Divinity means goodness or Godlike. It is complete, overflowing; overawing force with has deep connection with Supreme God. It is Godly.

An aphorism: To err is human, to forgive divine which means we humans make mistakes yet it is a divine trait to forgive our mistakes. Only those persons who are have goodness in them can forgive others.

In essence, divinity refers to the trait or quality or nature with righteousness or uprightness. Virtuous one follows a righteous path, path of truth and reality. It is attainment of God Consciousness in physical manifestation. This quality is attained by following virtuous thought and virtuous action (Karma). Such a person attains knowledge and uses this knowledge thus becomes a person with sufficient wisdom to distinguish between wrong and right. Such a person transmits the right message – the message of goodness, compassion and uprightness.

A person attains the quality of goodness when he attains self-awareness or self-realization, then through self effort, he spreads the message of wellness/righteousness bereft of any ego attached. The person with virtuous mindset attains compassion, simplicity and humility as the prime qualities. He considers knowledge and action thereof as one. Knowledge without action remains paper oriented. We have the example of Demon King Ravana who had immense knowledge of Vedas but he did not use that knowledge sensibly. We know the consequence of non-use of knowledge!

Divinity is expressed in various forms and manifestations such as:


A person with divine traits posses the beauty in his thoughts, grace & poise, and actions which attract other people to such a person. His poise and equanimity exudes self-assurance and simplicity.


On the mental plane, a person with honesty and integrity attains wisdom through experimentation of his attained knowledge. He spreads the fragrance of righteous knowledge in order to dispel ignorance and darkness. ‘The mind is restless and difficult to restrain but it is subdued by practice: Bhgwad Gita.


This plane is related to our body. We’ve to keep our body neat and clean, take balanced diet and keep it in sound health since if we are healthy we can perform all our body functions properly including use of our mental faculties productively for optimum results both for the individual concerned and others. Physical plane too refers to mother earth from where every other thing germinate for our sustenance.


The Truth is the basis of everything. A person with divinity traits follows truth even if he has to suffer while doing so. He also spreads the message of truth with single-mindedness of purpose. A truthful person requires no outside support. Truth spreads with ease and is understood easily. Strength of truth is all powering as Truth is Godly. Truth is eternal. Those who follow truth do not feel let down in any situation.


It is a significant part of plane which helps in transmitting the vital energy attained through our persistence and perseverance for spreading the message of goodness and positivity.


There is no path better than love to transmit or transfer our message. Love ignites unity in diversity; it is a soft-power which is attained through practice, patience, tolerance and endurance of highest order. We can win friendship with love, remove darkness through the light of love with ease.


A person with righteousness as an instrument of change, knows full-well that his good deeds will come to his succor in any situation and condition.


Attainment of Peace of Mind. With divinity, we get eternal peace of mind. We are balanced in all situations and conditions.

All toxicity gets removed. With spiritual mindset, all the poisonous or toxic thoughts get evaporated in thin air.

All the bad karmas get mitigated. With divine presence, all bad karmic deeds get alleviated and our karmic credit gets accentuated.

Pessimistic thoughts get dispelled. With the presence of divinity, all the pessimistic thoughts get dissolved and eliminated and dawn of goodness prevails.

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8 thoughts on “A STATE OF BEING DIVINE”

      1. Chauhan sir, I had gone to JAMMU my ancestor home for five days. It was really refreshing to experience wellness in every way; clean environs, clean water and everything pollution free.

        With regards


    1. Thanks a million for appraising the writeup on ; A STATE OF BEING DIVINE.

      Your comments are really worthwhile and invaluable. Inspirational indeed.


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