody which came their way i.e. nobody could stand their prowess. Veerbhadra tore off the head of Daksha and tossed it into the same sacrificial fire pit.

Lord in a fit of rage carried the lifeless body of Sati and started performing Tandav Dance (the dance of destruction). Fearing the destruction of the entire earth and its creations by this act of Lod Shiva, Lord Vishnu shredded the lifeless body of Sati into pieces with his Sudharshan Chakra which fell into different directions. Each piece became Shakti Peeths. There are 52 Shakti Peeths which are visited with highest reverence by the devotees for getting their graces. Whosoever visits these sacred places with good intention get their wishes fulfilled.


The prominent Shakti Peeths being Kamkshi Amman Temple, Taripura Sundri Temple in Tripura, Purnagiri Temple at UttaraKhans, Surkhanda Temple in Uttarakhand, Naina Devi Temple in Uttarakhand, Mangla Devi Temple in Bihar, Maya Devi Temple in Uttarakhand, Shitala Devi Temple in Bihar, Chichi Maa Temple in Samba (Jammu), Lata Wali Maa, and many othe Power Sthals at different places..

Chintpurni Temple at Village Barwal, Tehsil and District Kathua.



A prominent Shakti Peeth exists at Village Barwal, District Kathua (Jammu). The devouts pay their repects to Chintpurni Mata Ji and get bountiful blessings from the Mata Ji.

On my visit to the temple, I met one of the Management Tustee, Shri Karan Singh (aged more than 80 years) who takes pain in keeping the temple and its surroundings neat and tidy including explaining the devoutees the historical perspective of the temple. He informed me that they had heard from the older members of the community that one day a reknowned spiritually oriented person had a dream in which he had a vision of Mata Ji who informed him to come to the specified place and erect a Pindi so that devotees could also come there for offerring their prayers for getting benefits in the same manner Pindis of Maa Vaishno Devi, Kali Maa and Sarswati Maa were found at Katra Vaishno Devi in the similar way

He infomed me that before current temple along with inns around were  constructed, the old tell-tale signs of Pindi existed. A Stone Pindi was erected with the image of Mata Ji  with the chanting of Mantras by the priests while the women folks sang songs praising the Chintpurni Maa with immense mystical power, suffusing with benevolence for her devotees. She is really a mother divine with Chinta for her devouts – meaning one who cares fully for her devotees.

Image of the stone pindi found along with iron icons are given herein:-

This sacred Stone Pindi installed earlier times was taken out after due diligence and after recitation of Vedic Mantras besides singing of songs by the womenfolks in praise of Goddess Chintpurni.

Subsequently, a temple was constructed with the voluntary contribution of the people of the villagers. Again, a new Pindi was installed the image of which is given below:-

May be an image of outdoors

The banyan trees near the temple prescincts are as old as the history of the temple as has been revealed by the olders members of the village and the people of the village around. The information about Mata Chintpuri and the banyan trees have been transferred from generations to generations. From the state of the banyan trees, the old ones are giving place to the new off-shoots which establish their moorings on the ground. This adds to the beauty of the place and seemingly due to the bountiful blessings of the Mata Ji.

Periodically, Yagnas are held wherein the villagers contribute as per their propensities. A community feast too is held wherein general masses partake parsad, prepared specially for the occasion. This community feast and Yagnas are occasionally held. This serves two-fold purposes. Firstly, it adds to the community feelings and secondly it enhances the spiritual orientation of the people. To top it all, all will get bountiful blessings of our Mother Divine for their peace and prosperity.

May the bountiful blessings of Maa Chintpuri remains on us all so that we all of us be in peace and prosperity for ever.




Food provides sustenance to our body
Proves harmful to our body system
When taken more than our body can digest
Since it forces our digestive system
Working more than what it is able to function
Thus in the process
Producing toxins and fatty acids – in excess
thereby making us obese due to excessive food consumption
Which impairs our body constitution.

Fasting is a willful self-restraint
We impose on ourselves
Giving a needed breather
To our digestive system
And other metabolic related organism
In the process regulating the body function
In sync with our body’s needs and aspiration
Thus ensuring sound mind
In a sound body
Thus cleansing the body and mind
Thus live a life suffusing with piety
With enough of satiety
Free from worries
Created due to life bereft of health related problems
Which otherwise adversely affects our system.

Fasting thus gives us break from eating
Which gives our digestive system
A needful breather
Thus helping our body
To perform all the functions properly
In sync with the need of our body
Along with all the organs of our body.

In the current Covid-19 Pandemic situation
Fasting will cleanse our body constitution
With it our mind and spirit
Thus help establish connectivity
With Omnipotent and Omniscient God Almighty.


Fasting means not eating food for a fixed period of time or for a per-determined period of time. Fasting gives our digestive system some breathe or rest consequently keeping the body free of extra fats/fatty acids and toxins which results in numerous diseases such as disturbed sleep, hypertension, overweight etc. All these ailments prevent us from focusing on the job we are doing besides with unsound health puts a stop to focused attention to our prayers to our God for peace and prosperity in our life. Not having peace in life means we cannot serve the very purpose of our existence on this beautiful earth. Our purpose on this earth is to lead a spiritual oriented life by seeking connectivity with our Creator. Leading a spiritual oriented life means to perform our duties sincerely, having empathy for others by fulfilling the needs of others besides thanking Omnipotent and Omniscient God for His bountiful gifts which He has given us. Besides, leading a spiritual oriented life also do everything positive in life for Moksha or liberation from births and deaths ultimately. All this happens when we are having sound health. Sound health results when we keep a tight leash on our eating habits – when to eat, how best to eat and WHEN NOT TO EAT.


Essentially, it has rightly been said, we become what we eat since we get necessary energy from the food we eat. If we eat a balanced diet, rich in vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates etc. then we would be having sound body. More the energy and synergy to perform our daily work more output thus more the satiety in our life.

It is important to mention ‘What to eat’ is very important since if we eat indiscriminately, we may have the intricate situation of having Covid-19 Pandemic  created by eating ‘bats’ meat’ or consuming whatever comes our way which has engulfed almost the entire humanity.

Then comes the significance of ‘When to eat’ since if we continue eating fast foods or anything which comes our way any time without even conforming to our eating schedules (breakfast, lunch and dinner), then, we are in for digestion related problems. It should always be remembered that every organ of our body including our digestive system require some breather or respite/rest; if it overworks, then, sure enough, it will not only adversely affect our digestive system but also impair overall working of our body metabolism. If we give a day’s rest to our digestive system, we shall feel light, our important organs like liver, intestines and in fact all the internal body mechanism will work in sync.


Fasting is intentional skipping of intake of food material, drinks or sometimes both for a fixed or sometimes for a prolonged period of time. It may be for a complete day (24 hours) from early morning to evening (dawn to dusk) or early morning on a particular day to the morning of next day. Then the fasting could be continuously or intermittent; depending on the body requirement or for the intended purpose of observance of fast as a religious tradition being followed in some religions.

While in intermittent fasting, we remain without food, for a fixed time-span and then eat at a set time but in continuous fasting we remain without food for a long period of time – say from morning to the following morning of the day or still more for more days at a stretch.


Fasting is both for regulating and energizing the body metabolism by pepping up / streamlining the digestive system so as to keep the body free of the extra fats and toxins besides keeping the body’s carbohydrates (sugar) synchronized with the need of our body. With slower and regulated metabolism, means our body organs can work for a longer period of time thus prolonging our age.




 Hindu fast on religious and sacred days or on the religious festivals like: Navratris, Puranmashi (Puranmashi is the full moon day in traditional Indian calendar), Ekadshi (Ekadashi is the eleventh day of both the dark and light fortnight of each month), Maha Shivratri (auspicious time for Maha Shivaratri puja activities like Fasting and prayers are performed), Ramnavmi (Fasting observed on the birthday of the Lord Ram) , Krishna Janamashthmi (fasting on the birthday of Lord Krishna) besides many other festivals connected with Demi Gods and fasts relevant to local populace of a particular locality.



 The Christians skip their desire for food and instead devote time in seeking God. Meaning, the time spent on preparation of food etc could meaningfully be utilized for prayers and meditation on the Word. This fasting time could be per-determined and hunger for food could be compensated with hunger for the Lord. Jesus fasted from all food and drink. The Bible also describes some extreme times when people fasted.



The Muslims observe fasts in the month of Ramadan or Ramzan. It is a sacred month since Holy Quran was revealed in this month. The word Ramadan has been driven from the Arabic word ramaida meaning intense heat accompanied with dryness of ground. It is called so since it amounts to driving out sins with our good deeds like offering charity and keeping away or desisting from all body enjoyments etc along with intense penance by following the practice of fasting.

The word “fasting” (sawm) literally means ‘to refrain’ – means desisting from not only from food and drinks but also from unethical thoughts and actions which sully our thoughts and actions besides following all the guidance in letter and spirit enunciated in the Holy Quran. In other words, it is not merely restraint from food and drink but also our resolve as to how to control the urge of hunger and thirst besides devote ones energies on prayers thus gain spiritually. This way, the devout learn the traits of self discipline through self restraints too. The fast is broken at sunset before recitation from Holy Quran and thus being in connectivity with Allaha. The fast is broken with a sip of water and some dates.


Fasting is done as an exercise of keeping oneself away from certain activities which prevent devout from being spiritually aesthetical both physically and emotionally. Thus desisting from taking anything and keep oneself away from worldly pleasures i.e. humdrum of eating drinking or even being away from thinking about anything like lust etc and divert all the energies to prayers – five times. Having abstinence means devoting much of time and resources on charities besides prayers infuses self discipline and ushers in all round development in the individual.

Everybody may be aware about IFTAR party – a social event where fast is broken. Here meal is shared with friends and others. Free meals are also served for the general public too at this get-together.

Ramadan or Ramzan is more than fasting. The entire month is devoted to prayers, internal cleansing, charity etc.

  • The devout devote all his/her energies to focus on God.
  • No compromise on the practice self restraint – physical or mental.
  • Re-evaluate lives in the light of Islamic guidance
  • Forget and forgive those who wronged
  • Purify our lives physically and emotionally besides our thoughts and actions. A devotee thus adopts the qualities of head and heart

Fasting helps self awareness / self enlightenment

  • Saves a devout from distractions and create the traits associated with sincerity and simplicity 
  • Restraint helps us discipline ourselves besides a person turns inward with regular prayers.





In essence, fact  remains
That we are passing through a most trying moments
When we are fighting a battle so real
With the Novel Coronavirus Pandemic so cruel
A hidden foe which attacks
Without bias of any kind
Yet, we have to keep in mind; hope lingers with life
And we should not forget our renowned historical festivals and events
Which we usually celebrate with joy so abundant
Owing to one sound reason or other
Though this time over, there will not be any fair or gathering
Yet we can at least keep remembering
About the historical and traditional values we think endearing
We attach with the festival as Baisakhi
Which marks ushering in of New Year – Vaisakh
While wishing all Happy New Year
Of Vikrami Samvat Calendar.
A lunar calendar based on ancient Hindu tradition of yore
Falling, surprising on 13th April on every year!
When new resolutions are made by the general masses
This year, though, the resolutions
Are of different sorts
These are for prayers to Almighty God
To keep the humanity in general immune
From the virulence of the Covid-19
A prayer for our children and the old ones
For their good health and wellness.

Basaikhi is celebrated variously in different regions
Whilst the farmers toil in the fields on months on ends
Tilling their lands from morning till late in the evening
Occasionally forgetting even their meal,
Sow seeds and water the crop that grows
Taking care for the crop in the fields
Observes its growth with keenness
So that his crop’s yield may increase
Like he observes the growth of his dear ones at home.

On this auspicious day the farmers
Having collected all the harvested crops
I also pray for the farmers and their love ones
For their good health and wellness
Because if the yields in the fields is good
Then we shall be able to get the required food
At the cheaper rates.

The farmers in their normal times
Join together in singing and merrymaking with full gusto,
Celebrate Baisakhi with Bhangra by the males
And Gidha by females at full throttle
In their colourful mesmeric folk attires
Distributing sweets and good wishes in delight
At the holy monuments of ‘pirs’ and ‘fakirs’
Known for their sacredness across all religions
Offer prayers for the prosperity all around
And also for their crop yield to grow, years after years.

The nature too is at its colorful bes,
With flowers giving out fragrance all around,
The blanket of greenery spreading far and wide
Everywhere our eyes could see, all across
Making the environs invigorating and joyous indeed
Surprisingly, without even intoxicating agent!

This day too has a history of its own
Guru Gobind Singh established Khalsa Panth
On this day in 1699
To bestow security to the hapless
Along with meeting the needs of the needy
People too gather in various Gurudwaras
And offer prayers
Shri Golden Temple emits its splendour as ever
Devout take a dip in the holy tank
And pray for wellbeing of the nears and dears.


Although, Baisakhi which is on 13th April 2021, would not be held in the form of fair or large congregation but it is fitness of things to remember about this festival and the importance of this day. It is the start of Baisakh, The New Year which bestows us opportunity of passing new resolution for the year ahead; as is usually done after 1st of January every year. Therefore, though, no fair or gathering would be held because of Covid-19 conditions.


India is a land of festivals. All festivals are in commemoration of certain historical events, change of season, cultural and religious events, traditional based et al. The well-known amongst several ones are Dussehra, Diwali, Eid, Gurpurbh, Lohri, Holi and others having regional leanings. In all these festivals, people of all hues celebrate with gaiety and religious fervour. Baisakhi is generally celebrated in Northern India on 13th OR 14th April every year. It is also a starting of New Year of Vikrami Samvat Calendar.

In India, there are fairs and festivals which are celebrated on the occasion of season change and on the occasion of name of some religious festivals or national festivals. Vaisaikhi is celebrated on the Vikrami Samvat; the start of the new year. Factually this is a spring harvest festival.

The Baisakhi festival too is celebrated in connection with the formation of Khalsa Panth of warriors under the stewardship of Gurru Gobind Singh in 1699. This festival has a special significance for Sikhs, marking the birth of Sikh Order (Order of the Pure Ones) after the execution of Guru Tegh Bahadur who refused to convert himself to Islam on the orders of Mughal Emperior Aurangzeb. Alsom Ranjit Singh was also proclaimed as the Maharaja of the Sikh Empire on 12th April. 1801 which also has its eonnection with Vaisakhi. On this day the Gurdwaras are tastefully decorated and hymens from Shri Granth Sahib are recited with fervor and reverence.

People also bath in holy rivers such as Ganga, Yamuna, Kaveri etc and the devout too visit temples for prayers for seeking wellness of their love ones.

Nagar Kirtan

On this day, Sikh communities Nagar Kirtan in the form of congregations are celebrated.  These are lead by the Five Khalsa termed as Panj Pyaaras. This procession goes from street to street singing prayers from the Sikh Scriptures.

Baisakhi  It is celebrated due to the following reasons:-

  • It is celebrated on the occasion of 1st day of Vaisakh month of Vikrami Calendar (samat) 2078 : WISHING YOU ALL HAPPY NEW YEAR.
  • BAISAKHI is a seasonal festival and it is especially celebrated in Punjab region and in Jammu province.
  • After harvesting the wheat crop the farmers feel joyous and to express their joy they celebrate it by staging Bhangra in different groups, Bhangra competitions are also held and award presented to the one which wins this competition. This is in the form of fairs (melas) wherein people gather in majority and make merry. Different stalls selling wooden crafts and other household earthen wares are sold there at reasonable prices. Then there are the stalls selling the seasonal fruits like water melon, musk melon etc make brisk sales. All age group people including children enjoy Baisakhi fair.
  • Vaisakhi also affords an opportunity or an occasion to thank God for bestowing the formers with bountiful crops besides praying for more crops in future too.
  • Vaisakhi has special significance for Sikhs since on this day, Khalsa Panth was established by 10th Sikh Guru Gobind Singh. On this day Sadh Sangat take organise religious congregations and sing prayers and rhymes from Sri Granth Sahib.
  • Hindus and Budhists too worship Baisakhi with zeal and jest. Hindus take sacred bath in River Ganges The  devouts pray to God for His grace. Even in parts of South India this day is celebrated but with different name.





In the situation when the magnitude of danger to the humanity is real, we all offer our sincere prayers to MOTHER DIVINE MAA DURGA JI to bestow succour to the humanity at large and deliver it from this pandemic NOVEL CORONAVIRUS/COVID-19 which has again spreading its tentacles and becoming even more dangerous than before second wave. Sure enough, she had killed evil by killing ferocious demons with her huge prowess. This dangerous and hitherto not known virus requires some mystic power to deliver us. Therefore, our sincere PRAYER FOR DELIVERANCE.  Do celebrate PIOUS NAVRATRI FESTIVAL as a solemn occasion and keep healthy distance from each other since isolation besides face mask and observing needed norms are the only solution and remedy of this insidious virus though Covid-19 vaccination jab has been an ongoing process

May the NINE DAYS WONDER called NAVRATRI deliver the humanity from unprecedented situations.  



13th APRIL 2021)

At the trying times – so unprecedented
When the dark clouds of virus so virulent
Has engulfed the world at large again
With its cruel and hideous tentacles so cruel
A sincere prayer to Thee our Goddess Durge
Our dearest Mother
Who always answers our sincere prayers
To save the humanity from Covid-19 pandemic
Which has surged its ugly head again
This Navratri from 13th April onwards
We go ahead with our head and heart
To celebrate the Nine Days Wonder Navratri
Nav means nine
Ratri stands for night
Navratri is the festival so very well-known
Wherein the devout
Of all hues celebrate this festival
Twice in a calendar year
First, it is in the March – April, as Chaitra Navratri
Thence October – November as the Shradha Navratri
This festival is related to Durga Goddess
Maa ‘Shakti’ with Her prowess so immense
Overpowered the ferocious Demons
Who maimed the hapless hermits – Sadhus
Even while performing their sacred Yajunas
And in the process defiled the sacredness of Yajna fires.

Goddess Durga in her red attires
Mounted on the lion so ferocious
With all the weapons in her custody
Which could inflict havoc on the adversary.

Legends abound about Navratri
Demon king Maheshasura worships Lord Shiva
The penance was so severest
That Lord Shiva had to grant him a boon of invincibility
That nobody
Not even the Gods could kill him
Thence he starts killing innocents with impunity
Then forcefully
Conquered violently the Seven Lokas
Including the throne of Lord Indra
To eliminate demon Maheshasura
Then there was confabulation between the Trinity
Along with Demi-Gods too in the company
To take stock of things jointly
To defeat and kill this demon turned killer so brutally
Created Maa Shakti
The Mother with a matchless energy
Or Durga, the Warrior Goddess
The war between Maheshasur and Mother Divine
Which lasted for Nine Days
And on day Ninth she kills this evil demon
Navratri symbolizes the victory of good over evil.

On day ninth which is termed as Mahanavami
Nine young girls are worshipped
Personifying Nine Forms of Durga Goddess
These venerated young girls’ feet are washed
With fresh water and given clothes and food.

Navratri too is linked with fertility of land
On these days, the farmers observe the fitness of the earth
By testing seed germination in the earthen pots
Devotees observe fasts with rigidity
For keeping ourselves neat and tidy
During these days considered most holy
Which keep their mind and body pure.

There is another legend
King Daksha – the kind of Himalayan Kingdom
He was blessed with a daughter named Uma
A most beautiful one
With all the traits of a princess she possessed
She worshipped Lord Shiva most reverently
So that he may accept her in marriage so willingly
Having pleased the Lord Shiva
She married Uma
But against the wishes of King Dhaksha
One day King Dhaksha held a grant Yajna
With no invitation to Lord Shiva
Uma wanted to join the Yajna
And all accompanying celebrations
While Lord Shiva had his own reservations
She came to attend the Yajna
Being attended by Lord Vishnu and Lord Brahma.
Besides all the deities
King Dhaksha did not like her daughter’s presence
She felt slighted at the treatment meted out to her in presence of all deities
In utter desperation and helplessness
She jumps into Agni Kund (Fire grate) and perishes
The reason why we call her Sati

Lord Mahadeva (As Virbadhara) punished King Dhaksha for this heartlessness.

ON REBIRTH (As Parvati) she marries Lord Shiva again
She comes to her parents’ house to stay for DAYS NINE
That is why we celebrate these Nine Days as Navratri.

Legend also has it that Lord Rama
Worshipped Goddess Durga’s Nine Forms
For Nine Days with deep reverence
On day 10th Lord Rama killed demon king Ravana
This way, 10th day is celebrated as Vijaydashami,.
First three days are dedicated to Durga Maa
In the form of child, young girl and mature woman
The three forms of womanhood
Symbolizing victory of evil over falsehood
Next three are dedicated to Goddess of Wealth and Prosperity
Her name is Lakshimi
Last three days are commemorated in the name of Goddess Saraswati
The Goddess of knowledge and wisdom
In snowy white dress
Mounted on a white swan
The Navratri is a sign of purity in all forms
Let these Nine Days be observed with great reference
For gaining blessings from Goddess Durga
Let this Nine Days wonder
Be the game-changer
And rid this world of ours from precarious state of affairs
Created by the Covid-19 virus
And engenders peace and prosperity
And adequate wellness for all and sundry
This is my sincerest prayers to thee, my Mother Divine
Maa Durga Ji, so benevolent Thee
Come to the succor of the humanity from Novel Coronavirus
Sure enough, we can bank on Thee my Divine Mother for succor



Different festivals provide the devout different lessons while the underlying message of all these festivals is to enlighten us humans to follow a path which helps us to have connectivity with Higher Self/Higher Intelligence, by following a spiritual oriented path through meditation, contemplation and prayers. The main purpose of celebration and observance of certain modes of behavior in such festivals is to keep ourselves chaste with our mind focused on God. The purpose is to focus on the special prayers and chants is to seek connectivity with God and dispel the thought of anxiety or disillusionment that pervades in our system. As there is purity of thoughts and actions during these festivals, there is every possibility for transformation and help in unfolding of spiritual life naturally.  

The main purpose of celebrating the religious festivals is to seek balance in our life at the altar of God while observing all immutable laws of nature and aspire for transformation and enlightenment – journeying from one festival to another one helps the devotees to learn social etiquettes, social adaptability and finally God’s connectivity.

The word NAVRATRI is composed of two syllabuses; NAV which means NINE and RATRI mean NIGHTS. Meditation/prayers and fasting are observed by devout during these nine days. A lighter refreshment of milk made products besides fruits, if taken at all, to keep light and pure in body and mind thus helping an individual to keep the body and mind pure. This also provides the devotees’ freedom from adulteration and contamination both in body and mind besides purifying still more the eternal soul along with keeping it taint-free.

Navratri is one of the most sacred festivals that the devout celebrate. It is not merely celebrated by observing some particular rituals but the devotees live a spiritually oriented life in all manifestations. The purpose is to follow the way of life which puts more stress on the subjective experience of sacred dimension. We undertake those karmic deeds during Navratri which transform some of the debit-karmic-deeds to credit-karmic-deeds which helps in personal growth and development individually and also collectively who celebrate it with religious fervor and enthusiasm. Moral and ethical values when followed sincerely could be imbibed as permanent habits to be followed in future too thus Navratri could prove to be a life-changer.

A lighter refreshment consisting of milk made product, fruits, and nuts, keeps the body light and the digestive system gets improved thus there is a spread of fragrance of Satoguna and alleviation of Tamoguna and Rajoguna traits. Freedom from contaminated thoughts purifies our mind. Thus observance of fast or vrat (also means resolve) continuously for nine days brings about the stability of our mind and helps in enhancement of our concentration. Besides these, we exercise maximum restraints in our thoughts and deeds and behave in a dignified manner by remaining within confines of decency. All these facilitate generation of the feeling of love and affection for others, enhances peace and tranquility, a feeling of compassion for others and above all a Godly feeling.

The devotees observe fasts during the duration of Narratri. All these traits enhance the credibility of an individual devotee who observes the fasts and also offers sincere prayers during these  days with utmost devotion. The fasts help us to purify our mind, provides lightness to our body provides us an opportunity to devotees for prayers to Goddess Durga Maa – an embodiment of SHAKTI or reservoir of energy


Mention of Goddess Durga has been found in Vedas and Puranas. Durg was a ferocious demon and Durga, the invincible warrior who killed Durg with her immense prowess. She is the warrior Goddess since she fought evil and forces which spread death and destruction. She works for demolishing demonic forces who want to establish their writ and establish the reign of terror and mayhem amongst the society besides spreading prosperity and goodwill in general masses. She defeats mythical buffalo demon – Meheshasura who had obtained a boon of invincibility from Lord Maheshwara. She is Goddess Parvati, also termed as Durga Saptashati – the consort of Lord Shiva. With her prowess, she proved herself to be unbeatable with limitless mystical powers.

Besides observing fasts, devotees organize congregations in the form of fairs and also enact programs and cultural functions in the form of group dances and devotional songs in praise of Goddess Durga and beseech her blessings and she being such a benevolent Mother comes to their succor.

Different states celebrate Navratri differently but the spirit of all the celebrations is similar in nature. For example, famous ‘garva dance’ is organized in the state of Gujarat and devotional songs and dance competitions are organized in West Bengal besides prayers in the specially erected and decorated pandals is a usual phone. People visit the famous temples of Vaishno Devi in Katra (in Jammu province) besides all the temples of Goddess Durga in its different forms/manifestations attract devotees in these nine days.

The main driving force of the Navratri is to purify our thoughts and deeds thereof. In these nine days devout observe strict fasts; remain chaste and desist from telling lies. Wish that people always behave like this all the days!

The first three days are celebrated on the name of Durga Mata – Goddess with immense power. For next three days she is worshipped as spiritual wealth – Mata Lakshmi.

Subsequently, for next three days, she is Goddess of wisdom – the Goddess Saraswati. It bestows spiritual enlightenment besides showering an individual with all-around success.

It is useful for our benefit to know the importance of each day.

  1. First Day. On the first day, Mata Durga is termed as Shailputri – the daughter of Himalaya and the consort of Lord Shiva. This is the unmarried saroop of Gauri Maa.
  • Second Day. Mata Durga on the second day is called as Brahmacharini which represents worship. She is the embodiment of huge reserve of power – Shakti.
  • Third Day. On the third day, the Goddess is venerated as Chandraghanta. She is the embodiment of power and beauty.
  • Fourth Day. On the fourth day, Maan Durga is worshipped in the form of Kushmanda – the creator of the whole universe by the power of her laughter.
  • Fifth Day. Here on this day, Skandha – the main warrior of Gods’ army.
  • Sixth Day. On the sixth day, Mataji takes the form of Katyayani with three eyes and four hands – all powerful and with immense grace.
  • Seventh Day. On this day, Maan Durga takes the form of Kalratri – she is shown as black as dark night with four hands and makes the evil doers fearless.
  • Eighth Day. On the eighth day, the Mata Durga takes the form of Maha Gauri – with beauty besides having calmness and exhibits immense wisdom.
  • Ninth Day. On a ninth day, Maan Durga is worshipped as Siddidatri – with all the eight siddhis. In this form, she is worshiped by all.

Benefits of Navratri:-

  • Strict observance of fasts keep our digestive system in order and helps maintain our body healthy.
  • Fasts help in purifying our mind because we pray Goddess continuously for nine days/nights. It also enhances our focus on the subject we contemplate for completion.
  • Purification of body and mind means spiritually directed conscious mind thus a shift from negativity to positivity.
  • Congregations in melas and group processions help the people to people contacts thus animosity, if any, gets obliterated and a feeling of fellow feeling and cooperation sprouts. Contact with each other enhances our outreach in the society.
  • Group dances and spiritual song competitions enhance competitive spirits in the youth and also help them direct their latent energies to productive use.
  • Devotees, in their zeal to show earnest desire to have total connectivity with Goddess Durgaji, offer singular devotion to Her during these auspicious days, reap the harvest of getting their problems solved and get ETERNAL PEACE  in their lives as a reward of this worship.